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电子购物信息系统(100)在购物地点(130)帮助购物者(162)。 Electronic shopping information system (100) is in a shopping place (130) to help shoppers (162). 电子购物系统(100)可以向购物者(162)给出想要产品的方向,当购物者(162)穿过商店过道(167)时告诉购物者(162)关于销售项目的信息,并且根据偏好简档来提供电子优惠券。 Electronic shopping system (100) can give direction you want the product to shoppers (162), tells shoppers (162) information about sales items when shoppers (162) through the store aisles (167), and according to preference profile to provide electronic coupons. 所述购物信息系统(100)包括由购物者(162)携带的便携式电子手持机(160),称作电子购物卡(ESC)(160)。 The shopping information system (100) comprises a portable electronic handset (160) by the shopper (162) carried, referred to as electronic shopping card (ESC) (160). ESC(160)、具有光学收发器(203)的微处理器(201)控制单元,请求并从电子价格标记(170)直接接收定价。 ESC (160), an optical transceiver having a microprocessor (203) (201) control unit, and receives a request from the electronic price tag price (170). 另外,光学收发器(203)可以经由遍及购物地点(130)的人工光源来从中央计算机接收数据。 Further, the optical transceiver (203) may receive data from a central computer via a cart throughout location (130) of the artificial light. ESC(160)还可以记录在购物者的购物手推车中当前项目的总数,并且把所述总数发送到结帐装置(180),所述结帐装置(180)不必扫描所述项目的条形码。 ESC (160) also records the total number of items in the current shopper trolleys, and transmits the total number of the checkout apparatus (180), said billing means (180) without having to scan a bar code of the item.


电子购物信息系统 Electronic shopping information system

1.技术领域本发明总体上涉及一种购物信息,并且尤其涉及一种基于计算机的系统,用于帮助购物者在购物地点中定位产品,向购物者提供有用的产品信息,并且提供一种用于使结帐过程自动化的增强系统。 1. Technical Field The present invention generally relates to a shopping information, and more particularly to a computer-based system for assisting in locating products in the shopping cart locations, provide useful product information to shoppers and to provide a use to enhance the checkout process automation system.

2.背景技术当今的零售商店尤其是超级市场,竞争激烈以便把购物者吸引到它们的商店。 2. Background Today's retail stores, especially supermarkets, fierce competition in order to attract shoppers to their stores. 一种吸引模式是经由在两个方面节省购物者的付出,在大部分情况下这两方面是:时间和金钱。 Mode is a way to attract shoppers pay through savings in two ways, in most cases these two aspects are: time and money.

当今大部分现代零售店使用销售点(point of sale-POS)系统来向购物者提供更好更快速的服务。 Most of today's modern retail stores use point of sale (point of sale-POS) system to provide better and faster service to shoppers. POS系统通常具有一个或多个自动化结帐终端,其能够感测并解释印刷在每个将要结帐的商品项目(item)上的条形码。 POS system generally has one or more automated checkout terminals, capable of sensing and explanation printed on items of merchandise (item) for each bar code to be checkout. 包含在所述条形码中的是所述物品的库存单位(Stock keeping unit-SKU)代码。 Contained in the barcode of the item is in stock keeping unit (Stock keeping unit-SKU) code. 把每个结帐终端连接到用于处理所述SKU信息的计算机。 The checkout terminal of each is connected to a computer for processing the SKU information. 所述计算机的数据库包括在商店中的商品项目的列表,每个项目的SKU和各种类型的信息包括与每个SKU相关联的价格和存货信息。 The computer database includes a list of merchandise items in a store, SKU and various types of information for each item including price and inventory information associated with each SKU. 当购物者准备购买时,商店店员简单地使用自动化终端来感测在每个购物者选择的商品上的条形码。 When shoppers are ready to buy, store clerk simply use the automated terminal sensing on each shopper's selected product barcode. 计算机解释包含在所述条形码中的SKU,查找每个项目的价格,并且保存当前购买的总数。 Explain SKU computer in the bar code, find the price of each item, and save the current total number of purchases.

由商店通过对特定的商品项目给出低价来节约购物者的金钱。 By giving the store for specific items of merchandise cheap to save money shoppers. 为了通知购物者这种销售项目,商店通过直接邮寄、收音机、电视机和/或报纸来作出广告,并且常常利用促销项目来提供优惠券。 In order to inform shoppers of this project sales, shop through direct mail, radio, television and / or newspaper advertising to make, and often use promotional items to offer coupons. 此外,在商店本身内,架子和购物手推车上的标记,以及在待售产品上的粗体定价指示符,旨在抓住购物者的注意力并且使他或她购买所销售的产品。 In addition, within the store itself, marks on the shelves and shopping carts, as well as bold pricing indicator on the sale of products designed to grab the attention of shoppers and make him or her to purchase products sold. 然而,用于使购物者能节省时间和金钱的现有设计的系统和程序还有很多有待改进之处。 However, for the shopper can save the existing systems and procedures designed to have a lot of time and money to be desired. 例如,虽然由POS系统带来的加快结帐过程的提高,但是在大部分购物者眼里看来结帐过程仍然是瓶颈。 For example, while improving speed up the checkout process by the POS system brings, but it seems in the eyes of most shoppers checkout process is still a bottleneck.

此外,尽管POS系统帮助购物者加快结帐过程,但是它们并没有帮助减少在购物经过期间所花费的时间。 In addition, although the POS system helps shoppers speed up the checkout process, but they did not help reduce the time it takes to go through during the shopping. 只要在商店中,购物者还要花费大量的时间来试图定位所需要购买的项目。 As long as the store, shoppers have to spend a lot of time trying to locate the desired item purchased. 尽管在许多超级市场中,遍及商店的标记向购物者给出了关于各种产品位置的一般指示,但是这些标记不能向购物者给出具体产品的精确的位置和方向信息。 Although in many supermarkets, shops throughout the mark gives a general indication of the position of various products to shoppers, but these markers can not give a precise position and orientation information specific products to shoppers. 从而,许多购物者会在过道中四处走动来试图定位他或她想要购买的项目。 Thus, many shoppers will walk around to try to locate him or her want to purchase items in the aisles.

当前系统进一步的不足是购物者常常不能获得由商店提供的节省的全部益处。 The current system further drawback is that shoppers often do not get the full benefit of the savings offered by the store. 尽管在商店内有广告和标记,然而购物者在不了解销售的项目出售的情况下很难走到它那里去。 Despite the advertising and labeling in the store, but shoppers it is difficult to come to go in there without knowing the sales of items for sale. 即使购物者试图购买作为出售而做广告的项目,当在结帐期间扫描所述项目时,向购物者索要的价格有时将不会反映售价并且将不被购物者所注意。 Even as shoppers try to buy and sell advertising project, when scanning the item during checkout, ask for the price to shoppers sometimes will not reflect the price and will not be noticed by shoppers. 因此,需要一种购物信息系统,其将帮助购物者节省时间和金钱并且在购物期间向购物者提供便利。 Therefore, a shopping information system, which will help shoppers save time and money and providing convenience to shoppers during the shopping.

本发明涉及用于诸如在超级市场之类的购物地点中的一种电子购物信息系统,用于帮助购物者在购物时节省时间和金钱。 The present invention relates to an information system such as an electronic shopping cart in place in a supermarket or the like is used to help save time and money shopper while shopping. 所述电子购物系统能够根据购物者的当前位置来向所述购物者提供对在购物地点中各个产品的导航方向,并且当购物者穿过商店过道时还能向购物者提供商店信息,诸如通知购物者关于销售项目的信息,以及根据购物者偏好简档来向购物者购物者提供电子折扣优惠券。 The electronic shopping system according to the current location can be provided to the shopper's cart navigation direction for each product in the shopping site, and when a shopper through the store aisles stores can provide information to the shopper, such as notifying the shoppers information about sales items, as well as to provide electronic discount coupons to shoppers shoppers based on shopper preferences profile.

依照本发明的一个方面,所述购物信息系统包括由购物者携带的便携式电子手持机,称为电子购物卡(electronic shopping card-ESC)。 According to one aspect of the invention, the system includes a portable electronic shopping information carried by shoppers handset, called electronic shopping card (electronic shopping card-ESC). 所述ESC是微处理器控制的单元并且包括光学收发器,其被配置为当购物者请求时请求并从与商店项目相关联的电子价格标记直接接收定价信息。 The ESC is a microprocessor controlled unit and an optical transceiver configured to request and when the shopper to request the pricing information received directly from the electronic price tag associated with the store item. 除请求并接收定价数据之外,所述光学收发器提供了经由位于遍及购物地点的多个人工光源来从中央计算机接收前述的定位和购物者信息数据的能力。 In addition to requesting and receiving the pricing data outside of the optical transceiver provides the ability to receive the location information data and the shopper via a plurality of artificial light sources are located throughout the shopping site from a central computer. 所述光源除执行常规的发光功能之外,还适于采用光方式发送位置数据和商店信息。 The light source other than the implementation of a conventional light emitting function, the light is further adapted to use location data and send the store information.

所述ESC装置还包括项目简档数据库,其至少包括项目简档表,其被配置成包括用于在商店中售卖的每个商品项目的标识记号,诸如商标名称、类名等,并且还包括每个商店商品项目的位置信息。 The apparatus further comprises a ESC program profile database, which profile comprises at least one item table, which is configured to include identification mark sold each merchandise item in a store, such as a brand name, class name and the like, and further comprising location information for each store merchandise items. 如果购物者请求定位特定的项目,那么由ESC的控制单元来处理所述请求,由此所述ESC使用来自项目简档数据库的位置信息成分和经由光源发送的定位信息,来计算到所述项目的定向路径,并且响应于所请求的项目向所述购物者显示所计算的定向路径和/或导航地图。 If the shopper's request to locate a particular item, then processed by a control unit ESC of the request, whereby the ESC program uses location information from the profile database component of the light source and transmitted via the location information of the item to be calculated the directional path, and in response to the requested item display orientation calculated path and / or the navigation map to the shopper. 作为选择,所述ESC可以使用合成语音来向购物者提供所计算的定向路径。 Alternatively, the ESC can be used to provide synthesized speech directional path calculated to shoppers.

依照本发明的一个特定方面,一种在结帐登记处(checkoutregister)使用的自动化结帐装置被配置为无线接收存储在ECS上的、购物者手推车中的项目的购物者定价信息,并且由此不必再执行对手推车项目的条形码扫描。 Automated checkout device according to one particular aspect of the present invention, a checkout Registry (checkoutregister) is configured to use the radio reception stored in the ECS, the shopper trolley items shoppers pricing information, and thereby You do not have to perform barcode scanning of the trolley project. 在这点上可以特别节省时间。 At this particular point we can save time.

依照本发明的又一方面,所述购物地点包括购物者简档数据库,所述购物者简档数据库至少包括购物者偏好表,其被配置成包括购物者的标识记号和购物者偏好数据,诸如快餐、饮料、调味品和谷物偏好等。 According to yet another aspect of the invention, comprising a shopping cart's location profile database, said shopper profile database comprising at least a shopper preference list, configured shopper preference data includes identification mark and shoppers, such as fast food, drinks, condiments and cereals preferences. 当购物者进入商店时经由登记装置把购物者偏好数据从购物者简档数据库发送到ESC装置。 When a shopper enters the store to the shopper preference data from the transmitting apparatus via the registration shopper profile database device to the ESC.

所述购物信息系统向购物者提供了许多好处,包括:当由购物者选择项目时通过记录由电子价格标记光方式发送的价格就不必在结帐登记处进行价格扫描;引导购物者定位在零售架上的项目;并且根据购物者偏好简档来向购物者提供电子优惠券和补充产品信息。 The shopping information system provides many benefits to shoppers, comprising: when the selected item from the shopper by recording the price transmitted by the light type electronic price tag does not have to be in registry price scanning checkout; a guide positioned at the retail shoppers shelf items; and to provide electronic coupons and supplementary product information to shoppers based on shopper preferences profile.

此外,所述购物信息系统为零售连锁店提供了许多好处,包括:(1)通过使购物者自助结帐便于进行来减少劳动成本;通过在超级市场中当购物者接近项目时当场发布电子优惠券来减少优惠券分发成本;(2)通过除去在结帐登记处扫描来减少结帐时间以便增加购物者的满足感;减少了购物者试图定位在架子上的具体项目所花费的查找时间并且在所述购物者感兴趣的产品所花费的精力也节省了。 In addition, the shopping information system provides many benefits for the retail chain, including: (1) to reduce labor costs by allowing shoppers to facilitate self-checkout; distribute electronic coupons on the spot when approaching the project by shoppers in a supermarket to reduce the coupon distribution costs; (2) at the checkout register at the checkout scanning time is reduced by removing in order to increase the satisfaction of shoppers; reduce the search time shoppers attempting to locate specific items on the shelf and it takes energy products of interest to the shopper takes also saves. 进一步的好处包括由基于购物者偏好的电子优惠券所带来的销售额的增加。 Further benefits include increased from shopper preferences based electronic coupons brought sales.

通过结合附图来参照下列本发明说明性实施例的详细说明,本发明的上述特征将变得更加显而易见并且更加容易被理解,其中:图1举例说明了通信方案的总体布局示意图,所述通信方案使用由调制的荧光系统提供的数据链路;图2依照一个实施例举例说明了典型ESC装置的功能框图,所述ESC装置由本发明购物信息系统的用户携带;和图3举例说明了本发明购物信息系统的示例性实施例。 By reference to the following detailed description of illustrative embodiments of the present invention in conjunction with the accompanying drawings of the embodiments, the above-described features of the invention will become more apparent and more readily understood, in which: Figure 1 illustrates a schematic general layout of a communication scheme, the communication programs using the data link provided by the modulation of the fluorescence system; FIG. 2 in accordance with one embodiment of a functional block diagram illustrates a typical ESC device, said device carried by the user ESC shopping information system of the invention; and FIG. 3 illustrate the present invention exemplary embodiments of shopping information system.

在本发明下面的详细说明中,为了能够更彻底地了解对本发明,阐述了许多具体细节。 In the following detailed description of the present invention, in order to more thorough understanding of the present invention, numerous specific details are set forth. 然而,对本领域技术人员来说,在没有这些具体细节的情况下,实施本发明是显而易见的。 However, the skilled person, without these specific details, embodiments of the present invention will be apparent. 在有些情况下,为了不使本发明变得不清楚,以框图形式而不是以细节示出了众所周知的结构和装置。 In some cases, in order not to obscure the present invention in block diagram form rather than in detail illustrate the structures and devices are well known.

将针对购物地点中的购物信息系统而言来描述本发明。 The present invention will be described in terms of shopping for a place in the shopping information systems. 然而,那些本领域内技术人员应当理解,本发明可以利用在任何数据收集环境中,其中使用便携式数据收集终端把数据从中央主机传递到终端用户。 However, those skilled in the art will appreciate that the present invention may be utilized in any environment data collection, data collection using a portable terminal wherein the data is transmitted from a central host to the end user.

图1是示出本发明及其在购物地点130中的新颖用途的框图。 1 is a diagram illustrating the present invention and its novel use of the shopping site 130 in a block diagram. 购物地点130包括其上存放有商店项目(即,产品)的一系列架子165。 130 shopping locations including the storage of shops project (ie, product) of a series of shelves 165. 在架子165之间是入口区域或过道167。 Between the shelf 165 is a 167 entry area or aisle. 所述过道167允许人们接近在架子165上的物体。 It allows people to close the passageway 167 in the shelf 165 on the object. 人们/购物者162穿过过道167以便从架子165上选择物体。 People / Shopper 162 through passageway 167 to select an object from the shelf 165. 像这样的商店为大家所熟知。 Stores like this are well known. 例如,任何零售或批发类型的商店将把物体存放在具有过道入口的架子165上,如图所示。 For example, any type of wholesale or retail stores will be stored on the shelves object 165 having an inlet passage, as shown in FIG. 物体可以包括食物、罐状物品、产品、包状物品、五金器具、板材、室内器皿和任何售卖的并且可以用手推车或容器携带的其它项目。 Objects can include food, tank-like object, product, package-like items, hardware, plates, utensils, and any sale of indoor and other items can be carried on a wheelbarrow or container.

除图1的常规方面之外,还示出了本发明的信息购物系统,总体上被指定为100。 In addition to conventional aspects of FIG. 1, and also shows information shopping system of the invention, generally designated as 100. 系统100包括控制中心(即,中央主机)110,所述控制中心110包括商店计算机120和用于至少存储购物者偏好数据的数据库122。 System 100 includes a control center (i.e., central host) 110, the control center 110 includes a computer 120 and stores at least the shopper preference data stored in the database 122 for. 所述商店计算机120将控制数据链路,所述数据链路可以把要加以传递的光方式编码数据发送到(参见箭头52)移动手持式单元,所述移动手持式单元即由购物者162穿过在购物地点中的过道167时所携带的ESC 160。 The computer 120 stores the control data link, the data link can be moved to the handheld unit transmits light transmitted to the encoded data (see arrow 52), i.e. the mobile handheld unit 162 worn by the shopper been in place in the shopping aisle 167 carried by the ESC 160. 由荧光照明系统140来实现所述数据链路,所述荧光照明系统140由多个荧光照明光源或照明器141组成。 By a fluorescent lighting system 140 to implement the data link, the fluorescent lighting system 140 by a plurality of light sources or fluorescent lighting luminaire 141 components. 在由Katyl等人于1998年11月17日发表的美国专利5,838,116“Fluorescent Light Ballast with Information TransmissionCircuitry”中描述了一种用于经由荧光镇流器发送数据的方法,在此全部结合以供参考。 In the Katyl et al, 1998 November 17 issued US Patent 5,838,116 "Fluorescent Light Ballast with Information TransmissionCircuitry" describes a method for transmitting data via fluorescent ballasts, this fully incorporated by reference. 要加以发送的数据在计算机120产生并且被连接到位于荧光照明器141的镇流器143上的输入数据端口。 Data to be transmitted is generated in the computer 120 and is connected to the data input port 143 located on the fluorescent lighting ballast 141. 采用下列方式来调制所发射的光(如箭头52所示),把数据从在荧光照明器141中的灯发送到ESC装置160,所述ESC装置160优选携带在于购物地点130四处走动的购物者162的人身上。 The following ways to modulate light transmitted (as shown by arrow 52), the data transmitted from the fluorescent lamp 141 in the lighting apparatus 160 to the ESC, the ESC 160 preferably carries means shoppers shopping site 130 that move around 162 people.

A.电子购物卡图2依照一个实施例举例说明了典型ESC装置160的功能框图,所述ESC装置160由购物信息系统的用户携带。 A. Electronic shopping card in accordance with an embodiment of FIG. 2 illustrates a functional block diagram of a typical ESC device 160, the ESC 160 carried by the user means shopping information system. 依照一个实施例,ESC装置160包括ESC控制单元201。 According to one embodiment, ESC ESC apparatus 160 includes a control unit 201. 所述控制单元201可以包括诸如CPU之类的任何标准处理系统。 The control unit 201 may comprise any standard processing system such as a CPU or the like. 控制单元201允许集中控制如下所述的其它组件,以及ESC装置160的一般工作条件、数据和功率检查、兼容性检查等,具体视情况而定。 The control unit 201 allows centralized control of other components described below, and the general working conditions ESC means 160, data and power check, inspection compatibility, as the case may be.

所示出的、与控制器201分离的是存储单元211,不过可以将其与控制单元201并入到相同的单元中。 Shown, the controller 201 and storage unit 211 is separate, but it can be incorporated into the control unit 201 in the same unit. 存储单元211允许长或短期存储例如经由要描述的光发送应答器203接收的数据。 The storage unit 211 stores, for example to allow long or short term 203 receives via the optical transponder data to be described. 存储器控制、管理和转送可以由控制单元201来控制。 Memory control, management, and may be controlled by the transfer control unit 201. 所述存储单元211可以适当地包括尺寸小的硬盘驱动器、PCMCIA可编程存储卡、大容量柔性介质盒式磁带和软盘驱动器组合、FROM(闪速ROM)阵列、SRAM或DRAM存储芯片等。 The storage unit 211 may include a suitably small size hard drives, PCMCIA card programmable memory, large capacity flexible medium cartridges and floppy disk drives in combination, the FROM (flash ROM) array, SRAM or DRAM memory chips.

ESC装置160还包括:语音存储单元205,用于存储预先确定的语音数据;语音合成器207,用于转换从所述中央计算机发送的商店信息;和扬声器209(或耳机),用于输出所述语音信号。 ESC apparatus 160 further comprises: a voice storage unit 205 for storing a predetermined speech data; speech synthesizer 207, for converting the store information transmitted from said central computer; and a speaker 209 (or headphones) for outputting the said speech signal.

所述ESC装置160还包括光发送应答器203,用于执行接收和发送功能以便发送/接收与所述购物经历相关联的数据。 The ESC apparatus 160 further includes an optical transponder 203 for performing transmission and reception functions for transmitting / receiving data subjected to the associated cart. 由ESC装置160执行的接收(RX)功能包括:从遍及购物地点130分配的多个荧光照明器141接收光方式编码的数据的能力;从位于接近每个商店项目的架子上的电子定价标记170接收定价信息的能力;和从位于购物地点130入口的登记装置190接收购物者偏好数据的能力。 Receive (RX) functions performed by the ESC apparatus 160 comprises: the ability to light coded data 141 received from the shopping site 130 over the allocated plurality of fluorescent luminaires; electronic priced on access to each item from the store rack mark 170 is located pricing information receiving capability; and the ability of the preference data from the registration device 190 receives the shopper is in the shopping site 130 inlet. 由ESC装置160执行的发送(TX)功能包括以下能力,为每个商店项目向位于遍及购物地点130在每个架子165上的多个电子价格标记170中的任何一个发送定价请求;向位于接近商店出口的结帐装置180发送购买的商店项目的定价信息作为自动化结帐过程的一部分。 Transmit (TX) ESC functions performed by the apparatus 160 includes the ability to place located throughout the shopping item 130 for each store a plurality of electronic price tag on each shelf 165 in a 170 send any request pricing; located close to the pricing information outlet store checkout device 180 transmits the purchase of store automation project as part of the checkout process. 下面描述结帐过程。 Checkout process will be described below.

ECS装置160还包括用于向购物者162显示信息的显示器213。 ECS apparatus 160 further comprises a display for displaying information to shoppers 213 162. 例如显示器213可以呈现用于定位商店项目的导航数据(指令)、用于相同目的的导航地图、电子优惠券信息、商店特价品及依照本发明的其它数据,如下将要进一步描述。 For example, a display 213 may present a navigation positioning data store item (command), for the same purpose navigation map, the electronic coupon information, store bargains, and other data in accordance with the present invention, as will be described further below. 显示器213可以包括能够显示信息的任何单元,诸如VGA或SVGA液晶显示(LCD)屏和发光二极管显示屏,或任何其它适当的显示设备。 Display 213 may comprise any means capable of displaying information, such as a VGA or SVGA liquid crystal display (LCD) screen and a light emitting diode display, or any other suitable display device. 可以把压敏(触摸屏)技术并入到显示器213,以便用户可以仅仅通过触摸屏幕的某些部分来访问ECS装置160。 It may be pressure sensitive (touch screen) technology incorporated into the display 213, so that a user may only access certain portions of ECS apparatus 160 by touching the screen.

在优选实施例中,ESC装置160还具有有限数目的激活按钮215、217、219和221,用于执行各种用户功能,诸如“价格-请求”键215,用于从与在购物地点130中购买的每个项目相关联的电子价格标记中请求定价信息,“加”键217,用于向购买项目列表“增加”由购物者162选择的项目,“减”键219,用于从购买列表“删除”先前选择的项目,所述项目将被返回到商店的架子上,和“等号”键221,用于显示选择购买项目的总费用。 In a preferred embodiment, the ESC system 160 also has a limited number of activation buttons 215,217,219 and 221, for performing various user functions, such as the "price - request" button 215, to the cart from a place 130 each item purchased electronic price tag associated with the request pricing information, "plus" button 217, a list of items to purchase "add" project selected by the shopper 162, "minus" button 219 for purchase from the list "delete" the previously selected item, the item will be returned to the shelves of the store, and "equals" key 221 for displaying a selection of the total cost of items purchased.

优选地是,ECS 160包括功率管理/分布式功率管理(未示出),用于确保对于便携式组件至少尽可能地有效使用电源,从而确保获得电源的完全寿命。 Preferably, ECS 160 includes a power management / distributed power management (not shown), for ensuring the effective use of the components for the portable power source as much as possible at least to ensure complete lifetime of the power supply. 特别地是,在终端能够使用不同的组件来执行不同的任务的地方,优选地是,通过相对于每个组件单独调整来分布每个组件的功率使用,以便优化功率需量,从而满足必要的功率需求。 In particular, it is possible to use different components in the terminal to perform different tasks where, preferably, by individually adjusting each component with respect to the distribution of power usage of each component, in order to optimize the power demand, to meet the necessary power requirements.

掌握本公开益处的本领域内技术人员将很容易理解,在不脱离本发明精神的情况下,可以对这里例示的具体实施例进行各种修改。 Grasp the benefit of this disclosure those skilled in the art will readily appreciate, without departing from the spirit of the invention, various modifications may be made to the specific embodiments herein illustrated embodiment. 例如,为了定义输入装置,可以结合显示器213提供数字或字母数字按钮或小键盘方案。 For example, to define the input device, display 213 may be combined to provide a numeric or alphanumeric keypad buttons or programs.

B.系统操作依照发明方案的交互式购物信息系统100在食品市场中特别有用,因而超级市场可以利用系统100的所有有益的特征。 B. System Operation in accordance with an interactive shopping program information system 100 of the present invention are particularly useful in the food markets, supermarkets can thus utilize all of the advantageous features of the system 100. 据此,在这样的情景下来描述所发明的方案。 Accordingly, in such a scenario down inventive embodiment described. 然而,不应该把该例子理解为限制。 However, the examples should not be construed as limiting.

在图3中示出了本发明的超级市场应用,如图1的购物地点130所表示。 In FIG 3 shows a supermarket applications of the present invention, as a shopping site 130 of FIG. 为了使用系统100,进入超级市场环境300的购物者162首先来到登记柜台190,所述登记柜台190优选位于超级市场的入口195附近。 To use the system 100 to enter the super market shopper 300 to 162 of the first counter register 190, the counter register 190 is preferably located near the inlet 195 supermarkets. 所述超级市场300自动提供多个便携式ESC装置160,其存放在接近所述登记柜台190的方便拿取位置处。 The supermarket ESC 300 automatically providing a plurality of portable device 160, which facilitate access to the register is stored in the counter 190 at the pick position. 购物者162从登记柜台区域190选择一个ESC装置160以供购物时使用。 162190 shopper selecting a registration area from the counter means 160 for use ESC purchases. 在选择ESC装置160之后,购物者将扫描具有存储的标识数据的个人标识卡,诸如在位于或接近登记柜台190的登记设备191的超级市场忠诚卡(loyaltycard)。 ESC After selecting means 160, the shopper scans personal identification card having identification data stored, such as registration device 191 is located near the registration counter 190 or the supermarket loyalty card (loyaltycard). 登记设备191读取存储在超级市场忠实卡上的信息并且用中央计算机120核对,以便确认相应的购物者数据文件是否存在以及是否授权购物者使用所述系统100。 Registration device 191 reads the information stored on the card and faithful supermarket check with the central computer 120 to confirm whether the corresponding file exists and shopper data is authorized to use the system cart 100. 只要获得系统认可,那么向中央主机120上传存储在购物者忠实卡上的标识数据,以便从与中央计算机(主机)110相关联的购物者偏好数据库122中获得购物者偏好数据。 As long as a recognition system, then the identification data to the central host computer 120 is stored in the upload faithful shopper card, in order to obtain the shopper preference data from a central computer (host) 110 associated with the shopper preference database 122. 一旦获得所述购物者偏好数据,就经由光传输将其从登记柜台191转送到购物者的ESC装置160。 Once the shopper preference data, via the optical transmission apparatus will be forwarded to the ESC 160 shopper 191 from the registration counter. 除购物者偏好数据之外,对于包括在购物者偏好数据库122内的产品,可以把电子优惠券转送到ESC装置160。 In addition to the shopper preference data, including product for the shopper preference database 122, the electronic coupon may be transferred to the apparatus 160 ESC.

当购物者162在购物地点130四处移动时,荧光照明器141向ESC装置160广播关于在ESC装置160所在处可以购买的产品-诸如商店特价品等的商店信息。 When the shopper 162 moves around in the shopping site 130, the ESC 141 fluorescent lighting apparatus 160 about the broadcast product can be purchased at the ESC 160 is located - store information such as a store bargains and the like. 除商店信息之外,荧光照明器141还向ESC装置160光方式发送位置数据。 In addition to store information, fluorescent lighting 141 also transmits location data to ESC 160 light type device. 使用所述位置数据来根据购物者的当前位置提供选定项目的适当方向或位置记号,以便例如当购物者请求时定位在特定的、购物者的购物列表上的下一项目,或者提供根据分析如在购物者偏好数据库122中定义的购物者的个人购物历史记录而建议的、精选的补充项目的适当方向或位置记号。 Using the position data to provide proper orientation of the selected item or the current position of the position mark of shoppers, for example, to locate the next item on the shopping list particular, when a shopper shopper requests or provide the analysis such as personal shopping history shopper shopper preferences database 122 defined and proposed selection of a supplementary item in the appropriate direction or position marks. 在这种情况下,购物者162可以使用扬声器209经由语音命令来请求特定商店项目的位置。 In this case, shoppers can use the loudspeaker 162 209 via voice command to request location-specific store items. 由ESC控制单元201处理所述请求,并且使用本地存储的超级市场130的地图,ESC 162在显示装置213上显示用于定位所请求产品的方向的文本串,和/或描述怎样通过商店过道来定位所请求商店项目的地图。 ESC 201 processes the request by the control unit, and supermarkets map 130 using a local storage, ESC 162 on the display device 213 displays a text string for positioning direction of the product requested, and / or through the store aisles to describe how map locating the requested item shop.

作为本发明的进一步特征,通过把ESC装置160定位在与每个商店项目相关联的电子价格标签170附近,并且按压在ESC装置160上的“价格检查”按钮215,来发起从电子价格标签170到ESC装置160的定价信息的数据转送请求,这样就可以由ESC装置160容易地获得对于任何商店项目的定价信息。 As a further feature of the invention, by means ESC 160 is positioned in the vicinity of the electronic price tag associated with each item store 170, and the pressing device 160 on the ESC "price check" button 215 to initiate the electronic price tag 170 ESC device 160 to the data pricing information transfer request, so the pricing information can be easily obtained for any item store 160 by means ESC. 响应于“价格检查”请求,电子价格标签170将把所请求的数据转送到ESC装置160。 In response to "price check" request, the electronic price tag data 170 will be forwarded to the requested device 160 ESC. “价格检查”请求/响应过程由购物者人工干预而启用的短距离双向光传输来实现。 "Price Check" Request / Response short-range two-way transmission of light by the shopper and enabled human intervention to achieve.

除具有用于执行“价格检查”的能力之外,在本发明的优选实施例中,ESC装置160还允许购物者162通过选择位于ESC小键盘的“加”键217来向他或她的购物手推车添加项目,通过选择“减”键219返回先前选择的项目,或者向购物者162提供所选择产品的当前总数。 In addition to having the capability for "price check" is performed outside, in a preferred embodiment of the present invention, apparatus 160 further ESC 162 allows shoppers in the "plus" button 217 to his or her shopping by selecting a keypad ESC Add trolley project, by selecting the "minus" button 219 to return the previously selected item, or provide the current total number of selected products to shoppers 162. 所述购物者可以具有所有选择项目的当前总费用,以及当前节省的指示,作为默认显示或在要求时显示。 The shopper may have to select the current total cost of all projects, and indicates the current savings, as the default display or display on demand. 该当前总费用显示可以是屏幕显示的一部分。 The current total cost of the display can be part of the screen. 还可以在听觉上来给出当前总费用,例如在选择每个项目之后,或在要求时给出。 This may also give up the total cost of auditory, e.g., on demand or after a given select each item.

本发明的关键特征是用于在结帐时实现购买商店项目的付款的方法。 The key feature of the present invention is a method of payment the store to buy it for projects at checkout. 当购物者162结束购物时,购物者162来到结帐台180,所述结帐台180包括用于把所存储的价格从ESC装置160转送到结帐台180的装置。 When shoppers shopping ends 162, 162 to the shopper checkout station 180, station 180 comprises means for storing the price of the device 160 from the ESC stage 180 is transferred to the checkout checkout. 依照这种方式,不存在与常规的、要求扫描并记录每个项目的销售点(POS)系统相关联的等待时间。 In this way, there is no conventional scan, and recording the latency requirements associated with each item of the point of sale (POS) system. 在这点上可以显著节省时间。 At this point you can save significant time. 在向购物者162显示总数之后,可以询问购物者162是否是为在手推车中携带的物体/项目付款的时间。 After displaying the total number to 162 shoppers, shoppers can ask whether 162 is carried in carts objects / items payment time. 购物者162可以采用常规的方式,例如通过使用信用卡或其它账单支付装置来支付所购买的项目。 Shoppers 162 can be used in a conventional manner, for example, to pay for items purchased by using a credit card or other bill payment devices.

这里描述的本发明的实施例意在当前申请人所想到的本发明的优选实施例。 Example embodiments of the present invention described herein are intended in a preferred embodiment of the present invention currently contemplated by the applicant. 对相关技术领域内的任何技术人员来说根据这里描述的例子,在不脱离本发明的情况下,对所描述的优选实施例进行各种修改都是显而易见的。 To any person skilled in the relevant art for an example described herein, without departing from the present invention, various modifications to the embodiments described preferred are apparent. 此外,已经在超级市场应用范围内描述了优选实施例,可以把所述系统用于任何类型的零售应用。 In addition, the preferred embodiment has been described in the supermarket application, the system can be used in any type of retail applications. 例如,在五金店(例如,家用仓库)中,可以使用电子购物卡来通过简单地询问电子价格标签来提供与各种商店项目的位置有关的信息和多个待售项目的定价信息。 For example, in the hardware store (for example, home depot), you can use e-shopping card by simply asking to provide electronic price tag and store the location of various items of information relating to pricing information and a plurality of items for sale. 因此,这里描述的实施例在性质上仅仅是示例性的,预期并不意在代表本发明的每个可能的实施例。 Thus, in the embodiments described herein is merely exemplary in nature, and is expected not intended examples represent every possible embodiment of the present invention.

Claims (15)

  1. 1.一种手持式电子购物设备(160),包括:处理器(201),被配置为使用从远程商店计算机(120)接收的位置数据和预存的项目位置信息,来计算商店项目相对于购物者(162)当前位置的距离和方向;与所述处理器(201)耦合的存储装置(211),其可操作来存储项目数据库,所述项目数据库包括所预存的项目位置信息;由所述处理器(201)控制的显示器(213),其可操作来显示信息;触觉激活的输入端(215,217,219,221);语音用户接口(205,207,209),可操作来与所述处理器(201)耦合,用于接收口头查询和命令并且提供可听见的应答;和与所述处理器(201)耦合的光学收发器(203),用于与远程商店计算机(120)和多个商店电子价格标记(170)之一通信。 1. A handheld electronic shopping apparatus (160), comprising: a processor (201), is configured to use the received position data and prestored position information item, is calculated from a remote computer store (120) with respect to item store shopping those (162) of the current position of the distance and direction; storage means (211) coupled with the processor (201) operable to store a database item, the item database comprising pre-stored location information items; by the the processor (201) controlling a display (213) operable to display information; tactile activation input (215,217,219,221); voice user Interface (205,207,209), operable to communicate with the coupling said processor (201) for receiving spoken queries and commands and provides audible response; and coupled to the processor (201) of the optical transceiver (203) for communicating with a remote computer store (120) and multiple stores electronic price tag (170) one of the communication.
  2. 2.如权利要求1所述的手持式电子购物设备(160),其中所述语音用户接口(205,207,209)包括内置于所述设备的麦克风和扬声器(209)。 2. The handheld electronic shopping apparatus (160) according to claim 1, wherein the voice user interface (205,207,209) includes a built-in microphone and speaker of the device (209).
  3. 3.如权利要求1所述的手持式电子购物设备(160),其中所述存储装置(211)还可操作来存储从所述远程商店计算机(120)接收的位置数据和商店信息数据以及从多个商店电子价格标记(170)接收的产品定价数据。 3. The handheld electronic shopping apparatus (160) according to claim 1, wherein said storage means (211) is further operable to store location information data and stores the data received from the remote computer store (120) and from multiple stores electronic price tag (170) product pricing data received.
  4. 4.如权利要求3所述的手持式电子购物设备(160),其中购物者便利数据包括电子产品优惠券、产品销售信息和产品市场信息。 Cart handheld electronic device (160) as claimed in claim 3, wherein the data comprises shopper convenience electronics coupons, sales information and product marketing information.
  5. 5.如权利要求1所述的移动式电子购物设备(160),其中显示信息包括显示导航信息以便把所述购物者(162)从当前位置引导到想要的商店项目,和/或结合所显示的导航信息来在显示单元上显示商店地图。 5. The electronic cart as claimed in mobile device (160) of claim 1 and / or in connection with the claims, wherein the display information comprises displaying said navigation information to shoppers (162) directed from the current position to store the desired item, navigation information displayed to show a store map on the display unit.
  6. 6.如权利要求1所述的移动式电子购物设备,其中所述触觉激活输入端(215,217,219,221)包括触摸显示屏和多个按钮至少之一。 6. The mobile electronic shopping apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the tactile activation input (215,217,219,221) comprises at least one of a plurality of buttons and a touch screen.
  7. 7.一种用于在购物地点(130)中向购物者(162)提供购物信息的系统(100),所述系统(100)包括:(a)与所述购物地点(130)相关联的中央处理器(120),被配置为:1.产生位置数据;2.产生商店信息数据;并且3.维护购物者简档数据库(110);(b)多个数据分送发光元件(141),与所述处理器(120)耦合并且适于遍及所述购物地点(130)来光方式发送来自所述处理器(120)的所述位置数据和购物者便利数据;(c)多个无线装置(160),每个装置(160)包括光学收发器(203),其被配置为接收来自所述多个数据分布发光元件(141)的所述光方式发送的位置数据和所述光方式发送的购物者便利数据;和(d)多个电子价格标记(170),被配置为响应于所述多个无线装置(160)发起产品定价请求,来向所述多个无线装置(160)光方式发送定价信息。 7. A shopping site (130) providing system information to shoppers shopping (162) (100), said system (100) comprising: (a) the location of the cart (130) associated a central processing unit (120), configured to: generate a position data; 2 generates information data store; and 3. maintenance shopper profile database (110); (b) a plurality of data distribution light emitting element (141). , the processor (120) coupled to and adapted to place throughout the cart (130) to transmit the position data and the shopper convenience data from the processor (120) of the light mode; (c) a plurality of radio means (160), each device (160) includes an optical transceiver (203), configured to transmit the position data of the light emitting elements distributed (141) and the light receiving data from a plurality of the embodiment shopper convenience of data transmission; and (d) a plurality of electronic price tag (170), is arranged in response to the plurality of wireless devices (160) initiate a pricing request to the plurality of wireless devices (160) light send pricing information.
  8. 8.如权利要求7所述的系统(100),其中所述多个无线装置(160)还被配置为响应于所述无线装置(160)发起所述产品定价请求来接收定价数据。 8. The system according to claim 7, (100), wherein said plurality of wireless devices (160) is further configured to respond to the wireless device (160) initiating said request receiving product pricing pricing data.
  9. 9.如权利要求7所述的系统(100),其中所述购物者简档数据库(110)至少包括购物者偏好表,所述购物者偏好表被配置成包括:购物者的标识记号,用于当购物者进入所述购物地点时识别所述购物者;和至少与购物者先前购买历史记录部分相关的购物者偏好数据,包括在多个产品种类的每个中的至少一个购物者产品偏好记号。 9. The system according to claim 7 (100), wherein said shopper profile database (110) comprising at least shopper preference list, the shopper preference list is configured to include: identification mark shoppers, with when the cart in the cart location to enter identifying the shopper; and at least the previous shopper purchase history related portion shopper preference data, included in each of the plurality of types of products at least a shopper product preference mark.
  10. 10.如权利要求7所述的系统(100),还包括登记装置(190),用于向所述中央处理器(120)发送购物者标识记号,并且用于从所述中央处理器(120)接收购物者偏好数据并且在购物者登记时间向所述多个无线装置(160)之一重新发送所接收的购物者偏好数据。 10. The system according to claim 7 (100), further comprising registration means (190) for transmitting a shopper identification mark to said central processor (120), and from said central processor (120 ) shopper preference data receiving and re-transmitting one of the shopper preference data received to said plurality of wireless devices (160) at the time of registration shopper.
  11. 11.如权利要求7所述的系统(100),其中把所述购物地点(130)与商人相关联。 11. The system of claim 7 wherein the location of the cart (130) associated with the Merchant as claimed in claim (100).
  12. 12.一种用于在购物地点(162)向购物者(162)提供购物信息的方法,包括步骤:(a)当购物者(162)进入所述购物地点(130)时,向购物者(162)发给一个无线装置(160);(b)当购物者进入所述购物地点(160)时获得来自所述购物者(160)的购物者标识记号;(c)使用所获得的购物者标识记号来从与所述购物地点(130)相关联的数据库(110)获取购物者简档信息;(d)向所述购物者的无线装置(160)光方式发送商店信息和位置数据;并且(e)由所述购物者(162)发起要由所述无线装置(160)发出的询问信号,所述询问信号用于询问与在所述购物地点(130)中的商店项目相关联的电子价格标签(170),以便获得所述商店项目的定价数据;并且(f)响应于所述电子询问来从所述电子价格标签(170)获得所述定价数据。 12. A method for providing information to shoppers shop (162) a shopping site (162), comprising the steps of: (a) When the shopper (162) into the cart location (130), to shoppers ( 162) sent to a wireless device (160); (B) obtained from the shopper's cart (160) when the identification mark into the shopping cart's location (160); shoppers (c) using the obtained identification mark acquired from the location database associated cart (130) (110) shopper profile information; (d) to the shopper's wireless device (160) stores information and location data transmitted light mode; and (e) from said shopper (162) initiating an interrogation signal to be emitted by the wireless device (160), a signal for interrogating item associated with the store locations in the cart (130) with the electronic interrogation price tag (170), in order to obtain the pricing data store item; and (f) in response to the interrogation electronics to obtain the pricing data from the electronic price tag (170).
  13. 13.如权利要求12所述的方法,其中在所述步骤(d)向所述购物者(162)光方式发送的商店信息是基于所述购物者简档信息的。 13. The method of claim 12, wherein the information store (162) send light to the shopper in said step (d) is based on the shopper profile information.
  14. 14.如权利要求12所述的方法,其中获得所述定价数据的步骤(f)由所述购物者(162)通过在所述无线装置(160)上进行适当的击键(215,217,219,221)并且从触摸屏显示器选择适当的键之一来发起。 14. The method of claim 12, wherein the step of obtaining said pricing data (f) by the shopper (162) via appropriate keystrokes (215, 217 on the wireless device (160), 219, 221) and selects one of the appropriate key from the touch screen display is initiated.
  15. 15.如权利要求12所述的方法,还包括步骤:当购物者(162)在所述购物地点(130)走来走去时,在所述无线装置(160)中存储所述购物者(162)考虑购买的项目的定价数据;在所述无线装置(130)中处理为每个所述考虑购买的项目所存储的定价数据,以便定义总费用;并且把所述总费用从所述无线装置(16)转送到结帐台(180)。 15. The method of claim 12, further comprising the step of: when a shopper (162) of the cart walked location (130), (160) storing the shopper at the wireless device ( 162) consider pricing data for items purchased; the process for the purchased items to consider pricing data stored in each of said wireless device (130) in order to define the total cost; and the total cost of the wireless from the means (16) is transferred to the checkout counter (180).
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