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The present invention relates to a macromolecular water solubility gum powder adhesive which is formed by proportionally weighing and mixing guar gum, hydroxypropyl sesbania gum powder, xanthan, carboxymethyl starch, methylcellulose, inorganic gel, sodium polyacrylate and borax. The adhesive of the present invention has the advantages of high dissolving speed in cold water, little dosage, high viscosity, favorable thickening effect, nontoxicity, harmlessness, long storage life, wide purpose, low cost, environmental protection, energy saving, convenient processing and storage, convenient operation, etc. The adhesive can be used for the fields of building paint, putty for scraping walls, latex paint, cement mortar, tiles, plaster products, waterproof building materials, petroleum drilling wells, pesticide, composite and mixed fertilizers, textiles, paper products, storage batteries, etc. The combination property of the adhesive is greatly superior to the combination property of 107 gum, modified starch gum, modified cellulose, HEC, HPMC, acrylic emulsion and sodium silicate.


Macromolecular water-soluble gelatin powder
The present invention relates to water soluble adhesive.
On the market in the traditional building coating, all adopt polyvinyl formal 107 glue, oxidized starch glue, modified-cellulose and ACRYLIC EMULSION are made tackiness agent, thickening material, but facts have proved: 107 glue contain the formaldehyde objectionable impurities, the coating that its alkalescence of oxidized starch glue is big, viscosity is low, make is not water-fast, easily come off, and complex manufacturing, contaminate environment, difficulty of construction is big.In emulsion paint, people mostly adopt expensive ACRYLIC EMULSION, modified-cellulose to make thickening material, and facility investment is big, product cost is high, make mass consumption person forbidding, and therefore, market demand is little.
The object of the present invention is to provide that a kind of nontoxic, harmless, excellent property that adopts that natural gum material is aided with that auxiliary formula forms, production technique are simple, environmental protection and energy saving, macromolecular water-soluble gelatin powder of many uses, cheap, easy to use.
Above-mentioned purpose can be realized by following prescription and production technique thereof.
1, component and content (by weight percentage) are:
Guar gum 20-30%
Hydroxypropyl sesbania gum powder 23-30%
Xanthan gum 15-17%
Carboxymethyl starch 20-25%
Methylcellulose gum 5-8%
Inorganic gel 2-5%
Sodium polyacrylate 0.5-1%
Borax 0.2-0.5%
More than guar gum is faint yellow powdery in the prescription, mainly plays bonding, thickening power.
The hydroxypropyl sesbania gum powder is the pale yellow powder shape, plays thickening, short sticking effect.
Xanthan gum is white powdery, can promote viscosity, rapidly thickening, preserves moisture, stabilization.
Carboxymethyl starch is white powdery, and main effect is thickening, promotion viscosity.
Methylcellulose gum is a white powder, and its effect is that bond properties is strong, thickening effectiveness good, improves levelling property, fast, the anti-enzyme of film forming, freedom from cracking, anti-layering, water-fast wash etc.
Inorganic gel plays acid and alkali-resistance, dispersion, stable, suspension effect.
Stable, enhancement that sodium polyacrylate rises.
Borax plays tackify, preservative activity.
2, production technique is as follows:
Each is weighed in proportion and puts into the totally enclosed mixing machine and do and stir about 15-20 minute (until mixing) and promptly become finished product-macromolecular water-soluble gelatin powder with guar gum, hydroxypropyl sesbania gum powder, xanthan gum, carboxymethyl starch, methylcellulose gum, inorganic gel, sodium polyacrylate, borax.
3, the advantage of macromolecular water-soluble gelatin powder and purposes:
This rubber powder is white or pale yellow powder shape.It is fast to have the cold water of being dissolved in, and consumption is little, viscosity is high, thickening effectiveness is good, nontoxic, harmless, do not have alkalescence, stable performance, long preservative period (a year) are of many uses, cheap, energy-conserving and environment-protective, processing, accumulating, characteristics such as easy to use.With above-mentioned rubber powder in proportion mixing in filler, can replace poisonous, deleterious 107 glue and bum oxidized starch glue, ripe rubber powder, modified-cellulose are made various aqueous architectural coatings and inner and external wall putty.Only need convert cold water during use and transfer to mix and can criticize wall, and good leveling property, the film forming piece is water-fastly washed, does not chap, is not come off, cost is low, the life-span is long.
This rubber powder also can replace domestic and international expensive Natvosol (HEC), hydroxypropylcellulose (HPMC) and ACRYLIC EMULSION, be used for emulsion paint and have good thickening, binding property, film-forming properties, improve consistency, levelling property, the stability of its product simultaneously, and can reduce product cost greatly.Remove in addition, this rubber powder also can be used for fields such as sand-cement slurry, wall ceramic tile, plastering, waterproof building material, petroleum drilling, agricultural chemicals, compound fertilizer, weaving, store battery, can replace steeping colored alkali, oxidized starch glue, 107 glue and other culture and be used for bonding carton, paper product with glue, its cost can reduce by 1/2.Because the macromolecular water-soluble gelatin powder production technique is simple, raw material is easy to get, environmental protection, energy-conservation, nontoxic, excellent property, of many uses, cheap, it will broad market prospect.
Introduce two embodiment below:
Embodiment 1: if produce 100 kilograms of macromolecular water-soluble gelatin powders, then adopt guar gum 30 kilograms of (30%), hydroxypropyl sesbania gum powder 25 kilograms of (25%), xanthan gum 15 kilograms of (15%), carboxymethyl starch 20 kilograms of (20%), methylcellulose gum 5 kilograms of (5%), inorganic gel 3.5 kilograms of (3.5%), sodium polyacrylate 1 kilogram of (1%), 0.5 kilogram of borax (0.5%), put into mixing machine dry blending even (20 minutes) finished product.
Embodiment 2: if produce 520 kilograms of macromolecular water-soluble gelatin powders, then adopt guar gum 135.2 kilograms of (26%), hydroxypropyl sesbania gum powder 156 kilograms of (30%), xanthan gum 78 kilograms of (15%), 104 kilograms of carboxymethyl starch (20%), methylcellulose gum 31.2 kilograms of (6%), inorganic gel 10.4 kilograms of (2%), sodium polyacrylate 2.6 kilograms of (0.5%), 2.6 kilograms of boraxs (0.5%) are put into the mixing machine dry blending and can be packed by finished product in 30 minutes.

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  1. A kind of macromolecular water-soluble gelatin powder, by the following component and dried even the making that be mixed of weighing in proportion, it is characterized in that: their component and weight percent are respectively:
    Guar gum 20-30%
    Hydroxypropyl sesbania gum powder 23-30%
    Xanthan gum 15-17%
    Carboxymethyl starch 20-25%
    Methylcellulose gum 5-8%
    Inorganic gel 2-5%
    Sodium polyacrylate 0.5-1%
    Borax 0.2-0.5%.
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