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一种用于单位剂量的配料(12)的单位剂量储存兼分配筒(10),它包括一个可分配地装有单位剂量的配料(12)的储存兼分配容器。 A unit dosage formulation unit (12) for storing and dispensing a dose cylinder (10), comprising a unit dose dispensing with the ingredients (12) and the dispensing storage container. 容器(10)包括一个确定了筒通道(30)的圆柱形内壁(18),该通道(30)具有一装有配料的配料储存室部分(36)。 The container (10) comprises a cartridge determining the channel (30) of the cylindrical inner wall (18), the channel (30) having a storage chamber containing ingredient ingredients portion (36). 容器(10)进一步确定了一个与配料储存室部分(36)连通的分配口(24)并包括一个可拆卸地密封分配口(24)的第一密封构件(70)。 The container (10) further defines a reservoir chamber and dosing part (36) communicating with the dispensing opening (24) and comprises a first sealing member removably sealing (70) dispensing opening (24). 用推杆(15)可使一分配活塞(34)经过配料储存室部分(36)移动,以便经过分配口(24)分配单位剂量的配料(12)。 Can putter (15) a dispensing (34) to move the piston through the dosing reservoir chamber portion (36), so that the ingredients through the dispensing opening (12) (24) of a unit dose dispensing. 将一个可打开的排气装置(86)放置成与筒通道对齐。 The exhaust device (86) is placed in an open tube to align with the channel.


单位剂量分配装置 Unit dosage-dispensing device

本发明涉及分配容器的领域。 The present invention relates to the art of dispensing containers. 更具体地说,本发明针对用于激活触媒的单位剂量分配容器,该触媒用于可热固化的浸渍剂。 More particularly, the present invention is a container for dispensing a dosage unit for activating the catalyst, the catalyst for a heat curable impregnant.

本发明涉及一种单位剂量筒式容器,它用于要与给定量的混合组分混合的配料。 The present invention relates to a unit dose cartridge container for it to be mixed with a given amount of mixing component ingredients. 本发明的典型用途是作为偶氮二异丁腈(vazo)触媒的储存兼分配筒。 A typical use of the invention as azobisisobutyronitrile (VAZO) catalyst storage and dispensing cartridge. 偶氮二异丁腈触媒通常分配至一5加仑的热固化浸渍剂坛子中,坛子灌满至4加仑。 Azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst is usually assigned to a heat-curing impregnant a 5 gallon jar, the jar filled to 4 gallons. 组合的混合物以后就用于密封多孔的金属或塑料件。 After the combined mixture was used in the sealing porous metal or plastic parts.

一般在生产设备中将触媒加在浸渍剂中,又在该生产设备中加入混合物。 Usually the catalyst will be added to the production equipment impregnant, and added to the mixture in the production plant. 用于将触媒与浸渍剂混合的现有的方法包括用手从一广口的升量容器中舀取一定量的偶氮二异丁腈糊。 Conventional methods for mixing the catalyst with the impregnant comprises a manually scooping an amount of from a wide mouth container lift amount of azobisisobutyronitrile paste. 一旦偶氮二异丁腈已经加到5加仑的坛子中,就将坛子封闭,然后摇动,直至偶氮二异丁腈与浸渍剂混合。 Once azobisisobutyronitrile been added to the 5 gallon jar, the jar will be closed, and then shaken until the nitrile azobisisobutyronitrile mixed with the impregnating agent.

不过,一个偶氮二异丁腈触媒的升量容器含有可催化约7.6坛热固化浸渍剂的一千克左右的偶氮二异丁腈触媒。 However, a catalyst of azobisisobutyronitrile liter container containing a catalytic amount of from about 7.6 Tan thermosetting impregnating agent around one thousand grams of azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst. 由于热固化浸渍剂坛一般具有比偶氮二异丁腈容器小的开口,因此需舀取并刮下一定量的偶氮二异丁腈,以完成其转移。 Because thermal curing generally impregnating agent altar azobisisobutyronitrile smaller than the container opening nitrile, and therefore need to scoop the scraped amount of azobisisobutyronitrile, to complete its transfer. 而且,每个操作人员所用的测量工具可能不同,以致这种混合方法不能对一坛浸渍剂作理想的触媒量的精确分配。 Moreover, each measuring instrument used by the operator may be different, so that the hybrid method can not be allocated over the precise amount of the catalyst to a jar of impregnating agent. 结果,每坛混合物的催化率可能随操作人员的不同而不同。 As a result, the catalytic rate of each mixture may vary from forum operator varies. 因而由偶氮二异丁腈的不精确分配产生的这种变化妨碍了所用的混合物的精确的质量控制。 Thus this change of azobis isobutyl nitrile inaccurate dispensing generated hinders an accurate quality control of the mixture used.

这些用于分配偶氮二异丁腈触媒的已知方法还对人员和环境造成危害。 These known methods for dispensing azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst further hazard to personnel and the environment. 例如,用手舀取偶氮二异丁腈可使操作人员曝露于有刺激性的偶氮二异丁腈糊本身。 For example, a hand scoop-azobisisobutyronitrile allows the operator exposure to irritating azobisisobutyronitrile paste itself. 并且,由于升量容器不能为偶数的坛提供偶氮二异丁腈,同时由于舀取法不能保证所舀取的偶氮二异丁腈量的精确测量,故很有可能在废弃的升量容器中仍然会含有一定量的偶氮二异丁腈,它们可能在以后挖坑填埋时聚集起来。 Further, since the containers do not provide a lift amount of azobisisobutyronitrile is even altar, and because the emulated scoop not guarantee accurate measurement of the amount of azobisisobutyronitrile azo scooping, it is likely in the waste container lift amount will still contain a certain amount of azobisisobutyronitrile, they may come together when after digging landfill.

在本领域中已经知道,偶氮二异丁腈触媒可在运输以前与浸渍剂混合,但是混合物于是必须冷藏运输,以保持其寿命。 Already known in the art, azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst may be mixed with the impregnating agent during transportation before, but the mixture must then be refrigerated transport, in order to maintain its life. 由于两种配料可能需要运至各个远离组分的制造地点的工厂中,故冷藏运输混合物所增加的费用使得此方法贵得不受欢迎。 Since both ingredients may need to be transported to the plant remote from the respective components in the manufacturing site, so the mixture refrigerated transport so that the additional cost of this expensive method undesirable.

因此,希望提供一种用于偶氮二异丁腈触媒的运输和分配筒,它减少或者消除对人员和环境的危害,并高度保证将触媒精确地分配到一坛热固化浸渍剂中。 Accordingly, it is desirable to provide one kind of transportation and distribution of azobisisobutyronitrile cartridge for the catalyst, which reduces or eliminates the hazards to personnel and the environment, and to ensure that the height of the catalyst to precisely dispense a thermally curable impregnant altar.

本发明提供了一种用于单位剂量配料的单位剂量储存和分配筒,它包括一个可分配地装有单位剂量配料的储存和分配容器。 The present invention provides a unit dose cartridge for storing and dispensing a unit dose of ingredient, that comprises a dispensing container to have a storage and dispensing of a unit dose formulation. 该容器包括一圆柱形内壁,其确定了一个具有装有配料的配料储存室部分的筒通道。 The container comprises a cylindrical inner wall which define a cylindrical channel portion of the storage chamber is equipped with dosing ingredient having. 该容器进一步确定了一个与配料储存室部分连通的分配口并包括一个可拆卸地密封分配口的第一密封构件。 The container further defined a dispensing opening in communication with the dosing part comprises a first storage chamber and a sealing member removably sealing the dispensing opening. 一分配活塞可被一穿过配料储存室部分的推杆移动,以便经过分配口分配单位剂量的配料。 A dispensing piston may be a storage chamber through the dosing movement of the plunger portion so that a unit dose dispensing through the dispensing opening ingredients. 将一个可打开的排气装置放在与筒通道对齐的位置上。 The exhaust and placed in an openable position aligned cylindrical passage. 可以考虑对每个筒提供一个推杆,或是对一定数量的筒只提供一个推杆。 It may be considered a push rod for each cylinder, or only to a number of a cylinder pushrod. 还可以考虑将本发明以成套的形式提供。 It can also consider the present invention provides a kit form.

参考下列附图阅读“本发明的详细说明”时,将更容易地理解本发明。 When read with reference to the following drawings "Detailed description of the invention", the present invention will be more readily understood.

图1示出了本发明的单位剂量筒组件和推杆的分解图。 FIG 1 shows a unit dose cartridge assembly of the present invention and an exploded view of the push rod.

图2示出了本发明的单位剂量筒组件的纵剖图。 Figure 2 shows a longitudinal sectional view of a unit dose cartridge assembly of the present invention.

图3示出了图2中的单位剂量筒组件的分解图。 Figure 3 shows an exploded view of a unit dose cartridge assembly of FIG.

图4示出了用于本发明的单位剂量筒组件中的活塞的纵剖图。 FIG. 4 shows a longitudinal cross-sectional view of the piston of the unit dose cartridge assembly of the present invention.

本发明的详细说明参看图1-3,本发明提供了一种用于容纳并分配精确单位剂量配料的筒组件10。 Detailed Description of the Invention Referring to Figures 1-3, the present invention provides a cartridge assembly 10 is housed and precisely dispensing a unit dose of ingredient used. 组件10对于容纳偶氮二异丁腈触媒12并将其分配到一坛热固化浸渍剂(未示出)中特别有用。 Assembly 10 for receiving azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst 12 and dispensed into a jar thermosetting impregnating agent (not shown) is particularly useful. 虽然本发明被说成用于储存和容纳单位剂量偶氮二异丁腈触媒12,但是应当理解,本发明可用于储存和分配任何配料。 While the present invention has been described as a unit dose for receiving and storing azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst 12, it is to be understood that the present invention may be used for storing and dispensing any ingredient. 除了后面提到的之外,组件10的零件最好都由合适的塑性材料制成。 In addition to the mentioned later, the part assembly 10 is preferably formed by a suitable plastic material. 组件10包括一个用于容纳精确的单位剂量的触媒12的筒壳14。 Assembly 10 includes a precise unit dose for receiving a catalyst 12. The cartridge housing 14. 可以用筒组件10容纳并分配的偶氮二异丁腈触媒的实例由本发明的代理人以商品名称“RESINOLINITIATOR PASTE”出售。 Examples can be sold with a azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst accommodating cylinder 10 and dispensed by the assembly of the present invention is an agent under the trade name "RESINOLINITIATOR PASTE". 一类特别适于与偶氮二异丁腈触媒12混合的热固化浸渍剂目前由本发明的代理人以商品名称“90C STOCK SOLUTION”出售。 A class of thermosetting impregnating agent is particularly suitable for mixing with the azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst 12 is currently sold by the assignee of the present invention, under the trade name "90C STOCK SOLUTION".

筒组件10包括一长的管形筒壳14。 Cartridge assembly 10 includes an elongated cylindrical tubular casing 14. 筒壳14包括一个具有内表面18和外表面20的长的圆柱形壁16。 Cartridge 14 comprises an elongated cylindrical wall 16 and an inner surface 18 having an outer surface 20. 圆柱形管16包括一远侧开口端22和一近侧开口端26,前者确定了一分配口24,后者确定了一机械入口或推杆插入口28。 16 comprises a cylindrical tube 22 and a distal opening end of the proximal open end 26, the former defining a dispensing opening 24, which defines a mechanical pusher insertion port 28 or inlet. 圆柱形壁16确定了一个与分配口24和推杆插入口28作液体连通的长的筒内部30。 The cylindrical wall 16 defines a dispensing opening 24 and the insertion port 28 and the push rod for internal fluid communication with the tube length of 30. 圆柱形壁16的外表面20在其上形成一个与第二端26成边缘平齐关系的环形凸缘32。 Cylindrical outer surface 20 of wall 16 forming an annular flange 32 a flush relationship with an edge of the second end 26 thereon. 还可以考虑在圆柱形壁16的外表面20上粘贴一带有可见标志的标签33。 The labeling may also be considered with a visible mark 33 on the outer surface 20 of the cylindrical wall 16.

可以提供一个长的刚性推杆15作为筒组件10的配套零件,或者按另一种方案,多个筒组件的每一个发货单位可以设置一个推杆15。 It can provide a long rigid cylindrical plunger assembly 15 as a supporting part 10, or according to another embodiment, each of the plurality of delivery unit may be provided a cartridge assembly 15 ram. 推杆15最好由合适的塑性材料制成并包括一用于插入筒壳14中的渐缩的第一端15a和一操作人员可从其用手驱动第一端15a的第二端15b。 The push rod 15 is preferably made of a suitable plastic material and includes a second end 15b in a tapered insertion tube 14 housing a first end 15a and from which an operator manually drives first end 15a. 第二端15b最好终止于一盘形推杆头17。 Preferably the second end 15b terminating in a shaped putter head 17. 推杆15的长度最好按下面所述的选择。 Preferably the length of the push rod 15 is selected as described below. 可以考虑,推杆15的功能可以用具有所述的特性的任何物品来实现,其中包括螺丝刀,但这只是作为说明而不是作为限制。 It is contemplated that the ram 15 function may be implemented with any object having said characteristic, including screwdrivers, but this is only by way of illustration and not by way of limitation.

组件10进一步包括一活塞34,它插入筒壳14的筒内部30中,以便提供与圆柱形壁16的内表面18的滑动摩擦接合。 Assembly 10 further includes a piston 34 which is inserted into the cartridge 30 inside the cartridge 14 in order to provide the cylindrical wall 16 of the inner surface 18 of sliding friction engagement. 活塞34一旦插入筒壳14内,它就进一步将筒内部30分隔成一个在活塞34与分配口24之间延伸的配料储存室部分36和一个在推杆插入口28与活塞34之间延伸的推杆接纳部分38。 Once the piston 34 is inserted into the cylindrical housing 14, the inner cylinder 30 it is further partitioned into a dosing reservoir chamber 34 extending between the piston 24 and the dispensing opening 36 and a portion of the push rod 28 extends between the insertion opening 34 and the piston pusher receiving portion 38. 筒壳14内装有偶氮二异丁腈触媒12并从配料储存室部分36分配偶氮二异丁腈触媒12。 Cartridge 14 that has the azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst 12 and partitioned azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst storage chamber 12 from the ingredient section 36.

另外参考图4,活塞34包括一个具有远端42和近端44的长的圆柱形活塞壁40。 With additional reference to FIG. 4, it includes a piston 34 having a cylindrical piston wall length 40 of the distal end 42 and proximal end 44. 圆柱形活塞壁40包括外活塞壁表面46、内活塞壁表面47,并确定了活塞内部48。 A cylindrical piston wall 40 includes an outer wall surface of the piston 46, the inner wall surface of the piston 47, and an internal piston 48 is determined. 内活塞壁表面47最好在其上形成多个环形加强肋49,以使圆柱形活塞壁40的结构刚度增大。 The inner piston wall surface 47 is preferably formed in a plurality of annular reinforcing ribs 49, so that the structural rigidity of the cylindrical wall of the piston 40 increases thereon. 将外活塞壁表面46加工成能与圆柱形壁16的内表面18形成滑动摩擦接合。 The outer wall surface of the piston 46 can be processed into sliding frictional engagement with the inner surface 18 of the cylindrical wall 16.

活塞的圆拱端壁50从远端42延伸,以便形成一个伸入组件10的配料储存室部分36中的凸面52。 Arched end wall of the piston 50 extends from the distal end 42, so as to form a convex surface 52 extending into the ingredient storage assembly portion 36 of chamber 10. 凸面52在中心的横向平面54处终止。 Convex surface 52 terminate at the transverse center plane 54. 端壁50还形成一个面向活塞内部48和壳14的推杆接纳部分38的凹面56。 Forming a further end wall 50 facing the piston 48 and the inner shell 14 receiving the concave portion 38 of the pusher 56. 凹面56沿周向以一沿轴向处于中心的、与平面54相对的平面58为界。 Concave surface 56 in the circumferential direction at a center in the axial direction, the plane 54 opposite to the boundary 58. 一推杆接合毂60从平面58朝活塞内部48延伸并包括一个确定了一推杆接纳室64的圆柱形毂壁62。 A push rod engaging the hub 60 toward the plane 58 extends from the piston interior 48 and includes a plunger defining a chamber receiving the cylindrical wall 62 of the hub 64. 毂60以摩擦接合或对抵接合的方式容纳推杆15的远端15a。 Hub 60 to frictionally engage or engaging manner against the distal end of the push rod 15 is accommodated 15a.

活塞34最好包括一个从圆柱形活塞壁40的远端42朝远侧延伸的环形的扩口刮肋66。 The piston 34 preferably includes a blade rib 42 extending distally from the distal end 40 of the cylindrical annular piston wall 66 flared. 在凸面52与刮肋66之间确定了一环形槽68。 Between the convex surface 52 and the scraping ribs 66 defining a circular groove 68. 将刮肋66加工成当用活塞34将偶氮二异丁腈触媒12经过配料储存室部分36推向分配端22时能形成与圆柱形壁16的内表面18的刮拭接合。 Scraping ribs 66 when the piston 34 is processed into the azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst storage chamber 12 through the dosing part 36 can be formed toward the dispensing end 22 engages with the cylindrical inner wall surface 16 of wiper 18. 刮肋66从而减少了在分配后留存在筒壳14中的残余的偶氮二异丁腈触媒12的量。 Scraping ribs 66 thereby reducing the amount retained after dispensing cartridge 14 in the residual azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst 12.

再参看图1~3,为了运输和储存的目的,将筒壳14的分配口24和推杆插入口28都密封住。 Referring again to Figure 1-3, for transport and storage purposes, the dispensing port 24 of the cartridge 14 and the push rod insertion opening 28 is sealed. 筒壳14最好形成一个密封的偶氮二异丁腈触媒12的容器。 Cartridge 14 is preferably formed of a sealing azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst container 12. 一分配密封装置70可拆卸地固定在分配口24上面。 Dispensing a sealing means 70 is removably secured above the dispensing opening 24. 分配密封装置70最好由金属箔如铝箔或锡箔制成。 Dispensing the sealing means 70 is preferably made of a metal foil such as aluminum foil or tin foil. 分配密封装置70可以粘在筒壳14上或简单地用一分配端盖72将其固定就位。 Sealing dispensing apparatus 70 can be attached to the cartridge housing 14 or simply dispensing with a cap 72 which is secured in place. 虽然分配密封装置70被加工成基本为圆形,但是其最好设有一从该处沿径向向外延伸的可抓住的翼片71。 While dispensing the sealing means 70 is processed to a substantially circular shape, but it is preferably provided with graspable tab extending radially outward from a premises 71. 翼片71有助于操作人员在分配偶氮二异丁腈触媒12之前将分配密封装置70从筒壳14上撕下。 The flap 71 helps the operator prior to dispensing of azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst 12 the dispensing apparatus 70 torn from the seal cartridge 14. 将分配端盖72以与分配端24摩擦接合的方式固定在分配密封装置70上。 The dispensing cap 72 in frictional engagement with the dispensing end 24 is fixed on the sealing device 70 in dispensing. 分配端盖72包括一个沿周向以一直立的与壳接合的壁76为边界的基本上平的圆底74。 A substantially flat dispensing cap 72 includes a round bottom wall of the housing in the circumferential direction to engage the upstanding border 76 to 74. 与壳接合的壁76可包括一环形的与壳接合的肋78,它设置在圆底74上面,以便加强与壳接合的壁76与筒壳14的可弯曲的摩擦接合。 Engaging the shell wall 76 may include an annular rib 78 engaged with the housing, which is provided in a round bottom 74 above, in order to strengthen the shell wall 76 engages the friction engagement with the flexible cartridge housing 14.

由于筒组件10在其储存和运输过程中可能受到高温,因此,设置一个开有通气孔的密封装置80,以释放任何在筒内部30内产生的剩余压力积累。 Since the cartridge assembly 10 may be subjected to high temperatures during its storage and transportation, and therefore, there is provided an open vent sealing means 80, to release any remaining pressure generated inside the inner cylinder 30 in the accumulation. 开有通气孔的密封装置80可拆卸地固定到管近端26上盖住推杆插入口28。 Opened vent hole sealing means 80 is removably secured to the cover 28 on the push rod 26 is inserted into the proximal end opening. 开有通气孔的密封装置80最好由金属箔如铝箔或锡箔制成。 Opened vent hole sealing means 80 is preferably made of a metal foil such as aluminum foil or tin foil. 开有通气孔的密封装置80最好粘在筒壳14上或简单地用近端盖82固定就位。 Opened vent hole sealing means 80 is preferably adhered to the 82 or simply held in place by cartridge 14 near the end cap. 虽然开有通气孔的密封装置80被加工成基本为圆形,但是其最好设有一个从该处沿径向向外延伸的可抓住的翼片81。 Although the sealing means is opened vent hole 80 is processed to a substantially circular shape, but is preferably provided with a flap 81 extending radially outward from where the graspable. 翼片81有助于操作人员将开有通气孔的密封装置80从筒壳14上撕下。 The flap 81 helps the operator will open the vent hole 80 with the sealing means on the cartridge housing 14 from tearing.

开有通气孔的密封装置80包括一个位于中心的通气孔84,它的位置要与筒内部30的推杆接纳部分38对齐。 Opened vent hole sealing device 80 includes a centrally located vent hole 84, its position inside the barrel 30 to the push rod receiving portion 38 are aligned. 用一减压排气装置86将通气孔84从筒内部30盖住。 By a vacuum exhaust unit 86 covering the vent hole 84 from the inside of the barrel 30. 排气装置86包括一与通气孔84对齐的通气塞88。 Exhaust means 86 includes a vent hole 84 is aligned with the vent plug 88. 通气塞88沿周向以一第一薄板件90和一第二薄板件91为界并同心地介于其间。 Vent plug 88 interposed therebetween and concentrically to the sheet member 90 at a first and a second sheet member 91 is bounded in the circumferential direction. 第一薄板层90粘在开有通气孔的密封装置80上。 The first sheet layer 90 is adhered to the sealing means opening a vent hole 80. 通气塞88最好由微孔聚四氟乙烯制成。 Vent plug 88 is preferably made of a microporous polytetrafluoroethylene. 排气装置86是本领域中已经知道的那种类型,它防止通过通气孔84交换空气,除非升高的温度在筒内部30中造成剩余压力积累,此时排气装置86将打开并使高压空气经过通气孔84逸出。 An exhaust device 86 are already known in the art of the type, which prevents the exchange of air through the vent 84, unless an elevated temperature resulting in the accumulation of residual pressure inside the cylinder 30, the case 86 is opened, and exhaust the high pressure air escapes through the vent 84.

近端端盖82固定在开有通气孔的密封装置80和环形肋32上面,以便形成与筒壳14的近端26的摩擦接合。 A proximal end cap 82 is fixed to the sealing means is opened and the vent hole 80 above the annular rib 32 so as to form the proximal end 14 of cartridge housing 26 in frictional engagement. 近端端盖82是一个基本上呈盘状的元件,它包括一个确定了一中心孔94并且沿周向以直立的与壳接合的壁96为界的平的圆底92。 A proximal end cap 82 is a substantially disk-like element, which comprises a central bore 94 defining a circumferential direction and the upstanding wall of the shell to engage the flat 96 is bounded by round 92. 将中心孔94加工成可与通气孔84对齐地设置并允许推杆15能穿过它插入以便与活塞34接合。 The central aperture 94 to be processed disposed in alignment with the vent holes 84 and allow the ram 15 can be inserted therethrough to engage the piston 34. 中心孔94最好小得不允许推杆头17穿过其中,以便使圆底92能阻止推杆头被推入筒内部30中。 Central aperture 94 is preferably small enough to not allow the plunger head 17 therethrough, so that the round 92 prevents the plunger head 30 is pushed into the barrel interior. 推杆15的长度要优选,以便当推杆头17靠在近端端盖82上时,不会把活塞34从筒内部30推出,同时最好还穿过分配口24露出活塞34的凸面52。 Preferably the push rod 15 to a length so that when the plunger head 17 against the proximal end cap 82, not the interior of the piston from the cartridge 30 out of 34, but preferably also through the dispensing opening 24 is exposed convex surface 52 of the piston 34 .

端盖82的与壳体接合的壁82可包括一环形的设置在圆底92上的与壳体接合的肋98,以便加强与壳接合的壁96与筒壳14的可弯曲的摩擦接合。 Wall engaged with the housing 82 of the end cap 82 may include an annular rib 98 is provided engaged with the housing 92 on the round, in order to strengthen the shell and the cylindrical wall 96 engages the shell 14 bendable frictional engagement. 由于近端端盖82也必须与从圆柱形外壁20上伸出的环形肋32可弯曲地接合,而且分配端盖72只需要与圆柱形外壁20可弯曲地接合,因此,组件10最好要求近端端盖82具有比分配端盖72大的密封直径。 Since the proximal end cap 82 must be bent 32 engaged with the annular rib extending from the outer cylindrical wall 20, and the dispensing cap 72 need be bent 20 engaged with the outer cylindrical wall, and therefore, the assembly 10 preferably requires a proximal end cap 82 has a larger diameter than the dispensing cap 72 seals. 通过给端盖72和82设置不同的密封直径,使组件10具有了防错误组装的特征,这可以保证将端盖72和82分别放在管16的合适的端部22和26上面。 By giving the end cap 72 and the sealing diameter of 82 different settings, so that assembly 10 has an error assembling preventing feature, which ensures that the end caps 72 and 82 are placed in the right upper end portion 22 of the tube 16 and 26.

因此,可将筒组件10制成容纳精确的单位剂量即130克左右的偶氮二异丁腈触媒12,用于与一坛五加仑的热固化浸渍剂混合。 Thus, the cartridge assembly 10 may be made to accommodate the precise unit doses i.e., about 130 grams of azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst 12, for mixing with a thermosetting impregnating agent altar of five gallons. 本发明通过提供一种使操作人员对与偶氮二异丁腈接触的零件的操作减至最少的单独使用的一次性筒而使操作人员暴露于偶氮二异丁腈触媒12的程度减至最少。 The present invention provides an operation on the operator contact with parts of azobisisobutyronitrile is reduced to a minimum disposable cartridge used alone operator exposure to the azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst is reduced to 12 degree least. 此外,通过提供和洁净地分配精确的单位剂量的偶氮二异丁腈触媒12,本发明大大地减少了可能被丢弃的过量的或者未使用的偶氮二异丁腈触媒糊。 Further, by providing accurate and dispensing a unit dose of azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst cleanly 12, the present invention greatly reduces the excess or unused azo may be discarded azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst paste.

操作人员可如下所述地从筒组件10分配偶氮二异丁腈触媒12。 The operator may be allocated as azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst 12 from the barrel assembly 10. 可将推杆15穿过近端端盖82的中心孔94插入以刺穿开有通气孔的密封装置80,以便穿过推杆接纳部分38延伸并与活塞34接合。 The pusher 15 may be through the proximal end cap 94 is inserted into the central hole 82 to pierce the sealing means opening a vent hole 80 so as to extend through the plunger receiving portion 38 and engages the piston 34. 推杆15的渐缩的第一端15a最好部分地伸入推杆接纳室64并与推杆接合毂60的毂壁62接合。 Ram 15 a first tapered end 15a is preferably partially into the plunger chamber 64 and the hub receiving the hub 60 of the engagement wall 62 engaged with the putter. 然后,操作人员可取下分配端盖72并从筒壳14的远端22上撕去分配密封装置70,以便露出偶氮二异丁腈触媒12。 Then, the operator can remove the end cap 72 and the dispensing means 70 from the tear seal the dispensing distal end 22 of the cartridge 14 to expose the azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst 12. 然后将分配口24放置成与热固化浸渍剂坛的开口对齐或进入其中。 The dispensing opening 24 is then placed in contact with the heat-curing impregnant altar aligned openings or into it. 然后,在将筒组件10保持在坛子开口中的同时,操作人员推动推杆15的推杆头17,以便向远侧朝分配口24给活塞加压,以便将偶氮二异丁腈触媒12分配到坛子中。 Then, while the cartridge assembly 10 in an opening in the jar, the operator pushes the push rod 15, the plunger head 17 so as to pressure the piston 24 distally towards the dispensing opening, so as azobisisobutyronitrile catalyst 12 assigned to the jar. 当活塞34朝分配口24移动时,刮肋66沿圆柱形内壁18刮拭地滑动,以使留在筒内部30中的残余的触媒12减至最少。 When the piston 34 moves toward the dispensing opening 24, 18 scraping ribs 66 slide along the cylindrical inner wall wiper, so that the residual catalyst remaining in the interior of the cartridge 30 is 12 minimized. 操作人员继续向远侧推活塞34,直到凸面50全部从筒内部30伸出。 The operator continues to push the piston 34 distally until convex surface 50 from the interior of the cartridge 30 fully extended. 在此完全伸出的位置,圆柱形活塞壁40仍然与圆柱形内壁18摩擦接合。 In this fully extended position, cylindrical piston wall 40 still engaged with the cylindrical inner wall 18 of friction. 因此,推杆15的长度最好选成足以使凸面50全部从筒内部30伸出,但又不足以将活塞34无意间推到筒内部30的外面。 Thus, the length of the push rod 15 is preferably selected to be sufficient fully extended from the convex surface 50 inside the cartridge 30, but insufficient to inadvertently push the piston 34 between the interior cylinder 30 to the outside.

虽然在上面已经详细地示出并描述了本发明的优选实施例,但是对于那些普通的技术人员来说,显然可以在不脱离本发明的教义的情况下进行各种改变和改进。 While there has been shown and described preferred embodiments of the present invention in detail above, but for those of ordinary skill in the art, it will be apparent that various changes and modifications without departing from the teachings of the present invention. 因此,在前面的说明和附图中所陈述的内容仅仅是以说明的方式而提供的,而不能作为限制。 Thus, the content in the foregoing description and accompanying drawings set forth by way of illustration only provided, but not by way of limitation. 本发明的真实范围由权利要求书确定。 The true scope of the present invention is determined by the claims.

Claims (17)

  1. 1.用于配料的单位剂量储存和分配筒,包括:一长的管形容器,它具有一个确定了一分配口的第一端、一个确定了一推杆插入口的第二端,和一个在所述分配口与进入口之间延伸的长的通道;一第一盖,它可拆卸地并密封地固定在所述第一端上,与所述分配口对齐,其中,所述第一盖包括一个固定在所述容器第一端上的第一金属箔构件;一第二盖,它可拆卸地并密封地固定在所述第二端上,与所述推杆插入口对齐,其中,所述第二盖包括一个固定在所述容器第二端上的第二金属箔构件;一可滑动地安装在所述通道内的活塞件,所述活塞具有一个第一主表面和一个相对的第二主表面,所述活塞可放置在所述容器中,以便确定一个所述通道的配料储存室部分,它位于所述活塞的所述第一主表面与所述配料储存室部分的所述第一端之间,所述配料储存室 Unit dose storage and dispensing cartridge 1. The ingredients used, comprising: an elongated tubular vessel having a first end determining a dispensing opening, a second end of a push rod determines the insertion port, and a long channel between the dispensing port and the inlet port extending therebetween; a first cover which is detachably and sealingly secured to said first end, aligned with the dispensing opening, wherein the first the cover comprises a metal foil fixed to a first member on a first end of the container; a second cover, which is detachably and sealingly secured to said second end, the push rod is aligned with the insertion opening, wherein the second cover comprises a second metallic foil member affixed to the second end of said container; a piston member slidably mounted in said passage, said piston having a first major surface and a relatively a second major surface, said piston being disposed in said container, so as to determine a dosing reservoir chamber portion of the channel, which is located in the first major surface of the piston and the dosing part of the storage chamber between said first end of said ingredient storage chamber 分具有用于容纳单位剂量的所述配料的容积;一推杆,它可穿过所述推杆插入口插入,并可与所述活塞件的所述第二主表面接合,以实现所述活塞件的滑动,以便经过所述分配口分配所述单位剂量的所述配料;以及一个支承在所述第一和第二金属箔之一上的压力排气装置,用于在所述推杆穿过所述推杆插入口插入之前泄放出在所述通道的所述配料储存室部分中产生的内压。 Having partial volume for receiving a unit dose of said ingredient; and a push rod, the push rod which may be inserted through the insertion port, said piston and engageable with said second major surface of the member to effect the sliding piston member to said ingredient through said dispensing opening of the dispensing unit doses; exhaust means and a pressure bearing on one of the first and second metal foil, said push rod for discharged through the discharge pusher in the ingredient storage chamber portion of the previously generated channel is inserted into the insertion opening pressure.
  2. 2.如权利要求1所述的筒,其特征在于,所述配料为偶氮二异丁腈触媒。 2. The cartridge according to claim 1, wherein said ingredient is a catalyst of azobisisobutyronitrile.
  3. 3.如权利要求1所述的筒,其特征在于,所述第一盖进一步包括一个固定在所述第一端上的第一端盖。 The cartridge as claimed in claim 1, wherein said first cover further comprises a first end cap secured to said first end.
  4. 4.如权利要求3所述的筒,其特征在于,所述第二盖进一步包括一个固定在所述第二端上的第二端盖,所述第二端盖具有与所述第一端盖不同的密封直径。 4. The cartridge according to claim 3, wherein said second cover further comprises a second end cap secured on said second end, said second end cap having a first end cover different sealing diameters.
  5. 5.如权利要求4所述的筒,其特征在于,所述第二端盖进一步确定了一个推杆孔,用于使所述推杆从其穿过,以便与所述活塞的所述第二主表面接合。 5. A cartridge according to claim 4, wherein said second cap further defines a plunger hole for allowing the push rod to pass therethrough, so that the first of the piston two main surfaces engage.
  6. 6.如权利要求1所述的筒,其特征在于,所述活塞的所述第一主表面呈弧形。 The cartridge as claimed in claim 1, wherein said first major surface of the piston is curved.
  7. 7.如权利要求1所述的筒,其特征在于,所述活塞进一步包括一个用于与所述内表面作刮滑接合的可弯曲的环形边缘。 7. The cartridge according to claim 1, wherein said piston further comprises an inner surface for the sliding engagement of the blade as the flexible annular edge.
  8. 8.如权利要求1所述的筒,其特征在于,所述活塞的所述第二主表面确定了一个用于与所述推杆接合的推杆接纳毂。 The cartridge as claimed in claim 1, wherein the second major surface of the piston for determining a push rod engaging with said push rod receiving hub.
  9. 9.一种用于储存单位剂量的配料并将其分配至一定容积的混合物中的成套件,包括:一个用于可分配地按密封的容量容纳单位剂量的所述配料的长而中空的储存兼分配筒,所述筒确定了一个在分配端与推杆插入端之间连通的长的筒通道;一个适于在所述筒通道中与所述筒作刮滑接合的活塞,所述配料的所述单位剂量可放在所述分配口与所述活塞之间;一对适于与所述端部作可拆卸的密封接合的可拆卸的密封构件,其中,所述的一对可拆卸的密封构件进一步包括一个粘在所述分配端上面的第一金属箔和一个粘在所述分配筒的所述推杆插入端上面的第二金属箔,其中,第一和第二金属箔之一进一步支承一个可打开的压力排气装置;一个推杆,它适于穿过所述推杆插入端而与所述活塞一起操作,以便以单一的冲程从该处分配所述配料的所述单位剂量。 A unit dosage formulation for storing and dispensing the mixture to a volume of the kit, comprising: a press for sealing can be assigned to the receiving capacity of a unit dose of ingredient long hollow reservoir and dispensing cartridge, the cartridge determining the length of the tubular passage communicating between the dispensing end and a plunger insertion end; a cylinder adapted in the passage for scraping the cylindrical piston sliding engagement, the ingredient the unit dosage may be placed between the dispensing opening and the piston; and a pair of detachable sealing member and the end portion is adapted for removable sealing engagement, wherein said pair of removable further comprising a sealing member adhered to said upper dispensing end and a first metal foil adhered to said dispensing cartridge insertion end of the push rod above second metal foil, wherein the first and second metal foils a further support means a pressure in the exhaust opening; a push rod, the push rod adapted to pass through said insertion end is operated together with the piston for dispensing the ingredients from which a single stroke of the unit dose.
  10. 10.一种用于单位剂量的配料的单位剂量储存兼分配筒,包括:一个可分配地装有所述配料的单位剂量的储存兼分配容器,所述容器具有一个确定了一分配口、一推杆插入口和一筒通道的圆柱形内壁,该通道具有一个在其间延伸的装有配料的配料储存室部分,所述容器进一步包括一第一密封构件和一第二密封构件,所述第一密封构件可拆卸地密封所述分配口并包括一第一金属箔构件,所述第二密封构件可拆卸地密封所述推杆插入口并包括一第二金属箔构件;一个分配活塞,它可穿过所述配料储存室部分移动,以便经过所述分配口分配所述配料的所述单位剂量;以及一可打开的排气装置,它由所述第二金属箔构件支承并被放置成与所述筒通道对齐。 10. A unit dose formulation for a unit dose storage and dispensing cartridge, comprising: dispensing can be provided with a unit dose of said ingredient storage and dispensing container, said container having a dispensing opening of a determined, a cylindrical inner wall and a cylindrical push rod insertion port of the channel, the channel having a portion in the storage chamber dosing with dosing extending therebetween, said container further comprising a first sealing member and a second sealing member, said first a sealing member removably sealing the dispensing opening and comprising a first metal foil member, said second seal member removably sealing the insertion opening and the push rod comprises a second metal foil member; a dispensing piston it ingredient may be moved through the storage chamber portion to said dispensing opening through said unit dose of said ingredient dispensing; and an openable exhaust means, it is supported and positioned by a metal foil member to the second aligned with the cylindrical passage.
  11. 11.如权利要求10所述的筒,其特征在于,所述第一密封构件进一步包括一个固定在所述第一金属箔构件上面的第一端盖。 11. The cartridge according to claim 10, wherein said first sealing member further comprises a first end cap secured to said first metal foil member above.
  12. 12.如权利要求11所述的筒,其特征在于,所述第一箔构件粘在所述容器上。 12. The cartridge of claim 11, wherein said first foil member is adhered to the container.
  13. 13.如权利要求10所述的筒,其特征在于,所述第二密封构件进一步包括一个固定在所述第二金属箔构件上面的第二端盖,其中所述容器进一步在所述容器上在所述推杆插入口附近包括一环形突起,从而需要所述第一和第二端盖适于只与所述容器的一端密封地接合。 13. The cartridge according to claim 10, wherein said second seal member further comprises a second end cap secured on the second metal foil upper member, wherein the container further on the container in the vicinity of the insertion port ram comprises an annular projection, thereby requiring the first and second end cap adapted to sealingly engage only one end of the container.
  14. 14.如权利要求13所述的筒,其特征在于,所述第二端盖进一步确定了一个用于使所述推杆穿过其中以与所述分配活塞接合的推杆孔。 14. The cartridge according to claim 13, wherein said second endcap further defines a push rod for moving said push rod therethrough to engage the bore of the dispensing piston.
  15. 15.如权利要求10所述的筒,其特征在于,所述分配活塞包括一个与所述配料相邻的弧形表面和一个用于与所述容器的所述内壁作刮滑接合的可弯曲的环形边缘。 15. The bendable tube according to claim 10, wherein said piston comprises a dispensing adjacent to the arcuate surface and an ingredient for the inner wall of the container for engagement of the wiper slip the annular rim.
  16. 16.如权利要求10所述的筒,其特征在于,所述配料是要被分配到热固化浸渍剂容器中的偶氮二异丁腈触媒。 16. The cartridge according to claim 10, wherein said ingredients are to be assigned to a heat curing catalyst azobisisobutyronitrile impregnating agent container.
  17. 17.如权利要求10所述的筒,其特征在于,它进一步包括一推杆,该推杆可穿过所述推杆插入口而与所述分配活塞可脱开地接合,用于朝所述分配口推动所述活塞,以便实现所述配料的分配。 17. The cartridge according to claim 10, characterized in that it further comprises a push rod, the push rod may pass through said insertion plunger opening and releasably engaged with said dispensing piston for towards the opening said dispensing push the piston to achieve dispensing of the ingredient.
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