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The invention discloses an intercept-prevention missile. According to the technical scheme, after the missile is launched, the flight track and flight speed are changed continually and unpredictably for an early warning system of the other party, the flight rule can not be found out, and intercept can not be performed. In order to solve the technical problems, in detail, multiple track changing cannons are arranged randomly on the left side and the right side of the tail basically in a horizontal flight state in a staggered mode when the missile flies at the middle section, when the missile flies at the middle section, the track changing cannons are sequentially detonated, the flight track of the missile is randomly changed, speed changing is achieved through slightly changing the amount of supplied propellant, in this way, the early warning system of the other party can not find out the flight rule, and the missile can not be intercepted and hit.


防拦截导弹 Anti-missile interceptor

技术领域 FIELD

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[0001] 本发明涉及一种导弹,具体涉及到一种发射后可防止拦截的防拦截导弹。 [0001] The present invention relates to a missile, the latter particularly to anti-emitting interceptor missile interception prevented.

背景技术 Background technique

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[0002] 至目前,每批次生产的导弹,发射后的飞行速度和轨道都是确定的,不变化的,所以其在飞行中的重要特性易被预警系统所掌握,从而导致易被拦截击毁,造成怡误战机和巨大损失。 [0002] Up to now, the production of each batch of missiles, flight speed and orbit after launch are determined not to change, so its important characteristics in flight warning system easily mastered, leading to easily intercepted wreck , resulting in erroneous Yi fighters and huge losses.


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[0003] 本发明的目的为了克服上述现有技术中的不足,提供一种发射后可防止拦截的导弹。 [0003] The object of the present invention to overcome the disadvantages of the prior art described above, there is provided a method of transmitting the interceptor missile is prevented.

[0004] 为了实现上述目的,本发明采取的技术方案是:使导弹发射后,飞行的轨道和速度不断变化,让对方的空中和地面的预警系统难以捉摸,无法寻找飞行规律,当其刚测出有关数据,准备拦截时,此导弹又改变了飞行方向和速度,使敌方无法实施拦截。 [0004] In order to achieve the above object, the present invention takes technical solution: after the missile launch, flight and orbital speed changing, let the other air and ground early warning system elusive, can not find the flight rules, when it measured just the relevant data, when ready to intercept this missile has changed the direction of flight and speed, so that the enemy could not intercept. 本发明的目的是通过如下措施实现的,具体是:一种防拦截导弹,由常规导弹和改轨炮构成,其特征为:所述常规导弹发动机的推进剂供给量随机有变化,使飞行速度随机变化;所述改轨炮隔热安装在防拦截导弹水平飞行姿态尾部的两侧,其为对应且错位的小炮体,引爆后,可随机改变飞行的轨道。 Object of the present invention is achieved by the following measures, in particular: an anti-missile interceptors, missile consists of a conventional rail gun and change, wherein: the supply amount of a conventional propellant missile engines randomly change the flying speed random variation; change the rail gun mounted on both sides insulation level flight attitude anti interceptor tail, which is corresponding to small displacement and the gun body after detonation, randomly change the flight track. 发射这种导弹时,为了使同样大的导弹飞行得更快更远些,可采用聚能动态发射的方法(此方法和装置可参阅专利号为201210202017.6文件)。 When transmitting the missile, in order to make the same large missile flight faster and farther these methods may be employed polyethylene dynamically transmitted (this method and apparatus can be found in the patent document No. 201210202017.6).

[0005] 本发明与现有技术相比有以下优点: [0005] The present invention as compared with the prior art has the following advantages:

[0006] (I)改变飞行轨道和速度的设置简单,成本小,增重轻徽。 [0006] (I) to change the setting flight path and speed of a simple, low cost, light weight gain emblem.

[0007] (2)飞行的轨道和速度是随机改变的,根本无法预测和掌握运行规律; [0007] (2) the flight track and the speed of change is random, unpredictable and master fundamental operating rules;

[0008] 下面通过附图和实施例,对本发明的技术方案作进一步详细说明。 [0008] The accompanying drawings and the following embodiments, the technical solutions of the present invention will be further described in detail.


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[0009] 图1为防拦截导弹改轨炮位置示意图 图2为防拦截导弹对应改轨的纵向行程示意图 Schematic longitudinal stroke [0009] FIG. 1 is a modified anti-missile interceptor rail gun position 2 is a schematic diagram corresponding to the anti-missile interceptor change track

[0010] 附图标记说明: [0010] REFERENCE NUMERALS:

[0011] IA向左改轨炮 2A向右改轨炮 3A向右改轨炮 [0011] IA left changed to change the right rail gun 2A 3A modified rail gun right rail gun

[0012] IB向右改轨炮 2B向左改轨炮 3B向左改轨炮 [0012] IB rail gun 2B changes to the right to the left rail gun changed to change the left rail gun 3B

[0013] Ik1向左前方运动 2k'向右前方运动向右前方运动 [0013] Ik1 left front motion 2k 'rightward movement forward of the front right

[0014] IBi向右前方运动 2Β,向左前方运动3Β,向左前方运动 [0014] IBi right forward motion 2Β, left front movement 3Β, movement to the left front

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

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[0015] 如图1所示的防拦截导弹,由常规的导弹和改轨炮组成,其发动机的推进剂供量有随机变化,使飞行速度随机变化,所述改轨炮为对应错位的小炮体,将它引爆后可使防拦截导弹随机改变飞行轨道,其具体结构和实施改轨、改速方式如下: [0015] Anti-interceptor missile shown in Figure 1, modified from conventional missiles and rail gun composition, for the amount of propellant which are random variations of the engine, so that the flying speed random changes, the corresponding change rail gun small misalignment gun body, after which the anti-tipping can vary randomly interceptor missile flight path, and its specific structure is orbited embodiment, the speed change as follows:

[0016] 1、具体结构 [0016] 1, the specific structure

[0017] 改轨炮隔热安在防拦截导弹水平飞行姿态尾部左右两侧,其相对且错位,每相对两炮的炸药重量大致相同,每相邻的两炮炸药重量不同,这样就使得其飞行中每次改轨的横向幅度不同,纵向的距离不同。 [0017] An insulating rail gun changed right and left sides in horizontal flight attitude anti interceptor missile tail, and their relative displacement, relative to the weight of the explosive is substantially the same for each two guns, each adjacent two different guns explosive weight, so that it different flight reorbit each lateral amplitude, different longitudinal distances.

[0018] 2、改轨改速方式: [0018] 2, to change the speed change track mode:

[0019] 当拦截导弹进入中段的基本水平飞行阶段时,先引爆IA炮,此时导弹向左前方飞行轨道为IA',再引爆IB炮,导弹向右前方飞行轨道为IB',然后引爆2A炮,导弹又向右前方飞行轨道为2A^,又引爆2B炮,导弹向左前方飞行轨道为2B ^,再引爆3A炮,导弹向右前方飞行轨迹为3A',引爆3B炮,导弹向左前方飞行轨道为3B';同时用改变供发动机推进剂的方法实现变速,FH段变慢,F' H'段变快,如此随机改变飞行轨道和速度使敌方预警系统无法得到规律性的数据,而防拦截导弹则按既定的寻的方法,飞向被打击目标引爆导弹,完成打击目标。 [0019] When the interceptor missile into the middle of the basic level flight phases, first detonated IA gun, then left in front of the missile flight path for the IA ', IB and then detonated artillery, missile flight path right in front as IB', then detonated 2A artillery, missile and track right in front of the flight is 2A ^, 2B and detonated artillery, missile flight path for the left front 2B ^, then detonated 3A artillery, missile flight path in front of the right to 3A ', 3B detonated artillery, missiles left flight path in front of 3B '; while achieving a method for changing the speed of the engine propellant, slow FH segments, F' H 'section becomes fast, and so the random orbit velocity change warning system so that the enemy can not get regular data , while the anti-missile interceptors press established methodology homing missile detonated fly the targets to complete the target.

[0020] 从以上可看出防拦截导弹增设了改轨和变速设置,其结构并不复杂,增重微小,使导弹飞行的改轨和变速均有随机性,使敌方预警系统捉摸不定,因此,无法得到规律性,就无法实施拦截,实现了防拦截的作用。 [0020] As can be seen from the above addition of the anti-missile intercept and change the shift rails is provided, the structure is not complicated, slight weight gain, so that the missile flight change and shift rail are random, so that the enemy uncertainty warning systems, Therefore, we can not get regular, will not be able to intercept implement anti-interception role.

Claims (3)

  1. 1.一种防拦截导弹,其由导弹和改轨炮组成,其特征为:所述导弹为常规导弹,其发动机推进剂供给量随机变化;所述改轨炮隔热安在防拦截导弹水平飞行姿态的尾部两侧。 An anti-missile interceptors, missile and its change by the rail gun composition, wherein: the conventional missile missile, which supply amount of the engine propellant random variation; the change in the anti-rail gun security interceptor insulation level flight attitude on both sides of the tail.
  2. 2.按照权利要求1所述的一种防拦截导弹,其特征为:所述改轨炮为对应且错位的小炮体,将它引爆后,可使防拦截导弹随机改变飞行轨道。 2. An anti interceptor missile to claim 1, wherein: said changing rail gun and a corresponding small displacement gun body after it detonated, enables anti-randomly changing the interceptor missile flight path.
  3. 3.按照权利要求1所述的防拦截导弹,其特征为:其改速是通过发动机推进剂供量随机变化产生变速。 3. The anti-interceptor according to claim 1, wherein: the speed change which is generated by the shift amount of the engine propellant for random variations.
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