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Disclosed is an automatic handcraft pen. The technical scheme of the automatic handcraft pen includes that an alternating-current electric motor converts common domestic alternating current energy into kinetic energy of rotation, two raised-head wheels which are parallelly and oppositely mounted shift a rotation mode of a rotary shaft of the alternating-current electric motor into an oscillation mode of a push rod vertically reciprocating, the push rod drives a carving tool to vertically reciprocate to realize automatic painting type carving, a pen nib carving tool of the automatic handcraft pen vertically moves stably without generating sound of leftward and rightward vibration and collision, carving is accurate and powerful, and various pen nib carving tools can be replaced on the automatic handcraft pen.


一种自动文工笔 An automatic text meticulous

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及的是使用电振荡产生自动雕刻的文工刻刀,属于工业技术领域。 [0001] The present invention relates to an electric oscillation is automatically engraving burin work text belongs to the field of industrial technology.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 文工雕刻是人们利用刻刀对一些固体材料进行艺术造型而进行加工的手工行为,有的雕刻也是生活和工作的需要。 [0002] paper workers are carving knife for some people to use art form solid materials and manual processing behavior, and some sculpture also need to live and work. 刻刀是雕刻工作的必要工具,历史上人们使用的刻刀都是手动力刻刀,手动力刻刀能对一些木材、塑料等易于切切割的材料进行雕刻,但雕刻很是缓慢和人感到手部的吃力,对于一些更坚硬的材料,手动刻刀更难进行。 Carving knife is a necessary tool for work, the history of the people are using manual force knife knife, knife hand power can be engraved on the easy-to-cut dicing of material some of the wood, plastic, etc., but the carving is very slow and people feel hard hand, for some materials harder, more difficult to manually knife. 为了能协助雕刻,人人发明了电热式刻刀,利用电能将刻刀加热,炽热的刻刀能把接触到刻刀的部分材料融化或稀化变软,使之不能阻碍刻刀的前进,但这样的雕刻一般只用于不求精细的雕刻或初步雕刻。 In order to assist the engraving, all the electrothermal invention knife, the knife is heated by electric energy, hot knife can come into contact with part of the material melting or thinning knife softened, so they can not hinder the advance of the knife, However, this engraving is generally used not for initial fine engraving or carving. 也有人发明了电动式刻刀,利用电能使刻刀产生摆动式振荡进行协助雕刻,这也使人们雕刻时手部省了不少的力,但这些振荡也使刻刀易于发生雕刻的偏差,不能进行精细、准确的雕刻。 It was also invented the electric knife, knife using the electric energy generated oscillating oscillation assist engraving, which also makes hand carving when people save a lot of force, but also make these oscillations occur carving knife easy deviation, not fine, precise engraving.


[0003] 为了使人们进行雕刻时能减轻手部的用力负担,也为了更能快速、准确地进行各种雕刻,本人发明了一种自动文工笔,这种文工笔小巧轻便,能象笔一样握在手上对一般材料下进行准确的自动振荡刻画式雕刻,也能协助人们在一此坚硬的材料上进行准确的雕刻。 [0003] In order that people can reduce the burden when carving hard hand, but also to more quickly and accurately perform all kinds of sculpture, he invented an automatic text meticulous, meticulous text of this compact and lightweight, can be the same as the pen held in my hand for general material characterization accurate automatic oscillation engraving, it can also help people to correct this carved in a hard material.

[0004] —种自动文工笔解决问题所米取的技术方案是:一种自动文工笔包括一个交流电动马达和两个相对并排安装的转轮构成的上下振荡发生器、刻刀以及绝缘外壳、开关、导电线等组成,交流电动马达把电能转变成转动的能量,上下振荡发生器把交流电动马达转轴转动的形式转化成一条推压杆上下往复运动的振荡形式,推压杆带动刻刀上下往复运动对材料进行自动画式雕刻。 [0004] - Meticulous kinds of automatic text solve the problems taken aspect m is: an automatic paper Meticulous comprises an AC electric motor and the vertical oscillation generator, and an insulating housing two opposing knife mounted side by side configuration of the wheel, switches, conductive lines, etc., alternating current electric motor to electrical energy into energy of rotation, the oscillation generator vertical axis of rotation of the AC electric motor form into the form of an oscillating lever to push the vertical reciprocating movement, the push down lever drive burin reciprocation of the material from animated engraving.

[0005] 一种自动文工笔所用的上下冲击式雕刻的动能来自于电能,所需的电能是一般的民用220伏特电压的交流电源,这使人们在家里就能进行雕刻的工作。 [0005] An automatic meticulous used herein engraving vertical impact kinetic energy from electrical energy, the electrical energy is required in general civil 220 volts AC power, which makes it able to work at home engraving. 一种自动文工笔的动能功率决定于所采用的交流电动马达的功率,人们可以按照需要雕刻不同的材料而使用不同功率的自动文工笔,例如:雕刻一般的木材或塑料,只要使用50W至100W功率的自动文工笔就能进行,但雕刻玻璃、石块等较为坚硬的材料,那么就要使用200W以上的自动文工笔才能进行。 An automatic text meticulous kinetic power of the electric motor depends on the AC power used, it can be engraved according to the different materials used different power meticulous automatic text, for example: general engraving wood or plastic, as long as the use of 50W to 100W automatic power meticulous text can be carried out, but carved glass, stones and other relatively hard material, then they would have to use more than 200W automatic text to be meticulous.

[0006] 一种自动文件工笔的交流电动马达产生的是转动的动能,而精确细致雕刻是不能用转动切割轮片进行雕刻的,是因这转片直径过大而不能到达一些工艺死角。 [0006] An automatic document meticulous AC electric motor rotational kinetic energy is generated, detailed and accurate engraving can not be performed using a rotary cutter wheel engraving sheet, transfer sheet because this diameter is too large can not reach some of the process dead. 我们把自动文工笔的协助雕刻方式为使上下运动的冲击方式,这样我们可以按雕刻位置的大小而选用不同大小的刻刀,最小的刻刀能小到只有缝衣针那么大,这样能作出精细的雕刻。 We automatically help text meticulous carving way that the impact of the way up and down movement, and we carved by size and location of the knife selection of different sizes, the smallest knife can be as small needle so much, this can make Intricate carvings. 我们用一个上下振荡发生器把交流电动马达的转轴产生的转动形式转变成一条推压杆的上下往复运动的振动形式以达到我们的要求。 We use a vertical oscillation generator to transform form rotational shaft of the AC electric motor to produce a form of vibration to push down the plunger reciprocates to meet our requirements. 我们用两个并排的转轮相互作用来完成这一转变:上部的一个转轮由交流电动马达的转轴直接驱动,下部的一个转轮垂直连接一条推压杆可以上下往复运动而不能转动,上部转轮与下部转轮的相对面边缘有一个凸头,下部转轮的与上部转轮的相对面边缘对应的位置也有一个凸头,当上部转轮转动时,这两个凸头作周期性碰撞,每碰撞一次,上部的凸头会把下部的转轮向下压下一段距离,碰撞过后又被下部的弹簧压弹回原位置,如此往复地进行着,推压杆就跟随着往复地上下运动。 We use the interaction of two adjacent runner to accomplish this transformation: the upper part of a wheel is directly driven by the AC electric motor shaft, a wheel connected to a lower portion of the vertical push bar can not rotate and reciprocate up and down, the upper portion the lower edge of the wheel opposing surface has a nose wheel, the position of the edge of the upper surface opposite the lower pulley wheel corresponds also has a nose, when the upper wheel rotates, the two bosses for cyclical collision, every time the collision, the lower portion of the nose wheel will depressed downwardly a distance an upper portion, a lower portion again after the collision spring biased snap back into position, and so forth performed with, just like the reciprocating push bar on the ground under motion. 如果我们在推压杆上连接刻刀,那么刻刀就进行上下振动式冲击雕刻运动。 If we connect the push pins on the knife, the knife would be carved up and down vibration impact movement.

[0007] 由于自动文工笔使用了交流电,所用的内部装置都用绝缘塑料壳包装起来,并且安装有电源开关、开拆螺丝等。 [0007] Since the automatic paper meticulous use alternating current, the internal packaging apparatus are used together with an insulating plastic case, and mounted with a power switch, opening screws. 整个自动文工笔也制作成适合于手握雕刻使用的形状。 Meticulous entire text automatically made to be adapted to the shape of the hand engraving used.

[0008] 一种自动文工笔的有益效果是:一种自动文工笔采用把普通民用交流电能转化成刻刀下下往复运动的高频振动冲击式雕刻方式,减轻雕刻时人手部的负担,自动文工笔上下振动稳定,不产生左右摆动,并且自动文工笔能更换不同大小的刻刀进行雕刻,使雕刻能精细、准确地进行,并且能冲击雕刻更坚硬的材料。 Advantageous Effects [0008] An automatic message is meticulous: an automatic paper using the general consumer meticulous AC electrical power is converted into the reciprocation of the knife dither impact engraving embodiment, to reduce the burden of the hand engraving unit, automatic meticulous text stable vertical vibration, no swing around text and automatically replaceable meticulous engraving burin different size, so that engraving can be finely and accurately, and can impact engraving harder materials.


[0009] 图1是一种自动文工笔中的振荡发生器的下部转轮结构原理图。 [0009] FIG. 1 is a schematic diagram of the structure of a lower wheel for an automatic text meticulous oscillations generator.

[0010] 图2是一种行动文工笔的整体中间剖面结构原理图。 [0010] FIG. 2 is an overall action text meticulous intermediate cross-sectional structure diagram.

[0011] 图中,1.转轮,2.凸头,3.转轴,4.交流电动马达,5.推压转轴,6.连接套,7.亥Ij刀,8.按压开关,9.导电线,10.插头,11.绝缘外壳,12.弹簧。 [0011] FIG, 1. Runner 2. Nose, 3 rotary shaft, 4 AC electric motor 5. The pressing shaft, 6 connecting sleeve, 7. Hai Ij knife, 8 push switch 9. conductive lines, 10 plug, 11 insulation housing 12 the spring.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0012] 下结合附图对一种自动文工笔进一步地说明。 BRIEF DESCRIPTION further to an automatic paper Meticulous [0012] the binding.

[0013] 一种自动文工笔中涉及到将交流电动马达(4)的转动的形式转变成推压转轴(5)的上下往复运动的有规则的振荡形式,这就是振荡发生器。 [0013] In an automatic paper meticulous form transition involves rotating the AC electric motor (4) is pressed into the shaft (5) in the form of vertical reciprocation of regular oscillations, which is an oscillation generator. 振荡发生器抱括交流电动马达 Hold oscillation generator comprises alternating current electric motor

(4)和上下两个相对并排的转轮(I)以及推压转轴(5)、弹簧(12)。 (4) and two opposite vertical side by side wheel (I) and the pressing shaft (5), a spring (12). 图1中的转轮(I)为振荡器的下部转轮,其实上下两个转轮(I)的结构是一样的,只是安装方式不同。 FIG 1 runner (I) is a lower runner oscillator, in fact, the structure of upper and lower runner (I) is the same, but different installation methods. 我们看到图1中的转轮(I)的最大特点是上平面靠近边缘有一流线型的凸头(2),下部还有推压转轴(5)以及套在推压转轴(5)上的弹簧(5)。 We see in FIG. 1 runner (I) is the most important feature of the plane near the edge of a streamlined nose (2), as well as the lower part of the pressing shaft (5) and pressing on the sleeve shaft (5) of the spring (5). 如果我们在这个转轮(I)的上部也并排相对贴近安装一个相同的转轮(I ),这两个转轮(I)在绕共同中轴相向转动或一个转动一个相对静止时,两个转轮(I)上的凸头(2)就有机会相互对碰撞,由于两个凸头(2)是流线型,碰撞的力其实是两个凸头(2)两边斜坡的相互压迫摩擦力,这种压迫摩擦力不足以阻止其中一个转轮(I)的转动时,这种压迫摩擦力就是下部的弹簧(12)的向上弹力与转轮(I)重力的结合力产生的。 If we in the upper runner (I) are mounted side by side, a relatively close to the same runner (I), the two runner (I) or a turn toward a relative rotation about a common axis in a stationary, two on the nose wheel (the I) (2) have the opportunity to collide with each other, since the two tabs (2) is streamlined, the collision force is actually two tabs (2) on both sides of each friction compression ramp, when this compression the frictional force is insufficient to prevent rotation of a wheel wherein (I), which is a frictional force compression spring (12) and a lower turning upward force of (I) produced by the bonding force of gravity. 摩擦力产生向下的压迫力,迫使下部转轮压缩弹簧(12)向下移动让步,当凸头(2)高峰过后,转轮(I)又能被弹簧向上压迫移动回原位,这种移动不是突然性的,因为凸头 Frictional force produces a downward pressing force, the compression spring forcing the lower portion of the wheel (12) moves downwardly yielding, after when the boss (2) peak, the runner (I) can spring back into place oppressed moved upward, such movement is not sudden, since the nose

(2)两边有流线斜坡,不会产生碰撞声响和左右的摆动,只能是一种稳定的上下往复运动的振荡形式,这种稳定的振荡形式刚好能被我们利用作雕刻动作。 (2) with a flow line slopes on both sides, left and right sound will not collide swing, can only form a stable oscillation of the vertical reciprocating movement, the stable oscillation can form just as we use the engraving operation.

[0014] 图2展示了整个自动文工笔的形状以及其内部构造。 [0014] FIG. 2 shows the shape of the entire automatic text meticulous and its internal structure. 整把自动文工笔的形状和大小和一把普通的螺丝规差不多。 The shape and size of the entire text automatically meticulous and almost a normal screw regulations. 由于连接普通民用220V的民用交流电,因此手柄部位有绝缘外壳(11),固定的交流电动马达(4)和两个相对并排安装的转轮(I)构成的上下振荡器构成了自动文工笔的主要内部结构。 Since the connection ordinary civilian civil AC 220V, so the handle portion with an insulating housing (11), a fixed alternating current electric motor (4) mounted side by side and two opposed runner (I) constitutes a vertical oscillator constituted meticulous of automatic text The main internal structure. 自动文工笔的下部推压转轴(5)上有连接套(6),这使自动文工笔可以连接不同类型的刻刀(7)。 Meticulous lower portion of the automatic paper pressing shaft (5) has a connection sleeve (6) on which the automatic paper Meticulous can connect different types of knife (7). 自动文工笔的上部还安装有按压开关(8)进行开关电源。 Meticulous upper text automatically push switch is also mounted (8) switching power supply. 自动文工笔也有很长的导电线(9)和一个电插头(10),这使自动文工笔可以很方便地在家中或有民用电源的地方使用。 Meticulous automatic paper has a long conductive wire (9) and an electrical plug (10), which the automatic paper can be easily Meticulous home or place of use of commercial electric source.

Claims (1)

1.一种自动文工笔,其特征是:自动文工笔包括一个交流电动马达和两个相对并排安装的转轮构成的上下振荡发生器、刻刀以及绝缘外壳、开关、导电线等组成,交流电动马达把电能转化成转动的能量,上下振荡发生器把交流电动马达转轴的转动形式转化成一条推压杆上下往复运动的振荡形式,推压杆带动刻刀上下往复运动对材料进行自动冲击式画式雕刻。 An automatic text meticulous, characterized in that: the automatic text meticulous comprises an AC electric motor mounted side by side and two opposite vertical oscillation generator wheel, knife and an insulating housing, switches, conductive lines or the like of the composition, AC the electric motor converts electrical energy into rotating, to down conversion oscillator generator rotational shaft in the form of alternating current electric motor to push a lever in the form of vertical reciprocating oscillatory motion, push bar reciprocated vertically driven knife automatically impact material painting engraving.
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