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The utility model relates to a hand-held electric picking-cutting knife, which is a manual knife having electrical blades which can move backwards and forwards. The utility model comprises two opposite blades and an electrical reciprocating mechanism. The utility model is characterized in that the electric mechanism of the hand-held electric picking-cutting knife is the electrical reciprocating mechanism; the connecting rods 6 and 7 of the electrical reciprocating mechanism are connected with the blades 11 and 12; the connecting rods 6 and 7 are reciprocating alternately; the blades 11 and 12 are in the shape of a strip and with a slide way 13; a slide block 8 matching with the slide way is connected with a casing frame. The electrical reciprocating mechanism drives the blades to move backwards and forwards correspondingly. The utility model is suitable for cutting flexible objects and is mainly used for cutting meat foods, picking bones, cutting cloths, cotton yarns, etc.


手持电动剔切刀是有往复运动电动刀片的手工刀,主要由两片相对的刀片及带动两刀片相对往复运动的电动机构组成。 Tick ​​handheld power cutter is reciprocated knife blade driven hand, mainly by two opposed blades and a blade driven by two electric reciprocate relative institutions. 主要用于刀割柔性的物体。 Mainly for knife flexible object.

1990年1月31日公告的中国实用新型892007594.5号专利申请说明书记载的旋转式电动食品切割工具,由带有手柄的塑料外壳、正反方向旋转的电动传动装置、外侧边缘为斜面具带齿的两圆刀片构成。 January 31, 1990 announcement Chinese Utility Patent Application No. 892007594.5 rotary electric food cutting tool described in the specification, of a plastic housing with a handle, an electric drive reverse direction of rotation, the outer edges of the mask obliquely toothed two circular blade configuration. 电动传动装置由微型电机、蜗轮减速机构,齿轮传动机构组成。 Power transmission device consists of micro-motor, worm speed reduction mechanism, a gear transmission mechanism. 两圆刀片安装在转动方向相反的左右齿轮。 Circular blade is mounted in two opposite rotational direction around the gear. 两圆刀片侧面相对,使用时两圆刀片相对逆向转动,以切割物体。 Two opposite side circular blade, the circular blade relative to the use of two reverse rotation, to cut the object. 这样切割工具只适合切割大块整状的物体,而对切割小块物体不方便。 Such a cutting tool is only suitable for cutting large pieces of the whole shape of the object, while the object is not convenient cut pieces. 特别剔离骨头、剥皮等,切割工具要随着骨形、外皮的形状移动,圆片的刀就比较难进行,也剔离剥离不好。 In particular tick from bones, skinning, etc., with a bone cutting tool to form the shape of the outer skin moves, the knife disc more difficult to carry out, also not peeled from the tick. 带齿的刀刃切割出的物体表面不光滑,而且要浪费一些碎末。 Toothed blade cut the object surface is not smooth, but some of the waste fines. 现剔骨、剥皮还多用一般手动刀,劳动强度大,效率低。 Eviscerate now, more than by a general manual peeling knife, labor intensive and inefficient.

本实用新型的目的在于提供一种使用方便,即易切割又易剔骨剥皮的电动手持剔切刀。 The purpose of the present invention is to provide an easy to use, that is easy to cut and easy peeling Eviscerate electric hand-held cutter tick.

本实用新型的手持电动剔切刀仍由壳架、装于壳架的电动机构及侧面相对的刀片组成。 The present invention still handheld power cutter tick shelf, mounted to the shelf and the side opposite the motor mechanism composed of a blade. 其结构特点是:电动机构为电动往复机构,电动往复机构相错往复的连杆与刀片连接,刀片为条状并带有滑道,与滑道相配的滑块连接在壳架。 Which structure is characterized by: an electric motor for the shuttle mechanism, the reciprocating electric reciprocating link mechanism with the wrong blade connected to the blade strip and with a slide, and the slider chute mating connection shelf. 电动往复机构带动相对的条状刀片往复运动,刀片相互错动。 Electrical reciprocating drive mechanism reciprocates the blade opposite the strip, each blade dislocation. 条状刀片是由滑块导向,在一定方向相对往复运动,相对往复运动的条状刀片可进行切割。 The slider guide strip blades are relatively reciprocated in a certain direction, relative to the blade reciprocation strip can be cut. 并能方便随着骨形、外皮的形状移动切割。 Shape and can easily move as bone shaped, skin cutting. 条状刀片一边交替错出,更方便剔出凸凹不平的骨头,铲断筋连。 Alternately wrong side of the blade strip, more convenient bound by uneven bones, tendons and even tackles. 为了减少滑块与刀片及刀片滑道之间的摩擦阻力和磨损,在滑块与刀片及刀片滑道之间夹有滚珠。 In order to reduce friction and wear between the slider and the blade and the blade slide, balls interposed between the slider and the blade and the blade slide.

刀片是往复直线运动,而不是旋转运动。 The blade is reciprocating linear motion, rather than rotational motion. 电动往复机构由电机、传动件组成。 Electrical reciprocating mechanism comprises a motor, transmission element components. 电机可以是往复电机,而传动件则是连杆。 Motor may be a reciprocating motor, and the drive member is a rod. 电机可以是转动电机,而传动件则是转换成往复运动的曲柄连杆及类似机构,如曲柄、偏心轴、偏心轮连杆机构等。 Motor may be a rotating motor, and the transmission member is converted into reciprocating motion of the crank link mechanism and the like, such as a crank, eccentric shaft, the eccentric link mechanism. 电动往复机构的往复运动件是连杆,连杆与刀片连接。 Electric reciprocating shuttle mechanism is a link, the link connected to the blade. 往复电机的连杆可以同刀片固定连接。 The reciprocating motor may be fixedly connected with the blade link. 一般连杆与刀片用轴销转动连接,使连杆与刀片比较灵活的连动。 Usually link rotatably connected to the blade shaft pin, the link with the blade interlocking flexible. 为适应直线往复运动,刀片最好是直条刀片或矩形刀片。 To meet the linear reciprocating motion, the blade is preferably straight rectangular blades or blade. 刀片前端可呈尖形。 The blade may be in a pointed distal end. 滑块即起到刀片的导向作用,也起到夹持刀片相对,使刀片侧面互相靠紧的作用。 Slide play a role in guiding the blade i.e., the blade opposite the clamping also plays the role of each blade abutting side. 一般刀片外侧开有滑槽,可开有凹槽,也可开有透槽。 Usually the blade is opened outside the chute, a recess can be opened, it can be opened through groove. 在透槽可穿有螺栓,螺栓在透槽内穿过相对的刀片。 Through the grooves may be perforated with a bolt, a bolt through the opposite through slots in the blades. 螺栓两端与滑块连接,可通过螺母与滑块夹持连接。 Bolt ends connected with the slider, may be clamped by a nut connected to the slider. 螺栓两端也可同时分别穿过滑块,与壳架螺纹连接,滑块通过螺栓的两端与壳架连接。 Both ends of the bolt may be simultaneously passed through the slider, connected to the shelf threaded slider by screwing both ends of shelf. 滑块与刀片及刀片的滑道之间有三个方向互相作用摩擦运动,在这三个方向位置之间装有滚珠,夹持在滑块与刀片及刀片的滑道之间。 There are three motion directions frictional interaction between the blade and the blade slide and the slide, between the three directions with the position of the balls, is sandwiched between the slider and the slide blades and the blade. 这三个方面是刀片的外侧面方向(或槽底面方向)和滑道两侧面方向。 These three aspects are an outer side surface direction (or the direction of the groove bottom surface) of the blade and the runner surface both directions. 一般是在槽侧面与滑块侧面之间及滑块内面与槽底面或刀外侧面之间夹有滚珠。 It is generally interposed between the balls and the inner surface of the slide groove bottom surface or the side surface of the outer blade between the groove flank and the side surface of the slider. 使滑块与刀片及刀片滑槽之间形成滚动摩擦,使刀片往复运动轻快。 So that between the slider and the blade and the blade slide is formed of rolling friction, so that the blade reciprocates light. 提高了手持电动剔切刀的机械效率。 Improving the mechanical efficiency of hand-held electric knife tick. 条状刀片相对的面中部最好呈条状凹形,使条状刀片只是边部相互接触,进一步减少刀片相互往复运动阻力。 The central strip of the blade opposing a concave surface is preferably a strip form, so that only the blade strip edge contact with each other, each blade further reduce resistance to reciprocate.

本实用新型的手持电动剔切刀与已有的技术相比具有如下优点:1.剔切比较灵活,特别适于剔出凸凹不平的骨头、皮及切出不规则的形状。 The present invention tick handheld power cutter as compared with the conventional art has the following advantages: 1 tick cut flexible, particularly suitable released from uneven bones, skin and cut out an irregular shape.

2.使用比较方便,刀片往复运动摩擦阻力小,切割轻快,机械率较高。 2. more convenient to use, the blade reciprocation friction is small, light cutting, high mechanical rate.

3.使剔切工作效率提高,减少工作强度。 3. Make tick cutting work efficiency, reduce the work intensity.

附图中,图1为本实用新型一种手持电动剔切刀的结构示意图,图2为其刀片滑块部位的A-A剖视图,图3是其刀片滑块部位的B-B剖视图,图4是刀片外侧C向局部视图。 In the drawings, FIG. 1 is a schematic structure of a new tick A handheld electric utility knife of the present, A-A cross-sectional view of the portion of the blade slide for 2, FIG. 3 is a portion of the blade slide B-B sectional view of FIG. 4 is a partial view of the blade outer C. 图5是手持电动剔切刀下部分局部视图,图6是另一种滑块结构的D-D部视图。 FIG 5 is a lower portion of the hand held power cutter tick fragmentary view, FIG. 6 is a D-D section view of another configuration of the slider.

下面结合附图的实例进一步说明本实用新型。 Examples further described below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings of the present invention. 附图表示的手持电动剔切刀,由壳架1、装于壳架的电动往复机构18及与电动往复机构连杆连接的刀片11、12组成。 BRIEF power hand cutter tick represented by the shelf 1, the reciprocating motor means mounted to the shelf 18 and the reciprocating blade is connected to the motor linkage mechanism 11, 12. 刀片为两只侧面相对的条状刀片,刀片前部为尖状14。 Two blades for the strip side opposite the blade, the front portion of the blade 14 is tapered. 两刀片外侧纵向开有滑道13,滑道为凹滑槽。 Two insert outer longitudinal slide 13 is opened, a concave slide chute. 与滑槽相配的滑块8通过螺栓10连在壳架1。 Matching slider 8 and the chute 10 by a bolt attached to a shelf. 为了减少两刀片内侧面相互的摩擦阻力,两刀片内侧中部呈凹。 In order to reduce the mutual friction of the inner side surface of the two blades, two blades inside the central concave. 两刀片只是边部刀刃部分相互接触。 Only two blade portions contact with each other side edge portion. 两刀片后端分别与电动往复机构相错的两往复连杆6、7端销轴16转动连接。 The rear end of the blade, respectively two electrical reciprocating mechanism of two reciprocally staggered 6,7 linkage pin end 16 is rotatably connected. 电动往复机构18由转动电机2、变速齿轮3、4、曲轴5、往复连杆6、7组成。 Electrical reciprocating mechanism 18 by the rotation of the motor 2, 3, 4, transmission gears, crankshaft 5, 6 and 7 composed of the reciprocating rod. 转动电机底脚固定于壳架,转动电机轴装有齿轮4。 Foot rotating motor fixed to the shelf, the rotation of the motor shaft 4 has a gear. 与曲轴配合套接的变速齿轮3与齿轮4啮合。 Crankshaft mating socket transmission gear 3 mesh with the gear 4. 曲轴通过轴承与壳架固定。 Crankshaft bearing shell is fixed by frame. 曲轴相错两个位置轴分别套着往复连杆6、7。 Crank shafts are staggered sets of the two positions reciprocally link 6,7. 壳架向刀片沿伸部分分别罩在滑块及刀片滑槽周围。 Each shelf slide cover around the chute and blade part to the blade Yan Shen. 滑块8装于滑槽12。 8 mounted on the slider chute 12. 滑块带有通孔,连接螺栓穿过通孔及刀片滑槽,与壳架螺纹连接。 The slider having a through hole, through the through holes and the connecting bolt insert chute connected to the screw shell frame. 可用螺母连接触于螺栓两端的螺纹,螺母夹在壳架两侧。 Connected to both ends of the nut can be used in contact with the threaded bolt, the nut holder shelf on both sides. 在滑块与刀片及刀片槽之间夹有滚珠9、15、17。 9,15,17 balls interposed between the slider and the blade and the blade groove. 滑块呈T形滑块,弯折面(L面)与刀片滑槽之间夹有滚珠。 T-shaped sliders slide, folding surface (L side) is interposed between the blade and the balls chute. 在刀片外侧面与滑块内侧面之间夹有滚珠15,可在滑块内侧面开有缺,将圆柱滚珠装入,圆柱滚珠外侧面与刀片外侧面接触。 Balls interposed between the outer side surface of the blade 15 and the inner side surface of the slider, may be missing in the side slider opened, the cylinder was charged ball, a cylindrical outer side surface of the ball in contact with the outer side surface of the blade. 另外,滑块凸起侧面与刀片滑槽侧面之间也夹有圆柱滚珠9,可在T形滑块凸起侧面开有通孔,将圆柱滚珠装入。 Further, the slider between the projections and the blade side is also interposed a cylindrical side surface of the chute balls 9, the side projection may be T-shaped slider has a through hole, the ball loading cylinder. 圆柱滚珠两侧凸出孔外,与刀片滑槽侧面接触。 An outer cylindrical projection holes on both sides of the ball, in contact with the blade side surface of the chute. 另一种滑块与刀片及刀片滑槽夹有滚珠的方案是,球滚珠17位于凹形滑槽底与侧面之间。 Another slider chute blade and with the blade interposed balls embodiment, the concave spherical balls 17 located between the chute bottom and the side. 可在滑块侧面与底面之间开有缺,将球滚珠装入缺。 May be between the side surface and the bottom surface of the slider is opened missing, missing the ball loaded ball. 滚珠高于滑块侧面与底面,与滑槽底面、侧面相接触。 Ball above the bottom surface and side surface of the slider, the chute is in contact with the bottom surface, side surfaces. 使滑块与刀片及刀片滑槽之间三个方面的相对往复摩擦阻力减少,增加了手持电动剔切刀的工作可靠性。 So that between the slider and the blade and blade relative reciprocating sliding friction reducing three, increasing the operational reliability of the power hand cutter tick. 这种手持电动剔切刀由转动电机2作动力,通过齿轮3、4变速传动曲轴5,曲轴带动两连杆6、7交替往复运动。 The hand held by a rotating cutter tick electric motor power for 2, 3 and 4 by a gear speed change transmission crankshaft 5, 6, 7 are alternately driven by the crankshaft to reciprocate two links. 两连杆带动两侧面相对的条状刀片11、12相对往复运动,条状刀片两边刀刃相对错动,可进行切割。 Two opposite side surfaces of the drive link strip 11 of relatively reciprocating blades, blade cutting edge strip opposite sides of dislocation, can be cut. 而刀片前端刀尖14交替错出,有利于剔离凹凸的骨头和不规则的皮。 Distal tip 14 and the blade alternately wrong out from tick beneficial skin irregularities and irregular bones.

Claims (7)

1.手持电动剔切刀由壳架1、装于壳架的电动机构及侧面相对的刀片11、12组成,其特征在于:电动机构为电动往复机构,电动往复机构相错往复的连杆6、7与刀片11、12连接,刀片11、12为条状并带有滑道13,与滑道相配的滑块8连接在壳架。 1. handheld power cutter tick shelf 1, installed in an electric shelf and the side opposite to the blade mechanism 11 is composed of, wherein: an electric motor for the shuttle mechanism, the reciprocating motor reciprocally staggered link mechanism 6 7 with blade 11, blade 11 and 12 and with a slide strip 13, with the slider 8 slide mating connection shelf.
2.根据权利要求1所述的手持电动剔切刀,其特征在于电动往复机构由转动电机2及转动电机轴连动的曲柄连杆5、6、7组成。 The hand-held electric tick cutter according to claim 1, wherein the reciprocating mechanism by the rotation of the electric motor 2 and the motor shaft rotates the crank rod linkage 5,6,7 composition.
3.根据权利要求2所述的手持电动剔切刀,其特征在于:转动电机轴装有齿轮4并啮合有变速齿轮3,变速齿轮与曲轴5套接,曲轴的轴承固定于壳架,曲轴相错套有两只连杆6、7,连杆分别与刀片11、12末端销轴16连接。 3. The hand-held electric tick cutter claim 2, wherein: rotation of the motor shaft has a gear meshing with a transmission gear 4 and 3, transmission gear and the crank socket 5, crankshaft bearing holder fixed to the housing, the crankshaft there are two sets of staggered links 6,7, the link 11, 12 are connected to the blade end pin 16.
4.根据权利要求1或2或3所说的手持电动剔切刀,其特征在于滑块8与刀片11、12及刀片滑道13之间夹有滚珠9、15、17。 The 1 or 2 or 3 of said hand held power cutter as claimed in claim tick, characterized in that the slider 8 and interposed between the blade 11 and the blade 13 slide balls 9,15,17.
5.根据权利要求4所说的手持电动剔切刀,其特征在于滑道为沿刀片纵向开的滑槽13。 According to claim 4 tick said hand held power cutter, characterized in that the blade slide along the longitudinal opening 13 of the chute.
6.根据权利要求5所述的手持电动剔切刀,其特征在于球滚珠17位于凹形滑槽底与侧面之间。 6. The hand-held electric tick cutter claim 5, wherein the spherical balls 17 located between the concave side and the chute bottom.
7.根据权利要求5所述的手持电动剔切刀,其特征在于:滑块8呈T形,滑块的弯折面(L面)与刀片及刀片滑槽之间夹有滚珠9、15。 7. The handheld electric tick cutter according to claim 5, wherein: the slider 8 has a T-shape, the bent face of the slider (L side) between the blades and the blade slide and a ball interposed 9,15 .
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