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本发明公开了一种治疗头屑的药物及其制备方法,它主要是由吡啶硫酮锌、酮康唑、丙酸氯倍他索按一定重量配比制备而成,本发明具有抗炎、杀菌、抗瘙痒的作用,用于治疗头屑疗效快,治愈率高。 The present invention discloses a pharmaceutical preparation and a method of treating dandruff, which consists mainly of zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole, clobetasol propionate certain weight ratio prepared by the present invention have anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anti-itch effect, for the treatment of dandruff efficacy fast, high cure rate.


一种治疗头屑的药物及其制备方法 A pharmaceutical preparation and a method of treating dandruff

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及一种治疗皮肤病的药物,尤其是一种治疗头皮屑的药物及其制备方法。 [0001] The present invention relates to a drug for the treatment of dermatoses, in particular a method of treating dandruff and preparation method thereof.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 头屑是一种常见的多发性皮肤病之一,一般冬春季节发病率较高,初期患者头皮出现白色鳞状碎屑,严重时,头屑增厚,头皮瘙痒,影响正常的生活和睡眠。 [0002] One of multiple dandruff is a common skin disease, winter and spring are generally higher incidence in patients with the early emergence of a white flaky scalp debris, serious, thickening of dandruff, itchy scalp, affecting normal live and sleep. 目前,治疗头屑的药物大都选用抗菌消炎类的西药内服和使用水剂外搽,但这些药物也只能是对症治疗,仅仅起到止痒的作用,根本无法治愈和根治。 Currently, most drug treatment of dandruff selection of oral medicine and the use of anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory agent Waicha, but these drugs can only symptomatic treatment, just itching to play the role, can not be cured and the cure.


[0003] 因此人们对能根治头屑的药物存在极大的需求,至今为止,还没有发现关于本发明药物的有关报道,本发明人经过反复研究,并通过动物和临床试验的反复验证,终于研究出了有更好疗效的治疗头屑的药物,从而完成了本发明。 [0003] Therefore there is a great need for people to be able to cure dandruff drug, so far, have not found the reports about the drug of the invention, the present invention after repeated research, animal and clinical trials and through repeated verification, and finally He developed a method of treating dandruff better drug efficacy, thereby completing the present invention.

[0004] 本发明的目的就是提供一种更好疗效的治疗头屑的药物。 [0004] The object of the present invention is to provide a better efficacy of the drug treatment of dandruff.

[0005] 本发明的另一个目的就是提供了该药物的制备方法。 [0005] Another object of the present invention is to provide a method for preparing the medicament.

[0006] 本发明药物是选择吡啶硫酮锌、酮康唑、丙酸氯倍他索、丙三醇、维生素E、维生素B和乙醇进行组合的,将这些药物进行组合,使得各药物功效产生协同作用,从而能够有效治疗头屑的复发,其中选用吡啶硫酮锌,英文名称:Pyrithionc Zinc, ZPT,分子式:C10H8N202S2Zn,可抑制革兰氏阳性、阴性细菌及霉菌的生长。 [0006] The drug of the present invention is to select zinc pyrithione, Ketoconazole, clobetasol propionate, glycerin, vitamin E, vitamin B and ethanol in combination, these drugs in combination, such that the efficacy of each drug produced acts synergistically effective to treat the recurrence of dandruff, wherein the selection of zinc pyrithione, English name: Pyrithionc zinc, ZPT, molecular formula: C10H8N202S2Zn, inhibit gram positive and negative bacteria and mold growth. 能有效地护理头发,延缓头发的衰老,控制白发和脱发的产生。 Effective hair care, anti-aging hair, white hair and generates control hair loss. 选用酮康唑,英文名:Ketoconazole Capsules,分子式:C26H28C12N404,为咪唑类抗真菌药,其作用机制为抑制真菌细胞膜麦角留醇的生物合成,影响细胞膜的通透性,抑制其生长。 Selection ketoconazole, English name: Ketoconazole Capsules, molecular formula: C26H28C12N404, an imidazole antifungal agents which inhibit the biological mechanism for the fungal cell membrane leaving ergot alcohol synthesis, affect the permeability of cell membranes, inhibiting their growth. 可用于治疗浅表和深部真菌病,如皮肤和指甲癣、阴道白色念珠菌病、胃肠真菌感染等,以及由白色念珠菌、类球孢子菌、组织胞浆菌等引起的全身感染。 Useful for the treatment of superficial and deep mycosis, such as skin and nail ringworm, vaginal candidiasis, gastrointestinal fungal infections, and Candida albicans, systemic class coccidioidomycosis, histoplasmosis infection caused by microorganisms. 选用丙酸氯倍他索,化学名:21-Chloro_9-fluoro-1 lb, 17_dihydroxy-16b- methylpregna-1, 4-diene_3,20-dione 17-propionate,分子式:C25H32C1F05,丙酸氯倍他索为人工合成的高效局部外用糖皮质激素类药物。 Selection clobetasol propionate, chemical name: 21-Chloro_9-fluoro-1 lb, 17_dihydroxy-16b- methylpregna-1, 4-diene_3,20-dione 17-propionate, molecular formula: C25H32C1F05, clobetasol propionate was efficient synthetic topical glucocorticoid drugs. 具有较强的抗炎、抗瘙痒和毛细血管收缩作用,其抗炎作用约为氢化可的松的112.5倍,倍他米松磷酸钠的2.3倍,氟轻松的18.7倍。 Has strong anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and capillary contraction, inflammatory effects hydrogenation of about 112.5 times hydrocortisone, betamethasone sodium phosphate 2.3 times, 18.7 times-fluoro-relaxed. 同时具有抑制细胞有丝分裂的作用,能有效地渗透进皮肤角质层。 Meanwhile inhibit cell mitosis, can effectively penetrate into the stratum corneum. 选用丙三醇,中文名:甘油,外文名=Glycerin,分子式:C3H803,在医学方面,用以制取各种制剂、溶剂、吸湿剂、防冻剂和甜味剂,配剂外用软膏或栓剂等。 Selection glycerol, Chinese name: glycerin, English name = Glycerin, molecular formula: C3H803, in medicine, for the preparation of various formulations, solvents, hygroscopic agents, antifreeze agents, and sweetening, ointment topical formulation or suppository . 选用维生素E,英文名称:vitamin E,是一种脂溶性维生素,又称生育酚,是最主要的抗氧化剂之一,保护机体细胞免受自由基的毒害,充分发挥被保护物质的特定生理功能。 Selection of vitamin E, the English name: vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin, also known as tocopherol, is one of the most important antioxidant that protects the body cells against toxic free radicals, give full play to a specific physiological function is to protect species . 选用维生素B,维生素B (Vitamin B)也作维他命B,是某些维生素的总称,有的时候也被称为维生素B族、维生素B杂或维生素B复合群。 Selection of vitamin B, vitamin B (Vitamin B) also as Vitamin B, is a general term of certain vitamins, sometimes also referred to as B vitamins, vitamin B complex or vitamin B complex group. 维生素B都是水溶性维生素,它们是协同作用,调节新陈代谢,维持皮肤和肌肉的健康,增进免疫系统和神经系统的功能,促进细胞生长和分裂。 B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins that are synergistically, regulate metabolism, maintain healthy skin and muscles, enhance the immune system and the nervous system, promote cell growth and division. 选用乙醇,乙醇的结构简式为CH3CH20H,俗称酒精,它在常温、常压下是一种易燃、易挥发的无色透明液体,它的水溶液具有特殊的、令人愉快的香味,并略带刺激性。 Selection of ethanol, ethanol Simple structure is CH3CH20H, commonly known as alcohol, it is at normal temperature and under normal pressure is a flammable, volatile, colorless transparent liquid, its aqueous solution has a specific, pleasant aroma, and slightly with irritation. 乙醇是一种很好的溶剂,既能溶解许多无机物,又能溶解许多有机物,所以常用乙醇来溶解植物色素或其中的药用成分,也常用乙醇作为反应的溶剂,使参加反应的有机物和无机物均能溶解,增大接触面积,提高反应速率。 Ethanol is a good solvent, dissolve many inorganic both, can dissolve many organic compounds, the alcohol used to dissolve the pharmaceutical agent, or wherein the phytochrome, also used as a reaction solvent of ethanol, and organic matter reacted inorganic substances are soluble, to increase the contact area increases the reaction rate.

[0007] 本发明药物组分的用量也是经过发明人进行大量摸索总结得出的,各组分的用量在下述重量范围内都具有较好的疗效。 The amount of [0007] the present invention is a pharmaceutical composition after extensive exploration inventor summarized the results, amounts of the components within the following weight range have a good effect.

[0008] 吡啶硫酮锌40_60mg 酮康唑 800_1200mg [0008] Zinc pyrithione 40_60mg ketoconazole 800_1200mg

[0009] 丙酸氯倍他索40_60mg 丙三醇 0.01-0.02mg [0009] clobetasol propionate 40_60mg glycerol 0.01-0.02mg

[0010]维生素 E 450-550mg 维生素B 200_300mg [0010] Vitamin E 450-550mg vitamin 200_300mg B

[0011]乙醇 300_450ml [0011] Ethanol 300_450ml

[0012] 本发明的制备方法 [0012] A method of the present invention

[0013] 1、将所述重量的吡啶硫酮锌、酮康唑、丙酸氯倍他索、维生素E、维生素B混合搅拌粉碎成极细粉末; [0013] 1, the weight of zinc pyrithione, Ketoconazole, clobetasol propionate, vitamin E, vitamin B mixing pulverized into fine powder;

[0014] 2、将所述重量的丙三醇、乙醇加入粉末内混合搅拌成药膏。 [0014] 2, the weight of the glycerol, ethanol was added to the mixing powder creams.

[0015] 本发明药物具有较强的抗炎、抗真菌、抗瘙痒和毛细血管收缩作用,用于治疗头屑疗效快,治愈率高。 [0015] The drug of the present invention have strong anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-itching and capillary contraction, for the treatment of dandruff efficacy of fast, high cure rate.

[0016] 下面通过试验例来进一步阐述本发明药物的有益效果。 [0016] below to further illustrate the beneficial effects of the present invention, the pharmaceutical test examples.

[0017][试验例I]本发明药物的毒性试验报告 [0017] [Experimental Example I] reporting drug toxicity testing of the present invention

[0018] 1、取新西兰家兔20只,雌雄兼用,体重2.0-2.5kg,分为二组,其中一组为正常量试验组,另一组为超量试验组。 [0018] 1, taken 20 New Zealand rabbits of either sex, body weight 2.0-2.5kg, divided into two groups, one group is the normal amount of the test group, the other group is a test group excess.

[0019] 2、将正常量试验组腹部兔毛拔除干部,将超量试验组腹部及肛门周围兔毛拔净。 [0019] 2, the normal amount of the test group rabbit hair removal cadres abdomen, the abdomen and excessive test group rabbit hair around the anus pulling the net.

[0020] 3、每天用药膏涂抹拔净兔毛的腹部及肛门的周围拔毛处,每天二次,连用7天。 [0020] 3, day cream applied with rabbit abdomen and pull the net around the anus at plucking, twice daily for 7 days.

[0021] 4、每天观察用药反应,二组家兔饮食活动正常,结果表明药物外用无毒副作用。 [0021] 4, drug reactions observed daily, the second group of rabbits was normal diet, results show that topical drugs toxic side effects.

[0022][试验例2]临床观察资料 [0022] [Test Example 2] Clinical observations

[0023] 1、一般资料 [0023] 1 General Information

[0024] 收治门诊患者120例,年龄10-20岁25例,21-30岁27例,31-40岁21例,41-50岁18例,50岁以上29例。 120 cases of [0024] treated outpatients, aged 10-20 years 25 cases, 27 cases of 21-30 years, 31-40 years of age in 21 cases, 18 cases of 41-50 years old, 29 cases over 50 years.

[0025] 2、诊断标准 [0025] 2, the diagnostic criteria

[0026] 轻型头屑:发病1-2年,患者头皮表面脱落不规则的碎屑,并伴有轻度瘙痒。 [0026] Light dandruff: onset 1--2 years, the irregular surface of the scalp of patients falling debris, accompanied by mild itching.

[0027] 重型头屑:病史2年以上,患者头皮出现大面积磷状头屑,瘙痒难耐,影响工作与睡眠,饮酒后加重。 [0027] heavy dandruff: a history of more than 2 years, patients with large scaly scalp dandruff, itching intolerable, affecting work and sleep, worse after drinking.

[0028] 3、治疗方法 [0028] 3, treatment

[0029] 洗净后涂抹药膏,轻型每日二次,重型每日三次,10天为一疗程,连用2-3个疗程。 [0029] After washing applied ointment, twice daily light and heavy three times daily for 10 days as a course of treatment, once every 2-3 courses.

[0030] 4、疗效评定标准 [0030] 4. The evaluation standard

[0031] 显效:轻重型头屑病经治疗后,头部头屑消失,恢复正常,随访1-2年无复发。 [0031] markedly: the severity of the disease after treatment of dandruff, head dandruff disappear, back to normal, follow-up 1--2 years without recurrence.

[0032] 好转:患者症状逐步好转,头屑基本消失,瘙痒减轻,感觉良好。 [0032] Improvement: symptoms gradually improved, dandruff disappeared, reduce itching, feeling good.

[0033] 无效:达不到好转标准者。 [0033] is invalid: not meet those standards improved.

[0034] 5、治疗结果(见下表) [0034] 5, the treatment results (see table below)

[0035] [0035]

Figure CN102641283BD00051

[0036] 在二个疗程的治疗中,用本发明药物治疗轻型头屑患者69例,显效64例,好转4例,总有效率为98.55% ;用本发明药物治疗重型头屑患者51例,显效45例,好转4例,总有效率为96.08%o [0036] in the treatment of two courses, the medicament of the present invention with the light dandruff patients 69 patients were cured, 64 cases, 4 cases improved, the total effective rate is 98.55%; medicament of the present invention with the 51 cases of patients with severe dandruff, effective in 45 cases, 4 cases improved, the total effective rate is 96.08% o

Claims (2)

1.一种治疗头屑的药物,其特征在于:它是由下列重量范围内的原料药制成: 吡啶硫酮锌40-60mg,酮康唑800-1200mg, 丙酸氯倍他索40-60mg,丙三醇0.01-0.02mg, 维生素E 450-550mg,维生素B 200-300mg, 乙醇300-450ml。 1. A pharmaceutical treatment of dandruff, characterized in that: it is made of a drug within the following limits by weight: zinc pyrithione 40-60mg, 800-1200 mg ketoconazole, clobetasol 40- propionate 60mg, glycerol 0.01-0.02mg, vitamin E 450-550mg, vitamin B 200-300mg, ethanol 300-450ml.
2.根据权利要求1所述药物的制备方法,它包括下列步骤: (1)将所述重量的吡啶硫酮锌、酮康唑、丙酸氯倍他索、维生素E、维生素B混合搅拌粉碎成极细粉末; (2)将所述重量的丙三醇、乙醇加入粉末内混合搅拌成药膏。 1 2. The pharmaceutical preparation of claim 1, which comprises the steps of: (1) the weight of said ketones pyrithione zinc, ketoconazole, clobetasol propionate, vitamin E, vitamin B mixing pulverized into a fine powder; (2) the weight of the glycerol, ethanol was added to the mixing powder creams.
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