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The invention relates to a touchpad television remote control structure which controls a controlled television by a remote controller. Control signals generated due to the operation on a touchpad, a homepage key and the like on the remote controller are received by a receiver, and then transmitted to a controller inside the television, to be processed; and the controller implements corresponding controls according to the received signals, and feedbacks and displays the processed result on a display screen. The control method of the television remote controller comprises the steps: when any part of the touchpad is touched, a cursor on the display screen appears at a fixed anchor point all the time; and then the cursor reaches the same position all the time when a finger displaces relatively for the same distance when sliding in any way. The touchpad and the display screen are separated from each other, therefore, the sliding distance of the finger and the moving distance of the cursor can be in different proportion, even in a non-linear relationship.


A kind of Trackpad TV remote controller and touch control method thereof
Technical field
The present invention relates to a kind of Trackpad TV remote controller and touch control method thereof, this remote controller and touch control method thereof can also be applied on the multiple household electrical appliance such as mobile phone, notebook computer.
Background technology
The button controller is the button remote controller particularly, uses for a long time on various household appliances television set for example, air-conditioning, DVD player etc.
In recent years, various household electrical appliances and digital device are combined, become a kind of development trend to reach intelligentized purpose, various intelligent appliances with microprocessor for example, media center (Media Center) operating system of home entertainment center and Microsoft's exploitation all allows household appliances have increasing function and more humane operation interface.
Yet with respect to the tremendous development of intelligent appliance, the control end equipment such as controller, remote controller but come to a halt.Present employed TV remote controller for example is with employed almost as broad as long before the more than ten years, for no other reason than that the continuous increase of TV functions and increasing button has been arranged.What bring thus is not many-sided:
1) the remote controller size continues to increase, and more and more is not suitable for hand-held;
2) the too many button of remote controller causes operating obscure, and most of button be only in the situation that lessly just can be used to, and often is slow at simultaneously the people that uses and does not know these buttons how this uses;
3) button operation lacks smooth sense for the control meeting of some type very poor efficiency;
4) along with the intellectuality of television set, the continuous increase of functions of television set such as keyboard is provided, is supported word input method etc. so that remote controller is difficult to tackle emerging man-machine interaction demand;
5) along with the increasing of button, the remote controller more sophisticated that becomes, production cost constantly increases.Different vendor, even between the television set of same manufacturer different series, all be difficult to realize the general of remote controller, this has just brought more waste.
Mobile phone is one of the equipment that early remedies the deficiency of button operation with touch technology, but the mode that adopts, and generally is direct touch-control on touch-screen, and namely the position touched of user's finger can directly correspond to and show on the image.On the one hand how many reference functions this does not have for this display end of picture TV and equipment that control end separates, and this touch control method also has the deficiency of himself on the other hand:
1) for suitable touch-control area, simultaneously it is often disliked little as the area that shows image;
2) finger can form output image and block during touch-control.
The another kind of mode of using touch technology is adopted with the iPod player of Apple some electronic products as representative, the mode of will demonstration separating with touch-control.On these equipment, because position of touch can't be with to show that image forms directly perceived corresponding, so the method for touch-control is subject to certain limitation.Such as, touch-control is on the straight line of one dimension, rather than carries out on the plane of two dimension.The continued operation in order to realize going round and beginning again that has is designed to toroidal with the Trackpad of this one dimension.Although this has increased some conveniences, has reduced intuitive.Simultaneously touch-control remains and carries out in the one-dimensional space.
Summary of the invention
The object of the present invention is to provide a kind of Trackpad TV remote controller and touch control method thereof, this remote controller and touch control method thereof are suitable for that TV remote controller is this separates with display end, and the controller that holds by palm.Simultaneously, the method can also be used in mobile phone, on other possible home appliance such as PC, with the potentiality of abundant excavation touch control operation, solves the deficiency of button operation.
For achieving the above object, technical scheme of the present invention is: a Trackpad is installed on the remote controller, touch action according to finger produces touching signals, touching signals is sent to the controller of TV inside and processes after the receiver of far-end receives, and the display screen of result by TV fed back to the user.
When touching (i.e. finger begin to contact Trackpad), no matter touch points wherein, the original position that mouse is corresponding on the display screen is fixing (this position is called anchor point) always.Next begin rolling mouse by the paddling finger from anchor point, put again (namely finger leaves Trackpad) behind the position of arrival expectation by touching and click affirmation.
The benefit of doing like this is that user's sight line does not need to leave the touch control operation that display screen is observed hand.In when touching, the user knows the original position of mouse very much, thus need not to be concerned about finger specifically go Trackpad where.As long as the relative paddling of finger is identical after the touching, the final position that arrives of mouse is also identical.Because the paddling of only adjusting finger according to the feedback information of display end just can operate, we say that this touch control method realized blind operation (touch system when being similar to keyboard typing).This has not only improved service speed and convenience, has also reduced the misoperation probability.According to its characteristics, we claim that this touch control method is the anchor point touch-control.
It is that the button on the display screen is clicked affirmation that the anchor point touch-control is the most directly used.Button can centered by anchor point, be arranged with various ways such as matrix or polar coordinates.Choose the button that is positioned at the anchor point place during each touching, next change again the current button of choosing along with the movement of mouse.(for selected button the clearly situation of prompting is arranged, mouse can omit not to be done to show.) touch when putting the button of choosing is clicked affirmation.
The button is here made a general reference all controls in general sense that can accept to click order.In addition, some button can not put by touching yet, and confirms and implement to click when button is selected.So just can repeatedly not click continuously the affirmation operation in the situation that finger does not leave Trackpad.
We claim that anchor point corresponding finger position on Trackpad is reference point (it is touch points at first).Mouse is limited in the certain area (can be rectangle, circular or other shape area) around the anchor point usually in actual applications, correspondingly the corresponding region around the reference point we be referred to as reference zone.When finger paddling when exceeding reference zone, mouse also can exceed its restricted area, at this moment or adjust the corresponding relation of finger position and mouse, or the adjustment reference point locations, so that mouse is in its restricted area all the time.Wherein a kind of method is to simulate finger drags whole reference zone on the reference zone border process with mechanical model, and the method (drawing method) describes in detail in connection with accompanying drawing in the embodiment part.
To sum up, the anchor point touch-control message event that can be used for controlling has:
1) button obtains/loses selected state;
2) button is clicked affirmation;
3) drag (reference zone);
4) click (Trackpad): directly touch after the touching and put, between the paddling that occurs enough among a small circle in.This is equivalent to click the anchor point button, but differently with it is, can also be as required, and touch to put after the regulation touching and must occur in the enough short time;
5) double-click (Trackpad): click event occurs twice at the appointed time, and distance approaches enough between clicking for twice.
These message event can be used to operation and comprise progress bar, and slider bar, radio box, check box and combo box are at interior various common control, and its detail is not described in detail in this.
Described Trackpad can also be divided into four zones with matrix pattern, uses independently the anchor point touch-control to operate in each zone.Like this, in each zone, only need corresponding few button just can realize the soft keyboard of a large amount of buttons, thereby realized keyboard typing input (anchor point touch-control input method).In addition, can judge which zone finger drops in, and the separator bar in zone can have certain sense of touch by sense of touch for the user.Also can cloth in zones of different with the lines of different senses of touch.
The back side of described remote controller has a shift to perform for touch-control, and is namely when this key is pressed, different when the explanation of touch control operation on the Trackpad can be pressed from this key.Such as when using soft keyboard, this key can be used as the shift of soft keyboard.Certainly this key also can double as the common key-press use simultaneously.It is arranged in the remote controller back side is in order normally to hold and can not affect to greatest extent when pressing this key with forefinger the touch control operation of thumb at palm.
Described remote controller can also have one or more USB interface to expand the function of remote controller.Such as when carrying out a large amount of literal input, can the circumscribed USB keyboard.Can also charge by USB interface in addition, thereby make remote controller no longer need to change battery.
Below in conjunction with drawings and Examples to the technical scheme of the present invention detailed explanation of making comparisons.
Description of drawings
Fig. 1 is the schematic diagram of Trackpad TV remote controller structure of the present invention;
Fig. 2 is the schematic rear view of Trackpad TV remote controller among Fig. 1;
Fig. 3, Fig. 4 are finger and the schematic diagram of mouse corresponding relation in the anchor point touch-control;
Fig. 5, Fig. 6, Fig. 7 are the schematic diagram of the various application modes of anchor point touch-control;
Fig. 8, Fig. 9 are the schematic diagram of anchor point touch-control input method;
Figure 10~Figure 15 is the various actions menus that the Trackpad TV remote controller shows.
With reference to Fig. 1, this is the schematic diagram of Trackpad TV remote controller structure of the present invention.Remote controller 10 is used for controlling TV 12.The user passes through the Trackpad 14 on the touch remote controller 10, or presses homepage key 15 generation control signals, and the controller 18 that is sent to TV inside after receiver 16 receives is processed.Controller 18 is based on the timer of the hardware such as microprocessor, microcontroller, and may carry out such as Windows, and Linux is in interior various operating systems.Controller 18 is implemented corresponding control according to the touching signals of receiving, and the feedback of result is presented on the display screen 20.In addition, USB socket 17 can be used to the remote controller charging or connects the outer input equipment of keyboard single-candidate.
With reference to Fig. 2, this is the schematic rear view of remote controller 10 among Fig. 1.As previously mentioned, shift 22 performs for touch-control, also can double as common key-press simultaneously and use.
Fig. 1, shown in Figure 2 is a kind of typical case.Remote controller can increase more button as required in the practical application.In addition, for the application of other electric equipments, 10 and 12 also can be used as two parts of a device and save remote control, for example increase the situation that Trackpad is used for controlling mobile phone itself at mobile phone.
With reference to Fig. 3, this is finger and the schematic diagram of mouse corresponding relation in the anchor point touch-control.When finger does not contact Trackpad, there is not mouse pointer.When touching, no matter this touch points is at the 30a of Trackpad 14,32a or any other position, and the mouse on the display screen 20 always appears at a fixing 40a place, (anchor point) position.Next, no matter finger is from the 30a paddling to 30b, or from the 32a paddling to 32b, as long as the relative displacement that occurs is identical, be the 40b place always mouse arrives identical position.Also paddling is to 34c if finger is in the touching of 34a place, and mouse then can move to 40c from 40a so.Because Trackpad separates with display screen, so move can be according to different ratio scale for finger paddling and mouse, even can be nonlinear relation.Put by touching, namely be equivalent to click at current mouse place.
With reference to Fig. 4, shown in it is the method (drawing method) of adjusting reference point locations.Mouse scope 24 is the border circular areas centered by anchor point herein.When finger at 38a place touching and paddling during to the border 38b of reference zone 26, mouse arrives 44m place, this moment, dragging reference zone pointed in startup.When finger continued paddling to 38c, along with dragging, reference zone became 26c, but the position of pointing with respect to reference point does not change.Remain on corresponding 44m place so drag mouse in the process at this.When finger was followed horizontal paddling to the 38d place, along with dragging, reference zone became 26d.Accordingly, mouse will move to 44n from 44m along the border of mouse scope this moment.Can think according to the trailing process in mechanics principle analog references zone from effect.If the continuation level drags to the right, mouse arrives the 44p place of 40a same level position the most at last.
Embodiment 1 (carrying out the control operation with the anchor point touch-control):
With reference to Fig. 5, mouse scope 24 is divided into a plurality of buttons with polar form, and wherein button 60 is the button at anchor point place.Each touching all is from choosing anchor point button 60, changes the button of choosing by ensuing paddling, clicks by touching the button of choosing of being rivals in a contest again.Distinguishingly, if except the anchor point button, only have 8 buttons, and all be arranged on the circumference centered by anchor point, the user can operate with 8 directions of M shape so.This moment, we claimed this touch control manner to be rice word touch-control.Certainly, button also can be arranged with matrix or other forms.Method of operation is similar.
The anchor point touch-control except can be used to select and button click, can also be according to relative position transmission range and the angle information (this is apparent) of mouse and anchor point, perhaps directly be used for input coordinate information.In addition, when adopting drawing method shown in Figure 4, drag events also can be used as input message.With reference to Fig. 6, the plus button 54 and the Minus button 56 can not respond click event.Arrive the right circular arc border of button 54 when mouse, when finger continues the drag events of paddling generation to the right, namely increase the numerical value of progress bar 70.The recruitment of numerical value be by drag through path determine.If one time paddling can't increase to progress bar expectation numerical value, repeatedly repetitive operation is finished.Equally, when mouse was positioned at the left circular arc border of button 56, drag events can reduce the numerical value of progress bar 70.
Better way is, in case the plus button 54 selected (not yet touch this moment and put) namely enters and increases state, this moment is also all regional as the plus button with other zones except the Minus button 56 on the circumference, as shown in Figure 7.Like this, the user can be in the situation that finger leave Trackpad, up and down or repeatedly drag on the direction beyond other the Minus buttons and realize the continuous increase of progress bar numerical value.(this moment the mouse scope can become enough little so that finger up and down during paddling reference zone be in all the time the state that dragged, keep the continuity that operates.) in addition because the Minus button 56 still keeps, so reduce progress bar numerical value increasing the selection of still having an opportunity under the state.Similarly, in case the Minus button 56 is selected, namely enters and subtract state, the processing mode of this moment with increase state class seemingly, just the Minus button occupies overwhelming majority zone.
Embodiment 2 (carrying out the keyboard typing input with the anchor point touch-control):
With reference to Fig. 8, this is to use the anchor point touch-control to realize the schematic diagram of soft keyboard input.Trackpad 14 is divided into four zones 160,162,164,166 of matrix pattern, and is corresponding respectively with four zones 180,182,184,186 of soft keyboard on the display screen 20.Reference point uses respectively rice word touch-control to input in the soft keyboard zone of correspondence in which zone of Trackpad during according to touching.(wherein button 170,172, and 174,176 are respectively the separately interior anchor point button in zone.) need to prove, at soft keyboard 180,182, the determining positions by touch points is inputted fully in which zone in 184,186, and not can after paddling in change.(certainly, for the purpose of convenience, also can take flexible rule so that still have an opportunity to change the zone of input after the touching.) like this, because each zone can arrange 9 enter keies, four zones can arrange 36 enter keies altogether, the needs of enough soft keyboards.If at each regional anchor point place enter key is not set, then 32 enter keies also can satisfy the soft keyboard needs altogether, the benefit of bringing simultaneously is, if find to have entered wrong zone (according to the tactile feedback of lines on the visual feedback of display end or the Trackpad) when the user touches, can directly touch so and put and abandon this input.In addition, benefit also is included in when supporting multi-point touch, can utilize the information of multi-point touch to select the zone.Such as, when supporting 2 touch-controls, two zones about Trackpad can only be divided into.180 and 182 zones of these two the corresponding soft keyboards of zone difference in the time of single-point touch.But when respectively a touch point being arranged in this two zone, 184 and 186 zones of these two the corresponding soft keyboards of zone difference.Can also be more complicated, according to the relative position relation of two touch points, respectively with these two touch points correspondences 180 and 186, or 184 and 182 zones.
Method shown in Figure 8 is a kind of typical case's realization of multizone anchor point touch-control input, namely by the Trackpad subregion being realized the selection in soft keyboard zone.Possible method also has in addition, carries out touch-control and selects different soft keyboard zones with which finger (thumb, forefinger, middle finger, the third finger, little finger of toe) by judging the user.Perhaps when supporting multi-point touch, select different soft keyboard zones by the number of judging touch point.(can also utilize the relative motion between each touch point, just motionless and right contact, left contact paddling be arranged during such as 2 touch-controls, motionless and left contact, right contact paddling, or two contacts different situations such as paddling simultaneously can be used for corresponding zones of different.) or when a plurality of shifts are arranged, select different soft keyboard zone etc. by the key combination of shift.
Fig. 9 is the another kind of mode of using the anchor point touch-control to realize the soft keyboard input.In initial condition, the 40a place is anchor point.The user is by the rice word touch-control person's of choosing one from 190 of soft keyboard~197 8 sub regions.Suppose subregion 190 clicked selections, then put this zone and be the current operation zone and enter the second state.Anchor point when touching under the second state is at these regional anchor point button 200 places.The user then can and only can be to select one in 190 the enter key 200,211,212 and 213 of zone, finishes once input.The anchor point button of subregion 190~197 is respectively button 200~207.Need to prove, the enter key in each zone also can use meter word touch-control or other spread patterns, but aligning method shown in Figure 9 can support that another kind operates more efficiently.Under this mode of operation, all subregion does not need to select by clicking (namely touch and put), in case but certain zone enters selected state (not yet touch this moment and put), namely entering this regional anchor point button of the second state juxtaposition is the current enter key of choosing.Continue paddling finger and can not change the current enter key of choosing entering this regional direction from anchor point 40a.The user need change finger paddling direction could select other enter keies.So just reduce the impact of paddling distance on input results, reduced the misoperation probability.This mode of operation so that once input only need to let slip journey by touching-paddling once-tactile and finish.
The method of Fig. 9 also can have covert application form, such as by touch put click on area 190 after, be about to anchor point button 200 as key to be entered.Next any place is clicked (namely anchor point 40a place click) and is all made key to be entered at button 200,211 on Trackpad, circulation change between 212,213.Do not carry out actual input this moment, only have again and to put by touching-paddling-touch and to have clicked behind any zone of 190~197 (or within the regular hour without any operation), just with current key input to be entered, the anchor point button in the zone that then will newly click repeats above process as key to be entered.Can visually this kind input method be called telegraphic anchor point input.If similar method is used on the zoned format of Fig. 8, then can be to treat in the favored area that by clicking at four circulation selects first, in eight enter keies (must be the situation that each regional anchor point place does not arrange enter key) in this zone, select one input by paddling again after choosing the zone of expectation.
When using telegraphic anchor point input, specially refer to by click and (to all directions) paddling is encoded to enter key, thereby the mode of inputting and has nothing to do with concrete manifestation form that display end adopts.Such as display end only symbolically go out to point direction or the click event of institute's paddling, or clear-cut without any feedback information.But all these modes still belong to telegraphic input.
Embodiment 3 (with anchor point touch-control control TV functions):
With regard to remote controller illustrated in figures 1 and 2, shift 22 is also long presses homepage key 15 when the user pins, and namely opens TV power supply.But (also powered-down in the same way.) then when pointing when Trackpad 14 is touched, namely show remote controller menu shown in Figure 10 on the display screen 20.This moment, mouse was positioned at anchor point 40a place.Eight directions on the circumference have been settled respectively eight buttons.When not choosing arbitrary button, directly touch to put and then close the remote controller menu.
If paddling is chosen the plus button 54 to the right, then menu becomes state shown in Figure 7.Progress bar 70 correspondences be volume.Finger not yet touched and put this moment, and its corresponding mouse is positioned at the low order end of the plus button.The user can then regulate the size of volume by before described method.In like manner, paddling chooses the situation of the Minus button 56 can be by that analogy left.
If upwards paddling is chosen and added channel button 52, then menu becomes state shown in Figure 11.Control 80 shows is current channel number.Control 88 shows is the channel that increases to (be current channel number add one), and is highlighted state.Button 72,74,76,78 do not show, but button 72 is in selected state (not yet touch this moment and put).Selected button 72 and 78 can switch to highlighted state respectively control 88 and control 80.When control 88 is highlighted, touches to put and channel can be jumped to the shown channel of control 88 and close menu.When control 80 is highlighted, touch to put just and close simply menu, abandon this channel and operate.When button 74 or 76 selected and occur (about) during drag events, if control 88 is highlighted, then control 88 shown channel can be according to the length that drag the path and are constantly increased.A plurality of channels have just been realized once skipping when putting touching like this.If control 80 is highlighted when dragging, then the channel of control 88 can reduce.This is in order to compensate the excessive situation that increases.In addition, drag down also can reduce the channel of control 88 when button 78 is chosen.But upwards drag the channel that can't increase control 88 when button 72 is selected, this is to bring accident during for fear of the operation that adds at channel.
Paddling chooses the situation that subtracts channel button 58 to implement with reference to the situation that adds channel button 52 is corresponding downwards in the menu of Figure 10.
Upper right button 64 is channel selection buttons among Figure 10.When this button was selected, menu became state shown in Figure 12.Put because finger not yet touches, channel selection button 64 still is in selected state.The channel of all the other buttons for being watched recently can directly be clicked and the redirect channel on the circumference.Channel look back function when this is equivalent to use the button remote controller, but different be to review now a more than channel.Click the button 84 of circle center and abandon this operation channel selection operation.If click channel selection button 64, then menu then becomes the dial of Figure 13.Button 90~99 is respectively the load button of numeral 0~9, and the channel of its input will be shown in center button 84 places.Button 84 is clicked and can be carried out redirect according to the channel of having inputted.Button click 84 does not have any effect when having inputting channel, then automatically carries out redirect and need not button click 84 when having inputted the channel maximum number of digits.Can after the channel redirect, directly close menu, close again after also can postponing a period of time, or when the user presses homepage key 15 among Fig. 1, just close.
Button 62 upper left among Figure 10 is main menu button.When this button was selected, menu became state shown in Figure 14.Button 100~104 is respectively image, sound, channel, setting and five subitems of input of existing-quality television main menu.Wherein button 100 is in selected state.Tactile putting can enter corresponding subitem the user points the button of choosing expectation by paddling after.Put except touching at center button 84 places, that can will close main menu.
After entering certain concrete subitem of main menu, comparatively conventional menu-style will be adopted, as shown in figure 15.It is that the anchor point touch-control is applied in the control that obtains on the conventional drop formula menu: cross touch-control menu.This is the application form that the anchor point touch-control is simplified most, only distinguishes the paddling of finger on four direction up and down.Button 110,112,82 and 150 form an anchor point touch-control menu, are overlapped on the pull-down menu to be operated.The center of its center anchor point and pull-down menu current focus item 154 coincides.Selected when button 110, finger continues upwards paddling and when dragging, the focus of pull-down menu will upwards be beated one by one.Equally, selected when button 112, finger continues downward paddling and when dragging, the focus of pull-down menu will be beated downwards one by one.In any case, button 110,112, the 82 and 150 anchor point touch-control menus that form are being followed the focus of pull-down menu all the time, make the center superposition of its anchor point and pull-down menu focus item.
Click exit button 82, can make pull-down menu return upper level and with the choice 152 of upper level as current focus.If can return without the upper level menu, then close whole menu.Click ACK button 150 or enter subordinate's menu corresponding to focus menu item, or trigger command, or switch the state (when for example focus is menu item 138 with check box) of check box, all are decided on the type of current focus menu item.In addition, click (or double-click) at Trackpad, also can be considered the effect identical with clicking ACK button.
Cross touch-control menu can have some to change, such as by finger the dragging of button 82 or button 150 places, return continuously or enter multi-menu; Such as pass through button click 110 or button 112, the menu item of menu focus being beated up or down at every turn; Again such as hiding button 110,112,82 and 150, menu is looked more look like conventional drop formula menu etc.
So far, the mode of operation that approaches the most with cross touch-control menu is the upper touch control manner that adopts of some portable player (such as ipod).But their touch-control be only limited in certain one-dimensional square upwards (up and down, about, or annular paddling finger), and in two dimensional surface, do not define.Simultaneously applied object is just simple tabulation also, but not the pattern of pull-down menu.That the cross touch-control is distinctive by touching-paddling-touch the mode put into or withdraw from menu into.Therefore, cross touch-control menu also is one of content of the present invention.
The quiet key of the button 66 corresponding conventional keys formula remote controllers of lower-left among Figure 10.(can certainly be corresponding other function key.) when this button was selected, menu became and has: center button, quiet key and from quiet key, along function keys such as successively image effect of circumference clockwise direction, sound accompaniment effect, amplification, picture-in-pictures.This moment, quiet key still was in selected state.Put if directly touch at quiet key, then switch the silence switch state, and close menu.Center button is directly closed menu for not carrying out any operation.Click these function keys, then enter corresponding function menu, such as the function menu of image effect, the button on four direction up and down be corresponding standard, dynamically, arenas and self-defined four kinds of image effects.Center button is similarly closes menu.
The button 68 of bottom right is existing temporarily without definition among Figure 10.It can put into the more function key of remote controller as button 66, also can be used as the shortcut of user's energy self-defining, or as any other application that can expect.
Entering certain subitem of main menu, when being in menu operation state shown in Figure 15 when being in any other mode of operation (or), the user can breathe out the remote controller menu shown in Figure 10 by the shift 22 of pressing remote controller among Fig. 2, is overlapped in and carries out interrupt operation (such as adjusting volume) on the current set of menu.After interrupt operation is finished, unclamp shift 22 and can return original state and continue uncompleted operation.According to different states, pressing the remote controller menu that shift breathes out can be different.Such as when the picture browsing state, the remote controller menu does not possess the channel selection function.
Above design is equivalent to realize remote controller at display end with software mode, so can finish all TV functions operations based on this.Further use design this tired stating one by one, but it also can take full advantage of content of the present invention.Such as starting browser application, when needing the input network address, available Fig. 8, soft keyboard shown in Figure 9 carries out.
Although the present invention discloses with instantiation, it is not to limit the present invention.The equivalent assemblies displacement of having done under any prerequisite not breaking away from the spirit and scope of the present invention, or according to equivalent variations and modification that scope of patent protection of the present invention is done, all should still belong to the category that this patent is contained.Be not to be a fixed position such as anchor point, but certain fixed position adds an inessential among a small circle random offset, although anchor point position is different when perhaps touching at every turn, it is constant with the relative position of anchor point that each control position to be operated also keeps thereupon moving.Even the feedback of display end can be the non-direct positional informations such as color form and aspect, but as long as the operation of Trackpad and produce an effect are met anchor point touch-control feature, all should think and use this patent content.

Claims (6)

1. the control method of a Trackpad TV remote controller, wherein, remote controller comprises a Trackpad (14), keyboard, in the method, control controlled television set (12) with remote controller (10), touch Trackpad (14) and press remote controller key and produce control signal, after television receiver (16) receives, the controller (18) that is sent to inside television is processed, controller (18) is implemented corresponding control according to the control signal of receiving, and result is fed back on the television display screen (20);
It is characterized in that, comprise the steps: when the touching Trackpad, no matter this touch points at Trackpad (14) but any position (30a that responds to touching and have the paddling space, 32a), mouse on the television display screen (20) all can appear at a fixing anchor point position (40a) and locate, then, no matter at Contact plate where touch points, as long as the direction of finger paddling is identical, and the relative displacement of paddling is identical, and mouse always arrives identical position (40b); Each touch control operation, mouse are all from anchor point position, and finger paddling and mouse move can be according to linearity or non-linear ratio's yardstick;
Leave Trackpad (14) by finger and produce tactile discharge signal, TV responds this tactile discharge signal and implements to click affirmation at the button of mouse current position.
2. the control method of a kind of Trackpad TV remote controller as claimed in claim 1, it is characterized in that: when being used for the continuous several times button click, also can confirm as clicking with the selected event of button, thereby can repeatedly not click continuously the affirmation operation in the situation that finger does not leave Trackpad.
3. the control method of a kind of Trackpad TV remote controller as claimed in claim 1, it is characterized in that: when pointing paddling to the border of reference zone (26) and continuing outside paddling, corresponding mouse will exceed the border of its restricted area (24), simulate finger to the drag process of reference zone (26) with mechanical model or other modes this moment, and according to the adjustment of the reference zone after dragging reference point locations, the corresponding mouse position of finger always is in its restricted area (24), wherein, the restricted area of mouse (24) is the certain area around the anchor point, can be rectangle, circle or other shapes, when finger paddling during to the border of reference zone, mouse arrives the boundary of the corresponding restricted area of reference zone, and the point corresponding with the mouse anchor point is reference point in the reference zone.
4. the control method of a kind of Trackpad TV remote controller as claimed in claim 3, it is characterized in that: when button is in selected state, and finger continues paddling outside reference zone and when producing drag events, increase, reduce or otherwise change the numerical value of controlled variable, the change amount of numerical value be by drag through path determine.
5. the control method of a kind of Trackpad TV remote controller as claimed in claim 1, it is characterized in that: can use soft keyboard and input, specifically comprise: first the soft keyboard on the display screen (20) is divided into a plurality of zones, then in each zone, operate with the anchor point touch-control independently, integrate the operation that can realize whole soft keyboard; For distinguishing operation in which zone, Trackpad (14) can be divided into the corresponding number zone, and belong to which zone according to the touch points determining positions.
6. the control method of a kind of Trackpad TV remote controller as claimed in claim 1 is characterized in that: have situation about clearly pointing out, mouse to omit for selected button and does not do to show; The button here refers to that all can accept to click the control in general sense of order.
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