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The invention relates to a chemical cleaning agent, in particular to a special chemical cleaning agent for cleaning calcium sulfate (CaSO4) scale. The invention provides a novel cleaning agent and a scheme for cleaning the calcium sulfate scale, in the actual application, the novel cleaning agent can effectively clean the calcium sulfate scale in both working and stopping sates of boilers or industrial circulated cooling water system. The novel cleaning agent is prepared from the following raw material reagents in parts by weight: 10% of HEDP (Hydroxyl Ethidene Diphosphoric Acid), 0.05% of JFC (fatty alcohol-polyoxyethylene ether), 5% of cosolvents and 0.06% of nonionic PAM (polyacrylamide), and the pH value is regulated to 7 by using caustic soda. The reagent is a special cleaning agent for the calcium sulfate scale, mainly comprising a high-polymer organic polymer containing multi-functional groups, such as carboxyl, hydroxyl, amide and the like, and is specially used for cleaning indissolvable calcium sulfate scale, and the PH value of the reagent is 7. The cleaning agent is a neutral solution and has the advantages of thoroughly scale cleanness, no corrosion on metal, enamel and glass, no toxicity to human bodies, safe emission of waste liquid, high efficiency and safety without generating the phenomenon of hydrogen brittleness.


Calcium sulfate dirt neutral cleaners
Technical field
The present invention relates to a kind of chemical, specifically, relate to a kind of special cleaning calcium sulfate (CaSO 4) dirty chemical.
Technical background
In the daily industrial production, BW and industrial circulating cooling water constantly circulate in use and concentrate, and the content of mineral substances in the water also can constantly increase, thereby cause equipment pipe fouling, corrosion.Equipment will reduce heat exchanger effectiveness greatly in case knot scales, and reduce cooling performance, and etching apparatus shortens service life of equipment, jeopardizes safety in production.Therefore, must regularly handle boiler and recirculated cooling water pipeline.The kind of common dirt has carbonate deposit, sulfate scale, silicate scale, mixing incrustation scale, red stone dirt, grease etc.
At present, the calcium sulfate dirt also has no idea to clean up hill and dale, and this is a great problem that the puzzlement incrustation scale is handled always.The present invention is directed to the calcium sulfate dirt, developed a kind of neutral cleaners, invalid to dirts such as iron rust, lime carbonate, foundry loams, and only to the specific neutral cleaners of calcium sulfate.
Summary of the invention
Technical purpose of the present invention is to overcome the cleaning difficult problem of calcium sulfate dirt; Provide and be used for novel detergent and the scheme that the calcium sulfate incrustation scale cleans; In practical application, no matter be boiler or industrial refrigeration cycle water system, cleaning calcium sulfate incrustation scale effectively can stop or not stop.
The technical scheme that the present invention cleans the calcium sulfate incrustation scale that produces in the industrial production is such: the novel detergent that it is formed by the raw material reagent preparation of following weight part: 10%HEDP, 0.05%JFC, 5% solubility promoter, 0.06% nonionic PAM, using NaOH to regulate pH value is 7.
These article are water white transparency or weak yellow liquid.
Be that starting material of the present invention are explained below:
HEDP (HEDP): can be miscible with water; Has good scale effect; Acid and alkali-resistance can form stable complex compound with multiple metals ions such as iron, copper, aluminium zinc, ability dissolution of metals oxide on surface; Being the Scale inhibitors and the inhibiter of boiler and switching heat-exchanger, is the dirt dispersion agent of circulating water system.
JFC (AEO): osmosis is arranged, and also is to have a fixed hydrophilic and oleophilic group, aligns at the surface energy of solution, and the material that surface tension is significantly descended.
Solubility promoter: can and insoluble reagent in solvent, form complex compound, associated complex or double salt etc. between shla molecule, to increase the solubleness of reagent in solvent.
Nonionic PAM (SEPIGEL 305): be linear polymer, have the effect of flocculation, dispersion, thickening, bonding, film forming, gel, stable colloid with the low ion degree of high-molecular weight.
Accommodation of the present invention: oil, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, papermaking, brewage, circulation coolings such as oil refining, locomotive, parking freezing, that add hot-water system clean and cleanings of not stopping the perhaps part of one piece apparatus cleaning.Be primarily aimed at calcium sulfate dirt type, the calcium sulphate content of dirt is high more, cleans thorough more more soon.
Consumption of the present invention: 100% of the container water yield.
This reagent is calcium sulfate dirt scavenger specially, mainly by contain carboxyl, hydroxyl, acid amides, etc. multi-functional polymer organic polymer forms, be exclusively used in that to remove calcium sulfate dirt indissoluble dirty; Medicament pH value is 7, neutral solution, and snaking is thorough; Not corroding metal, enamel, glass, to human non-toxic, waste liquid can safety dumping; Highly effective and safe does not produce the hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon.During clean-out operation, heat exchange element need be do not disassembled, the spray equipment circulation hydro-peening of system can be utilized, also can soaking and washing, descaling rate is nearly 100%, has quick descaling, non-corrosive steel frame, does not hinder enamel elements, does not destroy the characteristics of scale anticorrosion material.Scavenging period is 3~12 hours, shortens the repair time of equipment greatly, avoids unpicking and washing the damage to device, significantly reduces the maintenance cost and the risk of equipment, and extension fixture work-ing life and effective rate of utilization have appreciable economic benefit and environmental benefit.
Method of use of the present invention:
Consumption adds medicament stoste according to dirt amount and thickness, hardness situation, perhaps by the on-the-spot scheme that adds of working out of technician.
Add by the recycle pump suction port, constitute circulation, perhaps spray, also can soak.
According to dirt amount operation 6 to 24 hours, flow velocity was not limit, and replaces blowdown then to turbidity<10mg/L, or range estimation water clear till.
Single devices can be soaked or spray Cleaning for High Capacity in this way, treat all softening dissolving of dirt after, water washes down and gets final product.
Present embodiment is the cleaning of having accepted Weifang calcium chloride factory vaporizer, because life-time service, tubulation internal surface knot has been given birth to a large amount of calcium sulfate dirts, reduces heat exchanger effectiveness greatly, reduces evaporation effect, and etching apparatus shortens service life of equipment, jeopardizes safety in production.
Adopt calcium sulfate (CaSO 4) dirty special neutral clean-out system, take the way of intermittent shower flushing, promptly cleaned up in 12 hours.Clean after detect, descaling rate is nearly 100%, and metal does not have corrosion phenomenon, and the hydrogen phenomenon of oozing of the iron and steel that is safe from harm produces, and it is nontoxic to clean waste liquid, discharges system with the aqueous solution, and free from environmental pollution.

Claims (3)

1. calcium sulfate dirt neutral cleaners; It is characterized in that: it comprises the raw material of following weight ratio: 5-15% hydroxy ethylene diphosphonic acid, 0.03-0.1%JFC, 3-10% solubility promoter, 0.03-0.1% non-ionic polyacrylamide; 0.5-1%NaOH, all the other are water.
2. calcium sulfate dirt neutral cleaners according to claim 1, it is characterized in that: the content of NaOH is that regulator solution arrives neutrality.
3. the working method of the described calcium sulfate dirt of a claim 1 neutral cleaners, it is characterized in that: it comprises the following steps:
A, get the raw material of following weight ratio: 5-15% hydroxy ethylene diphosphonic acid, 0.03-0.1%JFC, 3-10% solubility promoter, 0.03-0.1% non-ionic polyacrylamide;
B, the raw materials mix of steps A is even;
C, add NaOH0.5-1%, the pH value of the solution of step B is transferred to 7;
D, Jia Shui.
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