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The invention discloses a slowdown and clutch device and aims at providing a speed reducer which simple structure, light weight, low manufacturing cost, convenient use, energy-saving and effort-saving properties and dual functions of slowdown and clutch, and the key points of the technical scheme are as follows: the back end of the slowdown and clutch device is lapped and adhered on cracks of a same crankshaft with the help of two levers, the front end is in transverse sleeving with a certain place of a working shaft, that is a low-speed shaft for forming the sliding fit and being rotatable, a transmission disc which can rotate along with the shaft is mounted between the two levers of the working shaft, a plurality of convex strips which correspond to telescopic reeds arranged at the front ends of the levers are arranged on circumferential lines of two side surfaces of the transmission disc at equal intervals, the crankshaft driven by the power promotes the two levers to carry out reciprocating up and down swing, the low-speed shaft is taken as a boundary, the back ends of the levers can go upward, the front ends can go downward, the reed is tightly bonded with the convex strips for doing work when going downward, the reed withdraws for idle running when going upward, when the two levers swing a round trip alternately, the reed pushes one convex strip for surpassing forwards, thereby promoting the low-speed shaft to rotate and further doing work.


A kind of deceleration engaging and disengaging gear of holding concurrently
Technical field the present invention relates to the on-stream a kind of device that need to reduce rotating speed of machinery, more definite more particularly be a certain machine when acting according to the designed rotational speed of technological requirement when the rotating speed that should be lower than its power motor or internal-combustion engine and supporting a kind of speed reducer or claim gearbox.
Background technique is well-known, the operation of a machine must be motor or internal-combustion engine drives by power, the medium that has only only a few to use in nature such as waterpower or wind-force promotes, because the rotating speed of motor and internal-combustion engine is too high, the technological requirement of the numerous machines of incompatibility when acting, this is the origin that speed reducer occurs.Have varied although the speed reducer that uses is gone up by current society, but its acting principle nearly all is identical, promptly by the on-stream drive high speed shaft of power, it is also rotation thereupon of driving gear that small gear is installed on the high speed shaft, the gearwheel that drives in rotation on the jack shaft intermeshing with it is driven gear or is called the follower rotation, drive a gearwheel rotation promptly being installed in lower velocity shaft on intermeshing by another small gear on the jack shaft again, realize the purpose of deceleration thus with it.Very other machine is few or a lot of because of slowing down, diaxon only is set is high speed shaft and lower velocity shaft or the speed reducer of totally four axles and in particular cases also have at this, each root axle all is that level is installed, arrange each parallel each other front and back, when needs change direction, installations that also can level combine with vertical arrangement, or claim axle and the installation that spool meets at right angles, which kind of yet no matter mounting type, all must rely on main by the transmission that is meshing with each other of two gears.The gear kind of using is according to the difference of each technological requirement and to make factor such as complexity can be cylindrical spur gear, cylindric spiral gear, and herringbone gear, cone gear and spiral gear etc. are multiple.
As everyone knows, speed reducer of the prior art inside all is that employing is gear-driven, and must be big with little band, slowed down otherwise just be far from being, gear transmission is modal a kind of kind of drive in the machinery, the only few transmitting movement of forming by two pitch wheels and the type of belt drive of power, two gear lines are invariant position toward each other, and respectively around himself rotational, be running in the other direction each other when outer gearing, promptly one of them is for turning left one for turning right, equidirectional running during interior engagement, two gears are meshing with each other and when working, can give follower (driven wheel) with the power and the transmission of movement of driving wheel.Since gear transmission have stable drive, accurately and velocity ratio reach characteristics such as transmission efficiency height greatly, so its application area is quite extensive.It is a kind of very widely that gear transmission is used for speed reducer, though it possesses above-mentioned various advantage, its deficiency is arranged also, mainly shows the following aspects.
At first be its complex structure and heaviness, one-time investment is big.It is fixed that its model of type of tradition four gears three double reductions is that the centre distance size with high speed shaft and lower velocity shaft with the millimeter is that unit comes.350 type speed reducers for example, promptly the centre distance of high speed shaft in this machine and lower velocity shaft is 350 millimeters.Each speed reducer is combined by casing (casting forms), gear, axle and Component such as bearing support and bearing, and the gear oil of certain weight of must annotating is as oiling agent and guarantee oil-proof, model is 1000 medium-sized speed reducer, and its weight is about 1 ton.Particularly as shown in Figure 8 when adopting spiral gear to be the worm and worm gear engagement driving, in power transmission, in order to raise the efficiency, reduce friction and prolong its working life, must adopt and make than the bronze of your manyfold of common iron price, cost height not only, and difficulty of processing is big, its reason is in worm drive, the tooth of worm gear is circular arc and surrounds worm screw, so the hobboing cutter of cutting worm gear must have duplicate modulus with the work worm screw, pressure angle, standard pitch diameter, number, rotation direction and lead angle, therefore the specificity of hobboing cutter is extremely strong, so only be that identical worm gear of modulus and worm screw cannot exchange engagement.In Fig. 4 and Fig. 5, be a kind of in all gears, its preparation process requires with the brief introduction of engagement driving principle as follows: as its name suggests, gear is exactly a wheel edge week arranging several teeth, these teeth must do standard and require wear-resisting completely, the size of tooth is foundation with the modulus, and every size formula is: outside diameter d 1=modulus * (number of teeth+2); Pitch diameter d=modulus * number of teeth; Root footpath df=pitch diameter-2.5 * modulus; The high oh=modulus of tooth item; Dedendum of the tooth hf=1.25 * modulus; Whole depth h=2.25 * modulus; Lonely transverse tooth thickness S=1.5708 * modulus; Two gear engagement centre distance A=(gearwheel pitch diameter d2+ small gear pitch diameter d1) ÷ 2.
Next is a big energy-consuming.As everyone knows, main differed many more energy-conservation more by intermeshing its size of two gears, this with claim with the hand scale the past arm beam of steelyard tail end of its slight sliding weight of steelyard of thing move one times to be claimed that apart from it thing also must correspondingly increase the weight of one times of reason the same, reason is the power of having used laborsaving lever.Be not difficult to find that if remove to rotate the output shaft (lower velocity shaft) of a speed reducer with manpower much more difficult more than its input shaft of twisting (high speed shaft), what promptly anti-road was capable is the effort lever.But owing to be subjected to the restriction of its cost and volume, in practical operation, driven gear can not be done very big, be subjected to the constraint of intensity also can not do driving gear too little simultaneously, if change four gears of a speed reducer into two and speed ratio is constant, according to what of speed ratio, its volume latter is the former several times to tens times, is impracticable a kind of technological scheme therefore.
Be to use life-span weak point and noise big once more.Because the intensity of gear tooth very finite sum is wiped for hard grind in transmission, operation interrupted tooth phenomenon often has generation, it is on-stream wear-resisting like that it can not show a candle to bearing, and with to a certain degree noise, particularly on-stream to throw off noise again suddenly bigger for engagement suddenly for cylindrical spur gear, helical teeth and herringbone tooth in engagement driving for by so contact with by right throw off noise less but manufacture cost is relative will height.
Also have just because of friction ractor more unavoidably has the heating phenomenon,, don't fail in gearbox, annotate gear oil, and will regularly annotate or change, the origin of individual fuel reserve tank must be arranged thus as oiling agent in order to reduce wear extent.
In addition, owing to must in gearbox, add lubricant oil, therefore every installation that subtracts the machine of going back is only limited to its bottom following, can't realize angle mount, upright dress and upside-down mounting, when needing to change direction in mechanical transmission, both the inconvenience difficulty was bigger with regard to having to adopt Bevel Gear Drive to be used for the crossing mechanism of diaxon for only way.
Summary of the invention the present invention is for remedying the above deficiency, aim to provide a kind of simple in structure, cheap, energy and labour saving, nothing have noise, need not oiling, never heating, durable in use and possess a kind of speed reducer that slows down with the clutch dual functions, by the following technical solutions in to realize.
A drive plate is installed on lower velocity shaft, according to edge week on what of speed ratio two planes about drive plate with some raised lines of equidistant installation (weld or process) to replace the tooth of gear, the installation that meets at right angles of the left and right plane of drive plate and lower velocity shaft, and with the contiguous left and right sides axle in drive plate plane on bearing is installed respectively, bearing is enclosed in the overcoat, put outward a lever that becomes cross with axle is installed, according to technological requirement lever two ends length both can be to equate it also can is to differ, being that weak point is back before the boundary with the lower velocity shaft when differing grows, the shortest just only being linked in of front end just can on the axle, its rear end is a resistance arm for the power arm front end, and a bent axle with the lower velocity shaft flat raft is installed as high speed shaft at the bottom margin of power arm from the lower velocity shaft certain size.The rear end of double joint lever pavilion respectively is placed on two crank positions of bent axle, being held the two by spring in the running does not unclamp for being close to, the crankshaft axis certain size is on-stream to impel up down constantly swing in turn of two levers to the bent axle that is driven by power (internal-combustion engine or motor) because relatively oppositely depart from two crank positions, up lean on to be that the crank position is on-stream rise to top dead center by lower dead center, what down lean on is that gravity (during paperback) that the pulling force of spring adds upper lever itself is close to crank and is fallen lower dead center from top dead center.Owing to having installed corresponding in the resistance arm relevant position and having overlapped fit to some extent with rectangular scalable tongue of drive plate and drive plate raised line position, the rear end power arm up the time front end resistance arm inevitable down, promoting raised line drive drive plate thus connects and the lower velocity shaft rotation, power arm down the time its resistance arm band connect tongue and up surmount a raised line and be idle running, the every fortune of bent axle circles and impels the double joint lever to swing up and down once, how many how many root raised lines of drive plate edge Zhou Gongyou just are equivalent to speed ratio, be crankshaft revolution week lower velocity shaft circle and decide with speed ratio, thus the double joint lever at one time in backswing and doing work each other.
Also can boring replace raised line in drive plate two side plane edge week, is that semicircle mills the return that a groove is used for tongue with milling machine according to sense of rotation with the side in hole, need only the circle that is arranged in of hole and groove, and the center line of its groove is corresponding with the center in hole promptly on same circumference, and tongue front end top made corresponding circle, just can obtain the effect same with raised line.
The front that tongue both can be installed in lower velocity shaft is on the resistance arm of lever, the back that lower velocity shaft also can be installed is on the lever moving arm of adjacent shafts, be installed in the front running transmission dribbling connecting shaft toward pressing down, be installed in the running of back transmission dribbling connecting shaft is up lifted, its sense of rotation is constant, and the acting principle is as good as.
For on-stream its crank position of bent axle and lever mutually subsides place hard grind that slide relative do not take place wipe, bent axle can be made combined type, just can bearing be installed in the crank position of bent axle thus, realize by slide relative being that hard grind wipes that to change into barrel shift be that buffing is wiped thus, promptly equal the barrel shift of wheel.
Perhaps two identical wheel discs are installed in top, the same axis two ends respectively, and the bearing of supporting axle and bearing support and drive wheel be installed in intermediate section, one side on the plane, outside of each wheel disc of need only be on axis apart 180 ° two ends is used to take according to the double bearing of the little axle of oscillating quantity setting-up eccentricity of lever and pastes the double joint lever, and widen or installs twoly individual the drive plate on the lower velocity shaft is corresponding according to the two wheel discs size of being separated by, just can obtain same effect.
In order to save cost, can directly drive plate and lever be installed on the main shaft of Work machine during the condition permission, not only saved a lower velocity shaft and the bearing and the bearing support that are used for supporting axle, and the corresponding minimizing of floor space.
For stop tongue in flexible with the relative friction of raised line, its raised line can be combined by little axle and bearing, the top of Bearing Installation in tongue just can certainly be obtained same effect, promptly tongue replaces the slide relative friction by the rolling friction of bearing in protracting and retreating.
Just because the double joint lever is to be erected at about same bent axle on two crank positions, this provides a feasibility condition to where necessary clutch device being set: need only be at the two-way mounting spring in front and back (up and down) or the elastic ribbon of lever tail end, other end system hangs on the rotating support in front and back, the the next of every support held with spring as station pin voluntarily, as long as just can impel spring one a tight pine toward front and back swinging mounting certain size, tighten down pine (or claiming tight at first but afterwards loose) for backing out, the double joint lever does not paste mutually with the crank position of bent axle thus, the bent axle of this moment is idle running (not doing work), last Panasonic is that lever and crank are close to the acting that resets for closing up tightly, in order to alleviate the Strike note that lever and crank took place in closing up, can wrap up in or be fixed in the base with corresponding part, crank position with skins such as elastic article such as rubber skins and crank pastes the position mutually at lever.
Beneficial effect of the present invention is summarized as follows.
The one, simple in structure and manufacture cost low with found the factory little investment.No matter a drive plate and double joint lever and a bent axle need only be installed is chief component to its size, saved heavy gear and the gear-box in the traditional method, reduced more than several times to tens times according to its weight of difference of size.
The 2nd, the saving ability.No matter speed ratio how much, bent axle is equivalent to a traditional small gear, and it is that single-stage is slowed down that the drive plate that the double joint lever is driven is equivalent to a gearwheel.
The 3rd, operating cost is low and durable in use.Just there are not wearing and tearing in gear useless and beat the tooth phenomenon, and has saved gear-box thus, bearing wear replaceable and price is low, lever is can be not bad.
The 4th, can possess in case of necessity and slow down and the dual functions of clutch, save a clutch accessory thus and obtained the engaging and disengaging gear that almost need not repair.
The 5th, can realize paperback, upright dress and angle mount as required.Be not subjected to restriction at the bottom of gear oil must be stored in case because gear oil need not be annotated; Advantages such as steady noise free in addition turn round.
Description of drawings Fig. 1 is that the invention prototype is the engagement driving schematic representation of cylindrical spur gear of the prior art;
Fig. 2 is small one and large one two cylindric spiral gears transmission schematic representation that are meshing with each other;
Fig. 3 is a cone gear engagement driving schematic representation;
Fig. 4 is its structure of cylindrical spur gear and shape figure;
Fig. 5 is small one and large one two cylindrical spur gears transmission plan-position explanatory drawings that are meshing with each other;
Fig. 6 is three double reductions of four gears and is the speed reducer sectional view that right angle intersection is installed with worm and worm gear engagement driving axle and axle;
Fig. 7 is its bent axle of the present invention and the installation in position structural drawing of relevant Component such as double joint lever;
Fig. 8 is a drive plate plane structure exploded view;
Fig. 9 is the side view of drive plate;
Figure 10 and Figure 11 be lever and lower velocity shaft and high speed shaft be bent axle add its combination of engaging and disengaging gear in place with the acting principle schematic.
Figure 12 impels the double joint lever to swing up and down its structure and acting principle schematic by eccentric wheel.
Embodiment is done more specific description below in conjunction with accompanying drawing.
With reference to Fig. 7, double joint lever tail end 1 pavilion respectively is placed on the bearing of installing with the crank position on two crank positions of bent axle 2 and fits, it is the supporting Colaesce transmission of driving wheel as follower and motor pulley (not shown) that the right-hand member of bent axle is equipped with belt pulley 3, bent axle by about 4 supportings of two bearing supports be installed in (not shown) on the frame.
With reference to Fig. 8 and Fig. 9, it respectively is that 18 raised lines 5 are equidistant arrangement that big of the left and right sides of drive plate is equipped with relatively, and the relative both sides of its endoporus have keyway 6 and are used for merging with the lower velocity shaft cover that be keyed on can be with the axle turn on the lower velocity shaft.
With reference to Figure 10 and Figure 11, the front end of lever 1 is installed on the lower velocity shaft 7 by 8 on bearing from doing round rotatablely moving for being slidingly matched on axle, and telescopic tongue 9 and raised line 5 fits overlap joint be installed in the position, front, lever 1 its front end during running in the swing promotes the raised line band by tongue down the time and connects drive plate and rotate with lower velocity shaft 7, the inclined-plane, top of return its tongue up time the and a last raised line are collided and are stepped back, surmount behind the raised line since the effect of tongue rear end spring resets but with raised line fit overlap joint, double joint lever (only illustrating among the figure) drives interior at one time one last one by bent axle 13 and constantly impels the lower velocity shaft running in the swing in turn down and do work thus.
The tail end of lever is hauled symmetrically by upper spring 10 and lower spring 11, the other end of spring is hung on the rotatable support by system, two turning point 15 of support are installed on the fixing frame 16 and by spring 17 and hold, upper spring 10 Panasonic's springs 11 tightly impel the lever 1 and the crank position of bent axle 13 to be close to and to do work during normal operation, when needs leave, handle 18 usefulness manpowers up need only be lifted and be impelled upper spring tightly to be elongated by the pine change, lower spring 11 is shortened by tightly fluffing, thereby double joint lever and bent axle being thrown off make bent axle is idle running, the back is non-must not to automatically reset with external force because the effect of spring 17 is thrown off, and also must not throw off automatically after closing up.
With reference to Figure 12, two eccentric wheel discs 19 are installed in two of same main shaft, two bearings and bearing support 20 and drive wheel 21 are installed in the intermediate section of axle, plane, wheel disc 19 outside respectively is equipped with 180 ° each the little outer shaft sleeve bearing 22 of being separated by on axis, double joint lever 1 pavilion respectively is attached to bearing 22 tops.

Claims (5)

1. engaging and disengaging gear of slow down holding concurrently, running high speed axle is initiatively, lower velocity shaft is driven, it is characterized in that: the rear end of double joint lever (1) and the crank position of bent axle fit, its front end or intermediate section are linked on the lower velocity shaft promptly rotatable for being slidingly matched with cross, and the drive plate that can rotate with the axis is installed on the lower velocity shaft between two levers, some raised lines with equidistant arrangement (5) are installed on the contour of two sides about drive plate or are drilled with equidistant circular hole or the square hole that its same side has groove that be arranged in, with on the lever of raised line corresponding part telescopic tongue (9) is installed, perhaps with double joint lever (1) respectively pavilion be attached on the bearing (22) of each one the eccentric wheel disc outside that is installed in top, the same axis two ends.
2. a kind of deceleration according to claim 1 engaging and disengaging gear of holding concurrently is characterized in that the front end of double joint lever or intermediate section and lower velocity shaft fit position have installed bearing additional.
3. a kind of deceleration according to claim 1 engaging and disengaging gear of holding concurrently, it is characterized in that the double joint lever the rear end its hold with spring or elastic ribbon up and down or about claiming or before and after claiming.
4. according to claim 1 or the 3 described a kind of decelerations engaging and disengaging gear of holding concurrently, it is characterized in that the other end of extension spring or elastic ribbon is hung on the rotatable support by system, the support turning point is upper to have spring or elastic ribbon to hold,
5. a kind of deceleration according to claim 1 engaging and disengaging gear of holding concurrently is characterized in that raised line (5) is a bearing structure.
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