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The invention discloses a method for converting shaded source pixel data in primary format onto the display, comprising: inputting a group of color image data; inputting data with a plurality of inspection terms; and carrying out appropriate measures on inspection result of the inputted data. The invention discloses various embodiments of an eight sub-pixel group, wherein the eight sub-pixel group can be composed of a tri-color sub-pixel with a shaded sub-pixel. In the eight sub-pixel group, the amount of shaded sub-pixel is twice of another two shaded sub-pixel. The invention also discloses various embodiments for shading sub-pixel in the sub-pixel groups.


彩色平板显示器的子像素排列和子像素着色设置 Sub-pixel arrangement of a color flat panel display and the subpixel rendering settings

[0001] 本申请是中国专利申请号为0观沈863. 6、申请人为克雷沃耶提公司、发明名称为“彩色平板显示器的子像素排列和子像素着色设置”的专利申请的分案申请。 [0001] The present application is a Chinese Patent Application No. 0 View Shen 863.6, 克雷沃耶提 applicant company, divisional applications entitled "color flat panel display and the sub-pixel arrangement subpixel rendering settings" patent application .

技术领域 FIELD

[0002] 本申请与显示设计的改进有关,具体而言,与彩色像素排列、显示所用寻址方法以及显示数据格式转换方法的改进有关。 [0002] This application is related to the design and improvement of the display, specifically, the color pixel arrangement, display addressing, and a display method used to improve data format conversion method concerned.

背景技术 Background technique

[0003] 眼睛中的全颜色感觉是由称之为“锥体”的三类颜色感光神经细胞产生的。 [0003] Full color perception of the eye is called "cone" of the three color sensitive nerve cells. 此三类感光细胞分别敏感于不同波长的可见光:长、中及短(分别对应于“红”、“绿”及“蓝”)。 This three types of photoreceptor cells are sensitive to different wavelengths of visible light: long, medium and short (corresponding to the "red", "green" and "blue"). 此三种感光细胞的相对密度彼此明显不同。 The relative density of these three photoreceptor cells was significantly different from each other. 红色感光细胞比绿色感光细胞稍多。 Red photoreceptor cells slightly more than the green photoreceptor cells. 与红色感光细胞或绿色感光细胞相比,蓝色感光细胞非常少。 Compared with the red or green light-sensitive cells photoreceptor cells, blue photoreceptor cells is very small.


[0004] 人类视觉系统对眼睛所检测到的信息进行处理的感觉通道包括:亮度、色度及运动。 [0004] The human visual system eye detected sensory information processing channel comprises: luminance, chrominance and motion. 运动对于成像系统设计者而言只对闪烁阈值是重要的。 Exercise is important for imaging system designers only flicker threshold. 亮度通道只接受来自红色及绿色感光细胞的输入,因此是“色盲”的。 Luminance channel only accept input from the red and green photoreceptor cells, thus "color blind" in. 亮度通道以可以增强边缘的对比度这样的方式处理信息。 Luminance channel to enhance the contrast of the edges in such a way to process information. 色度通道没有边缘对比度增强作用。 No chrominance channel edge contrast enhancement. 由于亮度通道使用并增强了每一个红色及绿色感光细胞,因此亮度通道的分辨率比色度通道的分辨率高数倍。 Since the luminance channel uses and enhances every red and green light-sensitive cells, and therefore the resolution of the luminance channel is several times higher than the resolution of the chrominance channels. 蓝色感光细胞对亮度感觉的贡献可忽略不计。 Blue photoreceptor cells contribute to the feeling of lightness is negligible. 因此亮度通道就如同一个空间频率信号带通滤光片。 Like the luminance channel a spatial frequency of the bandpass filter signal. 峰值响应出现在35周期/度(cycle/Ο)时。 Peak response occurred at 35 cycles / degree (cycle / Ο). 它限制了水平轴与垂直轴上在0周期/度和50周期/度时的响应。 It limits the vertical axis in response to the horizontal axis at 0 cycles / degree and 50 cycles / degree. 这就意味该亮度通道仅仅能够分辨视域内两个区域间的相对亮度,而无法分辨绝对亮度。 This means that only the luminance channel can distinguish between the two regions relative luminance of the visual field, and can not distinguish between absolute brightness. 另外,如果某一细节超过50周期/度,就会混合在一起。 Further, if a detail of more than 50 cycles / degree, will be mixed together. 水平轴上的限度稍高于垂直轴上的。 Slightly higher than the limits of the horizontal axis perpendicular to the axis. 斜轴上的限度则比较低。 Limit diagonal axis is relatively low.

[0005] 色度通道可进一步分为两个次通道,鉴于此我们才能看到全部色彩。 [0005] chrominance channel can be further divided into two sub-channels, in view of this we can see all the colors. 这些通道完全不同于亮度通道,它们相当于两个低通滤光片。 These channels completely different from the luminance channel, which correspond to two low-pass filters. 其中一个可以随时分辨物体的颜色,无论该物体在我们的视域中有多大。 One can distinguish the color of the object at any time, regardless of whether the object is in our view field much. 红色/绿色色度次通道分辨率限度是8周期渡,而黄色/ 蓝色色度次通道分辨率则是久周期/度。 Red / green chrominance channel resolution limit is 8 times the transition period, while yellow / blue chrominance channel resolution times are long cycles / degree. 因此,对于大多数仔细观察的观众而言,由低八度的红/绿或黄/蓝色分辨率所造成的误差几乎无法注意到,就像完全没有一样,正如Xerox 及NASA, Ames Research Center 的实验所证实的那样(参见R. Martin, J. Glue, J. Madmer Detectability of Reduced BluePixel Count in Projection Displays, SID Digest 1993)。 Therefore, for most viewers careful observation, the error caused by the low octave of red / green or yellow / blue resolution caused barely noticed, just as completely as Xerox and NASA, Ames Research Center the experiments demonstrated that (see R. Martin, J. Glue, J. Madmer Detectability of Reduced BluePixel Count in Projection Displays, SID Digest 1993).

[0006] 亮度通道通过分析空间频率傅立叶变换分量确定图像细节。 [0006] Fourier transform of the frequency components of the luminance channel is determined by analyzing the spatial image details. 借助于信号理论,任何己知信号都可以被表示为一系列不同振幅和频率的正弦波的和。 By means of signal theory, any known signal can be represented as a series of sine waves of different frequencies and amplitudes and. 从算术角度讲,这个将某已知信号的正弦波分量弄清楚的过程叫做傅立叶变换。 The mathematically speaking, a known component of the sine wave signal to find out the process is called Fourier transform. 人类视觉系统在二维图像信号上响应于这些正弦波分量。 The human visual system on a two-dimensional image signal in response to the sine wave component. [0007] 颜色感觉受到一种称之为“同化”作用或Von Bezold混色效应的影响。 [0007] color perception by a technique called "Assimilation" dither effect or influence Von Bezold. 这就是为什么显示器上分开的像素(或子像素或发光体)可以感觉为混合色的原因。 This is why a separate display pixels (or sub-pixels or emitters) can be perceived as a mixed color of reasons. 混色效应发生于视场中的某一给定角距离范围内。 Mixing effect occurs in the field of view angle in a given distance range. 由于蓝色感光细胞相对稀少,因此,对于蓝色感光细胞而言,出现混色的角距离要比红色或绿色的要大。 Since the blue light-sensitive cells are relatively scarce, and therefore, for the blue light-sensitive cells, appear blending angular distance than red or green larger. 此距离对蓝色而言约为0.25°, 而对于红色或绿色而言约为0. 12°。 For this distance the blue about 0.25 °, while for red or green in terms of about 0. 12 °. 在12英寸的观察距离处,0.25°相当于显示器上的50mils (1,270 μ )。 In the observation at a distance of 12 inches, 0.25 ° corresponding to 50mils (1,270 μ) on the display. 因此,如果蓝色子像素间距小于混色间距的一半(625 μ ),颜色便能混合且不会损失图像质量。 Accordingly, if the blue sub-pixel pitch less than one half (625 μ) blending pitch, able to mix colors without loss of image quality. 这一混合效果与上文描述的色度次通道分辨率限度直接相关。 It is directly related to the resolution limit of the chroma sub-channel mixing effects described above. 低于分辨率限度,就可以看到分离色,高于分辨率限度,就可以看到混合色。 Lower than the resolution limit, you can see the color separations, higher than the resolution limit, can see the mixed color.

[0008] 本发明提供一种将着色的最初格式的源像素数据转化到所述的显示器上的方法, 所述显示器包含大量的子像素组,所述子像素组进一步包含8个子像素,其中每个所述子像素是第一彩色子像素、第二彩色子像素和第三彩色子像素中的一个子像素,其中所述的子像素组进一步包括四个所述第一彩色子像素、两个所述第二彩色子像素和两个所述第三彩色子像素,其中所述第二彩色子像素和所述第三彩色子像素大体上构成一个方格盘式样,所述方法包括: [0008] The present invention provides a format conversion source pixel data of the first coloring according to the method of a display comprising a large number of sub-pixel group, the sub-pixel group further comprising eight sub-pixels, wherein each of of said sub-pixels is a first color sub-pixel, a second color sub-pixel and the third sub-pixel of the color sub-pixels, wherein the sub-pixel group further comprises a first color sub-pixels of the four, two said second color subpixels and two third colored subpixels, wherein said second color sub-pixel and the third color sub-pixels constituting substantially a checkerboard pattern, said method comprising:

[0009] 输入一组彩色图象数据; [0009] a set of input color image data;

[0010] 在众多条件下检验输入数据;以及 [0010] In many test data input condition; and

[0011] 对输入数据的所述检验的结果采取适当措施。 [0011] to take appropriate measures to verify the result of the input data.


[0012] 结合在说明书中并构成本说明书的一部分的附图介绍了各种实现形式及实施例。 BRIEF [0012] incorporated in and constitute a part of this specification describes the various forms and embodiments implemented.

[0013] 图IA所示为具有8个子像素的复制单元的一种显示装置上,一个平面内的一种阵列中四色像素元的一种排列方法。 [0013] FIG IA is shown having a copying unit 8 sub-pixels on the display device an arrangement method of an array in one plane, four-color pixel elements of the display.

[0014] 图IB所示为具有8个子像素(8个子像素是通过选择和确定图IA所示的8个子像素中四个作为同样颜色的子像素得到的)的复制单元的一种显示器装置上,一个平面内的一种阵列中三色像素元的一种排列方法。 [0014] FIG IB is a sub-pixel having 8 (eight sub-pixels are determined by selecting and 8 shown in FIG. IA in the four sub-pixels of the same color as the sub-pixels obtained) A display device on a copy unit shown in FIG. an array in a plane in a three-color pixel element arrangement method.

[0015] 图IC所示为具有8个子像素(8个子像素是通过选择和确定图IA所示的8个子像素中四个作为同样颜色的子像素并且减少它们的宽度得到的)的复制单元的一种显示器装置上,一个平面内的一种阵列中三色像素元的一种排列方法。 [0015] Figure 8 IC having subpixels (eight sub-pixels are determined by selecting and eight sub-pixels shown in FIG. IA in the four sub-pixels of the same color and reduce their width obtained) copy unit a display on the apparatus, a method of an array are arranged in a plane in three-color pixel elements.

[0016] 图2所示为图IA图IB和图IC所示的子像素排列方式的一种电子驱动器排列方法的图式。 FIG arrangement method of an electronic type drive arrangement of subpixels shown in FIG. IA and FIG. IB IC [0016] 2 shown in FIG.

[0017] 图3Α、图;3Β所示为针对采用图IC所示的彩色子像素的排列方法的一种液晶显示器的有源矩阵点倒置驱动方法和图2所示的驱动器排列的相对极性。 [0017] FIG 3Α, FIG; 3ss opposite polarity drive arrangement shown in FIG. 2 and FIG inversion driving method of an active matrix liquid crystal display dot is directed to a method of arrangement of color subpixels using the IC shown in FIG. .

[0018] 图4Α、图4Β、图4C和图4D所示为一组对于图IC所示的子像素排列的单独的和重叠的绿色、蓝色和红色重采样区。 [0018] FIG 4alpha, FIG. 4 beta, FIG. 4C and overlapping individual green, red and blue resample areas shown in FIG. 4D, and as a set for the subpixel arrangement shown in FIG IC.

[0019] 图5Α、图5Β、图5C和图5D所示为一组图4Α图4Β、图4C和图4D的绿色的、蓝色的和红色的重采样区,并且重叠图IC所示的子像素排列覆盖以显示它们的相对位置。 [0019] FIG. 5a, FIG 5ss, 5C and 5D are a set of graphs shown in FIG 4Α green, blue and red resample area 4 beta, 4C, and 4D, and overlap the IC shown in FIG. subpixels arranged to cover showing the relative positions thereof.

[0020] 图5Ε所示为图IC所示的排列上显示的两个逻辑像素,这两个像素是从图4D所示的重采样区的子像素着色操作中产生的。 [0020] FIG 5Ε illustrates two logical pixels displayed on the arrangement shown in FIG IC, two pixels are resampled subpixel rendering operation region shown in FIG. 4D generated.

[0021] 图6Α所示为图IC所示的排列上显示的两个逻辑像素,这两个像素是从图6D所示的重采样区的子像素着色操作中产生的。 [0021] FIG 6Α illustrates two logical pixels displayed on the arrangement shown in FIG IC, which is generated from the two pixels in FIG. 6D subpixel rendering resample areas shown in operation.

[0022] 图6B、图6C和图6D所示为分别为一组蓝色的和红色的重采样区,和重叠图IC所示的子像素排列的图4A所示的绿色重采样区。 [0022] FIG. 6B, and 6C are a view of a set of red and blue resample areas, as shown in FIG. 6D IC and overlapping sub-pixel arrangement shown in FIG green resample area as shown in FIG. 4A.

[0023] 图7A所示为图4A图4B和图4C所分别表示的一组绿色的、蓝色的和红色的重采样区,并且重叠以显示它们的相对位置。 [0023] FIG. 7A shown in FIG. 4A 4B and 4C are a set of green, red and blue resample areas respectively, and superimposed to show their relative positions.

[0024] 图7B所示为图7A所示的重采样区的排列,该排列被图IC所示的子像素排列所重叠以显示它们的相对位置。 Arrangement [0024] FIG. 7B resample area as shown in FIGS. 7A, the arrangement is overlapped by the sub-pixel arrangement shown in FIG IC to show their relative positions.

[0025] 图8A和图8B所示为具有子像素各种垂直位移的8个一组的子像素排列的其他实施例。 [0025] Figure 8A and with various sub-pixel vertical displacement of a sub-group of eight pixels arranged in other embodiments 8B.

[0026] 图9A和图9B所示为子像素编组内分裂主要子像素的各种位移的8个一组的子像素排列的其他实施例。 [0026] FIGS. 9A and 9B, various other embodiments of the split sub-pixel shifts of the major sub-pixel for grouping a set of eight sub-pixel arrangement.

[0027] 图10描绘了包含适用于驱动按此处所举实施例制成的一块平板的子像素着色技术的一个系统。 [0027] FIG. 10 illustrates a system comprising a subpixel rendering technology is applicable to a driving plate Click For made herein of Example.

[0028] 图IlA和图IlB描绘了在合适的显示器上操作软件和硬件子像素着色的操作程序图的两个特定的实施例。 [0028] FIGS IlA and IlB depict two particular embodiments of the procedure of FIG operating software and hardware subpixel rendering on a suitable display.

[0029] 图12是实现根据此处公开的几种实施例制成的一个显示的一种特定实施例。 [0029] FIG. 12 is made to implement a particular embodiment of a display of the embodiment according to several embodiments disclosed herein. 具体实施方式 detailed description

[0030] 本部分详细描述了各种实现方式与实施例,附图说明中已提到部分例子。 [0030] This section details the various implementations and embodiments, description of the drawings Some examples already mentioned. 整个说明书中将尽量采用同一参考号指代同一部件或相似部件。 It will be used throughout the specification as far as possible the same reference numerals refer to the same components or similar components.

[0031] 子像素排列 [0031] The arrangement of subpixels

[0032] 图1所示为具有编组为110的有四色发光体的子像素发光体100的一种排列方式,每一列群向下移动一子像素。 [0032] Figure 1 is a grouping of four color sub-pixel has a light emitter arrangement 110 of light emitter 100, each column of a sub-pixel group is moved downwardly. 因而形成了一个由8个子像素构成的较大的直线性地复制的单元组120。 Thereby forming a larger unit group 120 linearly consisting of a copy of 8 sub-pixels. '094申请中介绍了这一阵列,同时'094申请也公开了在复制单元内将众多的子像素设置成同一颜色点的做法,图IB所示即为这样的一个例子,其中8个发光体复制单元组120中的四个发光体106被设成了同一颜色。 '094 application describes an array that, while the' 094 application also discloses a copying unit in many sub-pixels of the same color disposed point approach this figure is shown an example of the IB, wherein the light emitter 8 four light emitters 120 copy unit group 106 is set into the same color. 例如,这四个发光体106可被设成亮度调整(即,平衡)绿色的。 For example, the four light emitters 106 may be set to adjust the luminance (i.e., balance) the green. 例如,另外的子像素发光体可被设成红色104和蓝色102。 For example, additional sub-pixel emitters 104 may be provided red and blue 102. 亮度调整绿色的106子像素的区域,即“不动产”,相当于红色104和蓝色102子像素区域的两倍,但却被谐调为与红色104子像素具有同样的亮度。 Luminance adjustment green sub-pixel area 106, i.e., "real estate", is equivalent to twice the red 104 and blue 102 sub-pixel region, but is harmonized with the red sub-pixel 104 having the same brightness. 整个绿色能量被谐调为当所有的子像素被完全照亮时会生成一个令人满意的白点。 Green energy is harmonized as a whole when all of the sub-pixel is fully illuminated will generate a satisfactory white point. 这种谐调绿色子像素亮度的方法以前在'094申请中公开过。 Such harmonization green sub-pixel luminance over methods previously disclosed in the '094 application.

[0033] 图IC中,与其他两个于像素发光体104和102相比,四个子像素发光体106的大小和纵横比都被减少。 [0033] FIG IC, the pixels in the other two light emitters 104 and 102 as compared to the size of the four sub-pixels of light emitter 106 and the aspect ratio are reduced. 少数子像素104和102的纵横比同样可以被调整。 Few sub-pixel aspect ratio of 102 and 104 can likewise be adjusted. 此例中,子像素106 的相对大小被调整为子像素104或102大小的一半。 In this embodiment, the size of the sub-pixel 106 is adjusted relative to the sub-pixel 104 or 102 half size. 如前所述,颜色可以按需要选定。 As described above, the color can be selected as desired. 同时需要指出的是,尽管复制的8个一组的编组被表明多数彩色子像素占据第二和第四列, 也可满足多数子像素占据第一和第三列的要求。 At the same time it should be noted that, although the copied 8 is indicated a set of grouped majority color subpixels occupied by the second and fourth columns, can also meet the most requirements of the sub-pixels occupy the first and third column.

[0034] 另一个实施例中,颜色被设置成红色104、蓝色102和无亮度平衡的绿色106。 [0034] 102 blue and non-green luminance balance 106 another embodiment, red color is set to 104. 由于绿色106的数量是红色104和蓝色102数量的两倍,结果当所有子像素被完全照亮时,就可看到一个令人满意的白点。 Since 106 is twice the number of red green and blue number 104 102, the result when all the sub-pixel is fully illuminated, a white point can be seen satisfactorily. [0035] 在这两个实施例中,为了便显示阵列100包含正方形的复制单元组120,可调整子像素纵横比。 [0035] In both embodiments, array 100 is displayed in order to copy the cell group comprising a square 120, the adjustable sub-pixel aspect ratio. 这需要将多数彩色于像素发光体106放置在一个正方形格子上,将少数彩色子像素发光体102和104放置在或几乎放置在一个理想化的“方格盘”上。 This requires that the majority of the color of the pixel emitters 106 disposed on a square lattice, the minority color sub-pixel emitters 102 and 104 are placed in or placed on a nearly idealized "checkerboard." 对于另一种颜色设置实施例的例子,子像素106可以被设置成红色,子像素104可被设置成绿色,如图IB 和图IC所示。 For another color setting example of embodiment, the sub-pixel 106 may be provided in the red, sub-pixel 104 may be set to green, IB and IC as shown in FIG. 在这种颜色规定下,下面即将讨论的子像素着色运算法则将类似地工作。 Subpixel rendering algorithm in which a predetermined color, to be discussed below will work similarly.

[0036] 不仅绿色或红色子像素可以担任8个一组的编组120的多数有色子像素;蓝色子像素也可以担任多数子像素。 [0036] Not only green or red sub-pixels may serve eight most colored subpixels 120, a set of grouping; blue sub-pixels may also serve the majority subpixels. '738临时申请中曾公开过此类的排列方法。 '738 Provisional Application has been disclosed such a method of arrangement. 因此,所有三种颜色一红色、绿色和蓝色一都可以占用编组的多数子像素位置。 Therefore, all three colors a red, a green and blue sub-pixel can occupy the position of the majority grouping. 另外,值得一提的是,当这些颜色一红色、绿色和蓝色一被用来说明本实施例时,三种颜色的其他合适的选择一代表一个显示的合适的色彩范围一同样可以实现本发明的目的。 Further, it is worth mentioning that, when one of these colors red, green and blue are used to illustrate an embodiment when the present embodiment, other suitable select a suitable color represents a display range of one of three colors one can also implement the present the object of the invention.

[0037] 如图1A、图IB和图IC所示,子像素大体呈矩形形状。 [0037] As shown in FIG. 1A, IB and IC, the sub-pixel substantially rectangular shape. 值得一提的是子像素的其它形状也是可能,是期待在本发明范围内的。 It is worth mentioning that other shapes are possible sub-pixel, be expected within the scope of the present invention. 例如,如果能够生产出来,子像素其它众多规则和不规则的形状也是可能的。 For example, if able to be produced, the shape of the sub-pixels numerous other regular and irregular also possible. 此处描述的方式可用于标注子像素着色(SPR),但只有当该方式中有一个8个彩色子像素的组合时才行。 Described herein may be used labels subpixel rendering (SPR), the job but only when this embodiment has a combination of eight colored subpixels.

[0038] 由于本发明范围内子像素的形状可各种各样,本发明范围内子像素的准确位置也可多种多样。 [0038] Since the shape of the subpixels within the scope of the present invention may vary, the exact location within the scope of the present invention subpixels may be varied. 例如,图SA和SB描绘了一个类似的8个子像素构成的编组,其中一个或两个多数条106对于子像素102和104有位移(相对地或以另外方式)。 For example, FIGS. SA and SB depict a similar grouping of the eight sub-pixels, wherein the one or two most strips 106 and 104 for the sub-pixels 102 with a displacement (relative or otherwise). 其它的垂直位移也有可能。 Other vertical displacement is also possible.

[0039] 8个一组的编组的其它实施例同样是有可能的。 [0039] 8 consist of a set of other embodiments are also possible. 图9A和9B描绘了一种8个一组的编组,其中多数子像素106散布在由子像素102和104构成的方格盘里。 9A and 9B depicts a grouping of a set of eight, most of the sub-pixels 106 dispersed in a checkerboard configuration where the sub-pixels 102 and 104. 此类方格盘内多数子像素位置也可能有其它排列方式,并在本发明范围内。 Such inner most sub-pixel checkerboard location may also have other arrangements, and within the scope of the present invention.

[0040] 图9A和9B可以有柱形电极呈Z字形穿过该显示器。 [0040] FIGS. 9A and 9B may have a cylindrical electrode through which the Z-shaped display. 与有相同分辨率的RGB条纹系统相比,柱形驱动器节省应为1/3,子像素的数量大约为RGB条纹系统的子像素数量的2/3。 Compared with RGB stripe systems have the same resolution, the cylindrical drive savings should be 1/3, the number of sub-pixels is approximately the number of sub-pixels RGB stripe systems 2/3.

[0041] 本发明的其它实施例也是可能的。 [0041] Other embodiments of the invention are possible. 例如,整个8个一组的子像素编组可以被旋转90度来反转连接到该组的行和列驱动器的作用。 For example, the entire 8-pixel grouping a sub-set may be rotated 90 degrees to reverse the effect connected to the row and column of the set of drivers. 名为“具有水平子像素排列和设计的彩色显示器”的同时待审的申请公开了此类子像素水平排列方法,此处引作参考。 Meanwhile called "sub-pixel having a horizontal arrangement and design of color display" pending application discloses such a method of sub-pixels arranged horizontally, incorporated herein by reference.

[0042] 另一种发光体“方格盘”与编号为09/916,232( '232申请)的同时待审和普通转让美国专利申请中公开的红色和绿色“方格盘”相似。 [0042] Another phosphor "checkerboard" and No. 09 / 916,232 ( '232 Application) and to commonly assigned copending U.S. Patent Application Publication red and green similar "checkerboard." 该专利申请名为“用于具有简化寻址的全色彩成像装置的彩色像素的排列”,2001年7月25日存档,采用编号为10/150,355的美国专利申请公开的子像素着色技术,该专利申请名为“采用伽吗调整的子像素着色方法和系统”,2002年5月17日存档。 The patent application entitled "for the color pixels arranged in a full-color image forming apparatus having a simplified addressing," July 25, 2001 the archive, using subpixel rendering technology No. 10 / 150,355 is disclosed in U.S. Patent Application the patent application entitled "method and subpixel rendering system uses the gamma adjustment", May 17, 2002 archive. 这些同时待审的申请此处被引做参考。 These co-pending applications are incorporated by reference herein. 上述同时待审的申请所公开的方法可进行修改用于此处所公开的实施例。 While the above-described method disclosed in copending application can be modified for the embodiments herein disclosed embodiments.

[0043] 图2所示为图1A、图IB和图IC所示的彩色发光体子像素排列的驱动器布置200 的一种图式。 Sub color phosphor [0043] shown in FIG. 2 FIG. 1A, IB and IC shown in FIG pixel arrangement of one kind of drive arrangement 200 of figures. 为方便起见,所举例子中的子像素与图IC所示的子像素的数量相同。 For convenience, the example sub-pixel and the sub-IC in FIG same number of sub-pixels shown in FIG. 由于部件210可代表一个或几个电子元件(图示没有显示这一点以免遮蔽装置),这些驱动器排列可用于大量的显示技术中。 Since member 210 may represent one or several electronic components (not shown not shown in order to avoid this shielding means), these drives can be arranged for a number of display technologies. 特别是它们可代表用于无源编址液晶显示(LCD)或电致发光显示(EL)的电容显示元件。 In particular, they can represent a passive addressed liquid crystal display (LCD) or an electroluminescent display (EL) display element capacitance. 还可以代表等离子体显示板(PDP)内的气态放电元件, 无源寻址无机发光二极管或有机发光二极管显示器的半导体二极管元件,有源矩阵液晶显示器(AMLCD)的晶体管、蓄电器以及电容元件,还可代表有源矩阵有机发光H极管显示器(AMOLED)的多晶体管、蓄电器和发光元件。 May also represent a gaseous discharge device in a plasma display panel (PDP), a passive addressable semiconductor diode element emitting diode inorganic or an organic light emitting diode display, an active matrix liquid crystal Displays (AMLCD) of the transistor, and a capacitive energy storage element, may also represent H active matrix organic light emitting diode display multi transistor (AMOLED), the accumulator and the light emitting element. 总体上讲,可以代表其它已知或有待发明的显示器技术中的彩色子像素及其相关的电子元件。 Generally speaking, it may represent other known or yet to be invented art display color sub-pixel and its associated electronics.

[0044] 业内已知的驱动计时及方法可用于上述的NXM驱动矩阵。 [0044] known in the art may be used to drive the timing and method of the above-described driving NXM matrix. 不过需要根据具体的色彩选定,特别是要根据穿过平板的方格盘或单独一列内的色彩变化进行调整。 However, according to the specific needs of a selected color, in particular, to be adjusted through the planar checkerboard color variations within a single column or. 例如,可以改进业内已知的技术为无源液晶显示中的“多行寻址”或“多线寻址”以使行的编组限制在奇数和偶数的行组合内。 For example, techniques known in the art can improve the liquid crystal display is a passive "multi-line addressing" or "multi-line addressing" group row so limited in the odd and even lines in combination. 这将减少潜在的色彩串色干扰,因为在一个有两个交互色彩子像素的列内,每次只有一种颜色被标注。 This will reduce the potential for cross-color interference colors, because the two interact in a color sub-pixel columns, that only one color is marked.

[0045] 倒置图式适用于此处公开的实施例中,该图式转换显示器单元两端的电场极性从而提供单元两端的一个时间平均值为零的纯场和离子电流。 [0045] FIG inverted formula applied to the embodiment disclosed herein, the conversion of polarities FIG across the display cell to provide a pure and ion current field across a unit time average zero. 图3A和图:3B所示是两种“点倒置”图式300和310,分别指有源矩阵液晶显示器上的“1x1”和“2x1”,这两种图式都可取得良好的效果。 3A and FIG: 3B shown are two "dot inversion" schema 300 and 310, respectively, refer to "1x1-," and "2X1" on the active matrix liquid crystal display, both the drawings can achieve good results. 当正负极之间发生光发射的失衡时,尤其是当眼睛追踪屏幕上显示的图画的运动时,图3B所示的图式效果更好。 When the imbalance occurs between the light emitting positive and negative, especially when the eye tracking of the moving picture displayed on the screen, the drawings shown in FIG. 3B better effect. 每幅图表都显示了一半显示器标注场的极性,另一半场的极性相反,这些场交替出现,就会得出纯的零电流(零直流偏压),业内人士都熟知这一点。 Each half of the web graph have shown marked polarity display field, the other half of the opposite polarity, the alternating field, would come pure zero current (zero DC bias), all well known in this industry.

[0046] 数据格式转换 [0046] The data format conversion

[0047] 针对采用区重采样技术的数据格式转换的一个实施例,图4A、图4B和图4C所示为分别对于绿色、蓝色和红色平面的绿色406、蓝色402和红色404重采样区阵列。 [0047] Area Resampling uses for data format conversion technique according to one embodiment, FIGS. 4A, 4B and 4C, respectively green for the green, blue and red planes 406, blue 402 and red 404 resample area array. 注意每个彩色重采样区阵列406、402和404由重采样区似6、422和似4构成,并且每个重采样区都有各自的与其相关联的重采样点416、412和414。 Note that each of the color resample area arrays 406,402 and 404, like the re-sampling and 6,422-like region 4 constituted, and each region has its own resampler its associated resample points 416,412 and 414. 在每一个彩色平面内,重采样点416,412 和414分别与绿色106、蓝色102和红色104子像素区域的相应位置相匹配;但,其准确的交互彩色平面相位关系则不是必要的。 In each color plane, resampling points 416,412 and 414 respectively match the corresponding position of the green 106, blue 102, and red sub-pixel region 104; however, its precise interaction of the phase relationship between the color plane is not necessary. 值得一提的是相位关系的数目是可以任意的。 It is worth mentioning that the number of phase relationship is arbitrary.

[0048] 图4D所示为一种特定交互彩色平面相位关系400。 [0048] Figure 4D is a particular phase relationship interactive color plane 400. 这一关系可被用于转变传统的被完全汇合的正方形格子红、绿、蓝色RGB格式,这一格式将与图IC所示的正方形绿色106 子像素格子一对一显示。 This relationship can be used to change the traditional square lattice are completely confluent red, green, blue green square RGB format, the format shown in FIG IC 106 one display sub-pixel grid. 在该交互彩色平面相位关系400中,绿色406、蓝色402和红色404 重采样区阵列大体被确定为使红色414和蓝色412重采样点与绿色416采样点重合。 In the phase relationship of the color plane interaction 400, green 406, blue 402 and red 404 resample area arrays is determined to be substantially the red 414 and blue 412 and green resample points 416 sampling points coincide. 这就使绿色子像素106如同位于红色104和蓝色102子像素方格盘的顶部或与其密切相关。 This makes the green sub-pixel 106 as the top of the red 104 and blue 102 sub-pixel checkerboard or closely related.

[0049] 图5A、图5B和图5C所示分别为图4A图4B和图4C所示的绿色406、蓝色402和红色4D4重采样区阵列,这些阵列被图IC所示的子像素排列100所重叠,具有图4D所示的交互彩色平面相位关系400。 Subpixel arrangement [0049] Figures 5A, green 406 shown in FIG. 4A 4B and 4C, the blue and red 402 resample area arrays 4D4 shown in FIG. 5B and 5C, the IC these arrays are shown in FIG. 100 overlap, interactive color plane having a phase relationship shown in FIG. 4D 400. 图5D所示为图4D的交互彩色平面相位关系400,它被图IC 所示的子像素排列方式100所重叠。 FIG. 5D shows the phase relationship of the color planes 400 of FIG. 4D interaction, which is the sub-pixel arrangement shown in FIG IC 100 overlapped. 这些图表仅仅是解释性的,只是协助理解该实施例中重采样点、重构点、重采样区同子像素位置之间的关系。 These diagrams are merely illustrative, but assist in understanding the embodiment Resampling Points embodiment, reconstruction point, the relationship between sub-pixel positions with resampling region.

[0050] 以上所参考的'355专利申请中描述了将引入数据格式转化为适合于该显示器的方法。 [0050] The '355 patent application referenced above describes a method of introducing into a data format suitable for the display. 方法如下:(1)确定引入三色像素数据的每个数据点的暗含采样区;(¾确定显示器中每个彩色子像素的重采样区;(3)得出每个重采样区的系数,该系数由分数构成,分数的分母是重采样区的函数,分子是上述每个暗含采样区的面积的函数,暗含采样区可能与重采样区部分重合;(4)将每个暗含采样区的引入像素数据与系数相乘得到积;(5)将各个相加得到每个重采样区的亮度值。 As follows: (1) determining implied sample introduction region of each data point of the three-color pixel data; (¾ determining for each color sub-pixel display resampling region; (3) the coefficient obtained for each resampled zone, the score consists of the coefficient, the denominator of which is a function of the resample area, each of said molecules is a function of the area of ​​the implied sample area, it may be partially overlapped implied sample area of ​​the heavy sampling region; (4) each implied sample area introduction of pixel data obtained by multiplying the product of the coefficient; (5) obtained by adding the luminance value of each individual weight sampling region.

[0051] 考察图4D和图SD所示的重采样操作“一对一”格式转换情况,绿色平面转换是一个单一滤光片。 [0051] FIGS. 4D and SD investigated resampling operation shown in "one to one" format conversion, the conversion plane is a single green filter. 红色和蓝色平面采用'355申请中详细讨论得出的一个3X3滤光系数矩阵: [0052] Using red and blue plane '355 application discussed in detail in the filter coefficients derived from a 3X3 matrix: [0052]

Figure CN101325028BD00081

[0053] 图5E所示为接入两个全色输入数据像素的结果。 [0053] Figure 5E is an access two panchromatic pixels input data results. 这两个像素被转换成以不同的幅度接入的两群子像素,称作“逻辑像素” 500。 These two pixels are converted into two groups with different amplitude sub-pixel access, referred to as "logical pixels" 500. 其中一个逻辑像素位于红色子像素104的中心或靠近它。 Wherein a logical pixel 104 in the center of the red sub-pixel or near it. 绿色子像素106被设置成100%的照度。 Green sub-pixel is set to 106 to 100% illumination. 红色子像素104被设置成50%的照度,而周围的四个蓝色子像素102被设置成每个12. 5%的照度。 Red sub-pixel 104 is set to 50% illumination, and four blue sub-pixel 102 is disposed around each of the illumination 12.5%. 结果在红色104和绿色106子像素的中央,人眼可以看到一个白点。 The results in the red 104 and green 106 subpixels in the center, the human eye can see a white point. 另一个逻辑像素500同样将绿色子像素106 设置成100%的照度,旁边的蓝色于像素102设置成50%的照度,而周围的四个红色子像素104设置成每个12. 5%的照度。 Another logical pixel 500 will be the same green sub-pixel 106 set to 100% of the illumination, the blue pixel 102 disposed next to the 50% illumination, the four red sub-pixel 104 is disposed around each of the 12.5% illuminance.

[0054] 图6B和6C所示为一个可选择的蓝色602和红色604彩色平面重采样区阵列一此处表示为方形(60X)滤光片αθ.5 0.5])-来分别取代图4Β和图4C所示的蓝色402和红色404重采样区阵列。 [0054] FIG 6B is represented as a selectable and blue color planes 602 and red 604 resample area arrays shown in FIG. 6C is a square here (60X) αθ.5 0.5]) Filter - FIG respectively instead 4Β blue and red 402 resample area arrays 404 and FIG. 4C shown. 图6D说明了采用绿色406、蓝色602和红色604重采样区阵列的一种交互彩色平面相位关系610。 6D illustrates the phase relationship of the color planes using an interactive 610 green 406, blue 602 and red 604 resample area arrays. 图6Α所示为采用交互彩色平面相位关系610的重采样操作接入两个输入数据格式像素产生的逻辑像素600,交互彩色平面相位关系610是从具有与绿色子像素106 —对一像素的输入数据中得来的。 The logic shown in FIG. 6Α color plane pixel interactively phase relationship between two input pixel data format generated by resampling operation 600 of access 610, interactive color plane 610 is a phase relationship with the green sub-pixel having from 106-- input to a pixel data come. 这些逻辑像素600可与图SE所示的两个逻辑像素500有同样的相对位置。 Two logical pixel 600 may be represented by the logic of FIG SE 500 pixels have the same relative position. 同时,它也可能位于绿色方形滤光片的中央通过稍微调节格子大体上与一个输入像素相匹配。 It also may be located in the center of the green square filter by slightly adjusting the lattice match substantially an input pixel.

[0055] 自适应性滤波技术也可在此处公开的像素排列方式中得以体现,下面将进一步说明这一点。 [0055] Adaptive filtering pixel arrangement may be reflected disclosed herein, it will be explained further below.

[0056] 再说一次,绿色重采样使用一个单一的滤光片。 [0056] Again, the use of a single green resampling filter. 红色和蓝色平面采用一个非常简单的1x2系数滤光片:[0.5 0.5]。 Red and blue plane using a very simple 1x2 coefficients filter: [0.5 0.5].

[0057] 采用一块自适应滤光片就不要求输入数据的采样达到3x3,使用两行记忆的最小值。 [0057] using an adaptive filter the input sample data is not required to achieve 3x3, two rows of memory minimum value. 该自适应性滤光片,与编号为10/215,843的同时待审和普通转让的美国专利申请('843申请)中公开的相似,该专利申请名为“具有自适应滤波的子像素着色的方法及系统”,2002年8月8日存档,此处被引作参考。 The adaptive filter, and No. 10 / 215,843 and co-pending and commonly assigned U.S. Patent Application ( '843 application) similar to that disclosed in the patent application entitled "sub-pixels have colored adaptive filtering method and system ", August 8, 2002 archive, here incorporated by reference. 该测验可以使用输入数据较小的采样,如1X3 或1X2的矩阵。 The use of smaller test input data sample, such as a 1X3 or 1X2 matrix. 绿色数据被采样以对垂直线或斜线进行检测,随后,邻近绿色检测点的红色和蓝色数据可能被改变。 Green data is sampled at a vertical or oblique line is detected, then the detection point near the green red and blue data may be changed.

[0058] 因此,一个自适应性滤波检测可按下述步骤进行以检测高对比度边是否被检测到:将绿色数据(G)与一个最小值和一个最大值作比较,如果G<最小值或6>最大值,那么一个记录值被设置为1,否则记录值设置为0 ;比较三个连续的绿色数据点记录值以检测模板(mask)判断边缘是否被检测到;如果已检测到,那就对红色和/或蓝色数据采取适当措施一如,应用伽吗或一种新值或不同的滤光系数。 [0058] Accordingly, an adaptive filter is detected according to the following steps to detect whether a high contrast edge is detected: the green data (G) with a minimum and a maximum value for comparison, if G <minimum or 6> maximum value, the recorded value is set to 1, otherwise the recorded value is set to 0; Comparative three consecutive green data values ​​to detect the dot recording template (mask) determines whether an edge is detected; if detected, that to take appropriate measures against the red and / or blue as data, application gamma or a new or different values ​​of the filter coefficients.

[0059] 下表解释了这一检测方法: [0059] The following table explains the detection method:

[0060] [0060]

Figure CN101325028BD00091

[0061] 对于上述例子,一个边被检测到,在这一点可以有大量的选择和/或采取大量的措施。 [0061] For the above example, an edge is detected, at which point there may be a large number of selection and / or taking a number of measures. 例如,伽吗修正可应用于对红色和/或蓝色的方形滤波的输出;或者采用代表要求平衡色彩的输出的一个新的固定值;或采用于像素着色(SPR)滤波。 Example, Gamma correction may be applied to the output of the red and / or blue filters of the square; or with a new fixed value representative of the color balance output requirements; or using (SPR) filtering to the pixel shader.

[0062] 在这种情况下,对黑色直线、黑点、黑色边缘和黑色斜线的检测方法类似,因为只有三个值被检测: [0062] In this case, black lines, black spots, similar to the black and hatched black edge detecting method, because only three values ​​are detected:

[0063] [0063]

Figure CN101325028BD00092

[0064] 上表中,第一行可代表任意一边有白像素的一个黑像素。 [0064] In the above table, the first row may represent white pixels on either side of a black pixel. 第二行代表一个黑色直线或黑点的一个边。 The second straight line represents a black or a black dot side. 第三行代表另一个位置的一个黑线的一个边。 A third side of a row of black lines represent another. 二进制数码用作为检测的一个编码。 Used as a binary coded digital detected.

[0065] 对白色直线、白点、白色边缘和白色斜线的检测方法如下图所示: [0065] The white lines, the detection method of the white point, the white and white edge oblique lines as shown below:

[0066] [0066]

Figure CN101325028BD00093

[0067] 如果检测是正确的,例如,高检测和低检测分别为240和16 (超出255),那么使用方形滤光片(box filter)的这些边的输出值可能是128+/-4或其他适宜的值。 [0067] If the test is true, for example, high and low detection detection were 16 and 240 (more than 255), then the filter using a square (box filter) output values ​​of these sides may be 4 or +/- 128 other suitable value. 模式匹配(patternmatching)是针对靠近记录值的二进制数码的。 Pattern Matching (patternmatching) is close to the record for the binary value of digital. 被提高到一个合适的伽吗功率的128的一个简单的复位可以被输出到显示器里。 Is raised to a suitable power of a simple Gamma reset 128 may be output to the Display. 例如,对于伽吗-2. 2,输出值接近186。 For example, Gamma -2. 2, the output value approaches 186. 即使输入可能有变化,这只是一个边缘修正项,因此可以使用一个固定值且不会犯明显的错误。 Even if the input may have changed, this is just a correction term edge, so you can use a fixed value and does not make obvious mistakes. 当然,为了更准确,同样可以使用一个伽吗查找表。 Of course, to be more accurate, you can also use a gamma lookup table. 值得一提的是,一个不同但可能相似的修正值可用于白色边缘和黑色边缘。 It is worth mentioning that a different but may be similar to a correction value for the white and the black border edge. 同样值得一提的是作为检测边缘的结果,红色和/或蓝色数据都可由一组不同的滤光系数来处理一如,应用一个(10)滤波(即单一滤波),它能有效关闭针对那个像素值的子像素着色。 Also worth mentioning that as a result of edge detection, red and / or blue data can be a different set of filter coefficients as processing, an application (10) filter (i.e., a single filter), which is effective for close sub-pixel value of the pixel shader.

[0068] 上述检测以前是主要是针对绿色检测的,随后处理红色和蓝色。 [0068] the detection used to be mainly for the detection of green, red and blue subsequent processing. 作为选择,红色和蓝色可以分别被检测,技需要采取措施。 Can be detected separately as an option, red and blue, technical measures need to be taken. 如果只需对黑色边缘和白色边缘应用修正技术,那么所有三色数据组都可被检测,并一起进行逻辑运算(and the result ANDedtogether) 0 If only the edges of black and white edge correction technique applied, then all three color data sets can be detected, and logical operations (and the result ANDedtogether) with 0

[0069] 进一步的简化可按如下方法进行。 [0069] A further simplification carried out as follows. 如果一行只有两个像素接受边缘检测,那么上述检测可以进一步简化,而且仍可以达到高阈值和低阈值。 If a row only two pixels receiving edge detection, then the detection can be further simplified, but still can reach the high threshold and a low threshold. 如果(01)或(10)被检测到,就可以应用一个新值一否则就使用原来的值。 If (01) or (10) is detected, a new value can be applied using a previous value otherwise.

[0070] 还有另一种简化方法可以应用(以红色为例):从紧接左边的红色值值Rlri中减去红色数据值1¾如果Δ大于一个预定数一例如240 —那么边缘被检测了。 [0070] There is another simplified method can be applied (red for example): a red value immediately from the left Rlri subtracting the data values ​​of red 1¾ if Δ is greater than a predetermined number eg, 240 a - then the edge is detected . 如果一个边被检测了,就可以调换一个新值,或应用伽吗,将值1¾输出到显示器,或应用新的子像素着色滤光系数;否则,如果没有边被检测,方形滤波的结果输出到显示器上。 If an edge is detected, it may be switched to a new value, Gamma, or application, the value is output to the display 1¾, or a new filter coefficient subpixel rendering application; otherwise, if no edge is detected, the output of the boxcar filtering on a display. 由于1¾或Rlri其中的一个稍大,Δ的绝对值可以被检测。 Due to a slightly larger 1¾ or Rlri therein, Δ is the absolute value can be detected. 同样的简化可以应用到蓝色上;如果绿色在编组中是分裂像素,那就不需要检测或调整。 The same simplification may be applied to blue; If the green pixel is split in the consist, the detection or there is no need to adjust. 作为选择,可以对降边(即^i-Rlri < 0)和升边(即Rn-Rn^1 > 0)采用不同的方法。 Alternatively, it is possible to reduce side (i.e. ^ i-Rlri <0) and L-side (i.e. Rn-Rn ^ 1> 0) takes a different approach.

[0071] 结果是得到每个只有H个子像素的逻辑像素600。 [0071] The result is a logic H only each sub-pixel 600. 为得到一个白点,对红色和蓝色数据采用方形滤波,绿色子像素106的照度如前所述设置为100%。 To obtain a white dot, a square red filter and the blue data, green luminance sub-pixel 106 is set to 100% as previously described. 旁边的红色104和蓝色102的照度都被设置为50%。 Red 104 and blue 102 next illumination are set to 50%. 图6D所示的交互彩色平面相位关系610的重采样操作非常简单,成本低廉,但其图像质量还不错。 FIG. 6D interactive color plane phase relationship 610 shown resampling operation is very simple, low cost, but the image quality is good.

[0072] 上述两个数据格式转换方法通过将逻辑像素的中心放置在数量较多的绿色子像素上与人眼相匹配。 [0072] The two data format conversion method of the logical pixel center is placed on the large number of green sub-pixels match the human eye. 绿色子像素的宽度只有红色子像素的一半,其亮度却与红色子像素的亮度相同。 Green sub-pixel width only half of the red sub-pixel, which has the same luminance and the luminance of the red sub-pixel. 实际上,每个区域内每个绿色子像素106的亮度好像只有相关的逻辑像素的一半,其余的亮度与附近被照亮的红色子像素有关。 Indeed, the luminance of each of the green sub-pixel 106 in each region if only half of the relevant logical pixel, the red sub-pixel luminance in the vicinity of the rest of the relevant illuminated. 因此,绿色子像素提供了大多数的高分辨率亮度调制,而红色和蓝色提供了较低的分辨率色彩调制,与人眼相匹配。 Thus, most of the green sub-pixel resolution provides intensity modulation, while the red and blue color provides a lower resolution modulation, the human eye to match.

[0073] 图7Α所示为使用图4Α、4Β和4C所示的绿色406、蓝色402和红色404重采样区阵列的一个可供选择的交互彩色平面相位关系700。 [0073] As shown in FIG. 7Α interactive color plane phase relationship is an alternative to FIG 4Α, green 406 shown 4Β and 4C, blue 402 and red 404 resample area arrays 700. 注意此交互彩色平面相位关系700中的相对相位与图7Β所示的彩色子像素排列100的相对相位相同,此交互彩色平面相位关系700的重采样点的相对相位与交互彩色平面相位关系610的相对相位相同。 Note that this interaction color plane shown in a phase relationship relative phase 700 of FIG 7Β color subpixels 100 arranged in the same relative phase, relative phase relationship between the phase of the color planes in this interaction Resampling Points 700 phase relationship with the interactive color planes 610 the same relative phase. 如果这个交互彩色平面相位关系700被用作“一对一”的数据格式转换,绿色将再一次是一个单一滤波, 而红色和蓝色将采用3X2系数滤波核: If the phase relationship interactive color plane 700 is used as a "one" data format conversion, it will again be a single green filter, while the red and blue filter kernel using 3X2 coefficient:

[0074] [0074]

Figure CN101325028BD00101

[0075] 注意这两栏每个合计都是0. 5,与交互彩色平面相位关系610的红色和蓝色重采样滤波操作的系数相似。 [0075] Note that each of these columns is the total similarity coefficient 0.5, the color-plane phase interactions resampling red and blue filter 610 operation.

[0076] 图7Α所示的这个交互彩色平面相位关系700可用于传统的格式数据组的上下缩放比例。 [0076] FIG 7Α this interaction phase relation shown in the color planes may be used to vertically scale 700 conventional data set format. 所参考的'355申请中公开了计算滤波系数的区域重采样方法和跟踪输入和输出数据缓冲区的方法。 '355 referenced application discloses a tracking and resampling method of the input and output of the filter coefficients are calculated area data buffers. 但是,根据另一个实施例,只要红和蓝彩色平面可以区域重采样,在将数据组转化以显示在图IC所示的彩色子像素100的排列方式上时,采用放大这些数据组的一个双立方体插值运算法则(bi-cubic interpolation algorithm)的一种新颖的实现形式来为绿色子像素106的正方形格子计算滤波系数项,这种方法更便利。 However, according to one pair of data sets another embodiment, as long as the red and blue color plane resample areas may be in the conversion to the data group shown in FIG IC when the color sub-pixel arrangement 100 shown, an amplifying the cube interpolation algorithm (bi-cubic interpolation algorithm) to achieve a novel form of a square lattice of 106 green sub-pixel filter coefficients are calculated terms, this method is more convenient.

[0077] 图10描绘了一个系统1000,在该系统中,根据本说明中公开的各种实施例制成的显示器由一种子像素着色技术1004来驱动,该技术可保存在物理装置1002上。 [0077] FIG. 10 illustrates a system 1000, in this system, made according to the display is driven from a 1004 subpixel rendering technology, the technology can be stored on a physical device 1002 according to various embodiments disclosed in the present specification. 一输入图象数据流1008可输入到子像素着色技术1004并以此处公开的方式转化。 An input image data stream 1008 may be input to the sub-pixel shading 1004 and transformed in the manner disclosed herein. 一输出图象数据流1010被发送到显示器装置1006以驱动各种子像素进而形成图象。 An output image data stream 1010 is transmitted to the display device 1006 to drive the various sub-pixel thereby forming an image. 正如此处所引的几处参考中指出的,子像素着色(SPR)技术1004可由硬件和/或软件,或是二者的结合体实现。 As used herein incorporated by reference in the several indicated, subpixel rendering (SPR) technique 1004 may be hardware and / or software, or a combination of both to achieve. 例如,子像素着色技术1004可作为逻辑(硬件或是软件)保存在显示器上,或保存在图表控制芯片或是插件板上。 For example, subpixel rendering techniques may be stored on a display 1004 as logic (hardware or software), or stored in a chip or chart control plug board.

[0078] 图IlA和图IlB描述了分别在软件和硬件内子像素着色的两种特定的操作程序图。 [0078] FIGS IlA and IlB described two specific procedure in FIG software and hardware, respectively subpixel rendering. 图IlA中,子像素着色可在一个个人电脑上或其他处理系统和/或方法上提前实现。 FIG IlA, the subpixel rendering may be implemented in advance or on other processing systems and / or methods on a personal computer. 这种情况下,预着色的图象可被下载到控制器或界面上,并被发送到运行该显示器的驱动器上。 In this case, the pre-colored image may be downloaded to the controller or interface, and sent to the display drive operation. 图IlB中,图象数据可从众多不同的来源输入一例如,有数字视频界面输出的笔记本电脑或是有数字视频界面输出的桌上电脑一输入到一个进行子像素着色的硬件模块。 FIG IlB, the image data from a number of different input sources e.g., digital video interface output digital notebook or desktop computer video output interface to an input of a subpixel rendering hardware modules. 在那里,子像素着色数据最终可通过一个控制器或界面和一个驱动器发送到该显示器上。 There may be subpixel rendered data is finally sent to a monitor via the interface and a controller or drive. 当然, 其他硬件和软件实现方式也是可能的,图IlA和图IlB只描述了可能的实现方式中的两种。 Of course, other hardware and software implementations are also possible, drawing IlA and IlB only describes two possible implementations of.

[0079] 图12所示为此处公开的采用子像素复制单元的一个320X320 STN显示器的一个特定的显示器实现方式。 [0079] FIG. 12 shows a specific display is disclosed herein use of a sub-pixel replication 320X320 STN display unit implementation. 尽管图12也公开了各种子像素的尺寸,值得一提的是其他尺寸也同样可满足要求,图12只是提供了一种实现方式的阐释。 Although Figure 12 also discloses a variety of sub-pixel size, it is worth mentioning that other dimensions can also meet the requirements, FIG. 12 illustrates only provides one implementation.

[0080] 因本发明的阐述参考了示范性的实施例,技术娴熟的业内人士不难理解可在本发明范围内对此做各种变化,可用同类物取代其中的元件。 [0080] The invention is illustrated by reference to exemplary embodiments, those skilled in the industry this may be difficult to understand that various changes within the scope of the present invention, can be substituted for elements thereof similar. 另外,也可在不偏离本发明范围内,做大量的调整以使某一特定情况或材料适应主旨。 Further, also in the present invention without departing from the scope, so do a lot of adjustments in a particular situation or material to the spirit. 例如,上述的一些实施例可实现在其他显示器技术上,如有机发光二极管(OLED)、电致发光显示器(EL)、电泳显示器、有源矩阵液晶显示器(AMIXD)、无源矩阵液晶显示器(PMIXD)、白炽显示器、固态发光二极管(LED)、 等离子体面板显示器(PDP)和闪光显示器。 For example, some of the above embodiments may be implemented in other display technologies, such as organic light emitting diode (the OLED), electroluminescent display (the EL), an electrophoretic display, an active matrix liquid crystal display (AMIXD), a passive matrix liquid crystal display (PMIXD ), incandescent displays, solid state light emitting diode (the LED), a plasma display panel (PDP) and a display flashes. 因此,本发明不应局限于被公开的作为针对本发明的最佳模式的某一特定实施例,而包括附带权利要求书范围内的所有实施例。 Accordingly, the present invention should not be limited to the disclosed embodiment for a particular embodiment of the best mode of the present invention, and all embodiments within the scope of the appended claims include.

Claims (8)

  1. 1. 一种转化第一格式的输入彩色像素数据以着色到显示器上的方法,所述显示器包含大量的子像素组,所述子像素组进一步包含8个子像素,其中每个所述子像素是第一彩色子像素、第二彩色子像素和第三彩色子像素中的一个子像素,其中所述的子像素组进一步包括四个所述第一彩色子像素、两个所述第二彩色子像素和两个所述第三彩色子像素,其中两个所述第二彩色子像素和两个所述第三彩色子像素大体上构成一个方格盘式样从而所述第二彩色子像素位于不同的行和不同的列中并且所述第三彩色子像素位于不同的行和列中,所述方法包括:输入一组所述第一格式的彩色图像数据; 检验输入数据;对输入数据的所述检验的结果采取措施;以及输出第二格式的彩色图像数据。 A first input color data is transformed to pixel format onto a colored display, the display comprising a large number of sub-pixel group, the sub-pixel group further comprising eight sub-pixels, wherein each of the sub-pixels is a first color sub-pixel, a second color sub-pixel and the third sub-pixel of the color sub-pixels, wherein the sub-pixel group further comprises four sub-pixels of the first color, the second color sub-two the third pixel and the two color sub-pixel, wherein two of said second color subpixels and two of the third color sub-pixel constituting a generally checkerboard pattern such that the second color sub-pixel located at different rows and different columns and the third color sub-pixels in different rows and columns, the method comprising: an input format of said first set of color image data; test input data; the input data the results of said test measures; and outputting the color image data of the second format.
  2. 2.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其中所述的一组第一格式的彩色图像输入数据包含输入数据的一个1x3矩阵的采样。 2. The method according to claim 1, wherein said plurality of input color image data of the first format comprises a 1x3 matrix of sampled input data.
  3. 3.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其中所述的一组第一格式的彩色图像输入数据包含输入数据的一个1x2矩阵的采样。 3. The method according to claim 1, wherein said plurality of input color image data of the first format comprises a 1x2 matrix of sampled input data.
  4. 4.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其中检验输入数据进一步包括:对输入数据中的高对比度特征进行检测。 4. The method according to claim 1, wherein the test input data further comprising: a high contrast feature in the input data is detected.
  5. 5.根据权利要求4所述的方法,其中所述的高对比度特征包括边缘、线和点中的一个。 The method according to claim 4, wherein the high contrast feature comprises one of the edges, lines and points.
  6. 6.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其中对输入数据的所述检验结果采取措施进一步包括:用一个新的彩色数据值取代当前的彩色数据值。 6. The method according to claim 1, wherein the test result of the input data measures further comprising: color data with a new value replaces the current color data value.
  7. 7.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其中对输入数据的所述检验结果采取措施进一步包括:对当前的彩色数据值应用伽玛修正。 7. The method according to claim 1, wherein the measures for the test result of the input data further comprises: color data value for the current application of the gamma correction.
  8. 8.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其中对输入数据的所述检验结果采取措施进一步包括:对输入数据应用新的子像素着色滤光系数。 8. The method according to claim 1, wherein the measures for the test result of the input data further comprises: subpixel rendering the new filter coefficient applied to input data.
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