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The disclosure is directed to systems and methods for precisely measuring birefringence properties of large-format samples of optical elements. A gantry-like configuration is employed for precise movement of birefringence measurement system components relative to the sample. There is also provided an effective large-format sample holder that adequately supports the sample to prevent induced birefringence therein while still presenting a large area of the sample to the unhindered passage of light.


大型样品的双折射测量方法 The method of measuring the birefringence of a sample of large

技术领域 FIELD

本申请涉及光学元件的双折射性的测量方法,主要涉及大型元件, The method of measuring birefringence of the present application relates to an optical element, primarily involving large element,

例如用于液晶显示器(LCD)的大型板材。 For example, a liquid crystal display (LCD), a large plate. 背景技术 Background technique

很多重要的光学材料都表现出双折射性。 Many important optical materials exhibit birefringence. 双折射意味着不同线性偏振的光以不同的速度穿过材料。 Birefringence means that different linear polarization of the light through the material at different speeds. 这些不同的偏振大多数经常被视为偏振光的两个相互垂直的分量。 These different polarizations are most often considered as two mutually perpendicular polarization components. 双折射是很多光学材料的固有性质, 并且也可能通过施加在材料上的外部作用力引发。 Birefringence is an intrinsic property of many optical materials, and possibly also by applying an external force on the initiator material.

延迟(retardation)或者阻滞(retardance)代表着双折射沿着光束通过样品的路径所产生的综合影响。 Delay (retardation) or block (retardance) represents the combined effect of the birefringence along the path of the light beam produced by the sample. 如果入射光是线性偏振的,偏振光的两个相互垂直的分量将以不同的相位从样品射出,这称为延迟。 If the incident light is linearly polarized, two orthogonal components of polarized light will be emitted from the sample a different phase, which is called latency. 延迟的基本单位是长度,例如纳米(nm)。 The basic unit delay is the length, e.g. nanometers (nm). 经常情况下,为方便,延迟也使用相角的单位(波,弧度,或者度数)表示,其与延迟(nm) 除以光的波长(nm)成比例。 Under regular circumstances, for convenience, also uses the delay units (waves, radians, or degrees) of the phase angle representation, whose wavelength retardation (nm) divided by the light (nm) is proportional. 一个样品的"平均"双折射有时可以依据由样品的厚度所测得的延迟量的比例来计算。 "Average" is sometimes birefringence may be calculated from the ratio of thickness of the sample based on the measured delay amount of a sample.

时常的,术语"双折射"可以同术语"延迟"相互替换使用,并且意思相同。 Often, the term "birefringence" may "delay" used interchangeably with the term, and the same meaning. 这样,除非另外声明,这些术语在下面也可以互换使用。 Thus, unless otherwise stated, these terms may be used interchangeably in the following.

如上所述的两个相互垂直的偏振分量与光学材料的两个相互垂直的被称为快轴和慢轴的轴平行。 As described above the two mutually perpendicular polarization components of the optical material with two mutually perpendicular axes is referred to as the fast and slow axes are parallel. 快轴是同快速通过样品的偏振光分量平行的轴。 With the fast axis is an axis through the polarized light component parallel to the fast sample. 因此,对一个样品沿着给定光学路径的延迟的完整描述需要对延迟量和样品快轴(或慢轴)的相对角取向进行测定。 Thus, a sample given a complete description of the optical path delay and the delay amount of the sample required for fast axis (or slow axis) relative angular alignment along the measurement.

4对双折射性质准确测定的需求在一些技术应用中已经变得越来越重要。 Demand four pairs of birefringence in the accurate determination of the nature of some of the technology has become increasingly important. 例如,对于半导体和其它工业中的高精度仪器所使用的光学元件,其线性双折射的准确测定很重要。 For example, the optical semiconductor element and other industries precision instrument used, the exact determination of the linear birefringence is important.

另外, 一些应用要求在整个大型光学元件或者样品的表面进行延迟性质的测量。 In addition, some applications require the measurement of the delay properties of the optical element or the entire surface of the large sample. 例如, 一个制造商可能希望在整个大片材料区域上对延迟性进行检测,从而在投入更多的花费将面板加工成多个单元前(从双折射性的角度)确定材料是否令人满意。 For example, a manufacturer may wish to detect a delay of the entire large area of ​​the material, so that it takes to put more processing a plurality of units into a front panel (from the perspective of birefringence) determining whether the material is satisfactory.

对这些大型样品的双折射性的检测带来了样品和应用于这些检测的仪器的精确操作的问题。 These large birefringence detecting samples which caused problems in the operation of the sample and accurately applied to the detection of the instrument. 例如,这些大型样品相对于双折射检测仪器做相对的移动是不可行的。 For example, these large sample relative to the birefringence detecting apparatus for relative movement is not feasible. 替代的,系统必要的光学元件能够相对于静止的样品移动。 Alternatively, the optical elements of the system is necessary to move the sample relative to stationary. 这种系统产生的一个问题是需要确保双折射检测系统的元件相互之间以及相对于样品都精确的移动,从而在跨越大型样品移动的过程中,不论需要移动的系统元件数量为多少,都能提供始终如一的准确的双折射检测数据。 One problem with such systems is the need to ensure that produce birefringent element and the detection system with respect to each other samples precise movements, so that during the movement of the sample across a large, regardless of the system element to be moved in an amount of how much can birefringence provide accurate detection data consistent.

如上所述,作用在光学元件或者样品上的外部作用力能够引发双折射。 As described above, the external force acting on the optical element or the sample can be induced birefringence. 例如,当一个样品在固定的同时被弯曲或者受到其它压力,这种作用力就会产生。 For example, when a sample is subjected to bending or other pressure in a fixed same time, this force will be generated. 由于重力原因,样品的质量会产生一定的双折射, 尤其是在样品的主要质量在竖直方向取向的情况下。 Due to gravity, the mass of the sample will have some birefringence, particularly in the case of the main mass of the sample oriented in the vertical direction. 这样,大型样品的内在双折射性质的准确检测就要求相关的光学元件或者样品以不会在样品中引发双折射的方式固定或者支撑,而这些引发双折射的方式将会导致内在双折射性质的错误检测。 Thus, accurate detection of the intrinsic birefringence properties requires a large sample or samples related to the optical element is fixed not cause birefringence in the sample or the support, these caused the intrinsic birefringence mode will result in a birefringent property error detection. 具体来说,这种支撑要求一个扁平的样品在没有压力施加在样品上的情况下在一个平面上被基本均匀地支撑。 In particular, this requires a flat sample support in the absence of pressure applied to the case where the sample is substantially uniformly supported on a plane.

除了需要在一个平面上充分的支撑样品外,支撑样品的机械装置必须允许在不干涉光束的情况下让光束通过样品。 In addition to adequate sample on a planar support, the support mechanism must allow the sample beam passes through the sample so without interfering beam. 光束不受阻碍地通过样品以及进入相应的检测组件,是准确进行双折射检测的一个关键方面。 Beam unimpeded through the sample and into the respective detecting means, it is a critical aspect of the accuracy for detecting the birefringence. 此外,平常最希望的是在整个样品区域上的紧密间隔开的各个位置上检测样品的双折射。 Moreover, usually the most desirable position of each test sample over the entire sample area on closely spaced birefringence. 因此,大型样品固定器的设计必须为不受阻碍的双折射检测光束提供所需的大的样品面积,同时为防止由作用力引发双折射而给予样品足够的支撑,在此两者之间寻求平衡。 Thus, a large sample holder must be designed to provide a large area of ​​the sample required for detection beam birefringence unimpeded, while the biasing force to prevent a given sample induced birefringence sufficient support, between both, seek balance.

当然,制造的简单性和花费,以及包含大型样品固定器的一个双折射检测系统的运载和组装也是设计时需要重点考虑的方面。 Of course, carriage assembly and manufacturing simplicity and cost, and a large birefringence detection system comprising the sample holder is designed needs of important considerations.


本发明涉及精确检测大型光学元件样品的双折射性质的系统和方法。 The system and method of the present invention relates to the birefringent properties of a large sample is accurately detected by the optical element.

在一个优选实施例中, 一个托台状的构造被用于双折射检测系统元件相对于样品所做的沿Y轴方向的精确移动。 In a preferred embodiment, a gantry-like configuration detection systems are used for the birefringent element precisely move the sample relative to the Y-axis direction is made. 该元件是用于X轴方向的精确移动的。 This element is used for precise movement of the X-axis direction. 相应的,样品的整个区域被双折射检测元件通过。 Accordingly, the entire region of the sample is detected by the birefringent element.

还提供一个有效的大型样品固定器,其能够为不受阻碍的双折射检测光束提供大面积的样品,同时给样品提供足够的支撑以防止在其中引发双折射。 There is also a large effective sample holder, capable of providing a large area of ​​the sample unhindered birefringence detection beam to the sample while providing enough support to prevent the birefringence induced therein.


图1为一个实施例的图示,其显示了根据本发明的用于检测大型光学元件的双折射检测系统的光学元件的一个优选排列。 Figure 1 is an illustration of an embodiment, showing a preferred arrangement of the optical elements of the detection system detects a large birefringence of the optical element according to the present invention.

图2为图1所描述系统中的信号处理元件的框图。 FIG 2 is a block diagram of a signal processing element described in the system of FIG.

图3描述了一个优选设备,用于支撑一个大型光学元件(样品) 和固定及移动图1和2中系统的某些元件,这些元件用于在整个样品 3 depicts a preferred apparatus for supporting a large optical element (sample) and 1 and 2, certain elements in the system of FIG fixed and mobile, these elements are used throughout the sample

区域的各个位置上检测双折射。 The birefringence detecting the respective position of the region.

图4和5是图3所示设备的样品固定器部分的局部放大剖视图。 4 and FIG. 5 is a partial cross-sectional view of a sample holder portion of the apparatus shown in FIG. 3 enlarged. 图6为一个放大的详细剖面图,显示了本发明中的样品固定器的局部的另一个实施例。 6 is an enlarged detailed sectional view showing the other of the partial sample holder of the present invention embodiment. 根据图1和图2 ,描述了一个双折射检测系统的实施例。 According to FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, an embodiment of a birefringence detection system. 本系统 this system

使用双光弹性调制器(PEM)装置检测光学元件中的低水平线性双折 Dual photoelastic modulator (PEM) means for detecting low-level linear optical elements in the two-folded

射。 Shot. 本实施例可以测定双折射的大小和角取向并且具有具体设计的信号处理装置、数据收集系统、和用于以非常高的精度检测低水平线性双折射的算法。 The present embodiment can determine the size and angular orientation birefringence and a signal processing means the specific design, the data collection system, and an algorithm for detecting very low levels of high precision linear birefringence.

如图1所示,本实施例的双光弹性调制器(PEM)装置20包含两个模块。 1, the dual photoelastic modulator (PEM) 20 according to the present embodiment of the device comprises two modules. 源模块包括光源22、 45度角取向的起偏器24和O度角取向的PEM26。 Source module 22 comprises a 45-degree angular orientation of the polarizer 24 and the orientation angle O PEM26 source. 光源22是偏振氦一氖激光器,其能够产生波长为632.8纳米、光点尺寸(直径)大约l毫米的光束。 The light source 22 is a polarized He-Ne laser, capable of producing a wavelength of 632.8 nm, the spot size (diameter) of about l mm beam.

检测模块包括第二PEM 28,其设定的调制频率与第一PEM 26的调制频率不同。 A second detecting module includes a PEM 28, that sets the modulation frequency and the modulation frequency of the first PEM 26 is different. 第二PEM 28以45度角取向。 The second PEM 28 oriented at a 45 degree angle. 检测模块还包括一个O 度角的检偏器30和一个检测器32。 O module further comprises a detection angle of the analyzer 30 and a detector 32.

在源模块和检测模块之间是用于支撑光学元件或者样品36的样品固定器34 (图1所示),在下面将详细描述。 Between the source module and a detection module for supporting an optical element or sample 36, sample holder 34, will be described in detail below (FIG. 1). 图1中竖直排列的箭头表示从光源22发射出的光束经过样品36(也可以是系统中的其它光学元件)进入检测器32的路径。 Arranged vertically in FIG. 1 by an arrow represents a light beam emitted from the light source 22 through the sample 36 (which may be other optical elements in the system) into the path of the detector 32.

还是参考图1,起偏器24和检偏器30每一个都是葛兰-汤普生型的。 Still referring to FIG. 1, the polarizer 24 and the analyzer 30 are each a Glen - Thompson type. 在本实施例中使用硅光二极管检测器32。 Using a silicon photodiode detector 32 in the present embodiment. PEM26和28都是带有两个传感器的棒状熔融石英玻璃的形式。 PEM26 and 28 are in the form of a rod-shaped fused silica glass having two sensors. 传感器使用柔性粘结材料连接到熔融石英光学元件上。 A sensor connected to the use of a flexible adhesive material molten quartz optical element. 为降低光学元件引发的双折射,仅有传感器装在PEM的壳体上。 To reduce the induced birefringent optical element, only a sensor mounted on the housing of the PEM. 两个PEM 26和28的标称共振频率分别为50 和55Hz。 PEM 26 and 28 two nominal resonant frequencies of 50 and 55Hz.

根据图2,在检测器32上产生的电子信号都包含"交流(AC)" According to FIG. 2, the electronic signals generated at the detector 32 contain "alternating current (the AC)"

7和"直流(DC)"信号,并且经过不同的处理。 7 and "DC (the DC)" signal, and is processed differently. 交流信号应用在两个锁相放大器40和42上。 AC signal applied to the two lock-in amplifiers 40 and 42. 每一个锁相放大器在PEM基础调制频率下(1F) 都显示检测器所提供的1F信号。 Each lock-in amplifier are shown 1F signal provided by the detector at the modulation frequency based PEM (1F). 在优选的实施例中,锁相放大器型号规格为EG&G的7265型。 In a preferred embodiment, the lock-in amplifier model 7265 specifications for the type EG & G. 直流信号在检测器信号经过模拟-数字转换器44和低通电子滤波器46后被记录。 DC signal through an analog detector signal in the - digital converter 44 and low pass filter 46 after the electronic record. 直流信号表示到达检测器32的平均光强。 DC signal represents the average light intensity reaching the detector 32. 在不同的PEM延迟设置下记录直流和交流信号。 DC and AC signals recorded at different PEM retardation settings. 对本实施例中样品36双折射性质的检测所依据的理论分析是基于Mueller矩阵分析的,并结合光强度的信号处理,以提供代表双折射的大小和角取向的数据。 Theoretical analysis and detection of a sample 36 according to the present embodiment is based on the birefringence properties is based on a Mueller matrix analysis, combined with the signal processing of the light intensity, to provide data representative of the magnitude of birefringence and angular orientation. 参考图3,本发明的大型双折射检测系统的细节在此描述。 Referring to Figure 3, details of large birefringence detecting system of the invention described herein. 双折射检测系统包括一个带有顶部51的壳体49。 Birefringence detection system comprises a housing having a top 51, 49. 样品36通过固定器34放置在壳体顶部51上。 Sample 36 34 placed on top of housing 51 by a fixing device. 样品36是大型的样品,例如可能是厚度大约为0.5毫米的1250毫米X1100毫米的液晶显示器(LCD)板材。 Sample 36 is a large sample, for example, may be about 0.5 mm thickness and 1250 mm X1100 mm liquid crystal display (LCD) plate. 在图3 中,样品的厚度被极大的夸大。 In Figure 3, the thickness of the sample is greatly exaggerated. 样品36在固定器34的支撑下保持静止。 In sample 36 remains stationary support fixture 34. 在一个优选实施例中, 固定器包括绷在两个支撑梁组件39、 41之间的多个间隔开的拉紧的线37,和位于壳体上表面的开口63上的一边的梁组件。 In a preferred embodiment, the holder comprises two support beams in the stretched assembly 39, 41 between a plurality of spaced apart line 37 taut, and an opening 63 located on the upper surface of the housing side of the girder assembly. 固定器的细节部分在下面将更充分的描述。 Details of the fixture described more fully below. 光路"P"位于源模块50和检测模块52之间(图3)。 Optical path "P" positioned between the source module 50 and detection module 52 (FIG. 3). 源模块50 为上述的多个元件组成的成套模块,并且检测模块52也是上述的组成此模块的多个元件所组成的成套模块。 Source module 50 to a plurality of sets of module elements described above, and the detection module 52 also sets a plurality of modules consisting of the elements of this module. 源模块50固定在上梁部件56上,上梁部件56沿X轴的方向,即样品固定器34 (这里是样品36)的宽度方向延伸。 Source module 50 is fixed to the upper beam member 56, the beam member 56 along the X axis direction, i.e., the sample holder 34 extending (here, sample 36) in the width direction. 该上梁部件在它的相对两端由托台柱58支撑。 The upper beam member at its opposite ends supported by pillars 58 torr. 梁部件56被固定,在Y轴方向上随柱移动。 Beam member 56 is fixed in the Y-axis direction with the moving column. 每个柱通过位于壳体顶部51侧边缘附近形成的长缝槽60延伸。 Slit groove 60 formed in the vicinity of each post 51 at the top of the housing through the side edges extending.

检测模块52固定在下梁部件62上,下梁部件62位于样品固定器34下面,并连接在托台柱58之间(随之移动)。 The detection module 52 fixed to the lower beam member 62, the beam member 62 positioned below sample holder 34, and connected between the pillar 58 Torr (moves along).

槽60允许托台柱58在Y轴方向移动以在样品36的长度方向上跨越。 COLUMN slot 60 allows holder 58 to move across the longitudinal direction of the sample 36 in the Y-axis direction. 为此,托台柱的下端固定在一对匹配的致动器64上(在图3仅可以看到一个),如足够长的滚珠丝杠线性致动器,以便跨越样品的长度。 To this end, the lower end of a bracket fixed to pillars matched pair of actuators 64 (it can only be seen in FIG. 3 a), as long enough to screw linear actuator to span the length of the sample. 还提供合适的位置传感器和处理器控制的马达,以确保托台柱的同步移动,从而在Y轴方向上得到源模块和检测模块的一致运动。 Also provide a suitable position sensor and a motor control processor, in order to ensure the synchronous movement of the pillar bracket, move in unison to obtain the source module and a detection module in the Y-axis direction.

上梁部件56和下梁部件62都被设定用于传送连接有模块50、 52 的伺服运动控制单元66。 Upper beam member 56 and the lower beam member 62 are set for the transfer module 50 is connected to the servo control unit 66 of the motion 52. 该单元66包括合适的编码器和相关的运动控制器以保证在X轴方向上模块50、 52都能一致移动。 The unit 66 comprises a suitable encoder and to ensure that the associated motion controller module 50, 52 in the X-axis direction can move in unison.

应该理解,如上所述的在X—Y轴上源模块和检测模块运动的精确控制确保了可重复的双折射检测。 It should be understood that, as described above ensures repeatable accurate control of the birefringence detecting source X-Y axis motion module and a detection module. 例如,这种运动确保光路"P"将不会相对于检测器缝隙变化,否则这种变化可能导致双折射检测结果的系统误差。 Such movement ensures that the light path "P" will not change with respect to the slit detector, such changes may otherwise cause the system error detection result of birefringence.

依据图3 —5,固定器34包括一个固定的梁组件39,其包括一个连接到壳体49顶部51的平的基板70。 According to FIG 3-5, the fixture 34 comprises a fixed beam assembly 39, 70 includes a substrate housing 49 is connected to a flat top 51. 基板70连在顶部51边缘附近。 70 attached to the substrate 51 near the top edge. 若干隔板72(见图3)固定在基板70的上表面,以从那里延伸并且支撑位于基板70上方的锚板74。 A plurality of separator 72 (see FIG. 3) is fixed on the surface of the substrate 70 so as to extend therefrom and support an anchor plate positioned above the substrate 7074. 锚板74—般横截面为L形,带有一个扁平的腿76和一个向上突出的凸缘78。 74- anchor plate is generally L-shaped cross-section, having a flat leg 76 and an upwardly projecting flange 78. 腿76的下边固定在隔板72的顶部。 Lower leg 76 is fixed to the top of the separator 72. 凸缘78的最上端77是圆整的。 77 of the top flange 78 is rounded.

上面提到的每根线37的末端都固定在锚板74上。 End of each line 37 mentioned above are fixed to the anchor plate 74. 具体的,线的末端(只有一个单线的末端在图4和5表现出来)通过腿76上的孔并穿过一个中空的圆柱状的止动套筒82。 Specifically, the end of the line (only a single wire end manifested in FIGS. 4 and 5) and through a hollow cylindrical stopper sleeve 82 through the aperture 76 in the leg. 套筒82被巻曲从而使套筒固定在线的末端,并且因为套筒的直径大于孔80的直径,线37能够被临近锚板74的腿76的套筒拉紧,从而将线的末端锚定。 Volume curved sleeve 82 is fixed to the wire so that the end of the sleeve, and because the diameter of the sleeve is larger than the diameter of the hole 80, the wire 37 can be located near the legs 74 of the anchor plate 76 is tensioned sleeve, so that the end of the anchor line set. 线37被拉力拉出,通过圆整的边缘77,到达上述的另一个梁组件41。 Tension wire 37 is pulled by the rounded edge 77, reaches the other beam assembly 41.

在一个优选的实施例中,线37为不锈钢线绳,可以涂覆或者不涂覆低摩擦涂层,例如特富龙。 In a preferred embodiment, the wire 37 is a stainless steel wire, may be coated or not coated with a low friction coating, such as Teflon. 尼龙涂覆的线绳和多种其它物质也可能用作这种线。 Nylon-coated cord and a variety of other materials may also be used as such a line.

优选的,线37的直径要选择得足够小(例如l或者2毫米),以把被这些线占据的穿过窗口63的空间量降低到最小(并且这将干扰光束通道"P",如图3所示)。 Preferably, the diameter of the wire 37 to be selected to be sufficiently small (e.g. l or 2 mm), in the amount of space occupied by the wires through the window 63 is reduced to a minimum (and thus interrupts the beam path "P", FIG. FIG. 3). 线的材料和每根线之间相同的间隔都被选择,这样,根据样品的重量,充足的张力被加在每根线上(下面将更详细的描述)以保证样品在没有任何弯曲应力的情况下放置在一个平面上,而如果允许样品下陷,就可能产生这种应力。 Between the line and each wire of the same material spacing are selected such that, based on the weight of the sample, sufficient tension is applied to each line (in more detail below) to ensure that the sample without any bending stress the case is placed on a lower plane, and if the sample is allowed to sag, it is possible to produce such stress.

固定器中单根线37之间的间隔尽可能要大(取决于单位重量和样品的弹性),这样,如刚才所述,线所占据的穿过窗63的空间变得最小。 Single wire holder 37 as the spacing between the larger (depending on the sample and the elastic unit weight), so that, as just described, the space occupied by the line 63 through the window is minimized. 线之间的间隔可能从几毫米到几厘米,如前所述,其取决于样品的物理性质。 The spacing between the lines may be from a few millimeters to a few centimeters, as described above, which depends on the physical properties of the sample. 优选的,维持一最小间隔(例如5毫米),以确保在每根线之间保留足够大的间隙,从而使能够干扰光束的污染物(玻璃粒子、涂层屑等)不会在线之间聚集。 Preferably, to maintain a minimum spacing (e.g., 5 mm) to ensure retention of sufficient clearance between each line so that the contaminants (glass particles, dust coating, etc.) can not interfere with the beam line between the gathering .

与图l所示的为了描述的目的而选择的相对较厚的样品36不同, 在图4和图5中,被画出的样品36的厚度反映了用于当前固定器34 的至少一些类型的样品的相对较薄的本质,例如上面提到的0.5毫米厚的液晶显示器(LCD)材料。 l is selected for purposes of description of the relatively thick sample different from that shown in Figure 36, in FIG. 4 and FIG. 5, the thickness of the sample was drawn 36 reflects the current for at least some types of fixing 34 relatively thin nature of the sample, such as a liquid crystal display (LCD) 0.5 mm thick of the above-mentioned materials.

如图5所示,线37的另一端连接到拉伸梁组件41上,其产生并保持线的拉力。 5, the other end of the wire 37 is connected to the extensible beam assembly 41, which generate and maintain cable tension. 拉伸梁组件41包括一个连接到壳体49顶部51的平的基板90。 Extensible beam assembly 41 comprises a case 49 connected to the flat top 51 of substrate 90. 基板90连接到顶部51的开口63的边缘附近。 Near the edge of the substrate 90 is connected to the opening 63 of the top 51. 多个圆柱状间隔柱92按照间隔开的间距固定在基板卯的上表面,以从那里延伸并支撑基板上方的锚板94。 A plurality of spaced cylindrical column 92 is fixed on the surface of the substrate is d, so as to extend therefrom and support an anchor plate 94 above the substrate spaced apart according to the spacing. 锚板94大致为L形,带有一个扁平腿96和向上突出的凸缘98。 Anchor plate 94 is substantially L-shaped with a flat leg 96 and a flange 98 projecting upwardly. 腿96的下侧固定在间隔柱92顶部。 Leg 96 is fixed to the lower side of the top of the column spacer 92. 凸缘98的最上部边缘97是圆整的。 The uppermost edge 98 of the flange 97 is rounded.

每根线37的末端越过圆整的边缘97被拉伸并连接在锚板94的腿96上,其连接方式使得线的末端被锚定,同时允许拉力作用在线上。 Each end of the wire 37 beyond rounded edge 97 is stretched and attached to the upper leg 96 of the anchor plate 94, such that the connection end of the wire which is anchored, while allowing the pulling force line. 形成这种连接的一个方式是使用传统的线端接头,例如图5所示的螺栓末端接头100。 Such a connection is formed using a conventional cable end fitting, such as a bolt end fitting 100 shown in FIG. 5. 螺栓末端接头100在一个外螺纹套筒102中俘获线的末端,该螺纹套筒102拧入六角螺栓104。 Bolt end fitting in the end of a line is captured externally threaded sleeve 102 in 100, the sleeve 102 is screwed into the threaded hex bolt 104. 螺栓的螺杆106穿过腿96 的孔并且通过一个支撑腿下端部分的锁定螺帽108。 A screw bolt through the hole 106 of the leg 96 and a locking nut 108 through the lower end portion of the support leg. 一旦足够的拉力作用在线37上,螺帽被绷紧。 Once sufficient pulling action on the line 37, the nut is tightened.

梁组件39、 41被设定和安排,从而使各自的圆整末端77、 97的最上部处在一个共同的平面上,这样在这些组件之间拉紧的线37将保持样品水平,不带有弯曲应力,从而确保穿过样品的光束不会被这种弯曲所引发的样品内的双折射所影响。 Beam assembly 39, 41 are set and arranged so that the respective rounded end 77, 97 of the uppermost portion are on a common plane, so that between these components will remain tensioned wire 37 level of the sample, without bending stress, thereby ensuring a light beam passing through the sample will not be affected by the birefringence caused by the bending of such samples.

应该理解,在制造当前的固定器的过程中,为精确的保持样品台所支撑样品的水平,需要做的事情仅仅是确保梁组件顶端77、 97在一个共同的平面上,以及在线上作用恰当的拉力。 It should be appreciated that, in the process of manufacturing the current holder, the precise holding the sample stage in a sample of the support needs to be done is only to ensure that the beam assembly to the top 77, 97 in a common plane, and the appropriate action on the line pull. 这能够和例如制造带有用于光通过的机械加工开口的大型、刚性、精确的水平支撑托板的复杂性进行比较。 This can be compared, for example, and manufacturing complexity of having large rigidity, and the precise level of light for machining an opening through the support pallet.

预期的,作为紧绷线37的替代物,可以使用其它细的、可以伸长的部件。 It contemplated, as an alternative to the tight line 37, other thin, elongated member can. 例如,如图5所示,小直径的柱状杆110能够跨越窗口63。 For example, as shown in FIG. 5, a small diameter cylindrical rod 110 can be across the opening 63. 在这样一个实施例中,柱状杆被可以旋转安装在轴承112上,以及像上面讨论的,安装在窗口63对面边缘处的锚定件74、 94之间。 In such an embodiment, the cylindrical rod is rotatably mounted on a bearing 112, and as discussed above, is mounted between the anchor 63 at the edge of the window opposite the fixed member 74, 94. 可旋转的杆使样品和固定器之间的接触降低到最小,并且同时提供了一个使样品容易滚上和滚下固定器的方法。 The rotatable shaft and the contact between the sample holder to a minimum, while providing an easy to roll on the sample holder and the roll off method.

也是可以预期的,样品固定器能够以以下一种方式建造,其允许相对快速的将拉力作用在线上以及相应的相对快速地将拉力释放,从而方便固定器的组装和拆卸,以满足运载的需要。 Are contemplated, the sample holder can be constructed in the following manner, which allows for a relatively fast pulling force on the line and a corresponding relatively quickly release the tension, thereby facilitating assembly and disassembly of the fixture to satisfy the need to carry the . 关于此方面的一个实施例如图6所示。 In this respect an embodiment is shown in FIG 6.

图6描述了固定支撑线37的一种方法,从而使整套线可以通过调节一个可移动的拉伸板190来拉紧和放松,线的末端固定在该拉伸板上。 FIG 6 describes a method of securing the support wire 37, so that the entire line can be tensioned and relaxed by adjusting a movable tension plate 190, fixed to the end of the line drawing board. 在这个实施例中,梁组件139包括一个与顶部51中的开口63的边缘紧密相连的基板170。 In this embodiment, the beam assembly 139 includes a substrate 170 closely connected to the top edge 51 of the opening 63. 这个基板可以通过连接螺栓171连接,例如, 其能够被拆下以使整个组件139与壳体45分离。 The substrate may be connected by connecting bolts 171, for example, the separation 45 can be removed so that the entire assembly 139 and the housing. 在这一方面,与图4 中固定的梁组件基本相同的梁组件、或者像图5中的组件41 一样的梁组件可以应用在窗口63的相对边缘以固定线的另一端。 In this respect, beam assembly with the fixed beams 4 is substantially the same components as in FIG. 5 or the assembly 41 may be used as the beam assembly 63 at the opposite edge of the window to the other end of the line.

多个间隔板172固定在基板170的上表面,从那里延伸并支撑基板170上方的锚板174。 A plurality of spacer plate 172 is fixed to the surface of the substrate 170, and extends from above the support substrate 170 where an anchor plate 174. 锚板174大致为L形,带有一个扁平的腿176, 腿176向内延伸越过间隔板172,终止于向上突出的凸缘178。 Anchor plate 174 is substantially L-shaped with a flat leg 176, leg 176 extends inwardly beyond the spacer plate 172, terminates in a flange 178 projecting upward.

凸缘178的最上缘177是圆整的。 The most flange 178 on the edge 177 is rounded. 上面提及的每根线37的末端穿过腿176向里突出部分上的孔180,随后穿过位于壳体顶部51与锚板174向内延伸的部分之间的刚性拉伸板190的中心部位的孔。 Each of the above-mentioned end of the wire 37 passes through the leg hole 176 inwardly protruding portion 180, and then through the central portion between the rigid tension on the top plate 51 and the anchor plate housing 174 extending inwardly 190 hole parts. 线的末端被止动套筒182俘获,就像前面所述实施例中的套筒82—样,它巻曲以将套筒固定到线的末端。 End of the line stop sleeve 182 is captured, like the foregoing embodiment of the sleeve-like 82- embodiment, it Volume song to the sleeve is fixed to the end of the line. 相似的,因为套筒的直径超过拉伸板上孔的直径,线37因此被临近板190下侧的套筒拉紧。 Similarly, since the diameter of the sleeve exceeds the diameter of the hole on a stretch board, wire 37 is thus tensioned side of the sleeve 190 near the lower plate.

预期的,如图6中179所显示的凹槽,可以在梁组件的顶端177 (以及早前讨论的边缘77、 97)处形成并且依据尺寸来接收线37,从而达到并保持线之间正确的间距。 Expected, the groove 1796 in FIG displayed can (77, 97 and the edge discussed earlier) is formed at the top of the girder assembly 177 and the receiving line 37 depending on the size, so as to achieve and maintain the correct line between Pitch. 一些用于拉力调整的间隔开的臂状螺栓192穿过拉伸板上的通孔并拧入基板170。 For some of the tension adjustment bolt spaced apart from the arm 192 through the through holes and screwed into the draw plate substrate 170. 应该理解,这些螺栓192的拧紧和拧松将相应地增加和降低所有线37上的拉力。 It should be understood that these bolt tightening and unscrewing 192 will correspondingly increase and decrease the tension on all the wires 37. 也是可以理解的,在线的末端作为单一的组被单一的刚性棒部件或者相似部件所俘获的情况下,多个快速释放的夹紧机械装置中的任何一个都可用于拉紧和放松该组线。 Also it is appreciated that, as the end of the line the case where a single group is captured single rigid rod element or similar member, a plurality of clamping mechanism quick release of any one can be used to tighten and relax the set of line . 另外,多个机械装置中的任何一个都能够在允许拉伸板运动的同时用于紧固锚板。 Further, the plurality of mechanical means can be any one anchor plate for fastening the plate while allowing stretching exercise. 例如,可以不使用螺栓192和连接件,而是通过一个铰链、通过板190的长边连接到壳体或基板170。 For example, a bolt may not be used and a connection member 192, but by a hinge, connected to the housing 170 or the substrate 190 by the long plate edges. 一个把手可以连接到板上,以围绕铰链移动板,同时拉紧或者放松所有的线。 A handle may be connected to the plate to move about a hinge plate, while all the lines tighten or relax. 一个钉或者闭锁装置能够包含在内以在线拉紧的部位将板紧固。 A nail or locking device can be included to line a portion tensioned fastening plate.

尽管本发明优选和替代的实施例已经描述,值得注意的是,本发明的精神和范围并不限于这些实施例,而是延伸到各种改进形式和等价物中。 Although the preferred embodiments of the present invention and alternative embodiments have been described, it is noted that the spirit and scope of the present invention is not limited to these embodiments, but extends to various modifications and equivalents. 例如,尽管双折射检测系统中的样品固定器上面已经讨论, 应该理解该样品台能够适用于任何不同的光学装备或者系统的应用。 For example, although the birefringence detecting sample holder system discussed above, it should be understood that the sample stage can be applied to any equipment or to apply a different optical system.

另外,尽管这里集中于大型样品,值得注意的是,本发明中的固定器也可以适用于任何尺寸的样品,包括非常小的样品,而不需要对固定器做改进。 Further, although the focus on large sample, it is worth noting that, in the present invention may also be applied to fixed samples of any size, including very small sample, without the need to make improvements to the fixture.

Claims (15)

1.一种在引导光束通过样品的光学装置中支撑样品的方法,该方法包括以下步骤: 在多个间隔开的长部件上支撑该样品,该多个长部件布置成限定用于支撑该样品的平面,并使这些长部件彼此不交叉。 1. A method for guiding a light beam by optical means supporting a sample in a sample, the method comprising the steps of: supporting the sample on a plurality of spaced-apart elongate member, the elongate member arranged to define a plurality of the sample for supporting plane, and these long members do not cross each other.
2. 如权利要求l所述的方法,其特征在于,所述长部件为线,所述方法包括张紧该多个线的步骤。 2. A method as claimed in claim l, wherein said elongate member is a step of the plurality of wire lines, the method comprising tensioning.
3. 如权利要求l所述的方法,其特征在于,包括相对于样品移动光学装置的元件以引导光束通过样品的不同部分的步骤。 L The method according to claim 2, wherein the optical element comprises means to guide the movement of the sample relative to the beam by the steps of different portions of the sample.
4. 一种光学元件支撑装置,包括: 两个间隔开的锚定部件;以及多个长部件,固定在锚定部件之间,并且这些长部件相互间隔开且被布置成限定用于支撑样品的平面并使这些长部件彼此不交叉,用于为光学元件提供支撑。 An optical element support device, comprising: two spaced-apart anchoring member; and a plurality of elongate members, secured between the anchor member and the long member spaced apart from each other and arranged to define a support for the sample and that these planes do not intersect each other elongate member, for providing support for the optical element.
5. 如权利要求4所述的装置,其特征在于,所述长部件为线,所述线在锚定部件之间张紧。 5. The apparatus according to claim 4, wherein said long member is a wire, the wire tension between the anchor member.
6. 如权利要求5所述的装置,包括张紧装置,用于选择性地对所述线释放及施加张力。 6. The apparatus according to claim 5, comprising a tensioning means for selectively releasing the wire and the tension is applied.
7. 如权利要求6所述的装置,其中所述张紧装置包括夹紧装置, 用于选择性地对所有线同时释放及施加张力。 7. The apparatus according to claim 6, wherein the tensioning device comprises a clamping means for selectively and simultaneously release the tension applied to all the lines.
8. 如权利要求4所述的装置,其中所述长部件是柱状杆,该多个柱状杆中的每一个固定在锚定部件之间并且被安装成在锚定部件之间旋转。 8. The apparatus according to claim 4, wherein said elongate member is a cylindrical rod, each secured between the anchor member and is mounted in the plurality of rotation cylindrical rod between the anchor member.
9. —种在大型样品的区域上测量双折射的方法,其中,对双折射的测量需要光源和检测器,该方法包括以下步骤:在彼此不交叉的多个间隔开的长部件上支撑样品使其稳定;以及相对于样品同时移动光源和检测器并穿越该样品的区域。 9. - Method species birefringence measured on a sample of large area, wherein the birefringence measurements require a light source and a detector, the method comprising the steps of: supporting a plurality of sample intervals do not intersect one another apart from long member stabilized; and relative to the sample while moving the light source and the detector and through the sample region.
10. 如权利要求9所述的方法,其特征在于,包括提供线作为长部件并张紧所述线的步骤。 10. The method according to claim 9, characterized in that it comprises the step of providing as the wire length and tension of the wire member.
11. 如权利要求IO所述的方法,其特征在于,包括同时张紧或放松全部的多根线的步骤。 IO 11. The method of claim, further comprising the step of simultaneously tensioned or all of the plurality of wires relaxation.
12. 如权利要求9所述的方法,其中所述长部件为固定在锚定部件之间且在锚定部件之间可旋转的柱状杆。 12. The method according to claim 9, wherein said elongate member is a cylindrical rod secured between the anchor and between the anchor member rotatable member. ' '
13. 如权利要求9所述的方法,包括布置这些长部件使其平行的步骤。 13. The method according to claim 9, comprising a long member is arranged such that it is parallel to the step.
14. 如权利要求9所述的方法,包括在基本水平的平面中支撑该样品的步骤。 14. The method as claimed in claim 9, comprising the step of supporting the sample in a substantially horizontal plane.
15. 如权利要求9所述的方法,包括在彼此不接触的多个长部件上支撑该样品的步骤。 15. The method as claimed in claim 9, comprising the step of supporting the sample on a plurality of long members do not contact each other.
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