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本发明公开了一种建筑用塔吊基础,包括塔吊基础承台及固定连接于塔吊基础承台下方的至少4根灌注桩,其特征在于:所述灌注桩顶部露出基底,灌注桩与建筑物底板间设置有止水结构。 The present invention discloses a basic construction crane, the crane comprising a base fixedly connected to the bearing platform and the crane foundation platform beneath at least four piles, characterized in that: said substrate is exposed top pile, pile floor of the building is provided between the sealing structure. 本发明同时公开了上述塔吊基础的制造方法。 The present invention also discloses a method for manufacturing the crane base. 本发明针对具有超大面积多层地下室的高层建筑,采用高桩承台塔吊基础,不仅很好地解决了主楼高层缩进裙房内塔吊无法附着的问题,而且使塔吊基础的布置趋于灵活,覆盖面积更大,提前使用,使机械利用率最大化,对降低人工消耗和减少结构施工工期具有很好的效果。 The present invention is directed to a multi-layer high-rise building with a large basement area, the use of tower crane foundation footing on piles, not only solves the problem of the main building high-rise tower crane can not be attached to indent within the podium, but the arrangement of tower crane foundation tends flexible, larger coverage area, using in advance, maximize the utilization of the machinery, has a good effect on reducing consumption and reduce artificial structure construction period.


一种建筑用塔吊基础及其制造方法技术领域本发明涉及一种用于建筑行业吊装作业的塔吊,具体涉及一种塔吊基础及其制造方法。 A construction crane relates to an architectural industry for a crane lifting operations based TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention particularly relates to a method of manufacturing the crane base. 背景技术塔吊是建筑行业进行吊装运输作业的重要设备,大部分建筑材料的垂直运输都是由塔吊完成的。 BACKGROUND crane construction industry is an important equipment hoisting transport operations, the majority of vertical transportation building materials are done by the crane. 为保证塔吊的平稳运行,塔吊被安装于塔吊基础上,塔吊基础必须满足两项要求:一是将塔吊上部荷载均匀地传给地基并不得超过地耐力;二是要使塔吊在各种不利工况下均能保持整体稳定而不致倾翻。 To ensure smooth operation of the crane, the crane is attached to the base of the tower crane, tower foundation must satisfy two requirements: First, the upper crane loads uniformly ground to pass but not more than endurance; two crane is to make work in the adverse under conditions can maintain the overall stability and without tipping. 因而, 塔吊基础通常由较大尺寸的混凝土承台构成。 Thus, the tower crane foundation usually consists of concrete pile cap larger size. 为不影响建筑主体施工,现有技术中,塔吊基础通常设置在建筑基坑中,施工时,需要开挖土方、降水、再制作塔吊基础,然而,如果停止对深基坑的降水,塔吊基础就会浸泡在水中,会影响塔吊的稳定性,因而,需要对塔吊基础单独降水,这会造成施工成本的增加。 Does not affect the main building construction, art, tower crane foundation is usually set in the construction pit, the construction requires excavation of earth, precipitation, and then make the crane foundation, however, if you stop precipitation of deep foundation of tower crane foundation will be soaked in water, it will affect the stability of the tower crane, therefore, the need for a separate precipitation tower crane foundation, which will result in increased construction costs. 同时,随着我国城市化进程加快和建筑技术的发展,城市建设涌现出一大批髙大体量建筑。 Meanwhile, as China's urbanization process and speed up the development of building technology, urban construction, large numbers of the general volume of Gao building. 其特点是单体建筑规模大,均设有超大面积多层地下室和裙房建筑,地下室基础埋深较深,占足建筑用地规划红线;主楼部分髙度高,且大部分主楼缩进裙房立面的距离较大,给塔吊布置与附着带来较大难度。 It features a single building large-scale, have a large area of ​​multilayer basement and podium building, basement foundation depth deeper, accounting foot building land planning red line; part of the main building high Gao, and most of the main building indent podium the larger the distance the facade, and is attached to the crane is arranged to bring more difficult. 为解决这一问题,考虑将塔吊基础设置在裙房内,通常的方法是,在裙房内的土坑内先打四根灌注桩,然后降水,开挖土方,并在四根灌注桩上浇注塔吊基础, 但采用上述现有技术中的塔吊基础结构,需要挖土降水、回填土等作业,土方施工量大,同时,需要在建筑底板层上开设用于容纳塔吊基础的通孔,在塔吊使用完成拆除后再补建底板层,在此过程中,需要持续地对该部位进行降水操作,甚至可能因此造成建筑的防水效能下降。 To solve this problem, consider the tower crane foundation set up in the podium, the usual approach is to hit four piles in the pit inside the podium, then rain, excavation of earth, and cast on four piles crane base, but the use of the above-described crane infrastructure prior art, the precipitation requires excavation backfill other operations, earthwork construction large, while the need to open a through hole for receiving the crane on the building foundation base layer, the crane after using the complete removal of bottom layer built supplemented, in the process, we need to continue to be part of the precipitation operation, and may even cause the waterproof performance of the building and therefore decrease. 因而,采用现有技术制作塔吊基础,降水周期长,塔吊安装困难,塔吊使用滞后。 Accordingly, the prior art making use of the crane base, precipitation cycle is long, difficult to install crane, crane hysteresis is used. 如何在保证塔吊基础强度的同时减少降水作业的要求,并适应现代建 How to reduce the required precipitation job in ensuring the strength of the tower crane foundation at the same time, and to adapt to the modern construction

筑高主体、大裙房的状况,是本领域所面临的难题。 High main building, the condition of a large podium, is facing problems in this field. 发明内容本发明目的是提供一种可以设置于建筑物裙房中,不会对建筑物底板防水产生不良影响的塔吊基础,从而,构建完成后不需要再进行降水作业,以适应高主楼大裙房的现代建筑的需要。 The present invention aims to provide a skirt may be provided in the building, tower base does not adversely affect the waterproofing of the building floor, thereby constructing no further precipitation after the completion of the job, the main building to accommodate large skirt the needs of modern architecture room. 为达到上述目的,本发明采用的技术方案是: 一种建筑用塔吊基础,包括塔吊基础承台及固定连接于塔吊基础承台下方的至少4根灌注桩,所述灌注桩顶部露出基底,灌注桩与建筑物底板间设置有止水结构。 To achieve the above object, the technical solution adopted by the invention is: A building crane with a base, comprising a foundation platform crane and the tower crane is fixedly connected to the bottom of the foundation platform at least four piles, the pile top substrate is exposed, perfusion between the floor and the building pile is provided with a sealing structure. 上述技术方案中,根据地基条件的不同,可以采用不同的止水结构,以达到更好的效果。 In the above technical solution, depending on the ground conditions, the sealing structure may be different, in order to achieve better results. 建筑物采用天然地基时,为防止沉降不均造成的影响,优选的技术方案是, 所述止水结构为,与所述灌注桩固定连接有超前止水板,灌注桩与超前止水板间设有遇水膨胀止水条,所述超前止水板与建筑物底板间经弹性材料构件连接,超前止水板与上方后挠的建筑物底板间预留沉降空间。 When using natural building foundations, in order to prevent the influence caused by uneven settlement, preferred technical solution, the sealing structure, and the pile is fixedly connected with a lead sealing plate, between the pile and the lead sealing plate water expansion of the seal is provided, connected via the elastic material member between the seal plate and the building ahead of the bottom plate, the bottom plate between the building ahead of the flexible sealing plate and the upper rear space reserved settling. 其中,所述弹性材料构件包括,设置于超前止水板与建筑物底板内的一体相连的橡胶止水带、位于橡胶止水带上、下两侧泡沫塑料板的及其外侧的聚氯乙烯胶泥。 Wherein said member comprises a resilient material, disposed integrally connected to the rubber water seal plate and the building ahead of the bottom plate, is located on the water-stop rubber, polyvinyl chloride foam and outer sides of the lower plate clay. 建筑物采用工程桩基础时,本身可有效避免沉降不均的影响,因而,优选的技术方案是,所述止水结构为,连接于建筑物底板下部的附加承台,附加承台与灌注桩间设有遇水膨胀止水条,附加承台与建筑物底板一起浇筑。 When using the building pile foundation itself can effectively prevent uneven settlement effect, therefore, preferred technical solution, the sealing structure, building an additional bearing platform connected to the lower portion of the bottom plate, and an additional pile Cap room with water expansion of the seal, caps and pouring with additional building floor. 上述建筑用塔吊基础的制造方法,包括,确定塔吊基础位置及参数、制作至少4根灌注桩、开挖土方至塔吊基础承台底部标髙,在灌注桩顶部制作钢筋混凝土塔吊基础承台并预埋塔吊螺栓或塔吊标准节,所述灌注桩顶部髙于基底标高,随建筑物地下室土方一起进行桩基外露部分土方开挖,开挖后在灌注桩与建筑物底板之间设置止水结构。 The method for producing the above-described construction crane base, comprising determining the basic position and the tower crane parameters, create at least four piles, excavation of earth foundation platform to the bottom of the standard crane Gao, making concrete foundation platform crane on top of the pile and pre buried crane or tower crane standard section the bolt, the base of the pile top elevation Gao, performed together with the earthwork building basement exposed portions pile of earth excavation, sealing structure is provided between the pile and the bottom plate after the excavation of the building. 建筑物采用天然地基时,所述设置止水结构的方法是,所述设置止水结构的方法是,桩侧清理;底板垫层施工;地下室底板及超前止水板钢筋绑扎、侧模安装;桩侧止水条固定,桩侧四周均设置膨胀止水条,将桩侧基层清理干净后,采用钢钉固定膨胀止水条,止水条的铺设应形成闭合环路;超前止水板橡胶止水带安装;混凝土浇筑;其中,超前止水板与上方后浇的建筑物底板间预留沉降空间。 When using natural building foundation, a method is provided sealing structure, the sealing structure is provided a method is cleaning the pile side; cushion floor construction; basement floor plate steel banding and lead seal, mounted side mold; fixed-side sealing of the pile, the pile side of the expansion of the seal is provided all around the pile side of the substrate to clean up after use of fixed nail expansion of the seal, the sealing strip forms a closed loop to be laid; advance rubber sealing plate water stop mounted; pouring concrete; wherein the sealing between the building ahead of the bottom plate and the rear plate settling space above the pouring reserved. 建筑物采用工程桩基础时,所述设置止水结构的方法是,桩侧清理;底板垫层施工;地下室底板及附加承台钢筋绑扎、侧模安装;桩侧止水条固定,桩侧四周均设置膨胀止水条,将桩侧基层清理干净后,采用钢钉固定膨胀止水条, 止水条的铺设应形成闭合环路;混凝土浇筑。 When building pile foundation works, a method is provided sealing structure, cleaning the pile side; cushion floor construction; basement floor and the additional bearing steel banding station, the mold mounting side; fixed sealing of the pile side, the pile side four weeks after the expansion of the seal are disposed, clean the pile side of the substrate, using nails fixed expansion of the seal, the sealing strip forms a closed loop to be laid; concreting. 由于上述技术方案运用,本发明与现有技术相比具有下列优点:1. 由于本发明的灌注桩露出基底,构成髙桩承台结构,减少了塔吊基础埋深,基础施工时一般不需要降水,无边坡处理,安全可靠;特别在南方沿海地区透水土层(粉土、粉砂层及粉土夹粉质粘土)埋深浅,且地下承压水位较高,采用髙桩承台施工技术可以避免因塔吊基础施工而必须采取的降水措施。 Using the above technical solution, the present invention has the following advantages over the prior art: 1. Since the pile is exposed substrate of the present invention, constituting the bearing table structure Gao pile crane reduced foundation depth, generally not required during precipitation foundation construction no slope treatment, safe and reliable; in particular, can be construction techniques for the southern coastal areas of permeable soil (silt, silty sand and silty clay, silt folder) is shallow and high pressure underground water level, using Gao pile measures to avoid the precipitation tower crane foundation construction and due to be taken. 2. 由于本发明在灌注桩和建筑物地下室底板间设置了超前止水结构,不必进行后期降水,同时不受不良地质条件影响,在软土、填土层较厚以及地下承压水位较髙的地质条件下也可进行塔吊安装布置。 2. Since the invention between the pile and the basement floor of buildings set up ahead of sealing structure, do not have post-precipitation, while not adversely affect geological conditions, compared with Gao in soft soil, fill soil thick and underground water pressure under geological conditions can also be arranged mounted crane. 3. 采用本发明的结构,塔吊可以设置在基坑中间,布置灵活,很好地解决了塔吊附着问题;有效地提髙了塔吊覆盖范围,提髙了工作效率;塔吊基础灌注桩施工,可与前期工程桩同时施工,不占用工期,塔吊安装可在大面积土方开挖前完成,地下室底板施工时便可提前使用。 3. The constitution of the invention, the crane can be provided in the middle of excavation, flexible arrangement solves the adhesion problems crane; Gao effectively provide coverage of the crane, the working efficiency Gao mention; tower crane foundation pile construction, may be at the same time the pre-construction and engineering pile, do not take up the construction period, crane installation can be completed before the large-scale excavation, you can use the advance construction of the basement floor. 4. 针对具有超大面积多层地下室的高层建筑,采用高桩承台塔吊基础不仅很好地解决了主楼髙层缩进裙房内塔吊无法附着的问题,而且使塔吊基础的布置趋于灵活,覆盖面积更大,提前使用,使机械利用率最大化,对降低人工消耗和减少结构施工工期具有很好的效果。 4. For high-rise building with a large basement area of ​​a multi-layer, high-pile platform for tower crane foundation not only solves the problem in the main building Gao layer indent podium crane can not be attached, and the tower crane foundation arrangement tends to be flexible, larger coverage area, using in advance, maximize the utilization of the machinery, has a good effect on reducing consumption and reduce artificial structure construction period. 该方法有针对性地解决了此类工程塔吊安置的难题,为今后类似工程提供了切实可行的做法。 This method solves the problem in a targeted manner such projects crane placement, provides a practical approach for future similar projects. 5. 本发明的方法虽然比传统天然地基塔吊多出桩基这部分费用,但是减少了塔吊使用数量,同时也节约了很多施工费用(如塔吊的二次安拆费、缩短工期所节省的人工材料机械费以及特殊地质情况做塔吊基础所需的降水费), 节省了结构施工工期,提高了工程综合效益。 5. The method of the present invention, although a plurality of pile foundation these costs than traditional natural crane, reduces the number of crane but also saves a lot of cost of construction (e.g., secondary crane demolition charges, shorten the duration of the artificial savings mechanical material costs and special geological conditions make the required base tower crane precipitation fee), saving the structure of the construction period, the project to improve the overall efficiency. 附图说明附图1为本发明实施例一的髙桩承台塔吊基础立面结构示意图; 附图2为实施例一的高桩承台塔吊附着平面示意图; 附图3为髙桩承台塔吊基础受力原理图; 附图4为实施例一中塔吊基础设计流程图; 附图5为实施例一的施工工艺流程图;附图6为实施例一中灌注桩与塔吊基础连接结构示意图;附图7为实施例一中止水结构示意图;附图8为图7的AA剖视示意图;附图9为图8的局部放大示意图;附图IO为本发明实施例二的止水结构示意图;附图11为实施例二中桩穿底板处补强钢筋示意图。 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS 1 is a schematic view of a crane foundation pile platform Gao facade structure of the present embodiment of the invention; Figure 2 is a schematic plan view of elevated pile embodiment a crane attached; Figure 3 is a pile platform crane Gao based force diagram; Figure 4 is a flowchart showing the basic design of tower crane embodiment; FIG. 5 is a process flow diagram of an embodiment of the construction; a diagram of an embodiment of the pile with the crane base connection structure of Figure 6; Figure 7 is a schematic view of a sealing structure in the embodiment; Figure 8 is a schematic cross-sectional view AA of FIG. 7; FIG. 9 is a partial enlarged view 8 figures; sealing schematic structural diagram of a second embodiment of the present invention, reference IO; BRIEF bottom plate 11 through the reinforcing steel is a schematic diagram according to a second embodiment of the piles. 其中:1、灌注桩:2、承台;3、超前止水板;4、遇水膨胀止水条;5、 橡胶止水带;6、聚氯乙烯胶泥;7、泡沫塑料板;8、附加承台。 Wherein: 1, piles: 2, bearing platform; 3, lead sealing plate; 4, expansion of the seal water; 5, water-stop rubber; 6, polyvinylchloride clay; 7, foam board; 8, additional caps. 具体实施方式下面结合附图及实施例对本发明作进一步描述:实施例一:参见附图l至附图9所示, 一种建筑用塔吊基础,包括塔吊基础承台2及固定连接于塔吊基础承台下方的4根灌注桩1,所述灌注桩在安装位置下露出基底的髙度为5〜7米,灌注桩与建筑物底板间设置有止水结构。 DETAILED DESCRIPTION The following drawings and embodiments of the present invention is further described: Example I: Referring to the drawings shown in the drawings l A construction crane base, comprising a foundation platform 2 and the tower crane is fixedly connected to the crane base 9 4 below Cap pile 1, the pile base is exposed in the installed position Gao degree of 5 ~ 7 meters, it is provided with a sealing structure between the pile and the building floor. 本实施例的止水结构为,与所述4根灌注桩固定连接有超前止水板3,灌注桩与超前止水板间设有遇水膨胀止水条4,所述超前止水板与建筑物底板间经弹性材料构件连接,超前止水板与上方后浇的建筑物底板间预留沉降空间; 所述弹性材料构件包括,设置于超前止水板与建筑物底板内的一体相连的橡胶止水带5、位于橡胶止水带上、下两侧的泡沫塑料板7及其外側的聚氯乙烯胶泥6。 Sealing structure of the present embodiment, the pile 4 is fixedly connected with a lead seal plate 3, between the pile and the sealing plate is provided with water ahead expansion of the seal 4, the sealing plate and lead building material between the bottom plate through an elastic member connected between the sealing plate and the building floor ahead of the space above the pouring reserved settling; said elastomeric material comprises a member disposed on the sealing plate and the lead integrally connected to the floor in a building water-stop rubber 5, water-stop rubber positioned on both sides of the foam board 7 and 6 of the outer PVC cement. 本实施例适用于有大型地下室的髙层建筑以及不良地质条件下的塔吊基础施工。 This embodiment is applicable to a large Gao basement storey building and foundation construction crane in poor geological conditions. 在桩侧土质较好的条件下,塔吊基础灌注桩露出基底部分不宜超过7m,否则应增加相应的构造加固措施。 Under better conditions soil pile side, the base portion crane foundation pile is exposed not more than 7m, or should increase the corresponding configuration remediation. 参见附图l和附图2所示,通过利用髙桩承台塔吊基础穿越地下室结构, 实现塔吊的灵活合理布置,解决塔吊施工附着难题,地下室结构施工阶段便可提前使用,且塔吊施工覆盖范围大大增加,提髙机械利用率。 Referring to figures l and 2 shown in the drawings, through the crane by use of pile foundation platform Gao basement structure, reasonably flexible arrangement crane, crane construction adhered to solve the problem, basement structures in the construction can be used in advance, and the coverage of the construction crane greatly increased, mention Gao machinery utilization. 参见附图5所示,上述塔吊承台基础的制作包括下列步骤:(1) 塔吊选址塔吊选址必须考虑以下几点因素:① 塔吊位置应该选择在靠近建筑物能附着并且可以使塔吊利用率最大化的地点;② 塔吊位置选择时应考虑塔吊基础和塔身避开建筑物结构主梁;③ 塔吊位置选择时应考虑塔吊基础桩避开建筑物基础承台和工程桩;④ 塔吊位置选择时应考虑塔吊使用完毕后可以方便安全地拆卸。 See Fig. 5, the crane-based Cap prepared comprising the steps of: (1) Location crane Crane location must consider the following factors: ① crane should be selected can be attached to a position near the building and allows the use of the crane maximize place; ② tower crane tower crane foundation should be considered when selecting the location and structure of the building away from the main beam tower; ③ tower crane tower crane should be considered when selecting the location away from the building foundation piles and piles foundation platform; ④ crane position security can be easily detached after use of the crane should be complete selection consideration. (2) 塔吊基础方案的确定附图3为髙桩承台塔吊基础受力原理,图中,F为塔吊垂直荷载,H为塔吊水平荷载,Ml为塔吊弯矩,M2为塔吊扭矩,可将塔吊扭矩转化为水平力进行验算。 Determining the drawings (2) basic crane 3 is a schematic plan Gao foundation pile platform crane force, drawing, F is the vertical load crane, H is the horizontal load crane, crane moment of Ml is, M2 is a crane torque can be crane torque into force level checking. 塔吊基础应遵循的设计流程详见附图4所示,在进行基础设计时,应计算和验算的项目包括:① 承台抗剪切计算、承载力验算和配筋计算;② 桩基竖向承载力验算;③ 桩基沉降计算;@水平承载力(含扭矩作用)验算和位移计算;⑤ 桩身承载力验算和桩身压屈验算;⑥ 桩配筋计算。 Crane base should follow detailed design process illustrated in Figure 4, during design basis, should be calculated and checking items include: ① Cap shear calculation, calculation Bearing Capacity and reinforcement; ② base vertical Bearing Capacity; ③ pile settlement calculation; @ horizontal bearing (including a torque acts) and checking displacement calculation; ⑤ Bearing Capacity pile and pile buckling checking; ⑥ pile reinforcement. 根据计算结果确定塔吊基础的各项参数,并确定施工方案。 Determine the parameters of the tower crane foundation based on the calculation results, and to determine the construction program. (3) 灌注桩施工根据各地地质情况的不同,可采用不同的沉桩工艺。 (3) pile construction, depending on geological conditions of the country, may take different pile driving process. 本实施例以泥浆护壁钻孔灌注桩为例进行说明。 In this embodiment, Slurry Drilled Piles example. 施工工艺流程如下:桩定位一埋设护筒一备制泥浆一钻孔桩机就位一校正水平垂直度—成孔清孔—钢筋笼制作/安置—导管—二次清孔—浇捣混凝土一试块留设施工方法:① 桩孔定位桩基的轴线和髙程的控制桩,应设置在不受打桩影响的地点,并应妥善加以保护。 Construction process is as follows: positioning a pile preparing an a laying casing drilling mud a pile of horizontal and vertical correcting a position - into the hole Khong - making steel cage / settlement - a catheter - a secondary clearance hole - pouring a concrete test block stay facilities work methods: ① pile hole axis positioning control piles and piles of Gao Cheng, should be set in place without piling impacts, and should be properly protected. 灌注桩位置按照设计图纸的尺寸,根据控制桩基准点,由专业人员准确地投放每一根桩的中心点,并作明显的标志,然后按照桩孔及护筒直径放出灰线。 Pile design drawing position according to the size of the pile in accordance with a control reference point, served by professionals exactly the central point of each of the piles, and make clear the flag, and then releasing the gray line according to the diameter of the pile hole and the casing. 桩位的投放允许偏差应满足《建筑地基基础工程施工质量验收规范》 (GB50202-2002)的规定要求。 Pile delivery deviation should be allowed to meet "basic building foundation construction quality acceptance specification" (GB50202-2002) of specified requirements. ② 埋设护筒护筒位置应埋设准确和稳定,护筒与坑壁之间应用粘土填实。 ② laying casing casing to be embedded position accurately and stably, apply clay tamped between casing and the pit wall. 护筒排浆(进浆)口应与泥浆沟相通,护筒中心线与桩位中心线偏差不得大于50mm。 Casings discharge slurry (slurry inlet) port to be communicated with the groove mud, casing centerline and the centerline pile position deviation not more than 50mm. 护筒的埋设深度在粘性土中不宜小于lm,在砂土及松软填土中不宜小于1.5m。 Laying depth casing clayey soils not less than lm, in filling the soft sand and not less than 1.5m. 护筒上口应髙出地面100〜200mm。 Gao catchy casing out of the ground should 100~200mm. 护筒一般应用工具式钢护筒。 Casing general application tool steel casing. 护筒内径应大于钻头直径。 Casing inner diameter greater than the drill diameter. ③ 备制泥浆施工开始阶段设置泥浆储浆池、沉淀池等相应的泥浆处理设施。 ③ preparing an initial stage of construction of the slurry disposed mud slurry storage tanks, sedimentation sludge treatment facilities corresponding pools. 制备泥桨时,宜经充分搅拌并通过振动筛、旋流器除去石粒等杂质,经沉淀后,进入储桨池备用。 Preparing the mud, and should be stirred sufficiently by the shaker, hydrocyclone stone tablets and other impurities removed, after sedimentation, the standby pool into the reservoir paddle. 通过泥浆池循环和浇筑水下混凝土时置换排出的泥浆,亦通过振动筛、旋流器、沉淀池等净化再生处理。 Cell cycle through the mud and mud discharged permutation pouring underwater concrete, also through the vibrating screen, a cyclone, settling tank, etc. purification regeneration process. ④ 钻孔桩机就位及校正水平垂直钻机就位应保持平衡,在钻井作业时,不致发生倾斜、移位。 ④ pile drilling rig vertical position and horizontal position correction should be balanced, while drilling, thus preventing the inclination shift. 当用回转钻时,应事先在两个方向用经纬仪或吊锤测定钻杆垂直度,使钻杆垂直偏差控制在2%。 When using a rotary drilling, the drill pipe should be measured in advance of the theodolite or vertical drop hammer in two directions, so that the vertical offset control rod 2%. 以内。 Or less. 钻头对孔应准确。 Drill holes should be accurate. 钻头中心与护筒中心的偏差宜控制在15mm以内。 Casing and drill center deviation of the center should be controlled within 15mm. 当为冲击钻时,宜控制在30mm以内。 When the hammer drill is, it should be controlled at less than 30mm. 钻机调整后,应立即在钻机底部按机型具体构造,采取可靠措施固定,防止钻进时受力引起机架位移。 After the rig adjustment, should immediately in the bottom of the drill press models specifically constructed to take credible steps to fix, to prevent the force caused by the drilling rack displacement. ⑤ 成孔清孔 ⑤ into the hole Chiang Khong

钻孔一般在开始初期用慢速,待成孔5m以上,检査钻杆垂直度确能保证成孔垂直度允许偏差,各方面均正常运转时,方可开始加速。 In general drilling with a slow initial stage, to be a pore than 5m, the vertical rod of the check to ensure the correct pore perpendicularity tolerance, when all respects normal operation, before beginning to accelerate. 进入持力层,应根据土层具体情况,开始用慢速,再逐步加速。 Into the bearing stratum, soil should be based on the specific situation, with a slow start, then gradually accelerated. 对于淤泥和淤泥质土及易塌孔的土层时,应降至最慢速,并减少泥浆循环速度和加大泥浆相对密度,避免因泥浆内产生过大涡流冲刷孔壁。 Respect to the soil and muddy soil and mud easily collapse holes should be reduced to the slowest, mud circulation and reduce the speed and increase the relative density of the mud, the mud to avoid excessive eddy hole wall erosion. 每钻进4〜5m以及孔斜、缩颈、塌孔处理后, 应及时检查钻孔垂直度及孔径, 一般可用捡孔器检査,及时发现并处理问题。 Each drilling and hole deviation 4~5m, necking, hole collapse after the treatment, should be checked and the aperture of the vertical bore, generally available to pick holes check, to detect and deal with the problem. 当钻孔至设计要求深度后,应开始清孔。 After drilling to a depth of design requirements, should begin Chiang Khong. 对以原土造浆正循环作业且土质较好的钻孔,可使钻机空转不进尺,待钻渣基本排除,进行射水。 Of the original soil slurry of normal cycle operation and better soil drilling rig can not idling footage to be substantially excluded drilling residue, a water jet. 再以小相对密度泥浆置换,到排出的泥浆相对密度与进桨相等或相近时,以手捻泥浆无砂粒感觉时为清孔合格。 And then a small displacement relative density of the mud, the mud is discharged relatively clean when passing hole density equal or close the intake paddle, no sand slurry hand twist sense. 当为反循环作业时,应按土质情况从护筒口放入清水或泥浆,采用换浆法清孔。 When the job is reverse circulation, should soil or mud water into the case from the casing opening, hole cleaning method using transducer slurry. 当排出的泥浆相对密度分别达到与正循环作业相同指标时为合格。 When the discharge of the slurry to achieve the same relative densities of the positive cycle of operation indicators qualified. 清孔终结前,应在距孔底200〜500mm处取浆样。 The front end of the clearance hole, to be in the sample taken from the pulp at the bottom of the hole 200~500mm. 钻孔达到设计标髙,浇筑混凝土前,孔底500mm以内的泥浆相对密度应<1.25,含砂率《8%,粘度《28S。 Gao bore to meet the design standard, before pouring the concrete, the bottom hole mud density should be less than 500mm relative <1.25, sand rate "8%, viscosity" 28S. 灌注混凝土前,孔底沉渣厚度指标应符合下列规定:端承桩《50mm, 摩擦桩《150mm。 Before the concrete is poured, the thickness of the hole bottom sediment indicators should meet the following requirements: piles embedded "50mm, friction piles" 150mm. 整个成孔、清孔过程中,应由专人经常检测并做好施工记录。 Whole into the hole, hole cleaning process, the person should always test and make construction records. 钻进出现缩颈、塌孔时,应立即投入粘土块,使钻头慢速空转不进尺,并降低泥浆输入速度,进行固壁,然后慢速钻进通过。 Drilling necking occurs, hole collapse when, immediately put clay blocks, the bit footage not slow idle, and the input speed reducing slurry was subjected to solid wall, then drilling through slowly. 当泥浆突然漏失时,亦应立即按上法回填粘土,待泥浆面不下降,再开始钻迸。 When a sudden loss of mud, according to the method should be immediately backfilled clay, mud surface is not to be dropped, then start drilling Beng. 当钻孔倾斜或孔径不规则时,可往复提钻,从上到下进行扫孔。 When drilling inclined or irregular aperture, reciprocally to drill, bore sweeping from top to bottom. ⑥钢筋制作钢筋笼可在基地制作成品,然后运输到现场待用。 ⑥ steel production of finished steel cage can be made at the base, and then transported to the site and set aside. 钢筋笼应按设计图纸制作,并使其具有一定刚度和整体性,保证在运输和吊装过程中不变形,宜釆用螺旋或焊接环形箍筋,逐点与主筋焊牢。 Reinforcement cage design drawings shall be produced, and it has a certain rigidity and integrity, to ensure that no deformation during transport and lifting, should preclude the use of a spiral or annular soldering stirrups, point by point with the weld reinforcement. 钢筋笼下口宜稍微弯折成倒锥台状, 使其吊装入孔较为方便。 The reinforcement cage should be slightly bent in an inverted port frustum shape, lifting into the hole so that it is more convenient. 制作标准按设计图以及规范进行控制,其检验标准见下表。 Production standards and is controlled by the design specifications, the test criteria below. 表混凝土钢筋笼质量检验标准表序号内容允许偏差(mm)1 主筋间距 ±102 箍筋间距或嫘旋筋螺距 ±203 钢筋笼直径 土104 钢筋笼长度 ±100放置钢筋笼以笼顶标髙为准,标髙允许偏差《土100mm。 Table concrete reinforcement cage quality standards SUMMARY FORM tolerance (mm) 1 ± 102 reinforcement stirrup spacing pitch or rayon spin rib pitch diameter soil reinforcement cage ± 203 104 ± 100 length of reinforcement cage to cage reinforcement cage placed Topmark Gao prevail , Gao standard tolerance "soil 100mm. 钢筋笼吊起并垂直扶正后,沿导向钢筋(管)缓缓下放到底,然后将导向钢筋吊起。 After the steel cage and the vertical righting lifted along the guide bars (tube) slowly decentralized in the end, and then lift the reinforcement guide. 导向钢筋—般可不到底,有孔深的1/2或6〜8m长即可,并临时固定,为防止浇筑混凝土时钢筋笼位移,必须将钢筋笼上口与护筒上口固定好,可用短钢筋焊接。 Reinforced guide - in the end do not like, or with a hole depth of 1/2 to 6~8m length, and temporarily fixed in order to prevent displacement pouring concrete reinforcement cage, the steel cage catchy catchy casing must be fixed, can be used short welded steel. 如果钢筋笼太长,并受起吊高度限制时,可将钢筋笼分段吊放入孔,在孔口进行接长。 If the reinforcement cage is too long, and by lifting height limit, the reinforcement cage can be suspended into the hole segment, for lengthening the orifice. ⑦ 导管导管直径一般为200〜250mm,根据孔径大小选择壁厚不宜小于3mm, 管壁内光滑平整,分节长度可为lm、 2m、 4m、 6m不等。 ⑦ catheter diameter of the catheter is generally 200~250mm, pore size should not be selected in accordance with a wall thickness of less than 3mm, smooth inside wall, the section length of lm, 2m, 4m, ranging from 6m. 组装时,上端应由数节1〜2m短管,下端可用长管,最下端管口应焊设加劲箍。 When assembled, the upper end section number should 1~2m short tube, the lower end of the available long tube, the lowermost end of the nozzle should be disposed stiffening hoop welded. 管间接头用丝扣连接,亦可用法兰连接。 Indirect head pipe threaded connection, also connect with the flange. 导管应安装于桩孔中心,如用隔水栓时导管底端到孔底距离必须比隔水栓长向尺寸大300nx迈〜500m迈,以确保隔水栓从管底顺利排出。 It should be attached to the catheter pile hole center, such as when a catheter with a bottom end plug riser from the bottom of the hole must be longer than the impermeable plug to the large size 300nx step ~500m step, to ensure that the riser is discharged from the bottom of the tube plug smoothly. 应将导管沉入孔底,做出标记后再提起,至符合上述规定后固定。 Catheter should be fixed after sinking bottom of the hole, and then make a mark filed to comply with these requirements. 导管上口应与混凝土储料斗下口直接连接,且高于泥浆面适当距离, 一般不宜小于3m。 Catchy catheter should be connected directly to the concrete hopper lower opening, and an appropriate distance above the slurry surface, usually not less than 3m. ⑧ 二次清孔混凝土浇筑前,必须复测孔底沉渣厚度,如超过要求应进行二次清孔。 ⑧ hole cleaning before the secondary concrete pouring hole bottom sediment must retest thickness, such as more than required should be a second hole cleaning. 清孔相关流程、标准符合上述步骤⑤清孔内容。 Chiang Khong related processes, in line with the above standard step ⑤ Chiang Khong content. ⑨ 浇筑混凝土浇筑前做导管密封性试验,防止漏气漏水。 ⑨ pouring conduit sealing tests done before pouring the concrete to prevent leakage leakage. 初灌时,初灌方量应满足导管底端能一次埋入混凝土中0.8m〜1.2m为准。 Initially filling, initial filling amount should satisfy the bottom side conduit can be embedded in a concrete 0.8m~1.2m prevail. 随着混凝土的上升,导管也相应提升或拆卸,但应保证管端底部埋入混凝土面以下2〜3m,不宜大于6m,且任何情况下不得小于lm。 With the rise of concrete, or removal of the catheter improved accordingly, but should ensure that the bottom end of the tube embedded in the concrete below the surface 2~3m, not more than 6m, and in any case not less than lm. 混凝土应连续浇筑,不得中断,并应加快浇筑速度。 Concrete pouring should be continuous, without interruption, and should speed up the casting speed. 桩顶端混凝土面浇筑标高必须比设计标高至少髙出1倍桩径,且》0.5m, 并观察冒出的混凝土不含泥渣方可,以便凿除桩顶混凝土后,能保证设计的桩顶面混凝土质量。 Pouring concrete to the top surface of the pile elevation than the elevation must be designed at least 1 times the pile diameter Gao, and "0.5m, and observe the smoke-free concrete sludge only, in addition to cutting the top of the pile after the concrete pile top designed to ensure concrete surface quality. ⑩试块制作灌注时现场随机抽取混凝土样制作同条件养护试块,塔吊安装前送压检测。 Random sample production site concrete test block during the same curing condition ⑩ perfusion production test block, before feeding pressure detecting crane installation. 由此完成灌注桩施工。 Thereby completing the pile construction. (4) 桩基检测桩基按照《建筑地基基础工程施工质量验收规范》(GB50202-2002)的要求进行全数桩身完整性检测。 (4) pile testing pile pile integrity testing carried out in full accordance with the "construction quality of foundations Acceptance" (GB50202-2002) of. (5) 塔吊基础施工塔吊基础的施工工艺流程为:定位放线及髙程測量,基础土方开挖—混凝土垫层浇筑—桩与承台连接处理—基础钢筋、模板施工—塔吊螺栓预埋一基础混凝土浇筑—混凝土养护施工方法包括:① 定位放线及髙程测量根据灌注桩所标出桩孔十字线,放出承台外边线;根据现场标准髙程及相关设计文件,确定承台标高及土方开挖深度。 (5) The tower crane foundation construction crane base construction process of: positioning the discharge line and Gao measurement process, based earth excavation - pouring a concrete pad - pile and cap connection processing - based reinforced Formwork - a crane embedded bolt foundation concrete pouring - curing concrete construction method include: ① positioning actinomycetes and Gao pile according to the marked process measurement reticle pile hole, releasing Cap outside line; Gao the field standard processes and associated design documents, and determining the elevation Cap excavation depth. ② 基础土方开挖根据确定的开挖深度,挖至设计标髙。 ② foundation excavation to determine the depth of the excavation, digging to the design standard according to Gao. ③ 混凝土垫层浇筑土方开挖结束后,按照放出的边线,用木方支设垫层混凝土模板,浇筑混凝土。 ③ After pouring concrete cushion the end of the excavation, according to the release sideline, located cushion concrete formwork with wooden sticks, pouring concrete. ④ 桩与塔吊基础连接处理基底开挖后,为便于截桩标高的控制,考虑截桩处理工作放在混凝土垫层浇筑完成后进行。 ④ After the pile base is connected to the crane base excavation process, for ease of controlling the cross-sectional elevation of the pile, cut pile consideration in processing after completion of pouring a concrete pad. 灌注桩按桩顶设计标高以上部分混凝土凿除,桩的纵向钢筋直接与塔吊基础锚固,锚固长度不得小于40d (d为钢筋直径);桩基顶面要求桩嵌入承台100mm。 Pile according to the design elevation above the top of the pile concrete chisel portion, directly with the longitudinal reinforcement crane foundation pile anchorage, the anchorage length of not less than 40d (d is the diameter of the steel); pile top surface of the pile is embedded in claim Cap 100mm. 详细连接结构参见附图6所示。 Referring to the drawings in detail the connecting structure shown in FIG. 6. ⑤ 塔吊基础钢筋、模板施工及塔吊螺栓预埋 ⑤ tower crane foundation rebar, formwork construction crane and bolts embedded

根据方案所确定的基础配筋,经钢筋翻样复核无误后,将料单交付车间进行制作,及时运至现场,并按构件号编号,分类堆放。 The base reinforcement scheme determined by the turn-like steel after review and correct, the delivery of a single material production workshop, transported to the site in a timely manner, and press the member ID number, classification stacked. D^22mm钢筋采用等强对接焊或机械连接,其余的可采用搭接接头。 D ^ 22mm rebar or other strong mechanical connection butt welding, the rest may be employed lap joint. 在同一截面上钢筋接头数量不得超过全部钢筋的50%,钢筋接头部位应错开, 相邻接头间距不小于36d。 The number of bars in the same cross-section shall not exceed 50% of all joints of steel, reinforced joints should be staggered, the adjacent contact spacing is not less than 36d. 钢筋连接接头质量应符合相应验收规范的规定,事先做好连接试件。 Reinforced joints shall comply with the appropriate quality of acceptance, well in advance of the test piece is connected. 塔吊基础所用钢筋的型号、规格、间距应严格按设计图纸绑扎,并设置好钢筋保护层垫块。 The tower crane foundation with steel type, size, spacing should be in strict accordance with design drawings lashing, and set up the steel protective layer pads. 塔吊基础等模板采用18厚木胶合板(胶合模板的板后拼挡和楞木采用50 X100木方),支撑体系采用(J)48X3.5钢管扣件体系。 Crane base 18 using other thick plywood template (and the stopper piece 50 X100 flute using wood glued wooden template after the plate), using the support system (J) 48X3.5 steel fasteners system. 基础模板根据现场人员放出的基础边线进行搭设。 Basic template according to the erection site personnel released sideline basis. 根据塔吊说明书标明的间距、选材,进行塔吊支脚螺栓的预埋,预埋螺栓需经过检测合格后方可使用。 The tower crane specification indicated pitch selection, be embedded crane foot bolt embedded bolts after passing through required before use. ⑥ 塔吊基础混凝土绕筑基础混凝土浇筑采用汽车泵直接泵送入模。 ⑥ tower crane foundation concrete pouring concrete around the foundation to build cars using a pump pumped directly into the mold. 混凝土分层浇筑,用插入振捣器振捣,避免漏振(振捣棒的插点间距应《@300,资上层混凝土时,振捣棒插入下层混凝土内的深度应^100),并振捣至混凝土表面无汽泡翻出。 Pouring concrete delamination, Slot vibrators vibrated, to avoid leakage vibration (vibrator rod insertion point spacing should be "@ 300, when the upper concrete funding, Vibrating rod insertion depth in the underlying concrete shall ^ 100), and vibration pound to the concrete surface without bubble pulls out. ⑦ 混凝土养护混凝土的养护工作应有专人负责实施,在混凝土构件表面盖湿草袋进行保温保湿养护。 ⑦ conservation concrete curing concrete should be specifically responsible embodiment, the wet straw cap for holding moisture cured in the surface of the concrete member. 混凝土的养护时间及有关要求等按规范规定执行。 Concrete curing time and according to specifications related requirements for the implementation of the provisions. (6) 在实际施工中,此时可同时进行塔吊安装塔吊安装应严格按照相关塔吊说明书及《建筑机械使用安装技术规程》 JGJ33-2001中的相关规定进行安装。 (6) In the actual construction, this time can be simultaneously mounted crane mounted crane should be strictly in accordance with the relevant specification and the crane "Regulations for installation of a construction machine using" JGJ33-2001 the relevant provisions. 安装过程中,必须分阶段进行技术检验。 During installation, technical inspection must be carried out in stages. 安装完毕后应进行整机技术检验和调整,检验合格后方可交付使用。 After installation, the machine should be carried out technical inspection and adjustment, after passing inspection before delivery. (7) 桩间土方开挖桩基外露部分土方开挖随地下室土方一起开挖,为避免机械开挖对桩身的损坏,桩间土方以及桩外侧周围1000mm范围以内采用人工方式分层对称开挖,在整个土方开挖过程对桩基进行实时监测。 (7) between the exposed portion of the pile pile earth excavation Excavation earth excavation together with the basement, in order to avoid damage to the pile of mechanical excavation, earth moving between piles and pile outer periphery within the range 1000mm apart symmetrically layered manually using digging, real-time monitoring on the pile throughout the excavation process. (8) 高桩承台塔吊基础与建筑物周边结构关系的处理 (8) the processing foundation and building structure surrounding the relationship between high pile caps Crane

桩基穿底板处理-本实施例适用于建筑物采用天然地基的场合,其底板处理的工艺流程为:桩侧清理—底板垫层施工—地下室底板及超前止水带底板钢筋绑扎、侧模安装—桩侧止水条固定、超前止水带底板橡胶止水带安装—混凝土浇筑一塔吊停止使用后拆除—髙桩承台塔吊基础凿除至超前止水带板顶面—砂石垫层填筑一后浇部分钢筋连接、施工缝处理—后浇部分混凝土浇筑在承压水位较髙的地质情况下,为避免塔吊基础穿越地下室结构部位施工降水,塔吊基础桩四周外围设置超前橡胶止水带底板,以满足桩基础与天然地基筏板基础之间变形沉降需要,避免对原地下室结构产生不利影响,具体位置及做法参见附图7至附图9所示。 Pile wear plate process - the present embodiment is applicable to the case using the natural foundation of the building, its floor treatment process is: clean pile side - bottom cushion construction - basement floor ahead of the water stop plate and steel banding, side mold mounting - sealing of the pile side is fixed, is mounted ahead of the water-stop rubber water base - concrete pouring stop using a crane removal - Gao pile platform crane base ahead of the chisel to the top surface of the water stop plate - gravel packing cushion after pouring building a reinforced connecting portion, construction joint - pouring concrete after pouring portion than at the pressure level Gao geology, to avoid precipitation through the construction crane base portion basement structure, tower foundation piles four weeks ahead of the peripheral rubber water provided floor to meet the needs foundation pile foundation settlement deformation and between natural foundation raft, to avoid adversely affecting the original structure of the basement, and the position of the specific reference to the figures 7 to approach shown in Figure 9. 止水板部位随周围底板一起浇筑,上部预留200mm,待塔吊基础拆除后采用砂石垫层填至地下室底板底作为后浇板带底模,其余部位做法同后浇带做法。 Sealing around the base plate together with the pouring portion, the upper portion of reserve 200mm, crane base until removal using gravel packing cushion to the rear end of the basement floor as the bottom die cast strip, with the rest of the back strip practice practice. 止水板与建筑物底板的连接处,由橡胶止水带5连接,橡胶止水带的上、 下两侧设置50mm的聚乙烯泡沫塑料板7,其外侧为聚氯乙烯胶泥6。 Connecting the sealing plate and the bottom plate of the building, are connected by a rubber water stop 5, water-stop rubber, provided at both sides of a polyethylene foam 50mm plate 7, the outer side 6 of a polyvinyl chloride cement. 桩侧四周均设置膨胀止水条,将桩侧基层清理干净后,采用钢钉固定膨胀止水条。 Pile lateral expansion of the seal is provided all around the pile side of the substrate after the clean using nails fixed expansion of the seal. 止水条的铺设应形成闭合环路,铺设的延伸途中不得留有断点。 Sealing of a closed loop is formed to be laid, extending in the middle can not be left laid breakpoint. 预埋铁钉的间距,须严格控制,其密度须满足止水条铺设的稳固要求。 Embedded nails pitch, must be strictly controlled, the density must meet the requirements of securely sealing of laid. 底板与塔吊桩基础交接部位按后浇带设置,钢筋预留插筋,并在后浇带部分增设按原钢筋截面一半的加强钢筋,断开处钢筋待塔吊基础拆除后采用机械连接。 The rear floor according to the transfer location is provided with a poured foundation pile tower crane, rebar dowels reservation, and additional back strip part of the original half-section steel reinforcing steel, the steel to be disconnected mechanically connected to the crane base removed. 后浇部位待桩基凿除后进行施工,后浇部位混凝土采用与相邻结构混凝土抗渗等级相同,且混凝土强度等级髙一级的补偿收縮混凝土进行浇筑,养护时间不少于28天。 After pouring the construction part to be drilled pile after addition, after pouring the concrete in the same site with the adjacent concrete permeability rating structure, and concrete strength to compensate a shrinkage Gao concrete pouring, curing time of less than 28 days. 防渗漏措施:穿顶板的洞口处混凝土采用比结构混凝土髙一级等级的微膨胀防水混凝土,并在顶板上设置附加防水层。 Anti-leakage measures: the hole through the concrete roof waterproof concrete than a micro level Gao expansive concrete structure, and an additional waterproofing layer is provided on the top panel. 洞口处断开钢筋连接采用机械连接。 Entrance connected using mechanical connection of reinforced disconnected. 混凝土采用与相邻结构棍凝土抗渗等级相同,且混凝土强度等级髙一级的补偿收縮混凝土进行浇筑;浇筑完成后及时做好养护工作,养护时间不应少于14天。 The same concrete structure adjacent stick impermeability grade concrete, concrete strength and compensate for shrinkage Gao a concrete pouring; maintenance work in a timely manner after the completion of pouring, curing time should not be less than 14 days. 实施例二:参见附图IO和附图ll所示, 一种建筑用塔吊基础,包括塔吊基础承台2及固定连接于塔吊基础承台下方的4根灌注桩1,所述灌注桩在安装位置下露出基底的髙度不少于3米,灌注桩与建筑物底板间设置有止水结构。 Second Embodiment: Referring to the drawings and figures IO ll shown a basic construction crane, comprising a crane foundation platform 2 and is fixedly connected to the bottom of the tower crane foundation platform 1 of four piles, the pile installation Gao substrate is exposed at a position of not less than 3 m, with a sealing structure is provided between the pile and the building floor. 本实施例的止水结构为,连接于建筑物底板下部的附加承台8,附加承台与灌注桩间设有遇水膨胀止水条4,附加承台与建筑物底板一起浇筑。 Sealing structure according to the present embodiment is connected to a lower portion of the building base plate bearing the additional table 8, between the pile is provided with additional Cap water expansion of the seal 4, the floor of the building of additional Cap pouring together. 本实施例适用于建筑物采用工程桩基础的场合,其制作方法与实施例一类似,其中,不同处为底板的处理,底板处理的工艺流程为:桩侧清理,底板墊层施工,地下室底板及增设附加承台钢筋绑扎、侧模安装—桩侧止水条固定—混凝土浇筑(桩周围板面预留50mm后浇)一塔吊停止使用后拆除—髙桩承台塔吊基础凿除至底板顶面—预留50mm部位细石混凝土填筑根据底板自身厚度情况,可以釆用底板下附加承台与底板下不附加承台两种结构,附图IO是附加承台的结构示意图,附加承台混凝土与底板一起浇筑, 桩身四周均设置膨胀止水条,底板浇筑时板面预留50mm,待塔吊桩基凿除后, 用同等级细石混凝土填筑。 This embodiment is applicable to a case where a building pile foundation works, its production method is similar to the first embodiment, which differs in the processing of the bottom plate, the bottom plate process treatment is: clean pile side, bottom cushion construction, basement floor and adding additional bearing steel banding station, the mold mounting side - pile side fixing sealing strips - pouring concrete (around the pile board after pouring reservation 50mm) using a crane after removal of stop - Gao pile platform crane base in addition to cutting the top plate surface - reserved 50mm fine concrete filling portion according to the thickness of the plate itself, the lower plate may preclude the use of an additional two structures without additional Cap Cap under the bottom plate, IO drawings is a schematic view of an additional bearing units, additional Cap pouring concrete together with the bottom plate, is provided all around the pile expansion of the seal, when the floor board reserved 50mm pouring, to be chiseled pile crane, with the same filling level fine aggregate concrete. 该处混凝土采用与相邻结构混凝土抗渗等级相同,且混凝土强度等级髙一级的补偿收縮棍凝土进行浇筑,养护时间不少于14天。 Where the concrete adjacent concrete permeability by the same hierarchy, and a compensation intensity level Gao stick shrinkage of concrete for pouring concrete, curing time of less than 14 days. 底板钢筋被桩身截断部分设置补强钢筋,其结构参见附图ll所示。 Steel plate was cut pile portion provided with a reinforcing steel, which refer to the structure illustrated in the drawings ll. 为验证本发明方法的实用性,本发明的申请人在自行承担的工地中在保密状态下进行了工程试验,试验结果如下列应用例所示:应用例一-东盛步行街主体土建及安装工程位于吴江市盛泽镇市场路,虹盛宾馆对面,设计时共分A、 B、 C三个区。 To verify the usefulness of the method of the present invention, the applicant of the present invention is to bear at the site confidential engineering tests, test results are shown in the following application Examples: Example One application - Shing Street body civil engineering and installation Shengze town in Wujiang City market Road, opposite the Hong Sheng hotel, is divided into A, B, C three zones design. 工程总建筑面积为102838m2,其中地下一层约为23000 m2,为地下超市、车库和设备用房,部分兼作人防,框架结构。 The total construction area of ​​102838m2, including the basement of about 23000 m2, underground supermarkets, garages and equipment room, serving as part of air defense, the frame structure. 地上由A、 B、 C三个区块组成,互相联通,面积约为80000m2, l-5层为商用裙房约60000m2; B、 C区各设一幢16层公寓,两幢公寓面积共计20000 m2 左右,为框剪结构。 Ground by the A, B, C composed of three blocks, communicated with each other, an area of ​​about 80000m2, l-5 layers about a commercial podium 60000m2; B, C, each with an area 16-story apartment, apartment total area of ​​two 20,000 about m2, for the frame structure. 由于工程体量大,工期紧,涉及大地下室和裙房的施工, 故选用了以高桩承台为基础形式的塔吊,既解决了高层部分在裙房中间塔吊无法附着的问题,又赶在土方开挖结束前安装完塔吊,为地下室的施工创造了条件,节省了地下室施工工期IO天,综合节省了施工费用15万元。 Due to the large body engineering, construction period, involving the construction of a large basement and podium, so use a high pile caps to form the basis of the crane, which addresses the problem of high-level part of the crane can not be attached in the middle of the podium, but also in time After installing the excavation before the end of the crane, and create conditions for the construction of the basement, basement construction period saves the IO-day, comprehensive saving construction costs 150,000 yuan. 应用例二:苏州工业园区海天广场工程占地面积19354加2,总建筑面积168478.77m2, 地上125801 m2,地下42677 m2,其中A区:商场26882 m2,写字楼34873 m2: B区:商场26645 m2,髙层公寓37401 m2。 Application Example Two: Suzhou Industrial Park project covers an area of ​​19,354 square Haitian plus 2, with a total construction area of ​​168478.77m2, on the ground 125801 m2, ground 42677 m2, of which Area A: Mall 26882 m2, office building 34873 m2: B District: Mall 26645 m2, Gao floor apartment 37401 m2. 本工程地下室2层,地上由2幢塔楼:写字楼20层建筑髙度77.75m (2~6轴/ B〜J轴),公寓楼22层建筑髙度77.60m (17〜25轴/BJ轴),4层裙房组成。 The project basement layer 2, on the ground by the two towers: office building Gao layer 20 of 77.75m (2 ~ 6-axis / B~J shaft), 22-storey apartment building Gao of 77.60m (17~25 axis / BJ-axis) , 4 podium layer. 该工程体量大且基坑四周釆用了基坑围护措施,地下室范围紧贴基坑围护边,传统塔吊基础无空间放置,且髙层部分缩进裙房中间,塔吊附着长度有一定限制。 The Engineering Foundation four weeks and body mass preclude the use of the foundation pit measures basement foundation pit close range side, no space for a conventional crane base, and the indented intermediate layer portion Gao skirt, a certain length of the crane is attached limit. 综合上述情况,本申请人选用了高桩承台基础作为本工程所用两台塔吊基础,塔吊基础基桩采用C 850mm的混凝土灌注桩,上部设置5000X 5000X 1350方形承台基础,经过本工程的实际检验,高桩承台塔吊基础取得了很好的使用效果,最大程度的发挥了塔吊的功效,节省了施工工期10天,与传统基础形式相比较综合节省了施工费用6万元。 Taking these circumstances, the present applicant selected Cap high pile foundation works present two basic crane with a tower crane foundation concrete pile foundation pile using C 850mm, the upper portion 5000X 5000X 1350 square concrete pad foundation, this project through the actual test, high pile caps tower crane foundation and achieved good results, the greatest degree of effectiveness played a crane, saving the construction period for 10 days, compared with the traditional form the basis of a comprehensive saves construction costs 60,000 yuan. 应用例三:苏州工业园区时代广场N2N5工程为框剪结构,N2为地下二层,地上九层和十九层;N5为地下两层,地上二至三层,总建筑面积为127323m2,(其中N2面积为84651m2, N5面积为47071.5m2),地下室部位总建筑面积47577.4m2, (N2地下室面积18381m2、 N5地下室面积29196.4m2), N2总髙80.80m, N5总高15.50m。 Application Example Three: Suzhou Industrial Park, Times Square N2N5 frame structure for the project, N2 for the ground floor, on the ground nine and nineteenth layer; N5 underground floors, the ground two to three, with a total construction area of ​​127323m2, (which N2 area of ​​84651m2, N5 area 47071.5m2), the total floor area of ​​the basement portion 47577.4m2, (N2 basement area of ​​18381m2, N5 basement area 29196.4m2), N2 total Gao 80.80m, N5 total height 15.50m. 该工程施工场地狭小,地下室边线紧靠基坑围护边线,且地下室体量相当大,工期需要在120天内完成地下室结构施工,鉴于上述情况,传统塔吊基础放置不仅受到空间、利用率限制,且N2高层部位无法附着,故采用高桩承台塔吊基础,在土方开挖初期进行塔吊基础的施工,土房开挖结束前,塔吊便可投入使用,没有占用相对紧张的工期,为确保地下室按期完成施工创造了良好的条件,节省了施工工期5天。 The construction site is small, basement foundation pit edges close to the sideline, and the basement a large body mass, time required to complete the basement structure construction within 120 days, in view of the above, the traditional tower crane foundation placed not only by the space, utilization limits, and N2 top part can not be attached, so the use of high-pile platform for tower crane foundation, tower crane foundation construction performed in the early excavation, mud house before the end of the excavation, crane ready for use, does not occupy a relatively tight deadline, to ensure that the basement on schedule completion of construction to create good conditions, saving the construction period of 5 days. 仅以N5工程测算,与采用4台塔吊、传统基础形式相比较综合节省了施工费用33.6万元。 Only N5 engineering calculations, and the use of tower cranes 4, compared to the traditional form the basis of a comprehensive saves construction costs 336,000 yuan.

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1. 一种建筑用塔吊基础,包括塔吊基础承台[2]及固定连接于塔吊基础承台下方的至少4根灌注桩[1],所述灌注桩顶部露出基底,灌注桩与建筑物底板间设置有止水结构,其特征在于:所述止水结构为,与所述灌注桩固定连接有超前止水板[3],灌注桩与超前止水板间设有遇水膨胀止水条[4],所述超前止水板与建筑物底板间经弹性材料构件连接,超前止水板与上方后浇的建筑物底板间预留沉降空间;所述弹性材料构件包括,设置于超前止水板与建筑物底板内的一体相连的橡胶止水带[5]、位于橡胶止水带上、下两侧的泡沫塑料板[7]及其外侧的聚氯乙烯胶泥[6]。 A basic building crane, comprising a crane foundation platform [2] and is fixedly connected to the bottom of the tower crane foundation platform at least four piles [1], the substrate is exposed top pile, pile floor of the building is provided between the sealing structure, wherein: said sealing structure, and the pile is fixedly connected with a lead seal plate [3], between the pile and the sealing plate is provided ahead of expansion of the seal water [4], the elastic material sealing member is connected between the lead plate and the bottom plate of buildings, building between the sealing plate and the rear plate advance reserved settling space above the water; said resilient member comprises a material, disposed at the leading stop rubber water in the water is integrally connected with the building base plate [5], water-stop rubber located on both sides of the foam board [7] and the outer PVC clay [6].
2. 权利要求1所述建筑用塔吊基础的制造方法,包括,确定塔吊基础位置及参数、制作至少4根灌注桩、开挖土方至塔吊基础承台底部标高,在灌注桩顶部制作钢筋混凝土塔吊基础承台并预埋塔吊螺栓或塔吊标准节,所述灌注桩顶部高于基底标髙,随建筑物地下室土方一起进行桩基外露部分土方开挖, 开挖后在灌注桩与建筑物底板之间设置止水结构,其特征在于:所述设置止水结构的方法是,桩侧清理;底板垫层施工;地下室底板及超前止水板钢筋绑扎、 侧模安装;桩側止水条固定,桩侧四周均设置膨胀止水条,将桩侧基层清理干净后,采用钢钉固定膨胀止水条,止水条的铺设应形成闭合环路;超前止水板橡胶止水带安装;混凝土浇筑;其中,超前止水板与上方后浇的建筑物底板间预留沉降空间。 The building according to claim 1 A method for producing a crane base, comprising determining the basic position and the tower crane parameters, create at least four piles, earth excavation crane foundation platform to the bottom level, the production of reinforced concrete tower crane at the top of the pile and embedded foundation platform crane or tower crane standard section the bolt, above the pile top substrate Gao standard, carried out together with the earthwork building basement exposed portions pile of earth excavation, excavation of the pile in the bottom of the building sealing structure provided between, characterized in that: the sealing structure is provided method, cleaning the pile side; cushion floor construction; basement floor plate steel banding and lead seal, mounted side mold; pile side sealing of fixing, pile lateral expansion of the seal is provided all around the pile side of the substrate to clean up after use of fixed nail expansion of the seal, the sealing strip forms a closed loop to be laid; lead plate rubber water seal is mounted; concreting ; wherein the sealing between the building ahead of the bottom plate and the rear plate settling space above the pouring reserved.
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