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Dispositif de combustion


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Armstrong Siddeley Motors Ltd
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    • F23R3/00Continuous combustion chambers using liquid or gaseous fuel
    • F23R3/02Continuous combustion chambers using liquid or gaseous fuel characterised by the air-flow or gas-flow configuration
    • F23R3/16Continuous combustion chambers using liquid or gaseous fuel characterised by the air-flow or gas-flow configuration with devices inside the flame tube or the combustion chamber to influence the air or gas flow
    • F23R3/18Flame stabilising means, e.g. flame holders for after-burners of jet-propulsion plants
    • F23R3/20Flame stabilising means, e.g. flame holders for after-burners of jet-propulsion plants incorporating fuel injection means
CH313855D 1950-07-17 1951-06-18 Dispositif de combustion CH313855A (fr)

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GB313855X 1950-07-17

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CH313855A true CH313855A (fr) 1956-05-15



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CH313855D CH313855A (fr) 1950-07-17 1951-06-18 Dispositif de combustion

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