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    • A41C3/00Brassieres
    • A41C3/12Component parts
    • A41C3/122Stay means
    • A41C3/124Stay means with an articulated or bridge construction
    • A41C3/00Brassieres
    • A41C3/0007Brassieres with stay means
CH256830D 1945-11-19 1946-11-08 Brassiere. CH256830A (en)

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US629574A US2420593A (en) 1945-11-19 1945-11-19 Brassiere

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CH256830A true CH256830A (en) 1948-09-15



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CH256830D CH256830A (en) 1945-11-19 1946-11-08 Brassiere.

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US (1) US2420593A (en)
BE (1) BE469165A (en)
CH (1) CH256830A (en)
FR (1) FR935635A (en)
GB (1) GB622295A (en)

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US2420593A (en) 1947-05-13
BE469165A (en)
GB622295A (en) 1949-04-29
FR935635A (en) 1948-06-24

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