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Roland Scholl
Herbert Poeschke
Dieter Fischer
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Schmalkalden Werkzeug
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Application filed by Schmalkalden Werkzeug filed Critical Schmalkalden Werkzeug
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BG6531684A 1983-06-13 1984-05-04 BG44795A1 (xx)

Applications Claiming Priority (1)

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DD25192383A DD230564A3 (de) 1983-06-13 1983-06-13 Thermoelektrische temperaturregeleinrichtung fuer waermebehandlungsoefen

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BG44795A1 true BG44795A1 (xx) 1989-02-15



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BG6531684A BG44795A1 (xx) 1983-06-13 1984-05-04

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BG (1) BG44795A1 (xx)
CS (1) CS258042B1 (xx)
DD (1) DD230564A3 (xx)
HU (1) HUT35718A (xx)
SU (1) SU1416844A1 (xx)

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WO2010049416A1 (en) * 2008-10-28 2010-05-06 Bhp Billiton Aluminium Technologies Limited Combined thermoelectric and thermomagnetic generator

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CS258042B1 (en) 1988-07-15
HUT35718A (en) 1985-07-29
DD230564A3 (de) 1985-12-04
SU1416844A1 (ru) 1988-08-15

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