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BG44587A1 BG6373983A BG6373983A BG44587A1 BG 44587 A1 BG44587 A1 BG 44587A1 BG 6373983 A BG6373983 A BG 6373983A BG 6373983 A BG6373983 A BG 6373983A BG 44587 A1 BG44587 A1 BG 44587A1
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Dieter Nestler
Bernd Litzkow
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Cottbus Textil & Konfektion
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Application filed by Cottbus Textil & Konfektion filed Critical Cottbus Textil & Konfektion
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BG6373983A 1983-01-10 1983-12-30 BG44587A1 (ja)

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DD24712583A DD230502A3 (de) 1983-01-10 1983-01-10 Vorrichtung zum greifen insbesondere textiler flaechengebilde

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BG44587A1 true BG44587A1 (ja) 1989-01-16



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BG6373983A BG44587A1 (ja) 1983-01-10 1983-12-30

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BG (1) BG44587A1 (ja)
DD (1) DD230502A3 (ja)

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CN109160267B (zh) * 2018-09-12 2024-03-12 遨博(江苏)机器人有限公司 布料抓取机构

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DD230502A3 (de) 1985-12-04

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