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Anode electrolytic process


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    • C25B11/00Electrodes; Manufacture thereof not otherwise provided for
    • C25B11/04Electrodes; Manufacture thereof not otherwise provided for characterised by the material
    • C25B11/0442Electrodes; Manufacture thereof not otherwise provided for characterised by the material characterised by the material of the coating
    • C25B11/0478Coatings consisting of two or more components
    • C25B11/0484Coatings consisting of two or more components comprising at least a noble metal or noble metal oxide and a non-noble metal oxide
BE158853A 1974-08-02 1975-07-31 Anode electrolytic process BE832010A (en)

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US05494110 US3882002A (en) 1974-08-02 1974-08-02 Anode for electrolytic processes

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BE832010A true BE832010A (en) 1976-02-02



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BE158853A BE832010A (en) 1974-08-02 1975-07-31 Anode electrolytic process

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