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    • C07C221/00Preparation of compounds containing amino groups and doubly-bound oxygen atoms bound to the same carbon skeleton
BE614136D 1961-03-10 BE614136A (xx)

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US94694A US3114755A (en) 1961-03-10 1961-03-10 Process for preparing bis-(monosubstitutedamino)-benzoquinones and monosubstitutedamino-naphthoquinones

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BE614136D BE614136A (xx) 1961-03-10

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US (1) US3114755A (xx)
BE (1) BE614136A (xx)
FR (1) FR1319478A (xx)
GB (1) GB959056A (xx)
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NL (1) NL275669A (xx)

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LU41288A1 (xx) 1962-04-24
US3114755A (en) 1963-12-17
GB959056A (en) 1964-05-27
FR1319478A (fr) 1963-03-01
NL275669A (xx)

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