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    • A47G9/00Bed-covers; Counterpanes; Travelling rugs; Sleeping rugs; Sleeping bags; Pillows
    • A47G9/10Pillows
    • A47G9/1081Pillows comprising a neck support, e.g. a neck roll
    • A47G9/109Pillows comprising a neck support, e.g. a neck roll adapted to lie on the side and in supine position
AT464572A 1972-04-27 1972-05-29 Pillow AT326300B (en)

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CH629172A CH551175A (en) 1972-04-27 1972-04-27 Pillow.

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ATA464572A ATA464572A (en) 1975-02-15
AT326300B true AT326300B (en) 1975-12-10



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AT464572A AT326300B (en) 1972-04-27 1972-05-29 Pillow

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