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Rheinische Maschinenfabrik Fel
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    • B21F1/00Bending wire other than coiling; Straightening wire
AT344964A 1963-04-20 1964-04-20 Drahtbiegemaschine AT262030B (en)

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DE1963R0034989 DE1281381B (en) 1963-04-20 1963-04-20 Bending machine for producing molded parts from wire or ribbon

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AT262030B true AT262030B (en) 1968-05-27



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AT344964A AT262030B (en) 1963-04-20 1964-04-20 Drahtbiegemaschine

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DK107087C (en) 1967-04-24
NL6404148A (en) 1964-10-21
SE303121B (en) 1968-08-19
LU45830A1 (en) 1964-06-08
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