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Process for preparing antibacterial agents


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preparing antibacterial
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    • C07D499/00Heterocyclic compounds containing 4-thia-1-azabicyclo [3.2.0] heptane ring systems, i.e. compounds containing a ring system of the formula:, e.g. penicillins, penems; Such ring systems being further condensed, e.g. 2,3-condensed with an oxygen-, nitrogen- or sulfur-containing hetero ring
YU297969A 1968-12-02 1969-11-27 Process for preparing antibacterial agents YU33875B (en)

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US78055768A true 1968-12-02 1968-12-02

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YU297969A YU297969A (en) 1977-12-31
YU33875B true YU33875B (en) 1978-06-30



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YU297969A YU33875B (en) 1968-12-02 1969-11-27 Process for preparing antibacterial agents

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