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  • My invention consists of the. peculiar construction and arrangement of the chutes in the case which surrounds the wheel,-and in the combination of the chutes and gate .as hereinafter described.
  • Figure 1 is a plan. or top view of a wheel of my invention
  • Figure 3 a horizontal section of the same on line a: 2:,- and Figure 4, a horizontal the same.
  • A designates a wheel of the class which receivesthe water upon. its edge, apd which wheel .is secured to the shaft'E, having its hearings upon a step in the spider E and in the box I, as in ordinary wheels.
  • Y a wheel of the class which receivesthe water upon. its edge, apd which wheel .is secured to the shaft'E, having its hearings upon a step in the spider E and in the box I, as in ordinary wheels.
  • f'lhese chutes are formed in three groups; the in-' let or port, 1 2 3, of each group occupies one-sixth of the-circumference or outer edge of the case G, while at their discharge .end each group occupies one-third of theinner edge of the case G, the discharge end of the chutes thus being divided at equal distances from each other upon all sides of the wheel A, as shown in flg.'3.*
  • the gate H Surrounding the case G is the gate H, of cylindric or hoop form, and is provided with openings 0 and solid portions or rims f,-each of which occupies one-sixth of the gate H.
  • the upper edge of the gate H is provided with segment-gear g, which meshes into pinion h on the shaft i.
  • the gate H is turned, by means of shaft 5, &c., until the rims f or a portion of them) cover the mouth of the chutes which reduces the flow of water by onefourth. It turned so as to cover the chutes d 0 only one-half the water is used, and so on until the gate is entirely closed by the rims f covering the whole of each inlet or port 1 2 3.
  • the ports 1 2 might be arranged-on the lines It and opened by a sliding gate, which would produce the same effect by means of the same chutes as above described.
  • Theblank space 5 between the groups of chutes occupies one-sixth of the outer edge of said'case.
  • the gate H is formed of two hoops, m n, each provided with openings 8' and rims f, each opening occupying one-third of eaek hoop,.and each rim f one-sixth of the same.
  • Two shoulders or projections, o o are secured to the inner hoop m, and a projection, 0', to the outer hoop n.
  • the hoop m is rotated in the direction indicated by the dart, and,after moving one'sixth of its circumference, one of the projections 0 will strike the projection 0', when both hoops m n will rotate together until the rims f of thetwo hoops entirely cover the ports'4 4 and thusclose all of the chutes.
  • This modification also enables me to divide the amount of water used into smaller fractions, by using only one-sixth of a full-gate, and so on, as desired,
  • the case G may be madedeeper on its outer edge than at its inner edge for the purpose of increasing the-area of the mouth of thechutes, if desired.
  • one or more chutcsnpon opposite sides can .be fully opened, while all ,the other chutes remain closed.



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