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  • This invention relates to an apparatus for 1 5 cooling mash to the fermentation temperature
  • the apparatus comprises a vertical column or chamber, which is traversed by aseries of waterconducting pipes,
  • the water-tubes extend through the 2 5 shell of the vertical column andleadinto small non-communicatingbhambers formed between the shell of the cooler'and the outer walls.
  • object of these chambers is to cause the water circulating through the tubes in an upward 0 direction to take a circuitous or zigzag course and flow out at the top of the cooler.
  • Figure l is a vertical elevation of a 'mashcooler constructed according to my invention.
  • Fig. 2 is a vertical section with part of exterior View,
  • Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional view.
  • the shellof the cooler is in the form of a column, A, which is generally constructed of several rectangular sections superposed and connected together in any suitable manner,
  • nterior chamber of this column is conl 'fillI. to bottom, and is traversed to by numerous tiers of horizontal tubes, B,which' extend through the inner side walls, a, of the column, as is shown in Figs. 2 and 3,
  • Detachable walls or plates 0, secured outside the inner walls, a, by means of yokes b and screws 5 o d, serve to form a space or series of partitioned chambers between the two walls mentioned, and the tubes B lead into these chambers.
  • Partition-plates e arranged in the space between the outer andinner' walls, serve to form the chambers'referred' to.
  • the several sec tions comprising the column are connectedby short V-shaped pipes D, which serve to conduct the cooling medium entering the cooler through the pipe 1) from one section to the adjoining one above.
  • A. can or conical hood, E, surmounting the cooling-column contains a strainer-plate, F, and has a top opening, f, for the introduction of the mash.
  • the object of the strainer is to separatelumps, husks, and 7c other impurities existing in the mash, and the latter flows down over the cooling-pipes and escapes through a cone-shaped bottom head,
  • a stand-pipe, H extending alongside the cooling-column andterminating at or near the top thereof, is connected with tliebottom outlet ofthe column by a short horizontal branch, h.
  • the mash ascends said stand-pipe and escapes at the top thereof througha pipe, h, which leads to the ferment- 8o ers.
  • a thermometer, '6 is inserted into the top of the stand-pipe for ascertaining the temperature of tli'ev mash.
  • the mash after its passagethrough the cooling-column and stand. pipe is of the temperature necessary for fer mentation.
  • a stand-pipe having a, top discharge-opening for the cooled mesh, with a cooling-column corn or beer coolershave nected. with the bottom of the stand-pipe, as and forthe purpose set forth;
  • a mash-cooler comprising a series of super-posed shells or sections having transverse Water tubes, detachable outer walls, inner walls provided with pertition-strips,end doors leading into the'mash-chaniber, as andfor the purpose set forth.



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