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USD98355S US D98355 S USD98355 S US D98355S
United States
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Normand P. Liberty
Original Assignee
Morris Burtman
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Jan. 28, 1936. I LIBERTY Des. 98,355


Filed Dec. 17, 1955 INVENTOR. No RMAND R Lmsm-y ATTORNEY Q Patented Jan. 28, 1936 Des.

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR A SHOE Normand P. Liberty, Farmington, N. H., assignor to Morris Burtman, Boston, Mass. Application December 17, 1935, Serial No. 60,129

Term of patent 3 /2 years To all whom it may concern: Figure 1 is a plan view of a shoe showing my Be it known that I, Normand P. Liberty, a new design.

citizen of the United States of America, residing Figure 2 is a side elevational view of a shoe as in Farmington, county of Strafford, and State shown in Figure 1.

of New Hampshire, have invented a new, origi- I claim:

nal, and ornamental Design for a Shoe, of which The ornamental design for a shoe substantialthe following is a specification, reference being 1y as shown.

had to the accompanying drawing, forming part NORMAND P. LIBERTY. thereof.



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