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USD96001S US D96001 S USD96001 S US D96001S
United States
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Louis Alterson
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June 25, 1935.
l.. ALTERsoN Des. 96,001 t BUCKLE Filed May 8, 1935 F IG. 2,.
INVENTOW Patented June 25, 1935 Des.
UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR A BUCKLE Louis Alterson, New York, N. Y. l Application May s, 1935, serial No. 56,733
Term of patent 3% years T0 all whom it may concern: Figure 1 is a plan view of a buckle, showing my Be it known that I, Louis Alterson, a citizen of new design.
the United States of America, residing in Man- Figure 2 is an elevational side view of the hattan, county of New York, and State of New buckle, shown in Figure 1.
York, have invented a new, original, and orna- I claim: mental Design for a Buckle, of which the follow- The ornamental design for a buckle, substaning is a. specification, reference being had to the tially as shown. accompanying drawing, forming part thereof, LOUIS ALTERSON. wherein,



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