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USD94147S US D94147 S USD94147 S US D94147S
United States
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ice crusher
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Herbert C. Johnson
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Dec. 25, 193 4. c. JOHNSON Des. 94,147

ICE CRUSHER Filed April 19, 1934 Patented Dec. 25, 1934 Des.

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE Herbert G. Johnson, Chicago, Ill.

Application April 19, 1934, Serial No. 51,451

Term of patent 7 years To all whom it may concern: The figure is a perspective view of an ice crusher Be it known that I, Herbert C. Johnson, a showing my new design.

citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, I claim:

county of Cook, State of Illinois, have invented The ornamental design for an ice crusher, as

a new, original, and ornamental Design for an shown.

Ice Crusher, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying HERBERT C. JOHNSON.

drawing, forming a. part thereof.



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