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USD90859S US D90859 S USD90859 S US D90859S
United States
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Albert A. Schmid
Original Assignee
Hanson Scale Company
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Oct. 10, 1933. SCHMID Des. 90,859

POINTER FOR SCALES Filed Feb. 4, 1933 flH'arnggs Patented Oct. 10, 1933 D 90,859

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR A POINTER FOR SCALES Albert A. Schmid, Cicero, Ill., assignor to Hanson Scale Company, Chicago, 111., a corporation of Illinois Application February 4, 1933. Serial No. 47,107

Term of patent 14 years To all whom it may concern: Figure 1 is a face or plan vew of a pointer for Be it known that I, ALBERT A. Scmvnn, a citizen scales, showing my new design. of the United States, residing at Cicero, in the Fig. 2 is an edge view thereof.

county of Cook and State of Illinois, have in- I claim: v vented a new, orginal, and ornamental Design The ornamental design for a pointer for scales,

for a Pointer for Scales, of which the following is as shown. a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming a part hereof.

In the drawing:




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