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USD87859S US D87859 S USD87859 S US D87859S
United States
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similar article
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Chables Vallone
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Sept 27, 1932. c VALLQNE Des. 87,859
END FRAME FOR SWINGS OR SIMILAR ARTICLE Filed March 4, 1932 Patented Sept. 27, 1932 7 Des,
UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE cmnns VALLONE, or BUFFALO, nEw YORK DESTGN FOR AN END FOR SWINGS OR SIMILAR ARTICLE Application filed March 4, 1982. Serial No. 43,079. Term of patent 7 years.
To all whom it may concem: Fig. 1 is a perspective view of an end frame Be it known that I, CHARLES VALLONE, a for swings embodying my design. citizen of the United States, residing at Buf- Fig. 2 is a sectional view thereof on line falo, Erie County, State of New York, have 22, Fig. 1. invented a new, original, and ornamental De- I claim: sign for an End Frame for Swings or Similar The ornamental design for an end frame Article, of which the following is a specififor swings or similar article, substantially as cation, reference being had to the accompanyshown. in drawing, forming a part thereof. CHARLES VALLONE.
in said drawing:



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