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USD87202S US D87202 S USD87202 S US D87202S
United States
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Maxime Chapttis
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June 21, 1932. H p |s Des. 87,202

SMOKERS STAND Filed Oct. 2, 1931 fyZ Zfla'fizazs: I fzuerzi or Maxim C/za puzls Patented June 21, 1932 Des,

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE MAXINE CHAPUIS, OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS DESIGN FOR A SMOKERS STAND Application filed October 2, 1931. Serial No. 41,296. Term of patent 7 years.

To all whom it may concern: Fig. 1 is a front plan view;

Be it known that I, MAXIME GHAPUIs, a eit- Fig. 2 is a side View in elevation; and

izen of France, but domiciled within the Fig. 3 is a top plan View.

United States, and residing at Chicago, in I claim:

the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have The ornamental design for a smokers invented a new, original, and ornamental Destand, as shown.

sign for a Smokers Stand, of which the fol- MAXIME GHAPUIS. lowing is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming a.

part thereof.



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