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USD83546S US D83546 S USD83546 S US D83546S
United States
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Edward Karfiol
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Des. 83,546
E. KARFIOL March 3, 1931.
DOILY Filed De'o.
avwemtoz Patented Mar. 3, 1931 UNITED STATES Des. 83,546
PATENT OFFICE EDWARD KARFIOL, OF BROOKLYN, NEW YORK DESIGN FOR A DOILY To all whom z'tmay concern Be it. known that I, EDWARD KARFIOL, a citizen of the United States, residing in Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and the Y State of New York, have invented a new,
original, and ornamental Design for Doily, of which the following is a specification, references being made to the accompanying drawing, forming part thereof, in which the figure represents a face View of a doily, showing my new design.
Application filed December 23, 1930. Serial No. 38,097. Term of patent 14 years.
The full lines of the drawing show onequarter of the design in detail, the other three quarter sections, indicated in dotted lines except the scalloped border which is shown in full lines, being repetitions of the detailed illustration arranged in proper relation thereto.
I claim:
The ornamental design for a doily as shown and described.



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