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USD81141S US D81141 S USD81141 S US D81141S
United States
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Edward B. Mallory
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Patented May 13, 1930 Des, 81,141
UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE EDWARD B. MALLORY, OF TENAFLY, NEW JERSEY DESIGN FOR A REFRIGERATOR 'UNIT Application filed January 17, 1930. Serial No. 34,174 Term of patent 14 years.
To allwhom t may concern: The figure is an elevational View of the Be it known that I, EDWARD B. MALLORY, a article, showing my new design. citizen of the United States, residing at The article shown in the drawing is circular Tenaiy, in the county of Bergen and State in contour. of New Jersey, have invented a new, original, I claim: and ornamental Design for Refrigerator The ornamental design for a refrigerator Unit, of which the following is a specification, unit as shown and described.
reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming a part thereof. EDWARD B. MALLORY.



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