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USD79765S US D79765 S USD79765 S US D79765S
United States
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Edward L. Silvebman
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Oct. 29, 1929. L slLVERMAN Des. 79,765
GLOBE Filed Aug 17, 1929 INVENTOR Ia'2aard1., )?7wrm ATTORNEY Patented Oct. 29, 1929 Des. 79,765
UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE EDWARD L. SILVERMAN, OF BROOKLYN. NEW YORK DESIGN FOR A GLOBE Application filed August 17, 1929. Serial No. 32,440. Term of patent 7 years.
To. all whom it may concern: companying drawings, forming part hereof.
Be it known that I, EDWARD L. SILVERMAN, The single fi ure is a perspective view of a citizen of the United States and residing at the globe embo ying my design. 1135 East 8th Street, Brooklyn, in the county I claim: of Kings and State of New York, have in- The ornamental design fora globe substan- Vented a new, original and ornamental Detially as shown. sign for a Globe, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the ac- EDWARD L. SILVERMAN.



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