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USD217251S US D217251 S USD217251 S US D217251S
United States
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electric outlet
outlet bar
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Robert D. Kahn
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United States Patent Office 217,251

Patented Apr. 21, 1970 MULTIPLE ELECTRIC OUTLET BAR Robert D. Kahn, Rockville Centre, N.Y., assignor to Fedtro, Inc., Rockville Centre, N.Y., a corporation of New York Filed Apr. 16, 1969, Ser. No. 16,777

Term of patent 14 years Int. Cl. DIS-03 US. Cl. D261 Dec. 217,251

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FIG. 1 is a three-quartered front perspective view of References Cited the multiple electric outlet bar (sole-Partner Instrument Co., Januar 1966, 16, No. FIG. 2 s a top plan view thereof; 1577 Pilot Strip y p 31S a frontelevatlonal thereof; Waber Catalog 565 received 1965 p 1 model 24M FIG. 4 is a left side elevational view thereof; and outlet box FIG. 5 is a right side elevational view thereof. 'llhle broken lines are for illustrative purposes only. WALLACE BURKE, Primary Examiner 0 arm:

W. N. WERTMAN, Assistant Examiner The ornamental design for a multiple electric outlet bar, as shown and described.



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