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USD199288S US D199288 S USD199288 S US D199288S
United States
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power driven
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Frank G. Rozanski
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Des. 199,288 Patented Sept. 29, 1964 United States Patent ()1 POWER DRIVEN AQUAPLANE Frank G. Rozanski, Perry, N.Y., assignor to Aqua-Dart, Inc., Perry, N.Y.
Filed Sept. 26, 1963, Ser. No. 76,741
Term of patent 14 years (Cl. D711) Des. 199,288
PAGE 2 FIG.1 is a perspective view of a power driven aquaplane showing my new design;
FIG. 2 is a top plan view thereof;
FIG. 3 is a bottom plan view thereof;
FIG. 4 is a side elevational view thereof;
FIG. 5 is a front elevational view thereof; and
FIG. 6 is a rear elevational view thereof.
The side not shown is substantially the same in appearance as the side shown in FIG. 4.
I claim:
The ornamental design for a power driven aquaplane, as shown and described.
References Cited by the Examiner UNITED STATES PATENTS D. 173,894 1/55 Cipollone D711 D. 190,892 7/61 Swenson D711 2,901,757 9/59 Remington.
WALLACE R. BURKE, Acting Primary Examiner. ADELINE B. HANNAH, Examiner.



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