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USD186733S US D186733 S USD186733 S US D186733S
United States
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spray gun
gun unit
united states
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Bronislaw Zapolski
Original Assignee
Union Carbide Corporation
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Ma 69 84 12 v %0 D 0 United States Patent Ofifice SPRAY GUN UNIT Bronislaw Zapolski, Hastings on Hudson N.Y., assignor to Union Carbide Corporation, a corporation of New York Application July 22, 1958, Serial No. 51,889
Term of patent 14 years The figure is a perspective view showing the top, front References Cited in the file of this patent and one side of a spray g un unit embodying my design; UNITED STATES PATENTS the other side is substantially the same and the back is substantially plain. The nozzle and containers are shown 11 5 S Z in broken lines for illustrative purposes only. 80 73 u ton c I claim: The ornamental design for a spray gun unit, as shown and described.



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