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USD182753S US D182753 S USD182753 S US D182753S
United States
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kite reel
united states
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Fred A. Allen
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United States Patent 0 "'ice Des-182,153
Patented May 13, 1958 KITE REEL OR THE LIKE Fred A. Allen, Gardena, Calif.
Application June 4, 1957, Serial No. 46,478 Term of patent 14 years (Cl. D41--.1)
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a kite reel or the like, References Cited in the file of this patent new design; UNITED STATES PATENTS Figure 2 1s a front elevatlonal view;
Fi u 3 i a ide elevational view; and 180332 Jackson May 1957 Figure 4 is a top View 1,559,449 Mordt Oct. 27, 1925 I claim: 2,504,550 Letzkus Apr. 18, 195
The ornamental design for a kite reel or the like, substantially as shown.



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