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USD182732S US D182732 S USD182732 S US D182732S
United States
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elevational view
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John Perec
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Des. 182,732 Patented May 6, 1958 United States Patent O 1c@ SHUFFLEBOARD Thomas La Salle and John Perec, Utica, N; Y.
Application July 26, 1955, Serial No. 37,135
Term of patent 31/2 years (cl. D34-s) Des. 182,732
PAGE 2 Figure 1 is a top plan view of a shufeboard, showing our new design;
We claim:
The ornamental design for a shuflleboard, as shown Figure 2 is a bottom plan view; and described. Figure 3 is a side elevational View, the opposite side having Substantially the Same appearance; References Cited in the file Of this patent Figure 4 is an end elevational view, the opposite end UNITED STATES PATENTS haing substimiauy the 5am@ ippfearan; D. 109,927 weissmueuer May 31, 193s igure 5 1s a perspectlve view, and D 158 822 Waltman May 30 1950 Figure 6 is a fragmentary cross-sectional view thereof, l 020315 Schutz Mar 12 1912 to an enlarged scale, and partially broken away for convenience in illustration.



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