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USD180382S US D180382 S USD180382 S US D180382S
United States
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lipstick container
united states
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Seymour Wassyng
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Des. 180,382 Patented May 28, 1957 United States Patent Ofiice LIPSTICK CONTAINER Seymour Wassyng, Merrick, N. Y., assignor to Revlon, Inc., New York, N. Y., a corporation of Delaware Appli fion July 23, 1956, Serial No. 42,333
Term of patent 7 years (CI. D86-10) Fig. l is a view in elevation of a lipstick container References Cited in the file of this patent showing my new design;
2 l t d t b f UNITED STATES PATENTS 1g. is a view in e eva ion urne o ring a corner 0 the structure directly to the front center; and 9230 Schlotterbeck Apr 1948 Fig. 3 is an end view. I claim:
The ornamental design for a lipstick container, as shown.



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