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USD179661S US D179661 S USD179661 S US D179661S
United States
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united states
elevational view
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Paul M. Schroeder
Original Assignee
Bell Aircraft Corporation
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Des. 179,661 Patented Feb. 5, 1957 United States Patent O we HELICOPTER Paul M. Schroeder, Jr., Fort Worth, Tex., assignor to Bell Aircraft Corporation, Wheatfield, N. Y.
Application December 2, 1955, Serial No. 39,130
Term of patent 14 years (Cl. D71--1) Fig. l is a side elevational view of a helicopter showing my new design;
Fig. 2 is a top plan view thereof;
Fig. 3 is a front elevational view thereof; and
Figs. 4, 5 and 6 are sectional outline views thereof taken about on lines IVVVI, respectively, of Fig. 1.
The side of the helicopter not shown in the drawings is identical in appearance with that illustrated in Pig. 1.
The essential features of my design reside in those shown in full lines.
I claim:
The ornamental design for a helicopter, as shown and described.
Des. 179,661
PAGE 2 References Cited in the file of this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS Alex Aug. 30, 1949 Alex Jan. 4, 1955 OTHER REFERENCES Washington Post & Times Herald, November 5, 1954, Navy Sea Dart Plane.



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