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USD179218S US D179218 S USD179218 S US D179218S
United States
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analogous article
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Oscar Riedener
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Tiffany a Company
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Patented Nov. 13, 1956 SPOON 0R ANALOGOUS ARTICLE Oscar Riedener, New York, N. Y., assignor to Tiffany & Company, a corporation of New York Application May 7, 1956, Serial No. 41,393
Term of patent 14 years (Cl. D5412) Fl E1-l. Fl ELE- Fl 5.3-
w Fl Fl 5-4. Fl ELE- Figure 1 is a front view of the spoon or analogous I claim:
article showing my new design.
Figure 2 is a side view. Figure 3 is a view of the back. Figure 4 is a cross section on line 44 of Figure 1. References Cited 1n the file of this patent Figure 5 is a cross section on line 5-5 of Figure 1. UNITED STATES PAT NTS Figure 6 is a cross section on line 66 of Figure 1. The essential features of my design reside in the con- S32? u g2 figuration and ornamentation of the handle of the spoon "'1 Shown in fun lines. D. 156,942 Dabrowskt Jan. 2 1950 The ornamental design for a spoon or analogous article, as shown and described.



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