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Publication number
USD133420S US D133420 S USD133420 S US D133420S
United States
Prior art keywords
similar article
Prior art date
Application number
Carl Schinitz
Original Assignee
Verlys of America
Filing date
Publication date




g- 11, 1942- c. SCHMITZ Des. 133,420
BOX OR SIMILAR ARTJIICLE Fil ed Nov. 26, 1941 INVENTOR 63m Sam/r2 BY MW ATTORNEY Patented Aug. 11, 1942 Des. 133,420
UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR A BOX 0R SIMILAR ARTICLE Carl Schmitz, New York, N. Y., assignor to Verlys of America, Inc., New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application November 26, 1941, Serial No. 104,344
Term of patent 7 years Figure 1 is a top plan View of the box or similar article, showing my new design;
Figure 2 is a side elevational view thereof; and
Figure 3 is an end elevational view.
I claim:
The ornamental design for a box or similar article, as shown.



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