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USD132275S US D132275 S USD132275 S US D132275S
United States
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similar article
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Edward John Genter
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May 5, 1942. E, J, @ENTER Des. 132,275

POSTER onsIMLAR ARTICLE f Filed Feb. 18, 1942 r un n 111 venlar UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR A POSTER OR SEIILAR ARTICLE Edward John Gentcr, New London, Conn.

Application February 18, 1942, Serial No. 105,882

Term of patent 7 years To all whom it may concern: The figure is a plan View of a poster or similar Be it known that I, Edward John Genter, a article showing my new design.

citizen of the United States, residing at New I claim:

London, in the county of New London and State The ornamental design for a poster or similar of Connecticut, have invented a new, original, article, as shown.

and ornamental Design for a Poster or Similar EDWARD JOHN GENTE-3R.

Article, of which the following is a specification,

reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming part thereof.



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