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USD118699S US D118699 S USD118699 S US D118699S
United States
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Paul L. Goodale
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Jan. 30, 1940 p GOQDALE Des. 118,699

COMIC FIGURE Filed Oct. 30, 1939 Patented Jan. 30, 1940 Des,

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE I Paul L. Goodale, University City, Mo.

Application October 30, 1939, Serial No. 87,928

Term of patent 14 y ars To all whom it may concern: ure 1 is a perspective View, Figure 2 is a front Be it known that 1, Paul L. Goodale, a citizen eievational View, and Figure 3 is a side elevational of the United States, residing at University City, view of a comic figure embodying my new design.

St. Louis County, State of Missouri, have in- I claimvented a new, original, and ornamental Design for The ornamental design for a comic figure, suba Comic Figure, of which the following is a specistantially as shown.

fication, reference being made to the accompany- PAUL L. GOODALE.

ing drawing, forming a part thereof, in which Fig-



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