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Publication number
USD113558S US D113558 S USD113558 S US D113558S
United States
Prior art keywords
new york
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Charles S. Gage
Original Assignee
Lentheric Incorporated
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Publication date




C. S. GAGE Feb. 28, 1939.
Des. 113,558
BOTTLE Filed June 23, 193'? Fig.2
Fig. 5
' ATTORNEY UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR A BOTTLE Charles S. Gage, Cold Spring on Hudson, N. Y., assignor to Lentheric Incorporated, New York,
. N. Y., a corporation of New York Application June 23, 1937, Serial No. 69,998
Term of patent 14 years To all whom it may concern: In the drawing, Figs. 1, 2, 3, and 4 are, respec- Be it known that I, Charles S. Gage, a citizen tively, top, side, front, and rear views of a. bottle of the United States, residing at Cold Spring on embodying my new design.
Hudson, in the county of Westchester and State I claim:
of New York, have invented a new, original, and The ornamental design for a bottle, substanornamental Design for a Bottle, of which the foltially as shown.
lowing is a specification, reference being had to CHARLES S. GAGE.
the accompanying drawing, forming part there-



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