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USD105147S US D105147 S USD105147 S US D105147S
United States
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Joseph Starr
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Des. 105,147

J. STARR June 29, 1937.


Filed May 21, 1937 INVENTOR Patented June 29, 1937 Des.

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR A SHOE Joseph Starr, New York, N. Y. Application May 21, 1937, Serial No. 69,461

Term of patent 3 /2 years To all whom it y concern: Figure 1 is a fragmentary plan view; and,

Be it known that I, Joseph Starr, a. citizen of Figure 2 is a side elevational view of a shoe the United States of America, residing in Manshowing my new design. hattan, County of New York, and. State of New I claim: York. have invented a inal, and orna- The ornamental design for a shoe, substantialmental Design for 3, Shoe, of which the following 1y as shown. is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming part thereof, JOSEPH STARR. wherein,



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