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USD105125S US D105125 S USD105125 S US D105125S
United States
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united states
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Charles Morali
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Patented June 29, 1937 Des,
UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR A SHOE Charles Morali, Forest Hills, N. Y., assignor to Delman, Inc., New York, N. Y.
Application May 8, 1937, Serial No. 69,228
Term of patent 3 years To all whom it may concerm: Figure 1 is a plan view, and
Be it known that I, Charles Morali, a citizen Figure 2 is a side perspective View of a shoe, of the United States and resident of Forest Hills, showing my new design. in the county of Queens and State of New York, I claim:
have invented a new, original, and ornamental The ornamental design for a shoe substantially Design for Shoes, of which the following is a as shown. specification, reference being had to the accom- CHARLES MORALI.
'panying drawing, forming part thereof.



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