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Patented June 7,1910,
Specifcatonof Letters Patent. f
atented June 7, 1910.
Application led August 4, 1909. Serial No. 511,211.
To all whom t may concern: l
Be it known that I, IVILLIAM W. SANFORD,
a .citizen of the United States, and a resident. of the ,city of Newark, in the county of Essex and State of New Jersey, have invented certainneuand useful Improvements in Reservoir-Pens, of which the .following is a specificatiom This invention reservoir pens.
v'relates to improvements in It is -applicable as well to fountain `pensas to stylogr-aphic pens, and is especially intendedfor pens of the -kindgenerically knownas self-filling or auto-pens.
It is the purpose 0f the invention to pro:i
Vide a`self-iillingpen Without a collapsible sack, and without a special plunger,'or any other such device, by adding to the' reser-v voir andthe cap, which are used-in all reser- 'voir pens, such improvements, that the cap itself 'becomes a si'letionmember for filling." the'reservoir when reciproeated by the' user of the pen. p
-Broadly considered, the invention consists in the combination With the reservoir, of a movable cap having'an air vent or vents,'so arranged that it or they can be opened and closed in such manner that, on the suction stroke of the cap, said vent or vents being l closed, a partial vacuum Will be formed in Vthe cap and reservoir, whereby ink Will be drawn in, and, on the reverse stroke of the cap, the vent or vents Will be open and compression of the air avoided which, were the i bination of the vented the ink out of the reservoir-and the '.ceptacle.
-inat-ically close the vent in theeap ou the said vent or vent-s then closed, might lspatter The invent-ion alsoA consists in the comprovided With an adjustable closure, adapted --to be opened when the useris filling the reservoir `Wit-h ink to permit of the necessary suction, and to be closed when the reservoir is filled to prevent leakage of ink.
The invention also consists in the combination with the vented cap of a reservoir provided with a tioat adapted to prevent leakage or spattering of ink during the tilling of the reservoir, and to -be dislodged from its seat after the reservoir full.
The invention also consists in the combination with a vented reservoir of a vented cap provided with a valve adapted to autosuction motion of the cap, and lo automaticink recap with a'reservoir ally open the said lvent onthe reverse motion of thecap.
The invention also consists in various novel parts and combinations of parts, as will be evident from the description and various of the claims hereinafter contained'.
The invention is applicableto all'reser- 'voir pens, and as Wellto fountain as to stylographic pens;v and for'simplicity of illustration the drawings which accompany the. specification' show several forms of the invention applied to""f0untain pens.
Referring to the .said drawings to aid the description, Figure l is a longitudinal brokensection and elevation of afountain pen equipped with one-forni of the invention. Figs. 2 and'3 are respectively cross 3-3 of Fig. 1, and on a larger scale. Fig. t is a sectional detail of'one form' 'of a valve for the cap. Fig. 5 is a plan of the end of the cap, on an enlarged scale, and showing vent holes. Fig. G is alongitudin'al section of the float valve in the reservoir. Fig. 7
` of a cap showing a is a detail is a sectional elevation' modified Iform of valve: F ig. 8 of the adjustableclosure. .r
Referring to the preferred. form` of the invention :shown in Figs. l to 6 inclusive, A is the reservoir and B the pen of a reservoir pen. The cap C is provided with a valve 3 opening' outwardly and seat-ing on a suitable seat. I prefer that said valve '3 and seat 5 shall be conical, and that the upper flat face of said valve shall be prov vided with air inlet grooves Li; and for ease of construction, I chamber the outer end of said reservoir with a lplug F threaded 'into said chambere, and having a through vent or vents li-l. The bore in the lower 'part of said cap C is of such size, shape and smooth surface, as to fit practically air tight, but with working tit, on the upper smooth and true turned end of said reservoir A; and I may insure Ia practically air tight fit ot' said cap on said reservoir by providing the said reservoir with a washer t), of rubber, felt, or other suitable material, making air tight fit with the bore of said cap C.
t I prefer to provide the upper end of vsaid reservoir A with an air inlet and vent con- I trolled b v an adjustable closure, the pre l the upper end of said reservoir A, threads sections'on the planes of the lines Q-Q'and said cap C, as at c, and provide the end oftcrred construction beingl as follows: Into threaded neck projecting stern a chambered and conically-bored plug E, 1 and into the chamber of said plug E threads the adjustable closure, or' valve plugD, the G of which is cut away at one side to form a small air passage 7, (Figs. 1
and 3). .`When said lclosure D -is turned honie the en'd of said reservoirv A' is closed by the surface 10 against leakage, and when said closure D is morejor less open, as shown in Fig. 1, the air. passage 7 1is also opened.'
Said bore 12 'ofl said plug E is preferably conical to admit, with tight fit, the conical neck 14 of a hollow Iloatvalve 13; and said closure D is provided witlia downwardly 8, adapted, when said clois turned home,
sure '.D to press against the end lof said neck l14e and dislodgesaid'fioatit is desired to ll the reservoir A from the saidreservoir or receptacle.
valve 13 fromv should it be necessary' to use force to disy'being open,
' from flowing up through the bore 12 of said plug E,
lodge said float valve 13. I can, however,
dispense with any 'such stern 8 or other special means lfor dislodging said float valve 13, and can, iii-fact, dispense with said .float valve 13, although I preferto use said iioat valve l3-and .said stein 8. Any suitable inaterialfor thev several parts can be-used, and I prefer toemploy hard rubber for the reservoir, the cap,l the valve,4 float, closure and various plugs, as being -n'on-corrod'ible, easily worked and of suficiently low speciiic gravity vto serve for the'valyve'and float. The whole operates as follows-z Supposin'g with ink, C will be placed on the lupper end of said reservoir A, the-adjustable closurev pen B and lower end of the said vreservoir being properly vimmersed in the ink of a suitable receptacle; then the luser will reciprocate thecap a few times, valve 3 closing on each up stroke ofthe cap, s'o that ink is sucked into the reservoir' A, and opening on each down stroke thereof, so' as to avoid such compression of the air in they cap or reservoir as would expel the ink n the'last up stroke of thel said cap, which fills" the reservoir as desired, the neck '14 of said ioat valve 13 lodges in the bore 12 ofpsaid plug E, and closes the saine to prevent ink 4 said bore and pas sage 7 i into said cap Said reservoir being now filled with ink, it is remove from the ink receptacle, the cap C is taken vofi' from the end of said reservoir A, and the closure D is turned-home, closing the end of course omit said pen end for,
. and provided with an valve in said reservoir ad end of neck 14: and dislodging said float 13 from'said bore 12. l
In Fig. 17, the cap C is 4shown provided with a ball valve 18, seating on a suitably. formed'se'at, 'other features of construction being similar to those hereinafter described.' I prefer to provide the lower end of said reservoiry vA with threads as shown to be engaged by threads on the interior of said cap-v t), as shown inFig. will be screwed and not slidto plac'eon the en end of said reservoir, but I may of threads, and I might also, of course, place the valve in the reservoir instead of in the cap',A without departing from my invention. f
A further important advantage of my invention is that when the valve cap is on the of the reservoir, and theiilled pen is lying in stock in an inclined position in the usual manner, the valve in the cap remains closed, yand thereby prevents evaporation, and insures that the pen-will iminedi ately and positively respond when first coining into Contact with paper for writing. V I Nowhaving described my improvements, I claiin .as iny invention.
1. The combination in self-filling` pen,
1, so that said cap sol of a reservoir, an. adjustable closuretherev a cap inovableon said reservoir, and avalve in said 4cap adapted tol close on the suction stroke :of the cap and open on thel reverse stroke thereof.
2. The combination in a lreservoir pen of a vented reservoir,
a' cap, movable thereon opening adapted -to be closed on the-.suction stroke of the cap, and opened :on the reverse 'stroke thereof, andl a apted to close and prevent the escape` of` ink on'- said suction stroke of the cap. y l" l' 3. The 4combination in a self, filling pen,
ofia reservoir, an adjustable closure therefor, a vented capv movable on said reservoir, and a valve in said cap adapted to be opened and closed as the cap is reciprocated. v Signed atthe city of New York, in the county of New York and State of New -York this 3rd day of August A. D. A1909.
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