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E. 0. SMITH.


Patented Mar. 8, 1910.

2 1w 29, f D. .11.!

V 'Fig] Wihz ass es.-

4 (ab Ma theflange"beingeoaxialEwith the cap '13 and the transmitting tu'b'e 'A; :The'se 'E'UGENELc; sis/r ng or NEW YORK, N. 'Y.,

' tional view nssrc'non, BY



S turn, a

machines}. to provide an improved casim for a scan box; to provide an ,improvet mount in for a stylus 'bar; to provide .an improved mounting for a diaphragm; to

provideunimprovedconnection between a.

stylus'bar and a diaphragm; and to provide 0t ierimprovements as willappear hereinafter. j

lri the'accompany'ing drawings Figure l. is a front-elevation of-a sound box constructed in accordance with this invention; Fig. 2 a longitudinal axial sectiouof the same; Fig. 3 a"'-perspecliveView of a portion of the same; and Fig-'4. a a" 'ofaport-ion-ofthe same.

Re'fe'rl'in to thedra'wings, one embodiment of this im'ention comprises a hollow -llsin'g-,.pi-e'ferably made "of metal or other heavy material and having a cylindrical transmitting .tube' A operiatboth ends and adapted-to communicate through its outer end-with the usual sound amplifier of a talking-machine aud'surr'ounding the inner end of this tube, integriil and coaxial therewith is a flat annular-plate A formiug'the back of the casin Telescopin 'tightly-over this back plate K is a cylindrical caper shell B having a -cylindricalbore B" and provided upon -'its"onter or'fro'nt end with a relatively thick and heavy inwardly extending flat-annulttrffiange forming the'fa'ee ofthe casing,

telescopinglisections k and *B of the casin g joint-between 't-he'set'wo arts. The annular groove or recess-bounde *by jtheinside 'flat annular surface ofthe *back "plate A, the

,opposite ins'ide'flat annular surface-of the flange of the cap B, and the cylindrical surface ofthe bore of the cap constitutes the diaphragm chamber. The a specification of Letters Patent. Application' filed May 27, 19o1.

main objects of this invention are, toprovide an Im'prm'edsound box for talkingagmen tar'y axial soo- I --groove C" of the, su port. two-tightly ing the center nge of the cap:

Patented Mar. Serial No. 62.021.

' 1%- is made unusually thick and heavy and extends inwardly farther than has hereto-- fore: been usual for purposes hereinafter explained.

For mounting a diaphragm in the ;diaphragm chamber, a cylindrical ring or dia phra m support C mova ly within the cylindrical bore B of MESNE ASSIGNMENTS, 7.110

is fitted snugly'but re-" the rap B. This rin 'is rectangular in cross section, completely f lling the of the diaphragm chamber, the "ring outer portion the end walls of of the front and nal annular groove or depression C" is 1'0- vided in the c *lindrical bore of the ring in a plane perpen icular to the axis of the ring substantially midway between the end edges of the ring. Within this groove Ciis an an nular layer of rubber cement or other yielding material C within whicl'ris supported a diaphragm C, preferably made of thin mica or other flexible material. The diaphragm normally rests in a plane perpen dicular to the axis of the ca sing of the sound box and is spaced midway between the fiat annular walls forming the ends of the diaphragm chamber: The riugC is preferabl formed of thoroughlyseasoned-wheel and isrendered proof against distortion by suit-able treatment, such as by being varnished with being 111 contact with and clamped' between the inuer'flat walls back respectively of-the easing. An'inten shellac, and also if desired, by being held inclosed by a binding'metallic rim secured to the edge of the same.

In mounting the diaphragm, after the ring or support C is formedga layer or ring of rubber cement, made in a well known:

manner of pure vent, surh as ea similar cement,'1s

11m and any suitable sol'f r o placed in the internal merit has solidified s i still soft and plastic, tie d1aphr'a'gm,'the diameter of which is preferably sli htly greater than the internal diameter-o the cylindrical bore of the ring, and-slightly less than the diameter. of the groove-therein, is sprung into the ring ofcement by'pressits diameter. .phragm is then. placed in proper position and-the diaphragm is then releaedanddts i1 bisiilfid, or any other of the diaphragm, to reducev The periphery of the dia- "When' this ce-- Y htly, but while it isperipheral ed e springs outwardly and enl radially .um" Sound box' forming gages the soft rubber cement forming an internal groove tl1ere1n and pernuttmg the diaphragm to assume its normal configuratipn. The, diaphragm is thus held-with sub vstantially the same force throughout its whole extent and any distortion or unsymmetrical constraint of the diaphragmis.

lVhen t the diaphragm is- ."thus mounted it "contacts at its peripherali edge substantially; only-,1 with the rubber cement-I by which it is supported, the walls of the I avoided.

groove in the-cement sloping from the peripheral edge jof the diaphragm away from. the sides of thediaphragmx This rubber cement remains.sufhciently elastie-to permit the diaphragm ,to yield readily radially inits own plane or; in any other direction with; respect to its supporting ring, andisineegthe diaphragm .is flexible and as theplane sur-g face or sides ofthe diaphragm .areinot'in contact withthe cement, the diaphragm isfree to flex or vibrate in a direction-transversely of its tent.

All stylus -bar comprising a main portion D is mounted upon a torsional resilient rod D in a recess provided therefor in the front of the sound box casing. The torsional jro'd D is soldered or otherwise rigidly secured at its two ends as shown in Fig. 1 to the cap B of the sound-box casin and the central portion of the rod is likewise rigidly secured to the main portion D of the stylus bar, the rod forming two torsional spaced arms ex-, tending in' opposite directions from the stylus'bar and forming the sole support" Upon each side of the stylus bar the torsional rod is reduced in diameter be-; tween the stylus bar and the cap forming two comparatively .short slender portions D as shown in F igs. 1 and '3. These re (luced portions D" are circular in cross sec? thereof.

lion and are in-cfcrahly only about 1/10!) of an inch in smallest diameter so thatth'eyfl oll'er little resistance to the-oscillation ofthe stylus bar aboutthe longitudinal axis of thc' rod. but new same time; by reason o f th'eixjshortness and spaced arrangement,'lhe stylus'.' bar |s held thcrebv substantially J ry-1d against any other movement. The it oscillation of the bar, whichcomeides'iwit the longitudinal axis of the'rotl .T 'isisu stantially parallel to the plane of the dia-" diaphragm am} .the from sprf aceol the sound ho'x casmg.

pl'n'agm and is between the The na' orlionD of the stylus a'llollo II a projecting outwardlytl 2y 4 lam-lo l: in which is carried the usualstylu r needle v p retaining s rew D, t readed 'throu h the outer part the main portion of the'har and engaging against the upper:- end of the needle. 1

finally no pressure is exerted by the bar upon i vph 'in the usual} plane throughout its whole exheld in o sit'ion'by the'usu'al Extending radially inwardly from the niain' portion D of the stylus bar and rigidly secured thereto is an arm D' the inner end J) of which is turned toward the diaphragm, and projects slightly through a suitable opening in the center thereof. This end B of. the stylus barfmay' be secured to the diaphragm"; y any suitable"means, but -prefer-.

esired to impress upon ablygibygav celluloid cementformedmfcellu- I 1 oid-Td1ssolved infany suitable solvent. -The elasticityioffthe cement allows sulficient play between the diaphragm and the st lus bar so that the diaphragm will not be distorted by the oscillation of the bar, but still enables the bar to transmit erfectly the-sound vi .bratio'ns which it 'is 'thefdiaphragm; 'The 'diapl1ragm and stylus a'rarefso mounted-and connected that nor- This jsoun box} is 'to be] operated "a position gil'ter Jl has. been de .fllnand box casing is preferably made.

age of eeap .B unusually;

isethe viliim tionsof'the(liaymmetru' al with respectto 1l.S- normal entralposition.

well "known manner by being mounted incommunication witha horn or sound amplifien tofpermit the needle D carried by the, box to-be" actuated by the' usual sound record which 'isrevolved rela tively thereto. -'In this operation the record communieatesin general, two sets of movements'to the stylus bar,',first thertrue sound vibrations, which it' is desired to transmit to the diaphragm, and-second the surgings,"as' they-may be. called, in a directiontransverse -toth'esound vibrationsl These surgin sare due toithe' inaccuracies of the'reco'r should not-be transmitted to the diaphragm. I By.-' having the'stylus mounted as hereto fore described, so that it will oscillate freely in a plane perpendicular to the-diaphragm, when in. operation, in response-to the undulationsaof therecord corresponding to sound Y ayaves, upon an axis substantially fixed with res ectto the sound box, andso that it'wi'll he; ieldsuhstantially rigid against movement in any other directiongonly the true sound 'rihrationsl ofthe; stylus bar will be transf'mitted .togtl e'diaph flgmi l urthermore'by moiintinglthestylus barupon a resilient tor-' onal rod ha ing reduced portions as de' scribed, the reduced ,.'-portions -of the rod exert a slight 'torsionalell'ect upon the stylus tion,stend-ingto restore thebar 15L!moienti-ii'nertia tozremainith je stylus bar aml'gliaphragm, correspondingto sound waves, but the casing is not made so heavy that the slow sl'u'gingstransmitted;. to the stylus; bhr by the im'perfections'of the recordwill not readilyovercome the inertiaj so L ggeons in practice;

- the reproduction of vocal sounds-.- v.

Y in Pres "oilse touthe vibrziti'on vof the SW u'sz-v 1 is improved.

' phragmthan is .po

stn'nt-ially midway between 11nd parallel "to the inner parallel annular walls-of thefi ont lar recess is formed on "each side of thediiu v ce'ss 'auponzithe onte -s'ideIofthe' die brag-m acts topounterbalancethepressureo th'e air"; i in 'the'reee ss upon th'e' mner slde'of the (lm spaced walls,' of a diuphrugnreu stantiellyf the and permit the link to tollonf thessesurgings without, placmg- :iny undue I eatezf lireetloni I ,of

4B" having the diaphragm mounted sub nnd beek of the sound. b'ox casing-an annuphragm end thepg'e'ssure ofthei nir in the re:

and; I results in we more nnifo r xn -'an('lisymfmetrical j ac't.ionmr t hepart of the '(haphr'e m'-- bar, w iereby the quality of the-'i'eprodneti'on- Although only l. -Slllgl ei fOPll1 h 8Sv been shown in which this ix wenti'oir may,-b'e'ein-' bodied, it is desired to hzwe'it' distinctly mi-- derstoocl that the. inventionis not limitedto:

the single construction: shown; Inst'endg'of the torsional mounting .hownuncl described for-the stylus bar any: other suitable mount ing might be ample 'od, Fnrtl1e1'tnm'e,- pu'ts Y of this 'invention-nnght be ei'nployed'without usingother parts. These, and othenchanges might be made'in the construction glescrihed.

wi'fhont depzirting from the spiribottles-jig casing having spae egl-jiisillsgfof-a, diiiphi'ag'm. hetweenFsziiil *WflllS' 21ml {restrainetYat sub stuntially'its peripheral--edge'only 2. In a soundhox fthecombinzitiiin with a" easinghaying. two sulistantizill pa i-iilll Parallel to said wallsi'reetrnined at its e ripheral edge only, substantially midway e tween said-walls. 3. In a sound l)0x,'thecombinationwith n support; o1. a' diaphragm,- lnovulile'in its' own plane \vith' resicct thereto. 4.111 a seam hox, the combination with a support, of a diaphragm movable in itsown plune, and a stylus-bar connected to :mid liephragm and mounted to oscillate ina plane I kl-ie lpln agm forming (l d aphragm;

feigning the sole transverse to the plane of thediaphragm.

' .digphraggnnnd means conta'etingj'wl means-between itheperiiihefel*edgefonly "of-'- islipport t'dtsupport" ing the sole support of said diaphragm.

QM-The combination with a yielding ring L01 having-an'internal. annular groov eyof a diaphragm,havingonly itsperip heral edge in contact with said ring in said groove, 'the' sideiwalls of said groovebeing inclined away fromthesides of said diaphragm. 4

5 2 2.-The combination with an integral ring havin an internal annular 'roove of :1 dia-' gs v phragm slightly greater in dlametcr than the'.'--intern'al wdiamcter oi -said ring and slight(l1y Of Stll Jless in dia'mctcr than the diameter theiw l'mf'said: groove, "to hold said diaphragm' yieldingly in positionli '23." The-combination with a'stylus bai',fof'

, a monntingthercfor comprising-a torsional 1 membe V c i24 .-.The*combination with'a stylus bar,- of a.mount-ing 'therefor comprising aresilient ',.torsional member; j; v v

0 25. 'Thecombination with a stylus bar," of

amounting tlicrefor;"coiiiprising a torsioxial member'- ormingrthesole supportfo'r'said al l j r f 1 l I 26,;The with 'a stylus-baia of a mounting therefor comprising a resilient torsional-member forming the solesupp ort- I forsaldb'aifn'" r V 2,7; .The combination witha stylus-bar, of

. a mountingithorefnr, comprisinga torsional v 1 4 0 inember rigidly securedto the ban;

28, The; combination with a stylus bar, of a mount ng-therefor, compris ng a torsional member rig dly secured to the bar,-and ex 1 .tending in opposite directions therefrom,

I "forming;spared, yielding arms.

1: 'lions froni the b :29. The combination with a stylus b'ar,

l va X a mount ng: therefor comprising spaced he gaombinatiougwithsa-styln b of J iting therefor "(comprising s'p'aeed '32; The boinbiiiationwith a stylus'. .bai ylofi;

ea-i'iii'oi'inting th'ereforncomprising Smced,

yieldingwinscextendin in opposite; irece, a'r and-firming the, sole; s'up-' a mo'finting" therefor. com prisi ng" spam-d re- 'silient arms.

ofa groove supported'in-s aid'groove, and. ieldm .means between said (1111 ihramn and i h cillate an a mounting therefor comprising spaced resilient arms forming the sole support of said bar.

The combination with a stylus bar, of a mounting therefor comprising a torsionalf member hatiin'g a rcduced'portion to permit of the fre oseillationofthe bar. 36; In a sound box, the combination with a casingfof a stylus bar and a torsional,"

member fixed to said casing and-to said bar; 37. In a sound-box, the eombination'with a, easing-of a stylus barand a torsional member fixed to said'e'asing and to said'ibar; 'and forming the sole support of said bar.

- '38. In a sound box, the combination with a casing, of a stylus bar and a yielding mem her having its mterm'ediatefportion fixed to.

said-bar and its ends fixed tmsaid casing.

' '39. 'Tn'a sound box the combination with a casing, vof .a' stylus bnl","fii'ld a resilient mcmber havnigits intermediate" portion casing.

Ina sound box, the combination ja -ca'sing of a stylus bar-and a torsional member .i having its intermediate" portion fixed to; said bar andits ends' -fixedtof 'saij 41.' in aso'und box, the combination w a casing,'of a stylus bar, and a torsionaLlfrod" having its intermediate portion fixed as said bar and its ends'fixed to said casing forming the sole support 'ofsaid bar, said-rod being}! 1'edu'ced'in"diameter between said barfand saidcasing npon each'side of said barf 42; In 'a sound box, the combination with a diaphragmfof a stylus bar mounted-to oscillate and a yielding'eonnection between said diaphragm and said-bar.

43. ina sound box, the combinationwith a diaphrzwni,-of a' stylus bar mounted to -osd celluloid .cemcnt conne'ctirng-said diaphragm to said bar.

a diaphragm, of a support'there'for coina plastic condition.

prising means applied to said diaphragmin pln'agm and said support. I

" 346. In a sou'nd' box, thecombinat-ionr a din hragm. ,l' 1 I A sound boxcomprising a casing,

"rin removably clamped in said .mising and] a -i exibie diaphragm pernmnentlyseeured to said ring by a film of flexible cement to allow suid dia )hragm to'move radially. with respect to sai ring.

,4S.-In a sound box, the combination with a l-reinovable ring,"'of non-elastic material mounted within said sound box made in one -i4-. In a sound box, the combination with 441- Ina sound liox,th 'e ooiiibidation with :adiaphra'gm of a wooden support therefor, and a yielding connection between sa d di a:

.a wooden ring havingmn'annular process, of a diaphragm m stud ring-and .zher ee-mcntl'm sa d groove supportinglseld ing an interior groove and mounted within and removable ring having an interior groove mounted within said sound box and a d1ateripr groove and a diaphragm having its peripheral portion permanently situated in said groove and loosely-confined.between the of and elastically supported therein. 40 a 49. The combination in a sound box of a box consisting}; of a ring of non-elastic maportion permanently situate in said groove )iece, and having an interior. groove, and a diaphragm having its peripheral portion seated in said groove, confined .between the side walls thereof, and elastically supported t iereln. 1

removable ring of non-elastic material hav:

said sound box and a diaphragm having its peri heral portion, situated insaid groove oosely confined between the side' walls theregfh j' 50. The combination in a,.of a.

phragm having its peri'hera'l portion situated in said groove and oosely confined between the-walls thereof.

51. A support for a diaphragm of a sound terial adapte to be mounted within a sound box, made in one piece and having an in-' side walls thereof.

52. A support for a diaphragm "of a sound box, consisting of aring havin and adapted to be mounted witlnn a sound box and a diaphragm havin its peripheral mi d loosely confinedabotween the walls thered A diaphragm support having a-groove and adapted to be mounted Within a soun box and a diaphragm havin its peripheral portion permanently situate in said groove, loosely confined between the side walls there- 54. A die hragm support having-a recessa groove therein, a iaphragm fittingin said recess and elastie means securing said diaphragm to said support.

.'55. In a sound box forvreproducinlg and recordingsound waves, the .combination of a ring havmg its interlor surface formed of difi'erent diameters in different parallel planes but the same in cross section throughout its circumference, with a thin layer of a casing com rising two separate 'partsform ing anannu ar internal groove, of a diahragm, andannannular mounting for said diaphragm in'said groove, said mounting being substantially rectangular in cross section and being equal in wi theividth and diameter of said groove.

57. In a sound box, a diaphragm, a support therefor, said diaphra m-being mountedlin said support by its e ge substantially on y.

58. In a sound box,'the combination of a diaphragm, of a mounting therefor, and a permanently yielding material between the peripheral edge of 'said diaphragm and'said mounting to hold said diaphra in -place.

59. In a sound box, the com ination with a diapbragm, of a mountmgtherefor, and a permanently resilient material between theperipheraledge of said diaphragm and said mounting to hold said dia ra m in lace.

EUGE E SM TH. Witnesses:


JOHN N. Moore.

th and diameter to I

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