Clothes-drier for laundries.

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Elmer E Wingate
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    • F26DRYING
    • F26B11/00Machines or apparatus for drying solid materials or objects with movement which is non-progressive
    • F26B11/02Machines or apparatus for drying solid materials or objects with movement which is non-progressive in moving drums or other mainly-closed receptacles
    • F26B11/028Arrangements for the supply or exhaust of gaseous drying medium for direct heat transfer, e.g. perforated tubes, annular passages, burner arrangements, dust separation, combined direct and indirect heating






' Speoiioation of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 7, 1909.

Application led April 26, 1909. Serial No. 492,158.

To all whom 'it vmay concern:

, Be it known that I, ELMER E..W1NGATE, a citizen of the UnitedStates, and resident of Watertown, in the county of Middlesex and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Clothes-Driers for Laundries, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specification, like numerals on the drawings representing like arts,

My `invention is a rotary c othes drier having three principal objects, viz. lthedr ing arvash'n with extreme rapidity, e' ectsaid drying 'without unduly mussing or inguring the clothes, and eiectually removing-all the lint therefrom during the process of drying.

To this -end my invention comprises a rotary drum having a screen-like periphery for the free passage of air and moisture, d1- vided transversely into a'series of compartments, combined with means for delivering heated air transversely throughthe periphery of each compartment, and a housing for collectin and removin driven o ,-trom theclot es and out through the periphexy of each compartment.

Further eatures of my invention, together with the constructional details and advantages will be set fort-h more fully in the course of the following description, con,

sidered with reference to the accompanyin drawings, in whlch i have shown a preferre `embodiment of the invention.'

' .In the drawings, Figure 1 is a horizontal longitudinal sectional View of the apparatus; Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view thereof; and Fig. 3 is a fragmenta l side elevation viewing Fig. 2 from the le t.

`Conveniently mounted to turn, as for instance upon journalbearings 1, 2, is av drum 3 of large capacity 'in accordance vwith the r uirements of a usual laundry havinga reticulated or screen-like periphery i an separated by relatively heavy transverse partitions 5 into a series of compartments 6.

The drum is further Astren thened and braced hy longitudinal pad es, ribs, or litters Z which serve the doubnie purpose ci3 carryingl the clothes up 4from the bottom to the top {ii/'hence theydrop by'gravity) and ci strengthening the drum and constitutinga portion of its carrying iframeor framework Preferably part oi' theiitters, as for instancek every other one, is short and the others icing? the lint which s the screen c d [the top, and

so as to carry the clothes to better advantage and tend to open them up and keep them from packing and rolling together as much as they would otherwise. This drum may be rotated by any suitable means, loose pulleys 8, 9 vbeing herein shown as a convenient means for that purpose. This drumis mounted in a housing 10 provided with one or more doors 11, herein shown as slide doors of large ca acity so as to permit the clothes to be rea ilytaken in and `removed, and each compartment of the drum is similarly provided with a door 12, herein shown as hinged'at 13.

At a convenient oint, preferably vat one side and adjacent t e lower portion of the drum., i provide a Ahot-air ipe 14 having a delivery spout 15 opening c ose to each compartment for deliverin air through the peripheral screen thereo This air is herein shown as brought from the outside, as from awindow or opening 16 and thence passed over steam coils 17 whichheat it properly,-

and thence it is drivenby a fait 18 under the desired force through the pipe'lft and the spouts 15 into the compartments. As drum rotates in the direction of the arrow, the clothes are carried around approximately halfway and thence .per-

-mitted to fall in a loosened mass. Dur-mg their falling the hot air from' the pipes 15 is forced under pressure throu h the-screen and through these falling clot es, and this process continues rapidly so that all the moisture is driven from the clothes in a few minutes. rl"he moisture laden air escapes through the screen opposite the pi -es 15 and wherever there is no peripheral o struction thereto, and carries with it the lint and other bers which are loosened from the clothes inthe process of drying. i have found that this lint tends to collect in the to of the housing, and accordingly i' have p aced in preferably about opposite the hot-air pipe 1d, an outlet pipe' 19 which'is preferably connected to the housing .'by a pipe or elbow 20 opposite each compartment,

fast and side the clothes, which are opened out and fall loosely as they reach the upper side of the drum. The blast of hot air from the .adjacent spoutl pours continually through the peripheral screen against the falling clothes, not only servin to open them out still farther but to dry t em and carry away tne moisture to the best advantage and with the utmost rapidity. The air, thus 'laden with moisture and also laden with the lint driven 0E fromy the loosened and falling clothes, escapes through those parts of the peripheral screen whlch are open, and at once escapes through the outlet pipes 19, 20. In a few minutes the dried and lint-free clothes are ready for removal. This is accomplished very readily simply by placing a basket .in proper. position, opening the door 1 2, whereupon `the clothes are dropped into the basket and are removed. The separate compartments render impossible the contamination of one lot ofv clothes by the moisture and lint from the adjoining lot.

As already intimated, I do not intend to restrict my invention to the precise constructiOnal detailsV herein shown, as it is obvious that many changes in construction, proportion, 4and combination of parts may be resorted to within the spirit and scope of my` invention.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by `Letters Patent is: f

1. A clothes drier, comprising a rotary drum rdivided transversely into individual compartments provided with means for con--l tinually lifting and dropping the clothes in said compartments, and having a screen-like eriphery' throu h which hot air may be riven, combine with means for introducing hoty air transversely through said periphery into eachl compartment separately`vy as the drum rotates, and means for collectin and withdrawing the l1nt and moisturela en air afteriithas passed through theclothes. A A

2.. A clothes drier, ycomprising ya rotary drum having a peripheral screen' through whichhot air may be drivemliters set.radi' ally lenhwise of said 'drum tor carrying the; clote's up from `the 'bottom approximately to the to as the drum is rotated and permitting the c othes to open out and drop by.gravity,l means for delivering hot air.

under pressure transversely through saidv peripheral screen including means for re-y stricting said air-delivery to said transverse direction through the screen, for removing the ,moisture from the clothes as they fall,--

a housing `inclosin said drum for collecting the'moisture-la en air as it escapes-from the drum, and outlet means for withdrawing the air and lint from said housing and continuously discharging the same from the apparatus.

'3. -A clothes drier, comprising a rotary drum having a peripheral screen through lwhich hot air may be driven,'lifters set racated, adjacent the lower side of said drum for delivering hot air under pressurel at a single restricted region transversely throu h said eripheral screen underneath said fa ling c othes for removing the moisture from the clothes as they fall,.a housing inclosing said drum for collecting the moisture-laden air as it escapes-from the drum, and outlet means for withdrawing the lair and' lint froml said housing. j

,4J A clothes drier, comprising a rotar ldrum havingl av peripheral screen throug which hot air may be driven, transverse partitions separating said. drum linto a series of individual compartments, liters set radially lengthwise of said drum `for carrying the clothes up from the bottom approximately ,to the top as-the drum is rotated and ermitting the clot-hes to open vout and rop by gravity, means for delivering a separate jet ,of hot air transversely through said screen into each compartment for removing `the moisture from the clothes -as they fall, a

housing inclosing said drum for collecting the molsture-laden air as it escapes from the drum, and outlet means for withdrawing the air and lint from said housing and discharging said air and lint from the apparatus. l 5. A clothes drier, com rising a rotary drum having'a screen perip ery and divided into a seriesof distinct transverse compartments, lifting means therein for raisingY the clothes from the bottomy to the to as the drum rotates for permitting the c othesto fall, a housing surrounding said drum for collecting and retainingl the moisture driven e from the` clothes, hot-air delivering means .within said.-housing, a nozzleiadjacent the lower sideof eac com artment of' said drum connected to said v otair delivering vmeans for delivering ay jet of hot air tl'iroughA said screen into each'compartment against the falling clothes, and outlet means includ-y ing a pipe connectionL through the upper portion of said housinl opposite each comname to this specification, in the vpresence of iartient fordvrlithdrawmghthe moiture ang two subscribing witnesses. int om sai ousin as t e are riven o from the clothes the di'um including ELMER E' WINGATE 5 means for discharging said moisture and lint Witnesses:

from the apparatus. DANIEL J. MUNYON, In testimony whereof, I have signed my ELIZABETH LAMB.

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